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  1. My problem with the Maus/Mauschen is just that they're so incredibly boring to play.
  2. SPGs do seem to be very popular in ranked battles. Which sucks. Part of why I'm completely over the new mode.
  3. Wow, OK. With more HP on the battlefield, on average, than a pub game which often include tier 9 and 8 vehicles, the best players could theoretically be averaging higher avg damage than in pubs, right? So there is something inherent in the system (i.e. the chevron mechanism) which is changing the meta, and player performance, significantly. My point with this thread is just to try to understand that better so I can improve my performance in this mode. I don't care about the rewards, I just want to try to do as well as I can. This comment from Sapros is very helpful, I will not worry about damage but will try to be more disciplined about killing low hp tanks, track shots, and spotting (which I know I should be doing better anyway).
  4. True. But that does not explain the complete difference in team deployment - i.e. nobody going J2 on Mountain Pass, no heavies going city on Highway or Live Oaks, etc. It is consistently a one-corridor fight and if our team doesn't anticipate it, we end up with an entire team of blue and purple players doing 500-1000 damage. Once or twice I'd chalk it up to an anomaly, but it's been a pretty regular thing in my experience with this mode. Obviously I've learned not to overcommit or push as far as I would in a pub game until I see where the game develops, which has helped a lot. But I still see a trend of extremely poor collective decisionmaking at all the ranks, even when most of the players on both teams are statistically decent. Maybe I answered my own question... that I should not expect a team of predominantly greens/blues/purples at rank 4/5 to deploy themselves in a more advantageous way than a team of reds/oranges in pubs.
  5. I've played ranked battles a bit, got to rank four without too much difficulty. But if you look at my actual gameplay in ranked battles, I SUCK SO HARD. Consistently doing only 1-2k damage a game, my wn8 across ranked battle sessions is under 1000. So I got fed up and just went back to playing pubs in the same tanks I was playing in ranked battles (e5, 140, 30b, 13 105). Playing the same tanks solo on the same maps with the same mediocre skill set, I averaged 5500 wn8 and won consistently. What this says to me is that there is something fundamental about the meta of ranked battles which I do not understand, period. Any help is appreciated.
  6. If you kill a tank, it doesn't seem to set off 6th sense. I do this all the time - low health tank at a range where they should spot me, nail them, and I don't get spotted. Am I wrong? Did it tonight on Prok... M46 Patton on the hill, I shot him through bushes but not double bushed twice. Got spotted for the first two shots but not spotted for the kill shot.
  7. Either is correct.
  8. Agreed. For example, is Stannis still the One True King, or has there been another to take his place in the past two years? Things we need to know.
  9. Yeah, I always play far worse when a platoonmate tries to tell me what to do, even if they're better than me. I need the peace to make my own decisions, there's not time to weigh suggestions against what I think I need to do in the moment. Afterwards is great, though.
  10. But with only 6s additional reload and only slightly worse gun handling, the clip potential of the t71 is so much better....
  11. Correction. T71 is now the best T7 tech tree medium tank.
  12. T71 is now the best tier 7 medium tank. Buy it.
  13. Correct, unfair plane tactics. I usually position myself directly behind friendly arty for maximum frenchness.
  14. So basically I suck...Feelsbad