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  1. Hum.. These teams ? wtf : 


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    2. hazzgar


      Correction it's shit. It can get good results but it turns like a t95, has no gun arc or depresion.I hate being outplayed by retarded players only because I have to think 10 moves ahead in this

    3. DHP


      Lol, not all tank are for everyone i guess. This is a very specific tank and you probably need to think more about the plays than any other tanks. 


      Maybe i am bias since i have been playing some shity tier 8 (65t and T8 chinese td). But i am having decent result (2.5k dpg atm).

    4. hazzgar


      It feels as bad as the 65t really. Maybe not as bad as the VTU. If it had 5 deg of gun dep or was a bit taller so it could hull down behind wrecks better I'dl like it but for now? Jesus. I will end up with 2k at best.

  2. Knowing WG this is exactly what they will do. They will just wait for enough people to grind it and then drop the hammer. They are so bad at balancing it’s not even funny. The kran went from WTF to POS in one patch in TS, S.Conq went from meh to wtf godlike by buffing, gun handling, DPM and depression to absurd level. Maus went from worst HT to Best in ONE patch.. It’s like they are clueless at how changes affect a tank. Also E5.. All it needed was lowerplate nerf because it was just stupid, turret and cupola was fine it’s an American HT that should hulldown, now it’s complete crap and S.conq has a better turret than E5 ever had.
  3. Met a few in randoms and once they sidescrap in it's pretty hard to dig out !
  4. Spawned on the wrong side of the map on hill in ranked ? Well too fucking bad ! Now try to win with them having hill and crossfire your ass. 

  5. Dunno how it is on NA but on EU after 48h of ranked there is already 500 people in league 1 and 2800 in league 3.


    Total opposite of beta season 1 and 2. it should be much easier to get in league 1 imo since there is no cutback every Monday now. 

    1. TAdoo87


      That cut system was just bullshit, that is one reason why it is more popular, the other one is the lack of arty. 

  6. Any thoughts on 103B in ranked ? 

    1. hazzgar


      XP matters in ranked so a tank that does most of the damage from the spots of others will get less XP. 

    2. flare_phoenix
    3. mati_14


      TDs are way too situational to play in ranked, unless is 268 V4 because... I don't think I need to say it...

  7. Did they do something to T10 platoon MM (2players) ?? It's freaking amazing ! 

    1. Daerlon


      Yes, it's called Ranked Battles...

    2. DHP





      In Eu there is no ranked battle atm. And i meant that platoon MM in T10 was better than solo T10 and that doesn't really matter whether there is ranked or not.

  8. To be fair i would be more worried about the MAJOR loss of velocity then pen dropoff on this tank. Personnally i'm using AP when i'm upclose and need to go throught some heavy armor. But if the Heavy armor is busy with someone else then i just go APCR and aim for sides and rear. This is one of the tank where you really don't need gold to pla well. You so fast is impressive.
  9. You are looking at 6.1/6.3k to raise the mark near 93-95%
  10. Meh, honestly not bad. It won't shake your panties off but it's not too bad. Haven't checked the stats in detail but i think it got the low track traverse treatement of the 263 and 268.4. Armor ain't too bad and penetration is insane. 250 alpha is a bit low thought. It could have had a 100mm gun with 320 alpha it wouldn't have break this tank tbh.
  11. Played 1hr in T8. Haven't seen one T7-6. but MM is fixed ! :kappa:

    1. hall0


      Had you fun against the new Obj 268 v4 in your T8? 

    2. Action


      yep... same for me... tryed to play some elc even yesterday... winrate crashed and didnt even get some good spotting because weekends...

  12. Why ask for advice if you are just going to do whatever you want anyway ? This is a push in your face tank. If you want to run bino, camo net and sit in the back. Please do.
  13. With 9.22 WG have finally fixed the OP 907. Now it's no longer OP, 430U is here ! 

    1. monjardin


      ...but it's so fun to play!!!

  14. I can't believe this tank faces tier 8's Like usually when a tank is this armored you can rush him and go on his side but not this one. This thing traverses fast enough to avoid getting flanked even by two opponent, and the front will hold against a lot of tier 9 gold rounds.
  15. You basically need to play this at 45° angle and bait everyone to shoot your side