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  1. Yes. I mean I've taken breaks, but it's coming up on 6-7 years of me playing this game, which is obscene. I'm 20, so I've been playing WOT for like 1/3rd of my life.
  2. The WZ-120-1 FT is probably the best Premium you can buy In-game right now, but they'll probably put all the OP premiums for sale in the shop during The 12 days of tanksmas thing.
  3. Intel's 8th Gen series is out. The i5 8600k is out, which is a six-core 6 thread part. This should be your minimum for your use case. Either i5 8600+ or R5 1600+(6C12T) should work very well for you. I don't think buying a Quad core and lower in 2017 is a good idea, unless you're on a budget.
  4. The 263 is great as-is, and doing this to it would destroy the vehicle for no reason.
  5. It has sufficient advantages and disadvantages to where I think it's actually a balanced vehicle. Amazing.
  6. I already said it wasn't in the game. I was just pointing out that WG had a similar matchmaking patent.
  7. I know it's not, I'm saying WG patented a Rigged matchmaking system but doesn't use it.
  8. WG has a patent on unfair matchmaking too, although they claim they have never used it.
  9. I think I'm going to wait for Zen+ before I pull the trigger on a new processor. Ryzen was a huge step for AMD and competition is great for the consumer.
  10. COD:WWII Multiplayer Beta is out on steam. 

    Such a fucking bad game. shit gun mechanics, shit maps, shit port.

    At least you can play as a Black Female Nazi /s

    1. 1n_Soviet_Russia
    2. orzel286


      You can be - literally - a feminazi :happyfish:

  11. Bolshevik, i missed you! play with me sometime m8


    Well that was entertaining. Doing well in Foch 155 = cheating.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tman450


      he did 0 damage and drowned himself on purpose, and he's complaining about me FFS

    3. CandyVanMan


      Holy shit, why do I see so many posts like this from 'murica server?
      Gotta be a flat earther.

    4. Tman450


      I dunno man we have a lot of vocal dumbfucks for some reason. American exceptionalism makes everyone think they're special for some reason.

  13. The Cupola on the first pictured french heavy is already making me tilted. 183 should have been removed a long time ago. Now they're just milking it for gold.
  14. Erlenberg is 10X better than it used to be, where each team spawned on the opposide side of the bridges. was broken as fuck back in the day. I think it's fine the way it is now.
  15. 121 -5 gun depression is the best thing to ever happen

    No reason to touch the 62a anymore :D