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  1. BadLuckCharm

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    In soccer (football) players actually use their feet for more than just an occasional kickoff. The ball gets propelled most often with feet, hence FOOTball. American football rarely uses feet to propel the ball - it gets carried or passed by throwing. Most often it gets around with attempts at carrying the ball once caught. It should be called carryball or passball. Despite being North American, i quite like carryball myself. Especially the reactions to that term.
  2. Tried WT toady. Feels like tanks on marbles. No thanks.
  3. The other day, i had a terrible game in my OI Exp. Tracked, tracked, boom-boom got a shot or 2, bang-bang dead. Hardly got a chance to do anything. We lost. I got a Mark of Excellence.

    What a stupid game... the worst MoE ever.

    1. simba90


      I got my second mark in the M46 KR in a game with ~500 dmg and no spotting. I hadn't played it for several months and the requirements had dropped significantly in that time. But it felt really strange. I'll have to find the screenshot.

  4. Death by snu-snu. You have a game like that? Game companies, these days, are like politicians. Extremely few are good companies anymore; you just settle for the least terrible.
  5. BadLuckCharm

    How do you earn XP as arty?

  6. BadLuckCharm

    How to play Pilsen using a youtubers video

    Pilsen, eh? Hmmm. my last memory of that map is like: " Ok, go over this wayyy... ok. There's a tank, aiiiimmm. darn it. No more shot on it. Uh oh, they can shoot me from 3 angles now, bad cover, getting ouCH! of here. Putt-putt-putt... Ok, 'nother tank, aiimmm shoot... bounce. Shoot. Bounce again. Ok, see if i can go around. Dammit. He's being guarded by others. Ok, gotta bit of a dirt pile to hide me... shoot.. yeah! Shoot... score! One more shot and he's- what the....*sigh* I hate artillery. "
  7. So long, and thanks for the fish.

  8. I guess he learned you, huh? Or... i dunno, something. Maybe it was his 1st kill in a t10 game. Maybe his loss got to him so much, he had to boost his ego.
  9. Get up this morning, read the news, and find out someone shot up a mosque across town.

    Usually read that about other places. But here? Does not compute.

    1. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      If they weren't in America they would be alive :trump:

      on a serious note, I find it disheartening the heightening tensions between communities, after all we are all Americans. 

    2. MAJEST1C


      Isnt that in Canada?

    3. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      NVM, but my point still stands

  10. I take it the entire crew is in the turret, and that part between the 2 tracks (is that even big enough to qualify as a hull?) houses a pancake engine?
  11. BadLuckCharm

    Turan III

    Sees way too much Tier 7. It's utter shit at t7.
  12. I made it back to 51% win rate (51.01%). Now i'm afraid to play.

    Maybe i should take a break for a while, I'm too worried about stats, that's not fun.

  13. BadLuckCharm

    SU-85 not-the-B

    So, i'm going up this part of the tank tree, i sold my 85B and moved the crew to the SU-85 straight. Didn't find a thread on it, so i made one. The vision is bad: binocs would bring you on par to other tanks (unmodified) at that level, so i'm thinking any optics are not likely worth it. I put GLD instead. I also put vents and rammer. I had the top engine researched already, so i had that put in straight away, the stock suspension can take it. I will probably research the suspension 1st, then the gun upgrades. Not really looking forward to being blind... the better armour compared to the 85B will be negated by this pretty often, i think. I guess i'll have to rush at enemies and in-your-face them.
  14. BadLuckCharm

    Expected Values Updated to v29

    This can't be for real.... he's probably just going on with dumb excuses just to yank some chains... it's just too much.
  15. So, i guess i'm a 50.95% winner. =-

    1. BadLuckCharm


      Yes, i know it's kinda of precise, but for the last week, when ever i get to 50.96 or .97%, BAM! i get a string of loses that takes me down to about 50.91-.92, then i get back to 50.95%, then alternate between win and loss, and stay at 50.95%.

      It's weird.

    2. robosapieo


      Username checks out.

      Srsly tho.Just keep at it.I had the same problem but managed to get my W/R over 52% by just playing to the best of my ability (the fact that I was playing stronk tenks might have helped)

    3. BadLuckCharm


      Just so God damn fucking stupid. Back down to 50.94, 75% loss rate on my SU-85, one-shot by an M-fucking-37. ONE shot. The M-37 is a puny artillery. We had 2, they had 3 artillery...