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  1. That was it brother! Thank you. It took me awhile until I realized these were possibly hidden files and lo and behold they were.
  2. I could try that if I knew what files you are referring to.
  3. I downloaded both versions and had same issue with both. I have attached log, if you want me to try different scenarios let me know. python.log
  4. Sela, it's something in the res_mods folder. I already tried using just the res and res_mod folder and no other mods, but I just tried that again and still same issue.
  5. Hey Sela, I am on PC, and have used your mods for awhile so used to the install. First, I did the regular install with autoaim+, noscroll off, battle assistant, jimbos, and carousel row changes. That's what I usually use and never had an issue. After trying that a couple of times. I just deleted everything and reinstalled WOT and tried it again, this time I backed up the res and res_mods files like I should have done the first time. After having the issue again, I reverted to saved res and res_mod folders and just installed one thing at a time and started the game...so autoaim+ by itself, then added jimbos, then forgot what else. They all worked. Then I tried the res_mods folder again and the loading problem happened again.
  6. Yes, I had already tried that a couple of times. Then did a fresh clean install of WOT and tried a couple of more times, still no go.
  7. I am having the same issue that OnkelAlfa mentioned, the loading screen getting stuck at around 80%. I did a fresh WOT install and still no go. The problem seems to be in the main res_mods folder, since it only happens when I use that, the alternate files by themselves work fine.