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  1. But it was a joke.... Lighten up
  2. This made me laugh so hard the guys around me at work thought I went crazy 10/10 Wotlabs forums is by far the best form of entertainment when I'm bored at work. Keep up the good work/shit posts boyz!
  3. Yes I played both. I wouldn't consider either gems but I didn't mind the TVP grind.
  4. Yes it can
  5. adztownstike Do you enjoy playing the E50 and/or Patton? If you do then play it who cares about increasing a stupid fucking metric As a general rule among my group of close friends and family if you take yourself too serious and don't have the ability to laugh when you are getting goofed on then you won't be around to long. There is nothing more off putting than someone who can't find humor in being the butt of a joke. It demonstrates a lack any sort of social skills and is utterly childish. Learn to laugh at yourself and lighten up Pulling a temper tantrum only increases the frequency of the jabs
  6. Got my final paycheck of the year and broke 100k, checked my savings account and have enough saved to pay off my second rental property. Not bad for a 42 year old with just a high school education. 


    What will go wrong...... 

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    2. Thundercrack


      Are you single without kids or something?

      edit: also grats!

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      sounded like a dick at first
    3. Fulcrous


      At least one thing's for sure. Retirement will be pretty sweet.

    4. MAJEST1C


      Im ready to retire :doge:

  7. At one point 8 years or so it pushed 3.95 or so in Massachusetts thats about as expensive as it ever least for me.
  8. Playing a Crommy B pubbie crys about gold rounds  while driving a T-150. 3 games later he's now in an IS-3, we mow him down with APCR spam in platooned Types because its just so funny, uncontrollable crying in chat ensues....


    My work is done here

    1. Assassin7


      I always go out of my way to make sure I shoot a pubbie with gold if I see him whining about it. 

  9. I got set on fire yesterday in a Maus by JpzE100 by a shot into the gun mantlet...HE always does damage meta confirmed
  10. Any one remember the pixel tanks? After they were removed the crews were placed in your barracks, t-50 foch 155 and IS-7 if I remember correctly.
  11. My god, what fresh hell is this? This has been what once a day for almost a week?
  12. I just 3 marked the M41 90 GF on a 5 game losing streak I was so close I just press through, but I pretty sure I died just a little because of it, and as a side effect I can't smell rain anymore.
  13. Part of the issue with extended losing streaks is I start pressing to try and make things happen, I get over focused on how things should happen and the first thing that I put aside when doing this is situational awareness, best advise I could give is walk away for a bit. No use pressing and not having fun.
  14. You have to share space with my nutty wife
  15. I knew my half retard brain read that someplace