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  1. I didn't really look deeply into the stats but the fv4005 II gets a whopping ~50% engine boost.. What the hell..
  2. Man if true this is absurd. I'm happy i farmed SPG-15 for the stug and T28 for the girls thought.. Easy 10 orders..
  3. Ok. I am just surprise WG will do a rollback. Basically right now if you did stug, T28 and T55 while skipping arty and you arrive at the 260 you are saying that you have basically 0 order available. So basically if you reach the 260 with zero SPG15, you have 0 order and each SPG15 will be essentially worth 5 orders once you achieved that specific SPG15 with honor.
  4. The scenario i am seing is that he did the 4 with honor allowing him to claim the tank, he did not do do 15.3 at all. But i am fairly sure that if you do 4 with honor (even after the patch) you will get the tank without the need to unlock the last set. Now I may be wrong it is also possible. And if in the event where that is no longer the cases (unlocking the tank with four missions with honor) i would also be surprise that WG do a rollback to see if he did 15.3 and use 4 orders if he didn't, to essentially "pay" for the tank he already got.
  5. I am fairly sure (99.9%), that after the update you will still have the possibility to finish 4 missions with honor and get the tank. The game won't automatically activate 4 orders to complete SPG 15.3
  6. I believe he has 14 order not 10. Stug + T28 all with honor = 5x2. + T55A he has 4 sets.
  7. People telling me in the other thread this was going to be fake. Most likely we will never see it because it seems to be another chinese T10 premium. But one can hope... Can you imagine that has being the next campaign reward tank.
  8. Just playing a few arty game to do some missions and it just makes you realize how completely, brokenly accurate those god damn arta became.. 

    1. Errants


      Funny, can I play with your RNG?  My cancer still seems trolly.  Less so than before, but still lacking laser-guidance.

  9. Some more info about 9.20.1 : https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/09/15/0-9-20-1-patchnotes/#more-56973 You get 3 camo (winter/summer/desert) for the tank you won if you complete all 75 missions. And you get 3 camo for any tank for the same country of the reward tank if you complete all 75 missions with honor. So all in all you can have 3 camo for germany, 3 for USA, 3 for Germany (again i guess..) and 3 for russia. + you get 3 camo for each reward vehicle. Info about order : Info about rewards :
  10. Is it me or are they nerfing the conqueror gun ? Are they buffing the turret ? Did I miss something ?
  11. Did anyone notice they added a tier 9 premium chinese TD with the whole branch at the same time ? 



    1. WorldConqueror


      yeah, it's china server only

    2. HowitzerBlitzer


      Sounds like something the Chinese server would do, they're all about Pay 2 Win.

  12. Been watching a bit of skill4ltu, QB and circon playing it and i look likes a pretty decent beast. Have any of you bought it ? Any thoughts ? Seems like the combination of great mobility, 440 alpha, 215+ frontal armor works well. The gun handling ain't even that bad since you have better hidden dispersion than comparable tier 8 premiums TD also it's -6 depression so it's not stellar but at least you are not gimped in a one on one..
  13. Just FYI they have change some mission where X.15 in the first two sets are way easier and made the X.15 for the last two to make it harder.
  14. I wonder if there is a maximum of order available.
  15. My god those french tanks... If they are half as good as they look they are going to be amazeballs.
  16. 5 orders per sets. So 5x3=15 for the first 3 sets then you add the sets from the 260 mission you have already done ( i already did 3) so i should have 18 orders but i only have 17 since i missed SPG-15-3. Your way seems WAY too easy to be reality IMO.
  17. I believe this is what is going to happen which i think is very fair. You need 4 for #15 and you can use 1 or 2 order to complete the harder mission between 1-14. Only 4 order to directly complete mission #15 without doing ANY prior mission seems way too easy suddenly. Personally i have done all 5 for stug and T28 + 4 for T55A and 3 for 260 so i should have 17 order to use. So, 4 on TD-15 and 4 on SPG-15 which means i have 9 order left to for the SPG missions. Therefore i should only have to do 5 SPG missions out of the 15 to unlock the tank.
  18. So.... : If i have done a mission 15 with honor i get 1 order. With 1 order i can unlock 1 mission (from 1 to 14). And with 4 order i can unlock the 15th mission ?
  19. https://worldoftanks.asia/en/news/general-news/update-920-1-rebalance/#tab1 They are buffing the charioteer aswell with -10deg depression
  20. Suddenly it makes sense !
  21. call me crazy but i didn't mind the grind. I Did free xp most modules thought.
  22. @CarbonWard do you just buy every premium and mark it in a single day or what ? Would you suggest the tank ?