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  1. Hi Steel, It kinda depends what sort of info you are looking for really, are you new to the game or just new to the forums? If you are new to the game and are looking for tips on how to improve the mechanics / vehicles sections will give a good insight into the game. Alternatively if you are looking a complete beginners guide to the basics its something i was planning on doing on my YouTube channel soon. Anyway welcome whichever and if theres anything i can help with let me know. Regards. Solar
  2. Hi Icy, I will take a look when i get home tonight to see if it works or not. Sounds like an epic game! Regards, Solar Aww thanks mate, i am hoping my commentary will improve as im not a great public speaker to be honest, but hopefully with more practice it will get more professional I appreciate the kind words though
  3. Hiya, Sorry was having trouble on my work pc.. anyway what i was trying to say was would you still like me to make a video using your replay? Did you take a look at my video for SaintLaurentis and if so what did you think?
  4. Thanks mate, let me know if you have any other replays which you would like to see featured, especially any which are heavily featuring game mechanics i can discuss for example sidescaping, hull down, deliberate detracking etc as its stuff like that which will help us educate the less experienced players Thanks again though i appreciate the kind words and also the hints and tips Regards, Paul
  5. Hiya guys, This is a video of the AMX 13 105 Tier 10 Light tank as showcased by the forums own SaintLaurentis, please check it out and this is my first video which i have done commentary on so any feedback you have would be appreciate and feel free to leave comments on my youtube channel and hit like as it really helps the profile of the channel. I would appreciate it if you could take a look and maybe subscribe to the channel and show a bit of support for both Saint and myself Kind regards, Solar
  6. Hiya guys, first video with Commentary is live on my channel featuring our very own SaintLaurentis and myself doing commentary for the first time. I would appreciate it if you could take a look and maybe subscribe to the channel and show a bit of support for both Saint and myself
  7. Hiya, ok i have done all the video editing now so just need to do a commentary for it when i have some quiet time here and so hopefully the video featuring your AMX game should be up by the end of the weekend
  8. HIya mate, i went to have a look at this this morning but it appears to be a dead link? also your Kolobanovs sounds great if you have it? Hi mate, i went to download this this morning to take a look but it also seems to be a dead link? Could you check its working for you?
  9. Funnily enough i have just taken delivery of a new microphone for exactly that reason but i'm kinda nervous about doing my first one.. i will take a look at your replay and use it as my first commentary Please bare me in mind for any outstanding games you have or alternatively if you have any replays which show particularly good examples of game mechanics which i can refer to. Thanks again and i will make sure to refer to WOTLABS in the commentary too as it would be cool to become the voice on youtube for the channel if people are interested in contributing going forward. Kind regards, Paul
  10. Hi everyone, I have started a new youtube channel based around World of Tanks and have been uploading some of my better games but i was wondering if anyone here would be interested in having your replays featured on my channel? Or alternatively if you have any ideas regarding videos which you or the community might find useful / helpful i would be very happy to work with you on this? As i said its early days for the channel but i love Wotlabs and use the website regularly and i think anything that would shine a light on this great community would be good for all concerned. Feel free to message me on here or in game on SolarflareGrenraven or alternatively take a look at my channel and subscribe if your interested The channel is Hopefully see you there! Regards, Paul AKA Solarflare
  11. Yeah i have found this too, in fact since 9.18 released i havent had anything above tier 4 on this tank, also the same for the T2 Light only ever gets tier 2-3 now with the new matchmaking whereas it used to get tier 4 matches
  12. I have actually quite enjoyed this tank and have had some great games on it while i have had it.. See videos below if interested Although im not sure how i will get on with the tier 7 one, about 8k xp left to grind... will let you know how i get on Regards, Solarflare
  13. Hi Guys, I was looking through the threads looking for an appreciation thread for this tank but couldn't find one? Which i find amazing as this has to be one of the best Tier 8 Tank Destroyers in the game? Ok the play style maybe somewhat sneaky but at the end of the day that's what a tank with no armor and a big gun is designed to do so i love it and i have a video below showing my first Ace Tanker on this beast Im only an average player and i imagine in the hands of a better player this could be catastrophic for the enemy team Anyway i hope you enjoy the vid, its one of my earlier ones so the production value is somewhat lacking but if you are interested in seeing more as i do them and making suggestions on what sort of videos you might find interesting please subscribe to my noobie channel Catch you around! Solarflare
  14. Hi guys, I have recently started a love affair with this little German Tier 3 tank, so much fun to play and i wanted to share this with you. If you are interested in seeing one of my ace tanker games in this tank please see below : As you will also notice i am uploading a few videos of games and i also want to do some tutorials for new players from the point of view of an average player.. I am not a pro gamer or anything but i enjoy world of tanks and want to try to help improve the less capable players out there so if you could subscribe to my channel and share it would be much appreciated. Also if you have any ideas for video topics to help train up new players i am all ears! Thanks, Solarflare