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  1. Well I didn't get the 5th kill at the time because I couldn't pen the ass of a 263 with hesh. I sold the 4005 and the only TD capable of dealing 8k damage I have is the 263, which may be good for kills due to the high alpha/rof combination, if I want to get hodors I need to either rebut the 4005 or ditch AP on the 263 xD
  2. If you get a open map like steppes/mali/prok, yes. I did mine in a 4005 on mines, but arty was so kind and didn't shoot me once.
  3. Dpm is dank, turret is still shit. It's a faster stb that already has improved vstab on it.
  4. Mt 15.4 easy? What are you smoking?
  5. I wish I had some of these guys to play with. They're literally living memes.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, I'll get the t10 back once I get home tomorrow and test it. And if I don't like it I will go back to the t9.
  7. Do pubbies know that? I don't think so
  8. Definitely need to rebuy that. Inb4 tier 10 skorpion
  9. IS-3: 39 + 1 = 40 I would upvote the Lowe more, but let's be honest, among all the non premium tier 8s, this is still re best. Löwe: 36 (still muh lyf) Patriot: 24 Defender: 16 - 3 = 13 take the is3, give it more armour but fuck up everything else. I'll trade it with something as soon as I get the chance..
  10. Ye, is it good now? I bought the t9 back to test the changes and so far i'm liking it. If the 30b is really a decent tank now, I will sell the 30p and get it (only 1 fr med crew, and Fuck getting another crew to 4 skills).
  11. Vkb is still the best, lower plate has been nerfed but you can sidescrape better now with 120mm hull sides and 162mm turret front (it got buffed), + it takes 4 shots to deal 2k damage and blocking 6k isn't really that hard considering you'll meet a lot of tier 7s and 8s. E100 isn't viable anymore, pubbies discovered the 2 key and now they spam gold at everything (and E100 turret is literally butter vs heat).. Out of the tanks you mentioned, the only 2 viable are the t29 and t32, I'd go for the t29 for 2 reasons: -You don't see tier 10s -Only 122mm guns can pen your turret (overmatching your roof) and literally nobody playing at that tier knows that. (Beware of t30s though, they can pen your mantlet if they get a slight high pen roll with AP) t32 has a more reliable turret but it sees tier 10s only and while it can bounce, it can't really deal damage (240 pen is a joke vs superheavies), I would avoid playing it for the mission.. Regarding HT15: Maus is king of course, but I found that the pz7 can complete that mission without too much effort.. I tried it in the E100 a lot of times and I actually completed HT15.3 in it by yoloing middle on Lakeville, but I was lucky to have shitters on the enemy team who didn't load premium or HE and kept shooting AP at me. Grind the maus line asap, tier 8 and 9 can get you ht12 because they don't really have weakspots and their guns pack a decent punch (440 alpha at t8 and 490 at t9) (Btw I did ht12.3 in a kv5 on kharkov)
  12. Why is mt 15.4 so fucking hard to do?

  13. Wow, easy 260. I smell a new set of personal missions that can be unlocked only after getting the 260. But nonetheless I may get that fucking tank.
  14. Stg got popular because of the "guard" skin, and because it's not the usual 90mm pew pew t8 medium.. But yeah, the new MM should discourage people from buying tier 8 prems, especially the pref mm tier 8s.. WG has to buff them somehow to keep them competitive with defenders and friends. Even in t8 SH it's quite rare to see tanks like the IS6/112 or the KV5 (which i still love), they're so outdated compared to the new ones. WG is making most of their money out of these new tanks with "speshul" skins like the guard, defender, patriot etc because they're new and some of them are really strong On a side note: i bought the STG (non camo version because fuck autistic camos, it's a tank game, not an anime) because it's not the usual 90mm pew pew tier 8 medium that struggles to pen is3s.. it's a "unique" tank, rear mounted turret, 122mm with a somewhat decent accuracy, great camo.. So, no, people won't stop buying tier 8 premiums just because of the MM, the worst that can happen is people buying them and not playing them (like i did with a few ones, and i'm waiting for the trade thingy again to get rid of a few shit tanks)
  15. It's the most popular tank among baddies, i've seen a few with less than 300 dpg and many others below 1k dpg after a shitload (500+) games. it's going to be easy if you can read the games and spam apcr