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  1. Whats so bad about the Tier 9?
  2. Weird, the quotes on this forum seem a bit fucked up! Anyway what i was trying to say was is the Tier 9 stat padding you mentioned good with the WZ LT line? as im a little bit in love with those currently!
  3. Well without justifying your comment that just sounds like a your bragging tbh
  4. Hiya guys, I have in recent weeks / months moved from being a 1500+ recent player to over the last 1000 games being 2100+ and i am curious of how much of a step up there is from my current average to being a 3k+ player Is it minor tweaks to get those improvements or is it big jumps up still? Thanks in advance. Regards, Paul
  5. whats this about? i dont get what your talking about? whats happening from july 14-24???
  6. I am a bit jealous as i have played 110 battles with an average WN8 of 3100 so far on this tank and i still haven't got an ace tanker in it. However congrats mate nicely played I am absolutely loving this tank and have unlocked the tier 8 already haven't used it yet though
  7. Yeah its just bizarre to be honest, surely they don't know its happening?
  8. Ok so not just me then, are WG aware of this issue?
  9. Hi Guys, I often play alone in randoms and generally find the matchmaking is ok and relatively fair, although they should implement some sort of skill based metric to even up the skill of teams. HOWEVER - Everytime i platoon up with my friend who is of a similar level to me (1600+ recent) the matchmaking just gives us shit game after shit game.. i'm talking never top tier and 90% of games bottom tier Is this just us who are cursed or is it happening to all platoons? Regards, Solar
  10. Well i have to say so far i am loving it, i'm running at average Wn8 of about 3k for this tank currently. Grinding this tank is feeling like a stat padder for me as my normal recent has been hovering around 1600-1700 now for the last week i'm on about 2100 and the last 24 hours i'm on 2650 lol As for the Type 64, its reasonable but i preferred the 59-16 to it and much prefer the WZ 131 Is the WZ 132 a step up from this or play much the same? Regards, Paul
  11. Hiya guys, I am currently playing the 59-16 which i am really enjoying and working toward 2nd mark on currently, i have already unlocked and bought the WZ 131 but haven't played it yet. I just wondered what you guys think of it post 9.19, is it as good as the 59-16 or not so good now? Please base your comments on post 9.19 as they have obviously changed a lot since then. Thanks, Paul
  12. Hi Steel, It kinda depends what sort of info you are looking for really, are you new to the game or just new to the forums? If you are new to the game and are looking for tips on how to improve the mechanics / vehicles sections will give a good insight into the game. Alternatively if you are looking a complete beginners guide to the basics its something i was planning on doing on my YouTube channel soon. Anyway welcome whichever and if theres anything i can help with let me know. Regards. Solar
  13. Hi Icy, I will take a look when i get home tonight to see if it works or not. Sounds like an epic game! Regards, Solar Aww thanks mate, i am hoping my commentary will improve as im not a great public speaker to be honest, but hopefully with more practice it will get more professional I appreciate the kind words though
  14. Hiya, Sorry was having trouble on my work pc.. anyway what i was trying to say was would you still like me to make a video using your replay? Did you take a look at my video for SaintLaurentis and if so what did you think?