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  1. Like I said the mechanic has promise. The worst part is easily that it's bad at single shot and also bad at clip dumping. The reload on the last shell is what, 9.6 seconds? I think they should make that the reload for every shell, instead of the 11+ seconds it takes right now for the first. It's not a bad vehicle, It's just the advantages it has over the TVP aren't worth the disadvantages. And I've played all of them myself.
  2. No, I don't. It would be different if it had good alpha. The mechanic has promise, but it takes too long to initially load shells. By the time you reload 2 shells the TVP already has a full clip ready. It's going to be good in certain situations where you're outnumbered, but inferior in most times. Very little reason to choose the Progetto over the TVP.
  3. The buffs will not fix the reason the tiers 9 and 10 are so bad- Lack of DPM. There's basically zero reason to choose them over the Skoda T50 or TVP
  4. RIP Avicii, dead at 28

  5. But worse armor, profile, camo and mobility? Hmm.
  6. Why play this over the 430U?
  7. Dude, join the Wotlabs Discord. Chat to your heart's content.
  8. WT Air RB is the best thing about WT. Ground forces is okay.
  9. Air RB ftw
  10. Tman450

    Armored Loot Box Warfare

    They Cancelled the thing after reinstating it for a day because it was such a fucking shitshow They claimed you could win a Type99A2-140 (Tier 10 Premium) but nobody reported getting one. (One dude bought like 1250 boxes, no T10), another dude 500 boxes Too many bugs to list. If you got a specific tank again it fucked up your account, no compensation for duplicates received, and you mostly got boosters (insignia)
  11. Tman450

    Armored Loot Box Warfare

    I dunno, I still enjoy Armored Warfare's PvE. I wish there was another game that featured Modern Vehicles( War thunder doesn't count because you have to grind for 27 years to get them)
  12. Tman450


    It's a good support tank. A 122 at tier 6 is now special since the removal of the KV-1S, and it has decent ROF and camo. The low HP pool and lack of armor mean you can't be that aggressive though.
  13. It looks like you can play it either as a shitty single shot or a shitty autoloader, with none of the benefits of either but all of the disadvantages.
  14. Tman450

    I need a new router

    Get a router that supports Wireless AC and is dual-band (5gz and 2.4ghz). Other than that I can't help much, Mine is supplied by Verizon and I can't use any other.
  15. Just reached 2450 overall WN8. Finally, now that WN8 is useless, I'm there :happyfish:


    now time to fix my winrate.