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  1. Holy crap.. This thing is faaast i climbed the hill on proko faster than a foch B for reference.
  2. The caer has better gun handling, alpha and accuracy than 90mm T32 with 40% more DPM. We shall see what happen to it, my money is on the fact that it's going to be an incredible machine from now on with a nerf coming in 2/3 patches.
  3. But it's a -7deg rear mounted turret versus a -10 center mounted turret. It plays completely differently on hills. And when you look at all the existing tanks you don't have a lot of tank that are good hulldown with very good DPM (the closest being the patriot with way less DPM) or you need to go all the way to tier 10 where you have tank like the STB, patton or 30B that have either shit gun handling, shit pen, or shit accuracy, this will be one of the first in this genre (good dpm, good turret, good depression, good gun handling, good accuracy, only lacking alpha that is also buff at 280).
  4. Did you look at the new turret armour or ... ?
  5. Call me crazy but i kind of like it. Even without all the buff coming up.
  6. Some players still think 3/5/7 is better, "because you know i am no longer the only bottom tier in that one game in a thousand".
  7. It honestly doesn't make ANY sense.. This tank is the maus all over again.. And gun handling was slightly nerfed so you might even think that the gun is now shit.. But no.. It has better gun handling then the patriot while having better alpha AND 30% more DPM.. And if that ain't enough it has .34 accuracy I also added some other 300 and 240 alpha gun for comparison: I'm just scratching my head thinking how WG can't see that this is going to be OP.. (never thought i would say that for Caernaveron..).
  8. Just checked the gun stats with our current Conqueror. It's worse pretty much everywhere (not by a great much thought)..
  9. Well that confirms if i am getting a 260 or not :
  10. TS is up so i check how they added the gun and for the tier 7 it's an optional gun and it's extra xp on the line to get the gun (16k) and the conway you MUST get the gun but they reduced the price of the final 4005 by the price of the gun (64k).
  11. Welcome to a new scale of xvm focus. Just buckle up and enjoy the ride.
  12. Basically if you free xp a tank. Free xp the T7. Also i don't know if you guy's noticed but it's better to do the 4005 II line before the 183 because stock gun of some tank from 4005 line are top gun for the 183. In a nut shell. Charioteer gets Type A barrel right of the bat that is the AT-7 top gun, the middle gun of the charioteer is the top of the AT-15, and the conway gets immediatly the 120mm that will cost you like 60k on the tortoise. Also grinding the medium line before the 4005 is not a bad idea since you share most of the engines. It's a nation that share a LOT of modules. Obviously this is the scenario you might want to follow on the long run and don't want to if you only want that 183.
  13. When you have time to write in the "recent status update" because you are driving an AT8 with a dead driver.