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  1. Fucking hell...
  2. Bruh.... Goddamn Bruh...
  3. Going to Ireland next month.

    Can you yuros suggest some shit to do?

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    2. hazzgar


      Ping me tomorow. My friend is a great cook and he worked in a great restaurant there (not cheap though. he will be chef in 5 years, maybe less in something good) so I can tell you where. Also stay long enough and you will meet Bjork. Small country. All of my friends who were there for more than 1 month did

    3. Hellsfog


      Is Bjork in Ireland?

    4. hazzgar


      Fuck im a moron. I read Iceland

  4. Back before they nerfed the clip from 6 to 5, I had a match on Arctic Region, 3 tanks left on my team, 6 on the other team. I poked out and clipped 5 one shottable tanks in about 10 seconds. Pure. Cancer.
  6. Power is back on. Duke Energy's response to this storm has been decidedly lackluster compared to FPL, SECO, TECO, and KUA.
  7. This has me interested....
  8. I don't have KUA even though I'm in Kissimmee. I have Duke Energy. They didn't roll their trucks to assess damage until 1730 today. According to facebook posts the duke energy trucks were last seen this evening bedding down at a Davenport hotel. FUCK. DUKE. ENERGY.
  9. Suffered a partial power loss. 2 rooms in my apartment have full power. Moved the computer and modem. Back up.
  10. Not exactly Ryzen related, but with livestreaming this hurricane, I'm glad my PC has an 8 core Piledriver. OBS is using about 50% of the cpu for the broadcast, and I'm still able to watch streams on youtube, have a couple dozen tabs up in chrome, along with a few other programs all with no difficulties.
  11. Twitch livestream is now a full 1080p and streaming at 3000 kbps bitrate.
  12. seconded