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  1. AMD has stated (believe I saw in Anandtech review) that they will always bin chips with even core counts across CCX's. Thus for an 8 core Threadripper to still have the full PCI-E lanes and quad channel memory, it has to be a 2x2 + 2x2 part.
  2. And I just turned 30. Fuck everything.

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      Gonna celebrate with some pizza hut?

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      Happy birthday

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      Happy birthday semi-old man!

  3. Welcome to wotlabs. Don't lie about your stats/performance. We check that shit.
  4. How does this thing fit 4 people?
  5. Lol. "Assume" Good joke, you funny comrade.
  6. Is this a real question? I'm Mr. RR22Yoloswag
  7. Dafuq? I think I just sold my T-54 last month (again... for the 3rd time...)
  8. Fucking AZN shitters, change the thread topic title. It's halfway through the damn year. <3
  9. No poors. America shoots only the best.
  10. 90mm APCR spam or go home.
  11. It's an AMD APU. Unified memory architecture. The CPU and GPU can both address the same memory pool and cross access each other's memory shit things. lolwut? It's got twice the number of cores as a Jaguar based A8 APU, clocked faster, and with effectively unlimited memory bandwidth compared to the laptop/desktop versions of Jaguar. Stop being disingenuous.
  12. 3 gigs is reserved for OS, overhead, multitasking, shit like that. 9 gigs is usable for games.
  13. Bruh... downscaling textures or reducing the amount of polygons in a 3D object to hit a higher frame rate is... optimizing for higher frame rates.
  14. Pretty sure they managed to achieve 1080p 60fps on the 360 with Forza 4. BRB, googling shit.