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  1. Dead from AMX 30 stock grind xD. 43% win rate and 1400 average damage in the first 90 games, oh the pain. I only just managed to undo that and hit a flat 50%. This is why you save your free XP, and my 56% recent win rate is proof that too many stock grinds is not good for your sanity... 

  2. YasenKrasen's session stats is a nice, unintrusive mod for tracking stats during games if you really, really want ultra accurate stats. It even has a nifty option of auto-resetting every day. If you're worried that other people aren't going to be able to see your awesome 24-hour statistics in perfect detail, don't be. Most people don't read into those too much.
  3. ¿? does not compute
  4. Apparently RU has a server average of 51% and 53% recents somehow xD
  5. Victory! Map: Erlenberg Vehicles: T110E5 Exp: 1,917  Credits: 93,876 Battle achievements: 3 Marks of Excellence, High Caliber, Confederate, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker"

  6. I was one 7k combined game away from the E5 3 mark... 

    I got a bunch of 4.5k games in a row xD Still sitting at a smidge above 94% D:

  7. If you run a 3 man platoon, a top tier game only happens when ALL of you are top tier AND they have a platoon to balance it out... Pretty hard to find. If you run alone or in a 2 man platoon, MM has room to put you towards the top or middle more without going "yo, we can't find a platoon to balance you out."
  8. Credits. Multiple sources, including the Asia/EU marathon pages say so.
  9. I love how buying 2 sets of 5 tokens and a set of 3 tokens is cheaper than getting the T-34-85M in the actual store, and nets you a 100% crew with the tank. 

    1. DirtyACE7


      Is this on EU cause I'm not seeing it on NA?

  10. Unless you find that you're having issues with multiple modules/crew being hit at once, small kits are usually fine. On the rare occasion that a second module is destroyed, you can still stall out the recharge, and generally speaking you won't have many issues. I only use a large repair kit on the E5 (drive wheel+ammorack) and a large repair kit on the Object 140 (tracks+ammo+fuel+engine+literally everything else that can be damaged).
  11. NA Server:
    T29- Average damage- 1600
    Win rate- 60% 
    SEA Server:
    T29- Average damage- 1700
    Win rate- 35%
    How the fuck is this even possible?

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    2. FavreFan4ever


      Sample size?

    3. HemanathanRX7


      You need to xvm snipe and camp to win on Asia? Kappa
      Sounds like you just don't get the meta tbh.

    4. SmurfReroll


      Fucking sample size indeed. Managed to pop 50 games, it's at 58% and 1.9k now. It probably is issues with learning the meta, I'll hopefully adjust and pull it over 60 over time. 

  12. Scores are 11:8. I'm sidehugging a baby Maus in my Batchat 12T, on 500 HP. An allied KV-2 casually rolls up and snaps the VK, hitting and tracking me instead... 

    Cost us the game; we had only low health TDs left after that. 

  13. The only comment I can make to that is... Fuck you, just absolutely fuck you ... for being the one to do that. I wish I got to do it.
  14. BatChat 12t is pretty fun, I can see exactly why it's the WGL 8 of choice and it probably won't be a bad CW tank. 

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    2. Fulcrous


      no, its pretty good.

      Highest camo value at tier (barring the udes), moderately-high acceleration, doesn't suffer from flip syndrome, and good gunhandling.

    3. SmurfReroll


      It originally was considered crap because the Bulldog kept the 10 shot auto and has slightly better hard stats in basically everything. Now that they got rid of the Bulldog's gun, the Batchat has a niche passive scouting role which is pretty fun to play. 

    4. sohojacques


      Decent tank. But a bit of a comedown after the AMX 12t or 13 75 I think. Gun handling is noticeably shitter than the 13 75 as is the clip reload. And while the low base view range is fine against lower tiers, it really hurts this tank when up against a pile of tier 9s and 10s. 

  15. By doing the team damage for them?
  16. 21 games in my Easy 8

    19 wins, 5k wn8.

    Session was a success, I think? Apparently the 3 mark is harder than I thought

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    2. SmurfReroll
    3. SaintLaurentius


      what do you mean by harder? it takes more than 21 games or what?:MingLee:

    4. SmurfReroll


      2k combined (pretty much the 1.6k I was doing+assisted) doesn't increase the mark :notlikethis:

  17. Having 2 crew members killed by a single 200 damage splash by arty is fair, fun and balanced, because arty is totally that now, amirite

  18. Can I copy pas- advertise this on the Asia forums to get a few Seatards running about?
  19. Especially since tier 9s tend to have tier 10 tank qualities with slightly more weaknesses
  20. I swear to god, the 13 90 is so good now. Can't scout for shit, but that gun man. 

  21. Still not QSSF :^)
  22. I've been hearing some talk about the next campaign and how it's going to work, but I've haven't seen anything about it, so could someone give me all the juicy details? And while we're on the subject of campaigns, any idea whether there's going to be a tier <8 minicampaign like the ones for the IS-5/T95/KV4 or the T23E3?
  23. I'm impressed that they were able to call you a noob, most of them just spam boxes in chat... I swear to god, after the KR server merger, the meta's been getting even campier and self-focused than before. Before, you could lead a push and get away with it, now you just disintergrate while your allies watch. Switching between the aggressive NA meta and the seatard meta is quite an adjustment these days.
  24. Oh boy oh boy, I should turn my chat off and stop starting shit and contributing toxicity to an already toxic community. *Apparently there was some shit that was happening which I wasn't aware of that lead to this persons outburst, so I'll retract what I posted to honour that fact. That being said, the interaction was still so toxic.
  25. Still just as important, you're gonna receive hits which will damage modules if the enemies know how to aim for drive wheels a lot more often than once every 90 seconds, and when that happens, you want to repair and gtfo before they can reload.