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  1. Hi Guys, I am looking to upgrade my GPU and have been offered an RX480 but when i googled it seems there were a lot of crash issues with WOT? does anyone know if these issues were ever resolved or if its an ongoing problem for this card? On paper the performance looks great compared to my current GTX 670 but as WOT is the only game i play regularly it needs to work? Can anyone offer personal experience of this card? Thanks, Paul
  2. A little update, i ran the encore test on my system last night and my spec is as follows : I5 3570 @ 4ghz 16gb Ram GTX 670 2gb SSD System disk My results were as follows : On Medium settings at 1920 x 1080 i scored over 27k points on Ulltra settings i scored over 9000 My understanding is that these scored are both very healthy so it seems even an out of date rig like mine can run the new improved Wot 1.0 with no major problems I hope that helps anyone who is wondering how their rig will hold up!
  3. Thanks for this, i had been considering the GTX 970 but had been considering the RX480 for the mining potential as i thought about trying that if i got it lol I also was aiming toward the WOT 1.0 high definition maps and if the extra memory might benefit running it at higher resolutions? Hi Tman, Thanks for your feedback, have you run the simulation to see how it copes with WOT 1.0? Thanks, Paul
  4. Hi Guys, I often play alone in randoms and generally find the matchmaking is ok and relatively fair, although they should implement some sort of skill based metric to even up the skill of teams. HOWEVER - Everytime i platoon up with my friend who is of a similar level to me (1600+ recent) the matchmaking just gives us shit game after shit game.. i'm talking never top tier and 90% of games bottom tier Is this just us who are cursed or is it happening to all platoons? Regards, Solar
  5. Hi, I am curious, since when do the moderators close down a forum thread which is put in the right section just because it may or may not have been discussed in the official forums? I was under the impression a WOT based forum was for discussing WOT based subject matter? According to one of the moderators this isn't the case? Is it wrong to ask the members of the forum their opinion on a tank that has been recently buffed? I wonder if this will be binned and closed too?? Regards Paul
  6. Hi Guys, I was looking through the threads looking for an appreciation thread for this tank but couldn't find one? Which i find amazing as this has to be one of the best Tier 8 Tank Destroyers in the game? Ok the play style maybe somewhat sneaky but at the end of the day that's what a tank with no armor and a big gun is designed to do so i love it and i have a video below showing my first Ace Tanker on this beast Im only an average player and i imagine in the hands of a better player this could be catastrophic for the enemy team Anyway i hope you enjoy the vid, its one of my earlier ones so the production value is somewhat lacking but if you are interested in seeing more as i do them and making suggestions on what sort of videos you might find interesting please subscribe to my noobie channel Catch you around! Solarflare
  7. It wasn't a jab, simply an observation based on your previous post? And yet again the question was never is it better, it was how much better?... totally different question
  8. I am not just driving around in it stock which i thought i had cleared up earlier in the thread? i am grinding the tank and have not yet got to this gun... And free xping 68k of experience isn't something i can afford to do at the moment Sorry if that makes me a burden but at the end of the day i have kids and a family and i spend the money i can spare on premium account time..i don't have the money to free xp through tanks like you obviously have..
  9. In fairness having reread my post what I asked was how much better does the top gun perform... Not as some of you have said... Is it better.. Obviously its better but I was asking peoples thoughts on how much of an improvement it would be. I also did not imply at all that I was planning to skip it... So im not sure where that came from? And where in "is the m48a1 an improvement tier for tier" does it imply I want to bypass the m46? I was merely asking if its a good tank... To me you seem to have made too many vague assumptions about my intent without even asking a question... Anyway I wont be bothering to post any further as im clearly not on your wavelengths
  10. Hi Guys, I have been grinding my way through the M46 Patton and and curious as to how much better this will get. So far i have unlocked the tracks, i just got the upgraded turret last night but haven't played with it yet.. (hopefully a big improvement?) But i am curious how the 68k xp gun performs as i am currently using the 90 pen 250 alpha gun. Does the top turret and gun transform this beast as so far my average damage per game is sitting at 1200 dpg with stock turret. I am hoping it will be a big difference! would welcome your input.. also is the revised tier 10 a significant upgrade of the M46 tier for tier? Regards Paul
  11. Hi Guys, I was just reading through the info about ranked season 2 and it seems to me as an average player that the changes to rewards is just going to discourage the average players from getting involved at all. As a 51% WR player in randoms i found that in ranked season 1 it was hard work to consistently gain ranks as it was a case of one step forward one step back. Now with season 2 they are making it even harder to gain ranks and rewarding the people who do gain ranks ie the high level players with even more bonds which in turn will widen the gap even further between those players and the average players as they will be using a lot more improved equipment. Is it just me who thinks this will just piss off the wider audience? In my opinion they should set different leagues based on the skill level of players using maybe PR, or WN8 or something similar? so at least the players will come up against players who will be comparable in skill level? I will be interested to see if you guys feel the same way? Regards. Paul
  12. is this active on the EU servers already? i hadn't noticed it
  13. Hi Guys, I have noticed over the last week or so my WR has been really struggling, it was hovering around 54% for a while but recently i have dropped in the last 30 days to barely over 50% I seem to have been ending up in really bad teams in a high percentage of games and as a result have been losing a lot more than normal. Is it just bad luck or is this happening to others too? Kind regards, Solar
  14. Well there you go, i know that i actively avoid engaging the best players early in a game and always assumed that others would be of the same opinion
  15. Lol you say about XVM focus but the truth is more people will avoid engaging a blue / purple player as they don't want their game cut short
  16. My issue is they shouldn't be giving out improved equipment as rewards (in the form of excessive bonds) which gives the already better players an unfair additional advantage... how is that fair? But then i would expect someone who is one of the people benefiting from this to defend it. If you want to be seen to be better than others more power to you but why should you have a distinct advantage? rather than just getting something that's cosmetic to flex with? You think its fair to have faster reload, better view range, better camouflage than average people? if you do then your just a fucking moron to be honest and my point is lost on you
  17. Trouble is you cant add a game mode for a game only aimed at the top 3% of players, there is very little end game content in this game as it is so to alienate 95+% of your players from a gqame mode is rediculous.. especially when the best players already have tournaments and WGL to amuse them.
  18. I understand what you mean but why should already superior players get improved equipment which just makes them even better? give them gold skins or unique camos for their tanks, not better equipment?? How can average players hope to have a chance when the already better players have hardware advantages as well as skill advantage?
  19. Fair enough, if you have enough people you can platoon with i guess who are decent players
  20. Have been grinding through the chinese LTs and am on the tier 9 now so most of the games i have been playing lately are tier 8 and 9 But thats been the case for some time tbh Also tbh i am often one of the higher damage etc in the team so i dont think its me dragging down my win rate, i just seem to have been getting absolutely shocking teams lately, commonly having 4-5 tomatoes on my team while the opposing team has 1 and a load of blue players.. they really need to implement some sort of team levelling metric in the MM in my opinion. Something that takes the 30 players selected for the match and distributes base on their recent WN8 or something similar surely wouldn't be that hard to implement? The trouble with that is you end up then with 70% bottom tier games
  21. yeah its a bit odd, i have been playing and if i get ahead on wr quitting when the going is good whereas in the past i would have carried on playing as was confident i could keep the average up.. Its forcing me to be more cautious which i suppose if a good thing for my long term play as i do tend to be on the aggressive side
  22. Hi guys, because i am still quite new (13k battles) i only have 2 tier 10 tanks which i don't play a lot of to be honest as most of my time is still spent grinding through the tech trees i am progressing. Although i have often questioned the point of playing tier 10 games at all as it seems to have been setup so that all it does is cost you money / credits. For an average player whose experience of Tier 10 battles in limited to probably less than 200 battles what is the point of playing tier 10 when you A) cant make any credits (unless your one of the better players maybe?) B) there's no progression after tier 10 to speak of? Why would you spend extended periods of time playing this tier outside of clan wars etc? I am interested to hear what you have to say about this. Kind regards, Paul
  23. my trouble is that my preferred tank class is light tanks and i think that in the current meta at tier 10 they are massively gimped. The two tier 10s i have currently are e100 which i find really frustrating due to how slow it is, and the tvp 50/51 which i find really frustrating due to the lack of armour and that i seem to be spotted from miles away in it. Do you think LTs are worth playing at tier 10?
  24. I disagree, with 1k recent you are just cannon fodder in tier 10 games
  25. I have thoroughly enjoyed the chinese LT line and upto the tier 8 have flown through the line, the Tier 9 is not so easy to do well in however once you get it fully upgraded its not bad I am currently sitting at average of 1300+ dpg and WN8 of about 1900+ and im still recovering from the stock grind so that should go up before i hit the tier 10 Aced it last night with an epic carry 5 kills, 4.6k damage and 3k spotting so yeah its fully capable of good games