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  1. Ya that google docs is ancient, I'm almost certain maus do not drop off pen as much as in that sheet indicate nowdays. I vaguely remember konish getting ~25% pen drop off at 500m, comparable to the awful t10 light pen drops.
  2. The pen might not be as high as people hope... since the konish has massive pen drop off at range if I remember.
  3. Tier 5: forget the tumor; you die in 4 hits to 105 derps in the face. If you are unfortunate enough to meet arty or a KV-2/OI, you can die in 1 hit to a high roll splash. You are a slow pea shooter with no useable armor to speak of. Tier 6: Have free exp, or you will be doing a rather long stock grind with a gun that can't pen half the light tanks with gold. Your tumor stands out like a sore thumb and renders you worse than most tier 5 TDs. The m8a1 is probably a better TD than this thing at tier 6. Tier 7: You can work some gimmics with the pea shooter in city maps due to the off center gun as top tier, but otherwise, your armor does not stand. Forget the tumor; most t7 gold and t8 credit ammo you face can just pen you straight up from the front. On the bright side, you have the HP of a heavy tank. Tier 8: Your front armor works... sometimes. Then the potatoes who autoaim pen you nonstop because your gun mantle (autoaim target) is just 130mm with no armor behind it. Combine it with one of the worst pea shooters for a very subpar "superheavy". Tier 9: Tumor isn't really a weakspot; it's about as effective as the superstructure below it. Armor is function enough (partly due to the large gun arc, partly due to the large, impenetrable mantlet) to actually bounce non-premium ammo frequently. Gun packs sufficient alpha and dpm to be a real threat regardless of engagement distance. With hp that beat most heavy tanks, it's quite a decent tank. Tier 10: You better have a lot of credits to throw away; because unless you spam the ultra expensive gold ammo, you'd be much better off staying in the tier 9.
  4. So what is "different" about this sherman than all the other shermans.. other than training russian crews?
  5. It just makes me buy tanks that I researched years ago.. without ever bothering to buy... Everytime they announce one of these.. it makes me grind preimum tanks for credits =.=
  6. Shouldn't it be getting siege mode sometime in the future?
  7. That depends on how much benefit you can get out of the food. If that food gets you to hit a few more shots, it might pay for itself. Personally, on my lowe; shooting pure APCR ended up making more money than being a cheap with silver ammo.
  8. That's not saying much considering the class as a whole is severely underpowered compared to heavies.
  9. Autoaim goes into the gun mantle of the tier 8, which is 350+ effective. Just like the ISU, stuff it has no business bouncing would bounce off the gun mantle regularly.
  10. So according to this formula.. you'd probably earn enough convertable xp to free exp an entire tank line by the time you afford one improved equipment?
  11. Your UFP do not reach autobounce at full depression; it only reach 280 - 290mm effective armor vs AP.
  12. Just use credit retrain. It only take what, 3 - 4 battles to get them back to 100% with all the personal reserves (that we can never use up)
  13. The cheeks resist 340 heat just fine.. but it really doesn't cut it vs 268/JPE heat. The penetration difference is pretty big.
  14. I don't like losing half my modules and crew, with frequent fires every time someone snapshot me with a derp gun xD
  15. Meh I'd rate the 263 worse, simply because it doesn't work at all in the current corridor meta. At least the fochB still has a gimmic sometimes.