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  1. Does this mean that no more type64 master race for some of the t55a and 260 missions?
  2. Circon warned about this a while ago specifically to give people longer time to focus on the grind. I guess it was inevitable, either superconq or chief would take over. FV never clicked with me so Im happy to see the change.
  3. Tier9 is fucking hilarious. I dont remember 704 being this much fun. Just like t8 you can basically 3x r same tier or lower tiers.
  4. Tier8 one is actually rather good. 6 was okay, 7 was okay, 8 is definitely above okay. I cant quite understand how the armor works but it does. RHM, IS3 and even grille AP rounds do bounce. RHM ones do so with alarming reliability also. Lower plate is trash ofc but everything else is workable. I hate to admit it but I really enjoy it. Edit: Forgot to clarify that if you are top tier, then choose a corridor and 3xr. Its like ISU without the old alpha but with armor.
  5. Yes, play the TD line. Yes, it has such hidden gems like T-34-2G FT. Heat round shell velocity is 640 m/s. Now you can kill those pesky E75s behind a hill.
  6. Picture is irrelevant, the thread is about the tank being in the game or not.
  7. New vehicles: CN server exclusive: Waffentr├Ąger auf E 100 (P) Source: Now granted, CN server has weird ass t10 prems (?), however CN exclusive china TD seems to have spilled over to other servers like the odd WZ thingy (t8 prem) in the past. Not over until the fat lady sings.
  8. You adapt or you quit. Liberte/patriot/defender/new maus/new type5 were the last straw for some but not all. I recently finished all grinds. I literally have nothing to do in this game (im not interested nor am I good enough for 3MoE grind) so all I do is platoon with my friend to help him finish the grind and play the occasional stronghold. Might quit, might not, some very specific tanks still offer enjoyable experience (looking at you type64 and t71). I dont see any players returning any time soon tho, trying to compensate powercreep by buffing everything will inevitably lead to continuous escalation. Jeah patton, amx30 and leo1 are imho rather pointless in their current state. But buffing them leads to the need to buff fucking obj140 and such. If these things go thru, then they have to buff t62 in someway because its the new "patton" - other russian meds do everything + more.
  9. IS there a longer thread/explanation of the situation? I was not aware there of this issue at all and I am interested as it may influence WG decisions (biggest player base).
  10. Type 64 master race. The only real problem with that tenk is that it runs out of ammo. T6 mm is kinda bad in my subjective opinion so the 30 rounds or something you have - thats not nearly enough to kill all those t7s and t8s. Ran out of ammo 2 games in a freakin row....
  11. I also quit, pointless grind, good luck to survivors, post your stories end of June.
  12. 20 points will get you in the rankings. It will get you nowhere near the top 10% what this mode is all about.
  13. I thought you get the % crate after every stage. You get the 5k bonds at the end of the campaign only? Fuck that.
  14. So, now that the first round is almost over. Final thoughts? If the reward for being in top 10% remains the same (bonds+shitty stuff from the crate), then it will take 3 rounds to kit out one tank with improved gear. I have almost all researchable t10s. Granted I dont play all of them, it would still take me how long to kit them out? How about fucking no. Meta progression you can pretty much follow looking at this thread. First few days are pretty good. 3rd day is average and last days are random basically. I started with meds, played e5 when the meta slowed down and exclusively arty in the end due to hard camps. Playing arty on day one is pointless because games are way too fast. As inexperienced players fail upwards, arty becomes more of a safer bet. However match quality declines as a result. Also, this mode is huge money sink. All in all, if everything stays the same (I mean top 10% rewards and crate contents from beta), then I personally will only participate in the first campaign. Effort (time, money) vs reward is just not worth it unless you want to play on the very bleeding edge of competitive play.
  15. Since rank 5 went to random-land I have only played 261 and t92. And the salt n tears are quite delicious. Havent played these SPGs in randoms, I just have them, but in ranked it evoces such emotions thats its borderline hilarious. Also getting top exp in SPG is quite simple since games have become campfest.