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  1. M35 Marathon Megathread

    Im 80% done and will drop here. Tier 10 is even more unenjoyable than it used to be. Played with a friend, around 90% ammo shot is premium and teams are composed mostly of v4s, 183s, is7s/Mice/Type5s. I reverted to 13 105 and the occasional wz. Getting exp in t9 is far more enjoyable.
  2. Update 1.0.1 world of tanks

    I dont see anything about the rubble surface issues. The sliding and lack of traction is idiotic.
  3. Funky calculation - I could schedule 1.5hrs of maintenance work during a Saturday and earn more than the tank will cost. Stage rewards are mostly irrelevant as I have not been able to even burn through my existing reserves that keep accumulating somehow. So when logic dictates that the grind is fucking stupid in my context why does it feel like "free tenk"? WG knows how to do psychology
  4. AMX 13 90 Fan Club

    Like you said, personal preference. Maps are mostly so stupid that anti scouting is not really a thing. I tried vents instead of EGL yesterday and the aimtime is unbearable. Odd, but I really cant afford that .3 sec additional aimtime.
  5. AMX 13 90 Fan Club

    Viewrange 445 is the only important benchmark for me, I consider anything above to have greatly diminishing returns. I will try vents just for comparison but I usually dont fix what aint broken
  6. AMX 13 90 Fan Club

    I have all the tech tree tanks + personal missions. Also a select tier 9s of which 13 90 is one. This tank is by far the most fun pixel tenk I own. When it comes to fun factor not even FOTM 430U or v4 come close. I just went over 1000 games in it and I can see myself doing another 1000. Right combination of camo, burst, gun handling and mobility. Running EGL, VertStab and Optics. BIA, SitAwareness and 54% recon. No food, view is 446. Might check out vents instead of EGL but Im used to this setup.
  7. I still can not believe Erlenberg went to live as it was on CT. I'd like to use the word "retarded" however it is overused and does not convey what I want to express. I can not think of any maps that got better mechanics wise, most of them stayed the same and some got a lot worse. While removing vegetation, hard cover and terrain deformaties they actually managed to make the game even more campy. How the fuck is that even possible? There are 2-3 spots on a map which you have to take (like the hill on mines) or you practically lose by default. Any agressive play or scouting attempt is met with multiple HESH FVs or swedish bushwankers (see Glacier as a fine example). Im surprised they managed to not fuck up redshire or (completely fuck up) steppes. PS. Fjords was probably redone by the same guy/guys as Erlenberg. Even if the meta settles to something the map is so stupid it boggles the mind. I do believe no amount of meta will balance the winrate out between spawns.
  8. I wonder if t5 and t6 are just placeholder models or we get faschist box tenks ver2? 0.4+ accuracy tho from tier 5 up...
  9. Isnt the secondary round lower damage, higher pen on consoles? I vaguely remember something like that. If the PC ammo rework is copied from console then I think the 2 gun IS6 is also not out of the question as a solution...?
  10. Dont know how reliable a polish CM is.
  11. Obj705A - No one really plays this?

    Finished the 705A grind yesterday. ISM is actually pretty good tier for tier however as said above, it suffers horribly from T8 MM (240 aprc pen in a tank that cant flank and has to shoot heavies and superheavies). 705 is worse than ISM but it of course performs better with the terrific tier 9 MM. Did not play 705A and I wont because the 705 grind was quite horrible and I lost my will to live and uninstalled wot. Its quite sad what the differences between the french t9 heavy (the 51 or whatever its called) and the 705 are. I guess it balances out if you consider what a fcking turd the 65t is...
  12. I think they have been really clear that they want to remove pref. MM. Note I said "want" not "will". I think it will be done the same way SuperPershing was changed: they will adjust these tanks to normal MM and offer anyone who isnt happy either a full gold refund or a replacement equal tier premium. I understand their perspective here - any special MM rules add complexity to the MM system. However considering their past service record I fully expect them to fuck this up royally.
  13. HD map reworks

    You do have a valid point. I somehow have very vivid memories of top tier heavies rubbing their ass against a red line or swedish bushwankers trying to find the furtherest outcrop on a map to hide behind. Dont know if the change is dumb or not. I kind of expect game to change (for better or for worse) and more skilled players to adapt. Perhaps it is a question that will be answered in the coming weeks if this is a bug or a feature.
  14. HD map reworks

    So, I am watching HD maps videos and perhaps will download the 1.0 test client also, but I have already noticed one minor detail that will send windowlickers into panic mode - maps dont have red lines anymore (good example video So you actually have to look at the minimap to understand where the map ends. Immersion 10/10, windowlicker friendlieness - 1/10
  15. CT is out but I cant be arsed to jump through the download-install hoop. I would kindly ask someone to post their opinion on the 705 and 705a though.