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  1. Just realised tier 12 credit bonus 30%only work for tier 10 randoms.. Can't even use T8 prems. 

  2. Apparently you if you own a tank and it gets move up in tier than yes it is worth to own it (if you plan on keeping the higher tier lights). Wg stated that if you own the tier 8 (say Ru251) you will get the new T8 AND the Tier 9 Ru251.
  3. This tank bois !! This tank is so fucking good ! I can't think of any other T9 heavy tank(by heavy tank i mean heavy tank, not "i'm not a true heavy !" T-10 syndrome) coming close to this tank.. It can hulldown, it can sidescrape, it still has 40km/h top speed and goes there decently.. Honestly it's the whole package !
  4. Was at 90% on M41GF from a previous session.


    Decide to play one game. Do 2.5K combined and losse 3%.... :/

  5. Tbh looking at all the stats i don't see how the premium LT will become OP. At best they will in line with the rest of them. What i do see though is that light tank next patch will overall become a stronger class as a whole. Because yes the M41GF does get downtiered but the other "new" tier 8 LT are becoming quite strong now as well for their new MM. So i'm expecting the M41GF not to be OP compared to the rest of the T8 lights and i'm expecting all the new tier 8 and 7 lights to be fairly strong now. (notably, maybe the T9 and 10 will also be strong) Did you guy's even see that the T71 got downtiered with (almost) no changes ?
  6. I just recently played both the Patriot and the 112 for a good 100 each battles recently and i agree so so much. Not being bottom is OOO Satisfying !
  7. If stunning doesn't work out as they wanted they have two choices : 1/ Remove arty (yeah verybody is happy, they still have to reimburse pretty much all arty player so would WG really want to do that ? Not sure) 2/ Keep arty has is. Do we really want that ? Has much as i would want to, the likeliness of arty getting remove is close to 0 (and no half drunk russian dev on a stream that no one has ever trust until now will ever change that). So honestly i think the stun mchanic is the best outcome of what arta might become.
  8. (A bit old but still.) FYI we had the T92 Top of the tree (on track) for an entire month AND the mission to get extra goodies coul be done for TWO ENTIRE MONTHS !!!!
  9. Not that everybody's titty calm down. Tier 7 ?? @Rexxie
  10. Because the info has been (already) taken out of context. They wil think about removing all arty if the stun mechanic doesn't work as they want.