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  1. Hello SRY,
    Is it common in your clan, that if you sucked in a PvP battle and died first, you stay in, insulting others and their whole clans?
    I hope not.
    Looking forward seeing you in battle. (if not with the same behaviour then Shoot3r)

    This was just posted in my old AW clan's recruitment thread. Top fucking lel

  2. Byeeeeee Joy I suppose if it really interferes with the real important shit, it's best you really stop - for some time, at least. Make sure to relapse from time to time tho, not on the game - fuck the game, but come have a chat good luck with IRL stufferino.
  3. Checked wotbstars after a long time and holy shit, is my performance all over the fucking place... Fucking stock grinds wth shitty crew :feelsbad:

    At least I pushed the Type 62 back to dark purple - if only barely - and my WR is climbing back towards the 70% mark...

  4. I love Garby All it takes is a mention of him and drama ensues
  5. wotblitz

    Never had problems carrying games in it myself tbh, not more than usual at least. I just focus on shooting stuff that's shooting at my teammates and has the most dangerous gun. Works pretty well.
  6. Your new diet? On the other hand, we now know why Rexxie is so healthy Fucking phone kept crashing, finally come home with my really witty comment and go post it on my laptop and @Rexxie already posted it
  7. wotblitz

    I quite like it, though I seldom play it simply because it doesn't make as much creds as my tier 7 and 8 premiums. I wouldn't say it's UP, but it's definitely challenging to play. It's a tank that shines in the right hands. It's a vulture, big and unvieldy, just barely mobile enough to be a medium tank - However, it has a quite decent gun. Yes, it might not have the highest pen, but the autoloader allows it to punch harder than all of its counterparts, it's fairly accurate, even on the move. This tank is the best at preying on the weak - the damaged, the low tier - and the unwary or distracted. Ambush your enemy, or wait for him to get weak, then crush him. In no way is this tank UP or suffering from Power Creep, it's niche tank with a playstyle that requires high amount of skill - top notch map knowledge, situational awareness and planning - and quite a bit of patience as well. It shines in the hands of unica with the appropriate playstyle, and is crap in the hands of everyone else. Niche doesn't mean bad.
  8. https://www.wired.com/2011/03/flower-bloom-physics/ On a more serious note, some time ago, I had a discussion with some people from RU server and they told me it works in a pretty retarded way, basically it's based on full accuracy and the bloom works like a modifier/multiplier of sorts. You multiply the base acc by the bloom and add the value to the base accuraccy and get the actual current size of aiming circle. For example, if your full speed movement bloom multiplier is 1 and your base accuracy is 0.25, then your acc on the move at full speed should be 0.5, if you are also turning your turret for 1 bloom, they add, so your bloom multiplier/modifier is 2, and with 0.25 base acc, that results in 0.75 acc. I can't, however, back this up - it's just a theory I talked about with some random russians. But it seems quite possible it works this way.
  9. Might have posted this already before, but whatevs, it's good, so worth a possible repoast...


  10. Sooo... Steam Midweek Madness, eh? Welp...

    +20 games to my account, including Crusader Kings II with all DLC's...

    I'm fucking retarded...

    Kill me before I seriously hurt somebody...

  11. Yup, my comments are about as varied as your tank selection jk, no h8 m8
  12. They don't pad in E50s
  13. Soooo... Shit I got from an event - won FCM 50t, AMX CDC, Prem IS-2, 45 days of premtime, 13mill. credits, bunch of garage slots, about 600 boosters and 13500 gold in lottery/cases kinda thing (in total stuff worth about 350 to 450€ if I'm not mistaken, I invested about 100€ into the cases - Blitz Events are OP ) lel.

    Also fell for the old maymay and bought a Lowe. Breddy gud tbh, only had one quick match in it cause I was focus grinding some stuff, but the gun is godly.

    If I wasn't feeling lazy af right now, I'd link Ice Cube, 'cause today was a good day...

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      Just random rambling cause bored.

  14. Job interview for the position of business manager tomorrow morning, wish me luck fgts :doge: