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  1. Will there be a version 31, and if so, what direction will it take with expected values?
  2. You are all my heroes
  3. Most tanks haven't changed much as far as I can tell, with the exception of two, which have had huge jumps. Both my Cromwell B and Skoda T 50 have jumped 400-500 in WN8.
  4. Going back about 18 months, my Win Rate and WN8 were at tomato levels, but since beginning the quest to improve, I've always managed to keep my Win Rate ahead of my WN8 in terms of aligning with the wotlabs colors...... until recently. Today's v30 Expected rollout didn't help, but let's ignore that. I ask this because I've never been a WN8 farmer. I love stats in all forms, so yes, I do love seeing my WN8 climb, but only as a historical record of my progress, and not as an end game goal. Winning is one of my end game goals, and I love seeing that stat improve more than anything. I have called myself a student of the game, and I'm constantly reading guides and watching streams from much better players. I feel like I do a lot of things that don't contribute at all to WN8, like passive spotting, taking a hit for a teammate, or even sacrificing myself just to get a stalled lemming rush to keep moving. By no means am I saying I always make the right decision. I am still juggling the balance of aggression vs patience, improving on my map awareness, and trying to have a half way decent survivability percentage. That probably doesn't even scratch the surface. I guess what I'm asking is, despite trying to win at all costs, could I be doing something to artificially inflate my WN8 that I'm unaware of, or is it just a case that it's significantly easier to improve ones WN8 than Win Rate, regardless of attempts to put winning first? Was about to hit Submit, then had a couple more thoughts worth mentioning. 1. I rarely platoon (< 5% of all battles I'd guess), and when I do, it's usually not with my clan, but with my kids who are very much still learning the game < 500 WN8. 2. I probably spend a lot of time playing tanks that don't have a lot of carry potential. I tend to play whatever tanks WGNA have missions and On-Tracks for.
  5. I just jumped up from a Recent of 2703 to a Recent of 2933. Is this right? Also, my Overall is suddenly showing as Blue even though I'm not at 1600 yet (1577). EDIT: wotlabs profile and this forum are showing 1577, yet my wotlabs signature is showing 1640. Weird.
  6. I'm able to be decent in it, and play it at a level above my Recents, I doubt it needs a buff. One of my favorite tanks, and I never feel out of place.
  7. Hmm, what? Jingles isn't dead
  8. I'm not voting, as I don't have any of these, but this is fun. It certainly looks to be very close between the first 3. Does have the updated Lowe stats?
  9. My current two favorites to learn from: ZONEDTV Zeven
  10. I'd have to agree with this. I feel the criteria should be soley based on the tank's ability and not at all on credit production or availability. I would still factor in preferential MM though, as that is tied to it's ability (not having to face Tier X).
  11. Yeah, very true. All the new German tanks and Swedish tanks. Could probably redo 8 and 9 as well. I'd find Tier 7 fascinating. I like lists, rankings etc. I'm a stats geek
  12. Hi Rexxie, I'd love to see you set one of these up for Tier 7 Standard tanks like you did for Tiers 8, 9, 10!
  13. I absolutely love getting these messages because 99% of the time, they're from someone who has awful stats, and/or who is saying complete nonsense..... so in the nicest way possible, I make them see the error of their ways I don't think I've ever started any of those types of messages I'm happy to say. I'll message someone to say something nice, or at most, to politely try and figure out why they did what they did (that usually lost us the game), and then to give them some advice.
  14. The funny thing about being bad is most bad players don't realize they're bad. There's no statistical way to measure your skill without mods or visiting sites like wotlabs. Most players just play the vanilla game and nothing more. I was bad for 4000 games, and I suspect someone criticized me after a battle, and that was the trigger, but I'm not sure. Anyway, after visiting the official forum, I realized there was a lot more to this game than I was aware of, and I decided to become a student of it. If I couldn't play, but I could be in front of a computer, I'd be reading guides non stop. That was my thing more than youtube or twitch. I don't have much patience for that for some reason, but when I have, I've mostly watched Zeven, and more recently, ZONED. Basically, I just never settled for where I was at. I always wanted to get better. Today, I feel like I know 90% of what I need to know, but I need to focus on my control and consistency; avoid forgetting what I've learned in the heat of battle. That's why I'm usually hovering around 2k WN8, and not taking the next jump. That plus I play a lot of garbage tanks to try and Ace them all or get MoE's.
  15. Okay, good to know. I'll go back to blaming WG then Suppose they did start including assisted damage. Would it then be possible to include it in a "from this point forth" WNx metric, or would not having it from the beginning of time still pose a problem? Thanks