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  1. Ehh, so far it looks like the upcoming patch will finally fix a lot/most of the remaining fuckery that came with failance 0.2, if they time the Steam release well, it could actually bring in and hold a decent enough amount of people. Can't link Steam with original My.Scum account tho, which I personally find pretty retarded... Also, SilentShitter... Also, playing Warframe atm... So no for me, but it looks like the game could be revived at least for a bit until the next huge fuckup patch arrives.
  2. shitting after eating a couple super hot peppers is literally the worst thing ever.... :QQ:

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    2. Errants


      Gloves help the second issue... judgement helps the first.

    3. Hellsfog


      IBAH is a real thing.  Didn't your Dad tell you?

    4. Fulvin
  3. SRSQSTN: Should I start playing WoT again?

    I see no pros, this is more like a mix of liking all things tonks related and having an "itch" that can only be "scratched" by like three games, one of which is dead (AW), one went to absolute shit a couple months back in regards to economy mostly and is rushing further down the shit-highway in order to selfdestruct in a huge explosion of feces and russian swearwords (WoTB) and the last is WoT.

    There's a ton of cons that I won't name because beating a dead horse gets a bit boring after you do it a couple hundred times and you all already know what they are.

    I've been trying other stuff. Installed EVE only to unistall it right after logging in. Played a couple hours of Warframe, which is fun, but I play it solo, and will continue playing it solo, because I like it more that way. WoWs is too slow and I don't like ships all that much. WoWp is deader than dead, basically AW with better optimisation and with planes. WT is cancer in all forms...

    Fuck, I'm probably going to relapse.


    pls save me...

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    2. Fulcrous


      nightmare modes in warframe are fun solo. So is anything with high level infested. 

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    4. EndlessAgony


      @Fulcrous yeah, I watched some of the vids of nightmare missions, looked pretty fun and challenging. Hopefully it won't take me too long to work up to that.

  4. >using SHITBYTE mobo You deserve it for picking crap mobo tbh fam :^] When I had to deal with similar crap, I pulled the PC apart and let it lie for a bit, before putting it back together and it worked, so it's likely I screwed up somewhere. Maybe try that? Sometimes you may not even notice the small things that are wrong.
  5. GL & HF to all Floridafams, I'm glad we don't have to deal with this shit in Eastern Europe, the occassional ice storms and mountain winds at some 120-150km/h (75-90mph) are quite enough ;-; Stay safe.
  6. Holy shit the WG forum mods are a bunch of annoying fucktards. They deleted my fucking sig because it contained "offensive message" while it was just some random crap from some fucktard who called me "stuphyd rethard" with his name removed so that I wouldn't get shit on for "shaming". I've had it for like four months now, I've interacted with mods and community managers and community contributors and nobody fucking cared, and here comes a fucking fucktard, who got his position two months ago with a shitty avatar with Vito Scaglietta and with an amazing postcount of five as a fucking member of fucking forum management staff and fucking deletes it without even fucking sending me a message first to ask me what the signature is about... I wanted to rage at him hard, but I don't fancy getting a perma yet, so I just called him an idiot and asked him to put my sig to the way it was...



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      Yeah, actually just found out the dumb fuckhead somehow broke the signature system so I can't even make one. My signature is empty, but even if I write in one word, it won't let me save it, telling me I can't have more than two lines of text and only one image at max 468x100 resolution.

      Fuck WG, in the ass, with chainsaw...

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      I received a 30 day forum ban for making a post titled "merica" right after t57 recieved its bs HD turret. In the post I had a screen shot of me blocking 5k from tier10 tds and "maximum patriotism"

      WG mods are fun. Probably was some ex military grunt who takes his country too seriously.

    4. hall0


      They removed my signature with the awesome Makarove quote “ARTILLERY IS A GOOD CLASS FOR AUTISTIC PEOPLE” I even linked it to a thread with the same title. The thread is still there but my sig is gone :cri:

  7. Yeah, it got more complicated as time went on because games got bigger and the system itself became more bloated with added stuff like netflix, web browsers, etc. Consoles are still easier to set up than full fledged PCs tho. And lets face it, people who are going to buy a console will most likely have net access anyways, etc.
  8. Yeah, sure thing fam... Let us get something straight first - I'm not the one focusing on graphics here. You are. I just attempted to explain to you that it's pointless when it comes to consoles, but you just continue to yap about it, writing stupid shit without having a bit of knowledge on the matter. The claim here is that XboneX will run ALL games at native 4k 60FPS. Not 4k 30FPS, not upscaled 1080p, not any of that. And that is IMPOSSIBLE because the One X does not have enough computing power to pull that off. You yap about how 1080Ti is not fair comparison, but it was never intended to be 'fair' in the first place. 1080Ti is top of the line card, yet it itself cannot reliably run all games at solid FPS at 4k. Since you don't want to compare it to nVidia cards, we'll just compare it to previous Radeon Pro Duo, which was for some time the most powerful card, and get the same results - not even a dual-GPU monster with 8 gigs of HBM can run everything at 60FPS. And somehow a shitty OC'd RX 480 will? Sure thing, if you keep munching on psychedelics, it may happen for you. I don't care. I want to play NHL and couple exclusives at 1080p with decent FPS which One X will be capable of pulling off - so much for me expecting the One X to perform at 3k PC levels. As for the CPU, it's OC'd A8 series APU. Which means it's office PC/cheap laptop CPU. That is supposed to pull off native 4k gaming in 60FPS with modern titles. Yeah, 4sure. None of it matters though, because consoles were never really about graphics. No matter what PR bullshit is vomited out by any company. It will always be the simpler setup without any need for complicated instals and shit like that, not graphics, which will draw people to them. As for comparing AMD and nVidia cores - people do it all the time, you dipshit. I'd like to see you go around every PC forum/GPU thread and say that AMD and nVidia GPUs can't be compared at all becuase they use a couple of different technologies... And it's quite simple, really: AMD cards have more raw power when compared to their same-level nVidia competitors, nVidia cards are more efficient and focused on graphics. That means AMD cards are also good for non-graphics calculations and thus used for crypto-mining, etc, but as a trade-off aren't that efficient when it comes to graphics. nVidia cards on the other hand can pull off more with less when it comes to graphics, video editing, etc, but aren't as good at raw data processing and calculations, and thus are (considerably) worse at crypto-mining for example. Fam, you literally didn't understand the concept of shared system memory before somebody explained it to you ITT. Just stop acting like you know what you are talking about, pls. And the last thing - this is a product I intend to BUY, no need to act like a shitty salesman and push it down my throat, gushing about how awesome One X is. Just fuck off. TL;DR: One X is still pretty weak. Deal with it.
  9. 3 gigs system, 5-7 gigs RAM, 4-2gigs VRAM. Muh 4k for sure. I mean, it's doable if you downgrade the shit out of graphics in every fucking regard (which still isn't optimization by the way, canadian as optimization is about taking a set graphical quality and making it run better, not reducing quality in order to boost FPS), but running Witcher 3 at 4k native with 60FPS? Forget it. In other words, some games built specifically for the system might achieve it, multi-system games most likely will not, all will pay a lot in regards to effects, details, etc in order to reach 4k native. I'm going to go as far as to say 70% of titles for XboneX will run upscaled 1080p at 30FPS or upscaled 900p or less at 60FPS, maybe 25% will run either upscaled 1080p at 60FPS or native 4k at 30 FPS and maaaaaaybe 5%, likely less, will run native 4k at 60FPS and most of these will come out later on when developers will become used to it. Also, sorry for the tag, assassin, my phone decided I can't remove it for whatever reason. @Assassin7
  10. Not 12 gigs of VRAM, it has 12gigs of shared RAM, as in it's used as both RAM and VRAM. Seeing as today's games can definitely gobble up 8 gigs of RAM or more, you are at best left with 4gigs of VRAM, but with system and other stuff like bad optimization, etc. you can easily end up with 2.5-3gigs. But lets not get into that. Lets say it's 4gigs - not enough for playing 4k with high FPS and high details. All of the truly 4k capable cards are 8GB+ and have way more powerful cores, some of them even have two chips - and surprise surprise, textures have to also be processed and drawn by the GPU so just saying muh enough VRAM is borderline retarded. There's a reason why people shit on the 4GB version of R5 240 for example. The GPU, as in the chip itself, is too weak for 12 gigs of VRAM anyways - half of the GTX1080Ti in raw computing power, half the number of transistors, etcetera. It wouldn't matter even if it had 12TB of VRAM because the core is too shit to make use of it - it can at best make use of 8gigs of VRAM with the specs it has and even that is pushing it. Actually, if the system had 8gigs of RAM and the GPU had its own 8gigs of VRAM it would be better than it is now. Go read what I said once more - the GPU is slightly improved version of RX480... In short: Textures aren't only restricted by VRAM size, something has to process them and then draw them on display. And that something is the GPU core/chip/whatever. Not that the VRAM afforded to the GPU is anything special. Not that it could actually use more than 8gigs of vram. Before you post some other stupid shitty comment, go research something about it, because I'm getting tired of your crap.
  11. All that is not muh fixed hardware allows better optimization so it kinda defeats the whole point of your post. I can do that with Witcher 3 and make it run 4k 60FPS on every GFX card if I really wish to by making all the models low poly, making the textures low-res, turning off advanced post processing, etcetera - but that's not optimization. Optimization is taking something and making it run better while keeping it one the same level of graphical detail. Just to be clear, I'm not shitting on Forza devs, quite to the contrary - it's refreshing to see devs that understand that a racing game like that profits way more from higher framerates rather than saddling it with shitton of stupid glitter that will allow it to barely run at 25-ish FPS. I don't doubt they optimized it to hell, and optimized it well - but the game also clearly shows that it was not enough and the hardware simply wasn't good enough to give both excelent performance and excelent level of graphics and thus they had to downgrade a lot of stuff. The GPU of Xbone and Xbone S simply doesn't have the computing power to pull off high gfx with high fps, it's literally a low-end AMD GPU, my overclocked Radeon R5 330M has almost the same power - and that's laptop GPU in a 270€ Lenovo POS, aside from that, the CPU in Xbone is literally two of my CPUs put together and it has less RAM than this POS (12GB vs 8GB). That's literally two fanbois gushing over the game which looks nowhere as good as they say. Sure, it looks good, but once again, we come to the same thing as with Forza 6 - a lot of things are downgraded and easy to spot even at first glance. By your definition of optimization, I can do that too - and easily - with every PC game ever. You are literally arguing that old Mario games are well optimized since they can run at hundreds of FPS on modern machines.
  12. All weebs need to bite a bullet tbh
  13. Eh, no. Sorry, but that's overly simplified. What you also need to take into account is postprocessing, etcetera etcetera - resolution is not the only thing. Optimisation isn't some magical trick that makes an AAA game run on a calculator because muh fixed hardware. Yes, it has impact, but not to some grand levels. What most people don't realize is that optimisation does not help reach high FPS as much as it smoothens it out and prevents frame dips, stuttering, etc. There simply is a limit to what hardware can do, and optimised software, whether it's drivers or game, or whatever, will only help you so much. So yeah, Forza can run at 60FPS at 1080p, but my question is - what resolution are the shadows, what is the post processing, particle effects, etc etc? I watched some videos of Forza 6 (if that's not the one you are talking about, tell me which one you meant) and right of the bat, I could see a lot of sacrifices to achieve that 1080p at 60fps - low poly models of pretty much anything aside from the cars, the lighting was really simplified, the textures of anything that was not the cars were low res, particle effects were at best 2010 level, the cars themselves weren't that well detailed, etcetera. Looking at the Forza forums, a lot of people even admit that the game sacrificed some graphical detail which was present even in previous games in order to run at 60fps in native 1080p.
  14. It's a slightly downgraded RX580 / slightly upgraded RX480 (not really sure which since I couldn't find the manufacturing process info) 4k 60 FPS in menu maybe EDIT1: To add some info, base RX580 (which is literally a slightly upgraded RX480 by itself) has 36 CUs, 32ROPs, is clocked at 1270/1340MHz TB, and the memory is at 8000MHz, with 256-bit memory interface. [6.2TFLOPS] XboneX GPU has 40 CUs, to me unknown number of ROPs, but it's at best 32, is clocked at 1172MHz and has shared system memory at 6800MHz. [6.0TFLOPS] Now, base RX480 is clocked at 1120/1266MHz TB, 36CUs, 32ROPs and memory is clocked at 7000/8000MHz for 4gig and 8gig version respectively. [5.8TFLOPS] Based on all this, I would say that the XboneX GPU is a mix of 580 and 480 with some additional crap thrown in. It has more CUs with most likely the same amount of ROPs, slower core and memory than RX580 which puts it slightly ahead of RX480, but it's not enough to match the current gen top-mid AMD GPU, much less to exceed it in performance. EDIT2: All the GPUs, including the XboneX one, are based on the Polaris architecture. No VEGA for you, console plebs. 4k? Sure, minimum details and at 30FPS lock with frequent drop to 20-ish even with dynamic resolution. 4k 60FPS? Game menus and movies at best.