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  1. Sure. It happened like 2 years ago.
  2. LOL, as if they ever stopped being a problem.
  3. Hydrocodone, head injury, recovering from a concussion. Just drive a Super Pershing.
  4. I'm so confused...
  5. In ER waiting on CT scan results for my girlfriend. Leaving *redacted* last night, us and 4 friends got jumped and sucker punched by some drunk assholes. I gots a borked nose, cheekbone, and concussion. More concerned about my GF's back.

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    2. Sovereign_M


      shit. hadn't thought of that. the one time you didn't have it and need it. that sucks man :(

    3. Errants


      Damn, hope you and yours come out alright, mate.

    4. saru_richard


      damn, hope you and your gf get well

  6. Just got a super container with 50 Dragon flags.

  7. Shit man, I've heard it's great at getting Jap ships to just up and surrender.
  8. Wooo, thread necro! How do I play this thing? Should I be trying to fuck up cruisers early on as much as possible? Also, with the lower AP pen and 20 second reload, is HE spamming enemy BB's for fire damage viable or not? In other good news, I was in the Scharnhorst with a friendly Cleveland next to me, we rounded an island and deleted a full health New Orleans point blank in about 22 seconds.
  9. Es su casa?
  10. Since I have access to the Alpha test flag (+5% XP and Commander XP), is there any reason why I shouldn't use it on all of my ships for every battle?
  11. Oye.... This looks nice, but I smell a hint of Russian Bias (TM).
  12. Take care, bro. It's been fun platooning and just shootin the shit with you. Best of luck at college and feel free to stop by on here or steam sometime.
  13. I'm drunk as fuck and took an Atlanta into that ranked battle mode. Parked behind an island where I couldn't get spotted and fucking made it rain HE on the other team's BB's. Shit was glorious. And profitable.
  14. Atlanta CL. Make it fucking rain, bitch.

    1. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      it was indeed raining quite a bit last night in atlanta

      i guess the wows ship does it too

  15. In WoWS, just got top XP in a Bogue just for shooting down planes. So cheesy and boring.

  16. Well thanks guys. Might make my Phoenix grind slightly faster.
  17. Just make a triple IS-7 platoon and Yolo balls deep. Problem solved, comrade.
  18. RR22, right click, left click. I think I invented Super Pershing padding. In other news, I found out on accident that if you put a good crew in the T7 combat car, ignore playing exclusively for the win and just abuse squishy tier 2s, that you can easily rack up some obscene wn8 numbers consistently.
  19. Dis gun be gud.
  20. LOL. My survival rate is only 35% or so.
  21. This thread needs more Whitney Wisconsin.
  22. IowanDrugMonkey (10:07:46 AM) Want to join us at the TRIAD community? canadiantrex (10:13:26 AM) i get kicked out of clans for trying to foment genocide against players of artillery IowanDrugMonkey (10:14:19 AM) damn thats deep IowanDrugMonkey (10:14:28 AM) i would agree with you though canadiantrex (10:19:24 AM) almost as deep as the mass graves I will dig for the clickers IowanDrugMonkey (10:23:20 AM) lol