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  1. Me trying to block 4k in the Tier 10 meta in 2018.



    1. woe2you


      Fuck that noise. Tried it with every tank I have and no joy, ended up doing the XP mission while still trying.

    2. StormCrowReaperManyHats


      Free XP to 268 v4. Play three or four games. Done.

    3. nemlengyel
  2. M35 Marathon Megathread

    It seemed to already have changed the way people play at T10. It's like ranked battle just introduced itself in random... In the end i think the 135kills and 135k damage done per nation over 1 month was actually less straining on the meta.
  3. A Mahou player did the math for him and shared it on Reddit. 246 battles playing T10 at the very least. I feel like the event presentation was really nice, but i also feel 2 weeks is a bit short ~250battles at tier 10 in two weeks, when i used to be able to do that was more when i started the game and was really into. Will i be able to that now ? Not sure..
  4. Someone said you can buy the tank, each stages give you a 10% reduction. So if you do 6 then you get 60% sale, 8=80% etc.. until 10 = Free
  5. 312k BASE XP thought. With booster and premium account you could grind an entire line off that lol.
  6. It's there bois and gurls. Challenge is completely diffrent from what we ever saw for a marathon. 10 stages, it's not 1 stage per day like Pilot you can do multiple stage a day or even take multiple days to complete one stage. Every stage has two way of being completed. The hard way or the long way. I really like what they did, you either finish it by being good or by having time to completed the base xp requirement. https://imgur.com/a/PhWCW
  7. Most CC's seems to agree it's one of the best T8 meds 240 alpha. Orzy even said it was better than lorr40t on stream. Also T-44-100 is very good, and pilot isn't bad. Big if true.. https://thedailybounce.net/2018/04/10/world-of-tanks-progetto-m35-mod-46-in-game-event-coming-soon/
  8. The Untold Truth about the Somua SM

    Watched Skill4ltu play it a bit. The tank is better top tier (3/5/7) than 50-100 or lorr 40t because of the amount of bullying possible to lower tier. But 40t is better low tier than Somua because armor is just meaningless once you find higher pens guns. Think T-54 mod 1 vs T-44-100
  9. Polish vehicles thread?

    I'm kinda glad they went with paper tanks instead of the old T-54, T-44, T-34 modifications.
  10. Ok these changes make way more sense now. better mobility and worse armor for M60 compare to M48 (makes total sense). They dropped the pen and accuracy nerf to T95 and also buffed mobility. They dropped the Hp buff on Vk which is good since it would have been way to good. And they improved andling and DPM on 121B even more. These changes makes way more sense than what they originally came up with. 350HEAT is still bonkers but ok.
  11. Play the hill of cliff for the first time.. Basically can't aim down now because of magic banana rocks.. Fuck that..

  12. IS-M - Is Serb > Murazor?

    Finished the grind on this bad boy after 50games. One of the strongest T8 HT atm.. Easely competing in IS-3 territory. What i love about this tank is that sidescraping works just as well against T8 or T10. Some corner with a slight bump or a broken building where you cheeks are hidden even more are just godlike. 2.4kDPG is one of my best DPG in a T8 HT(if not my best) I actually kind of think it's a keeper tank. At tier 8 i never thought i would say that again..
  13. first day playing 1.0. Wtf did they do rocks ?? It's like they dropped bananas everywhere.

    1. kreigermann


      They made a lot of loft escapes very dangerous due to the rocks too.  

      Both Mines and  Airfield have gotten me more than once trying to dump off the loft.

  14. I saw sirfoch playing proko and one thing that striked me is how the middle ridge is much "softer". It seems like tank with much less depression (read Russian) will be much comfortable there from now on.