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  1. Fun game. I think if the arty hadn't gotten me at the end I could have angled against the S1 and lived. I went to that initial position because I saw circon go there once. Other than that I don't know what I'm doing. I took way too much damage from the TVP so if you could tell me what I should have done to negate that that would be super. Clan wars loadout so sorry for the heat spam. I only keep 7 AP rounds for medium pushes lol.
  2. Forewarning, scrub posting here. Personally I would take a patton over the light tank. I know you prefer your zoom zoom, but with the patton where it is now it can support the other 2 more easily while still providing a good vision role. As a side note, how would this platoon work at tier 8 for credit grinding? MM at tier 8 platoons is abysmal so I would love to find something fun and that can carry against 9's and 10's. Basically the S1, Black dog / patton KR / Lorr, and the Patriot. Could be good, could be shit. IDK.
  3. Join a clan and do advances.... Playing super conq firing 100% gold and still make 100k credits per win with our reserves going. Or do SH, same thing. Other ways to make credits besides pubs.
  4. Oh I see. I apologize. I would say that tier for tier the tier 6 meds are the strongest, however its hard to see because they can face tier 8 tanks. Tier 9 meds are a close second and that is more obvious because they can never be more than 1 tier down.
  5. Tier 6 - Meds. Crom / Skodas / prem Swedish auto loader / 34-85M / Jumbo sherman are all pretty beastly. Tier 7 - Heavy. T29, O Ni, IS / IS 2, very strong. Tier 8 - TD's. Tier is a toss up so its close, but with the Swedish TD's invis sniping, Skorp G and even the new premium TD's, they seem to be in a good place. Tier 9 - Meds. T 54 and buffed Cent 7/1 are pretty OP at the moment. T54E1 is a great one too. E75 is the only heavy that I would call great, the others are too specialized and inflexible in the roles they fill. Tier 10 - Super Heavies. Maus / VK 72 / Type 5. No explanation necessary.
  6. Heads up, I'm a noob. I don't play a lot of tier 10 tanks, note bad stats in mine. I typically play them only in advances / CW. That said, I recently played my 140 a lot for the x2 weekend to convert xp for my tortoise. I figured top tier med with Russian BIAS, what could go wrong? My ammunition load out is 20/28/2. I'm a little heavy on the heat I know, but I'm used to playing lots of advances and with the super heavy meta. My question, is should I bother with the HE at all? I honestly can't remember a single occurrence of loading HE in that tank in my few pub games / hundreds of advances with the tank. But not just that tank, pretty much any medium or my E5. The caliber is so low I just never bother and prefer a standard round to the tracks to reset a cap if I'm desperate. Thanks in advance for the advice. Looking forward to the gold noob comments.
  7. Is there a mod that shows the old mission UI in the garage? The current UI that has a map is super annoying to me and I would much rather have the old one. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. So I recently downloaded a mod for session stats after running vanilla the majority of the year. What I've noticed is that I can maintain 3k WN8 games indefinitely until 1 of 2 things happens. Occurance A: I make a stupid decision to over commit for a shot and get shot to hell in return. End result is a 2 shot or less game. Occurence B: The game swings super hard in our favor and I am unable to get in more than a few shots of dmg before we have won. B is only really a problem because I'm afraid of option A happening and am being more careful in the first 2 or 3 minutes of the game. I'm not chai sniping but I'm not going to lead a push until I have a feel for the guys next to me and think they will actually support. I hear over and over how early dmg is the most important dmg. So how do I do this without retaliation? I'm sorry if this sounds a little odd. I'm not the best at explaining the weirdness in my head. Thank you for your time.
  9. Should make running tier 8's bearable again though. If everyone has this selected so they don't lose out on MOE potential then tier 9 is going to get that much better and tier 8 will be much more user friendly than it has been since the Match making changes.
  10. So I kind of hate this tank, but this was a close game. I have no sixth sense, using a tiger 131 crew for 0 skill BIA once I get the the Grille 15. Figure the Grille 15 could benefit from more crew skills than the JPG E100 would, especially on the driver. I should have moved up sooner considering our heavies were at the limit of my render but I'm bad, and especially bad at TD's. Any help so that a game like this would be more easily in hand would be great, thank you.
  11. 440 is max spotting range isn't it? or are you saying at 480 view range I can spot the heavies at 440?
  12. I was just using the Patton as an example. Don't go to hard on that. I'm just asking specifically if I should shoot for 440 and call it good, or should I try to push view range as far as possible to eat at the light tanks cammo?
  13. Now, in the past, my equipment loadouts have pretty much gone, Can you equip Vstab? Then do it. Can you equip a rammer? Then do it. Can you have 440 view range without optics? Yes go vents, no go optics. The question I'm asking about though, is on tanks that I have 440 view range with vents on, such as the patton, would it be worth it to put optics on instead to try to eat up some of these new light tanks insane cammo? I play my mediums as kind of a light tank counter on big open maps so seeing them is important. If this is a dumb question feel free to let me know how much I have yet to learn yada yada yada. Thanks guys.
  14. You want to platoon in a tier 9 Arty. 2 Reasons. 1: Platooning gives you a bonus to XP which helps with your mission. 2: With platoon match making you will be more likely to get all tier 9/10 tanks, which means you get more xp per shot than you would hitting lower tiers. After that its just luck on maps and RNG. Auto loaders are nice but I would actually suggest big bore TD's for your platoon mates. 183 / grille and such, you stun, they double tap and you get half your stun dmg requirement in 1 shot. Just my 2 cents. I'm a shitter stuck on SPG 15.3.... but I also only have tier 8 Arty Edit: Just realized I said use a tier 9 arty and suggested tier 10 TD's for your platoon mates. I'm dumb but you get the idea.
  15. Looking for some people to platoon with, tier 9 or 10 mostly. I consider myself a bit of a shitter so prefer people around my level or higher. Edit: Typically on from 5-9 central, after that I have to do advances with Clan.