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  1. People need to remember that the 130 premium is AP. This is what the front of the IS-7 looks like vs 303APCR on the right and 280AP on the left And what the front of the type 5 vs 303APCR on the right and 280AP on the left Obviously it's not dank 340 HEAT but it stand up for it's own vs sloped armor quite nicely vs 300pen APCR. Hell i've played the Kranvagn with 300HEAT i'll be happy to have 280AP after that.
  2. Serb on powercreep (ama from 4 years ago) : 



    1. Epic


      power creep brings in the money, and prevents the game from getting boring.

    2. Fulcrous


      At the very least they could buff tanks in the slightest

    3. Kolni


      New french heavies are looking like a step in the right direction at least, well armoured but not without weakspots so they aren't immune to 90% of the tier8s and they seem perfectly fine to me. Badger is also looking promising. 

      At least they're buffing the old premiums to somewhat playable levels, I guess there's some thinking about raking in money through old tanks as well but for players that already own them it's pretty nice. 

      Still missing the KV-5 and some other stuff like the 59-Patton that could use a boost etc.


      I guess the biggest problem is still the amount of tech tree T8s that just have no form of viability at all. I'm personally pretty sure that the T-44 is the least enjoyable tank to play in the entire game right now :serb: 

  3. A non shitty T8 british tank ?
  4. Armor models are on tanks.gg where you can see the model live. The T10 is basically an angle plate of 320 vs AP with lower plate at 260/270 it does have 2 weak cupola at 180 but they are far at the rear of the turret. The turret itself should hold at anything in a cone of 22°right/22°left after that the side of the turret is butter. vs gold round on flat ground the front plate it"s basically a 50/50 for most 320-340pen tanks. when it's hull down thought you are going to have to go for cupola or even the chin under the gun with some gold round. And has @hall0 mentioned you can't really angle. For a 15hp/t - 40kp/h it's a pretty nice armor might be a bit slower than the E5. But you can't really hide the cupola with the E5 unlike this one.
  5. WG sent out the compensation for the mission. You get a female crew with BIA but no first skill for free. Just put a commander in my tank and i have to grind sixth sense. 

    I guess it's better than nothing. 



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    2. DHP


      until 9.21 last call. So 4 weeks.

    3. hiipanda


      limited time to grab them and i can't even grab them because of errors. gg wg

    4. Assassin7


      Yep same. 

  6. Dude complains about having the worst teams ever and losing 80% of battles. 


    Checks stats. Sub 300wn8 with 46% :triggered:



    1. DirtyACE7


      Did you ask him when was the last time he talked to a doctor about his obvious deficiency of brain matter?

    2. Gr1nch_1


      Well he does have at least one very shitty shitter on his team every time he plays....

  7. The roof is no longer 25.4mm. They buff it after i will be done with this POS.
  8. Just played a game in the FCM 50T today after like a year. Was at 83% mark. After one horrible game at 800 damage, i was at 91%.

    Did I hear powercreep ?? 

  9. Not thinking about camo sniping but just not being spotted from 445m away randomly by a passing LT is also very nice.
  10. There an AMX 48 ? Did i miss something ?
  11. I've come to the dire conclusion that i see less tier 10 in my tier 9 then i do in my tier 8. Feelsbadman.

    1. sohojacques


      ...which also means I see more tier 7s playing tier 9 than tier 8.:feelsbad: indeed.

  12. What the fuck are you guy's smoking ? Cause i want on it !! T28 armor is dank in comparison. I have 0.6 blocked in the tortoise (so 1200dmg blocked) . and 1.39 in the T28 (so 2085dmg blocked). You need gold to reliably pen a T28, when you have tier 7 penning you with standard in the tortoise. Tortoise armor definitely holding up : Edit: I just realised i have better DPG in the T28 then in this TortShit.
  13. You have 20kp/h with basically no armor. The Strv has more armor than the Tortoise. How can you have 2.1k in the STRV and have 2K in this POS of Tortoise ? I've had good players just kite me down over a hill in a tortoise because they would go backward faster than i would move forward and they could just see my cupola before i could see them.
  14. Can someone explain the whole Star citizen situation ? Last time i heard of this "game", it wans't really a game and it was far from finished. is it finished now ? 

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    2. Hellsfog


      Star Citizen is a game about running a ponzi scheme set in a distant future. 

    3. DHP


      How can a video game have 15 years developpment ? Isn't your game engine going to be obsolete by the time you release the game ? 

    4. orzel286


      @DHP Well, obviously they'll switch to another engine, which will set them back a few years more.... And the cycle keeps going. DNF is a prime example.

  15. "And we all know who that is. Wotlabs.

    For years, they’ve done it. They would pick tanks they like to play, boost up the numbers on them, tell only their own little inner sanctum of buddies and act all high and mighty about their stats."


    i'm dying here :triggered:




    Edit: the comment are just comedy gold. 

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    2. Tanager


      You heretic.

    3. MacusFlash


      So xvm team is skilled but retarded? They know how xvm is toxic but they keep it running without a chance to hide stats for those who don't like being focused. 

    4. nabucodonsor


      Sure Wotlabs has done miracles to inflate my wn8......

  16. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/649254-personal-mission-update-and-compensation/
  17. Sirfoch on his stream yesterday made a good remark on the disabled campaign. WG disabled it at the same time then the Halloween game mode. It could easily be because you could have made heavy mission in this game mode and since they couldn’t/wouldn’t deactivate the mission for this special game mode they therefore decided to deactivate mission for everyone during the length of this game mode and be done with it. If they reactivate mission the day that Halloween game mode is gone then we will know for sure.
  18. 4 games, ammorack twice and burn 3 times...:fat:

  19. This new gamemode is 10/10 !



    1. hazzgar


      I'm not a fan. The design is great but the constant pushing annoys the fuck out of me

    2. Fabunil


      With 5k players in the queue the matchmaker just needs some time to create the optimal team for your optimal playing experience~

    3. hazzgar


      It's not sure how to match 15 heavies vs 15 heavies. 


      Still better than crashing EU1

  20. What did they say exactly ?
  21. 183 has .38 and Jp E100 has .34 for reference.
  22. it can't be .45, probably some initial testing value.
  23. Can they can keep the missions broken ?
  24. WG way of fixing an issue :