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  1. Yeah, I always play far worse when a platoonmate tries to tell me what to do, even if they're better than me. I need the peace to make my own decisions, there's not time to weigh suggestions against what I think I need to do in the moment. Afterwards is great, though.
  2. But with only 6s additional reload and only slightly worse gun handling, the clip potential of the t71 is so much better....
  3. Correction. T71 is now the best T7 tech tree medium tank.
  4. T71 is now the best tier 7 medium tank. Buy it.
  5. Correct, unfair plane tactics. I usually position myself directly behind friendly arty for maximum frenchness.
  6. So basically I suck...Feelsbad
  7. There is so much WoT gameplay out there, much of it narrated by very good players. If you want to gain viewership, you should think of an angle that you can bring which has some unique value. Showing off your best games is fun, but is unlikely to gain much traction when competing with Lacho posting 20 once-in-a-lifetime games every day. The spirit of Wotlabs as a community is not about stats, it's about thinking about our performance and making steps to positively improve our gameplay. So I like the idea of "replays from an average player" as a concept, and I think it has legs if there's something else to it. Every game, I essentially watch 30 replays from 30 different average players. So if it's an average player reflecting on what he learned from each battle, that could be interesting. Or even reflecting on what you learned from watching other people's replays, kind of like an ongoing narrated masterclass. I'm not trying to tell you what to do, just thinking about what you might do to make your content stand out. I'd encourage you to think of an angle which could be more fun, more instructive, or more something than the content already out there, so you can get the most out of your YouTubing efforts.
  8. Add me please...
  9. I re-bought the 13 90 after the patch. I was at 60% MOE (hadn't played it since I was at 1100 wn8 or something). After the first game, MOE went down to 40%. Seven or eight games later, I was back up to 65%. I've never seen it drop so much in a single game.
  10. tfw you realize 1390 is now the best statpadding tank in the game

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      Statpadding in 2017 :gachi:

    2. sohojacques


      Statpadders line confirmed, then. I'm currently grinding the AMX 12t and 13 75 and rocking dark purple WN8. I'm not even remotely worthy of such colouration. One of them is going to have to lose its crew as I continue up the line. Makes me feel sad as they're both so good.

  11. Still working on learning how to play. Single most important thing you can do is to look at the minimap any time your full attention is not 100% required for aiming or driving. Don't glance at it often, look at it when you're reloading, when you're driving on open ground, etc. Also, don't stay zoomed into sniper mode unless you are ready to take a shot and fully aimed in. The best players are usually always doing something: spotting enemies, firing, reloading, or moving to a position where they can spot or shoot effectively. Learn to control engagement distance. If you are the frontmost player on your team and eight enemies are shooting your direction, guess who's going to die quickly. It's you, not the guys camping behind you. You can't do anything about that, and it's not cowardly to pull back. Just pull back, get out of the bad situation, and then look at your minimap to see where you can have an impact without being in an impossible situation. Pulling back too soon is a better gamble than hoping your teammates will save you. They won't. If you put yourself in a bad position, that's your fault. This has to be balanced against sitting too far back so you can't help your team. It's a hard balance to learn. While quickybaby and Dezgamez are fun to watch, the best streamers are the ones which really analyze the gameplay and talk through the decisionmaking. Lemmingrush, Zeven, and now Ilya Red are making great high-end, highly self-reflective, and informative videos on how to put yourself in favorable situations, and when to take risks.
  12. The franchise was dead before that. Do try to pay attention.
  13. I don't know that it makes a difference. In my experience playing mostly light tanks, people don't shoot enemies who are lit. Much less enemies that are unlit with a weird halo hovering over where they are.