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  1. It's bundled with the mod that enables the pre-nerf KV-1S. Unfortunately, it also comes with the mod that enables 2011 +4 matchmaking.
  2. Object 252u, defender. I have one, don't love it.
  3. It's much less frustrating if you don't think of your gun's alpha as guaranteed. A 390 gun is only guaranteed 292 alpha, anything else is just a nice bonus. Same goes with pens, which is even more frustrating because we don't get to see those rolls in-game.
  4. Besides all the mechanics aspects of the game which have been mentioned, I find the multi-zone domination approach really difficult. Imagine double-zone capping in WOT random battles. That's what this feels like. I.e., you work as hard as you can, but it doesn't matter because the rest of your team has completely ignored the other objectives and so there's nothing you can do to carry. IMHO multi-zone should not exist outside of organized play. Maybe ships is a different thing, but they're less mobile, so I think it's a little bit different there.
  5. I think we (new players) learn how to farm damage much more quickly than we learn how to win games. I have pretty much learned how to farm damage, and I focused on that for a long time. Now I'm not as focused on farming damage, and it has hurt my ability to farm wn8 significantly (only a problem if I cared). But my focus is on winning now, and my WR graph no longer looks like your roller coaster graph, it is a much smoother upward trend. But it's way harder, since even on a loss you can farm a lot of damage and if that's the only stat you're focusing on, you can tell yourself, "well, I did MY job at least". But I think that's a counterproductive mindset. Just my two pence. Keep going, look for opportunities for relevant damage - 240 damage to a low HP heavy or TD locking down a corridor might be a game-changing contribution, even if that's all the damage you do all game. Spotting, tracking, and finishing off low HP guns has way more impact than sheer damage output.
  6. first five from tonight. Avg just a little over 2k.
  7. In the last couple weeks my highest was 12k spotting, it's still possible. 2-3k is what I shoot for, and get it more often than not. Tier 8 is the easiest tier for spotting right now. You still have a lot of tanks like Kv-4 and Is-3 which are blind as bats, and most opposing lights suck at scouting.
  8. I find your lack of confidence disturbing. :-P
  9. So I don't usually pay much attention to MOE's, I'm not good enough to get three on most tanks but after playing 100+ battles in my M41 90 GF with 1800 avg damage + over 2500 avg spotting I figured I would be getting close to the third mark. I noticed it was at 83.57%, even though I already have two marks. Watched the marks for a few games, nothing I could do would move the number. 4k damage + 6k spotting? Still at 83.57%. I opened a ticket and got this response: Dear Daerlon, Thanks for writing into Wargaming Support! We understand there's some concern involving Marks of Excellence progression. After running some battles on our accounts, we can confirm those suspicions. We've brought this to the attention of our server side engineers so that they may offer clarification about a possible error or otherwise. We don't suspect that we will require any additional information from you so we've set the status of this ticket to being Resolved. If more information is needed to help facilitate the investigation, we shall contact you by reopening this ticket. We appreciate the diligence you had in escalating this issue to us. We apologize for any inconvenience while we work to resolve the problem.
  10. That would be confirmation bias in play... we remember the series of low rolls, but we don't necessarily remember the series of unlikely high rolls because in that case, it's working just as we hope it will work.
  11. Contact LemmingRush! Or I can help you out for free, but I'm not as good as those guys. But I can definitely platoon with you and help you get started.
  12. My problem with the Maus/Mauschen is just that they're so incredibly boring to play.
  13. SPGs do seem to be very popular in ranked battles. Which sucks. Part of why I'm completely over the new mode.
  14. Wow, OK. With more HP on the battlefield, on average, than a pub game which often include tier 9 and 8 vehicles, the best players could theoretically be averaging higher avg damage than in pubs, right? So there is something inherent in the system (i.e. the chevron mechanism) which is changing the meta, and player performance, significantly. My point with this thread is just to try to understand that better so I can improve my performance in this mode. I don't care about the rewards, I just want to try to do as well as I can. This comment from Sapros is very helpful, I will not worry about damage but will try to be more disciplined about killing low hp tanks, track shots, and spotting (which I know I should be doing better anyway).