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  1. CT is out but I cant be arsed to jump through the download-install hoop. I would kindly ask someone to post their opinion on the 705 and 705a though.
  2. Could you link a source? My understanding so far is that if you have T-10 in the garage and IS7 researched, then 257 will be researched fully, but not in your garage. Would be great though, I have IS7 and 230k exp on T-10 which would mean I can research and buy the new tier X when it comes out and I also get a free 257...
  3. Important bit is that if you have IS7 researched, then exp on T10 will remain on T10. If you dont have IS7 researched, then exp on T10 will go to Obj257.
  4. KV13 is already a tier VII. Also latest info puts the new line from IS, not KV13 but that is not a final decision by WG. T X exp cost is heavily dependant on the modules that are shared between t X and t IX.
  5. The 430v2 => New rear turreted Tier X is missing from this pic. It will be implemented later (but is confirmed by WG)
  6. I am glad I was wrong and its more like Pz7 than Type5. Stats are probably going to be tweaked so I wouldnt worry about that just yet.
  7. *looks at Type5 heavy*. Yeah, about that 15+cm heavy tank gun, its not like there is a precedent. Available information says 152mm BR-2 was supposed to be close to 152mm M-31 designed for heavy SPGs. Soviet Type5.
  8. Soviets get their own superheavy? Object 705A is 100 tonnes?
  9. The novelty wears off quite fast tho. Checked out 4-5 maps in training room with a friend. Yes, they do look nice and atmospheric. Then you are reminded that the gameplay is still shit. Also, as described above, dont take WZ tenks to battle. Even training rooms dont load. Mali has a dank new meta spot in A0 Some other map adjustments are also welcome and frankly, long over due. Goating has been cut down significantly. So, definitely improvements mechanics wise. Enough to bring back left players? - doubt it.
  10. Some russian native can perhaps add more detail, but in @DHP linked video the guy mentions ULTRA texture pack like we have HD client now. Since the client is capped at 122 and I am constantly 122 anyway, this might be interesting to try out. 60fps is the minimum I require so there is room for additional crap.
  11. It would be interesting to see if WG will at any point admit to accelerating decline of the game. I do wonder how they evaluate the state of the product - players playing? cash earned? e sports popularity (lol)? No doubt the project will be financially profitable for years to come. The difference is who is playing and paying for your product - dedicated hard core playerbase or neverending stream of tomatoes.
  12. Does this mean that no more type64 master race for some of the t55a and 260 missions?
  13. Circon warned about this a while ago specifically to give people longer time to focus on the grind. I guess it was inevitable, either superconq or chief would take over. FV never clicked with me so Im happy to see the change.
  14. Tier9 is fucking hilarious. I dont remember 704 being this much fun. Just like t8 you can basically 3x r same tier or lower tiers.