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  1. This popped up as I was checking my stats on Wotlabs. Wtf man not cool.


    1. Daerlon


      more rng, what's not to like?

    2. PlanetaryGenocide



      Anyways, most of the time ad networks (and people who utilize ad networks for revenue) don't actually screen what kind of garbage gets served through them.  


      And even if Never does screen, there's literally nothing he can do if the ad network doesn't cooperate besides drop them and lose the revenue.  The site community has shrunk in recent years and I doubt there's enough people paying out on patreon every month to break even with upkeep otherwise

  2. So... It's a shitty TVP with a special loading mechanic? Why would I choose this over the TVP?
  3. Best equipment for 430U? Vstab and rammer obviously, but debating vents or optics for 3rd

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tman450


      I ended up going with optics because my VR was kind of low (like 412ish)

      Might swap for vents eventually

    3. Fabunil


      Vents to improve that shitty gunhandeling.

    4. Tman450


      Yeah I just swapped it out for vents. Seems to be a better option.

  4. The tier 9 430 in patch 9.22 is actually really fun. Nice punchy gun, keeps the same armor it had at Tier 10, decent maneuverability. Plus it gets a 122 so it can overmatch shit.

      VR and accuracy only downsides. And accuracy isn't that bad because aiming stats and soft stats are good.

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    2. Tman450


      3 hours ago, monjardin said:

      The alpha is the same as all those NATO tanks with good gun handling, right? Meh.

      Well.. yeah, but it overmatches STRV's and the 257 thanks to stronk 122 caliber, and has way more armor than most natotonks

      36 minutes ago, Daerlon said:

      The gun handling isn't that good. Worse than amx 30 1er for example.

      Felt fine to me. Not good, but not bad. I plopped one of my 4 skill Russian meds crews in it so I had all the aiming perks and BIA

    3. simba90


      Yeah, i'm thinking about pulling my 5 skill IS-4 crew out and dropping them into the T9 430 while I grind out the 430U

    4. Tman450


      Yeah. I'm gonna throw in one of my crew in the 430 for now, and probably put it in the unreleased T10 med that will come later.

  5. 2.5s is pretty good. It's not T57 or TVP level, but it's batchat level intraclip. The gun looks like a standard tier 8 90mm. I think this tank will be great for tracking enemies with a couple shells then reloading those 2 and dumping them.
  6. Dragon Ridge: 36 Northwest: 32 Pearl River: 45+1=46 Also really enjoyed Pearl River. Lots of places to go, wish they would put it back in. Province: 27-3=24 literally the worst map ever introduced at high tiers, so bad that they restricted it to tier 3 and under the next patch. Severogorsk: 2 South Coast: 28
  7. I have an RX 580 which is the same silicon but clocked higher, and it works fine. I've never had an issues as currently the game is entirely CPU bound and maxes out at like 115-120 FPS.
  8. 8320 is @ 4.2 Ghz. Only slightly worse than nuttydave's score, even though his i5 6500 is a much better processor than this POS... bad optimization for AMD cards maybe? Also i really need a new CPU. this old shitty thing is making my room too hot.
  9. Yes. I mean I've taken breaks, but it's coming up on 6-7 years of me playing this game, which is obscene. I'm 20, so I've been playing WOT for like 1/3rd of my life.
  10. The WZ-120-1 FT is probably the best Premium you can buy In-game right now, but they'll probably put all the OP premiums for sale in the shop during The 12 days of tanksmas thing.
  11. Intel's 8th Gen series is out. The i5 8600k is out, which is a six-core 6 thread part. This should be your minimum for your use case. Either i5 8600+ or R5 1600+(6C12T) should work very well for you. I don't think buying a Quad core and lower in 2017 is a good idea, unless you're on a budget.
  12. The 263 is great as-is, and doing this to it would destroy the vehicle for no reason.
  13. It has sufficient advantages and disadvantages to where I think it's actually a balanced vehicle. Amazing.
  14. I already said it wasn't in the game. I was just pointing out that WG had a similar matchmaking patent.
  15. I know it's not, I'm saying WG patented a Rigged matchmaking system but doesn't use it.