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  1. If you like arcade-ish spaceship/spacefighter shooters, or just want to play a decent game no matter the genre, check out Strapoint Gemini 2, it's for free on Steam right now, along with the Origins DLC, and will be until tomorrow (24th 10PM pacific IIRC).

  2. Soo, I see alot of people running around screaming about WoT being kill soon, mind telling me what the hell is going on? Simple words and short sentences only, retarded4today (2tired2think). Are they fucking the PC version in the ass with timers and P2W bullshit like they did with Blitz in the last update, or what?

    1. robosapieo


      They censored people who were calling them out on their horseshit map design and broken P2W prem tanks, which cause a massive media shitstorm, getting people like Jim Sterling involved.

  3. Pretty much. Sad thing is there are still people defending this crap...
  4. Also, I wrote a long ass post, took me better part o three hours to get it to the state it is in, read it if you have nothing better to do: http://forum.wotblitz.eu/index.php?/topic/40698-update-38/page__pid__585007__st__360#entry585007

  5. vz. 58 and lahti L39, can't be arsed to poast pics
  6. Nuuuuuuuuuuuu, they killed muh TDs muh Centauro 120 perfectly balanced tier 7 is now shitty tier 9 what will I do with my life now JK, I bailed last november I watched quite a few videos and fucked around a bit on the AW forum tho [contemplating making a couple accounts to stir shit up tbh ] and read a lot of gems about how awesome the new "Tanks Reloaded" iteration is, although it has some minor issues like net stuttering, lagspikes and packetloss, gamelag/sharp fps drops, average FPS dropped down in general by 25%, fps drops, game crashing on loading, game crashing in battle, bugged chat that does not allow you to write anything, but instead opens the "back to garage" window, the sounds are still bugged - in fact, for some they don't work at all now, the models of vehicles are fucked, the balance is fucked even more [this is a fucking achievement, truly spectacular ] everything is fucked - and yet there are still people shitting up praises for mail.ru. That's the most awesome thing - Mail.ru literally brainwashed them - more effectively than WG ever did with its own playerbase. Congrats on that bois, you did that one thing right Fuck, I really want to see AW released on Steam Also, Scorpion was shit tank before Balance 0.2 apparently lul
  7. This match was frustrating as fuck, stuff dying left and right and me desperately trying to kill everything at once, thank god the enemy Borsig and IS-3 were retarded. Idk how our VK got that much damage because he was textbook useless the whole match, fucking WN8 padding shitter :doge:



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    2. EndlessAgony



      >playing tank game with satellite strikes

      Joke's on you, fam.

    3. datboi


      You have no idea how confused I was looking at this results screen. 

      On a scale of 1 to potato, how trash are average blitz players?

    4. EndlessAgony


      Same as regular WoT, with the added bonus of some mobile/tablet players being unable to turn turret and hull at the same time. On the other hand, the game is really well optimized, so there's pretty much no one playing with sub 30-ish FPS, unlike regular WoT where some retards are happily playing with single digit FPS so it kinda evens out.

      It's hard to compare tho, since Blitz is quite different. The matches are quite fast, and despite the smaller teams, it's harder to carry alone against multiple tanks due to the DPM to HP ratio meaning faster TTK and more open maps which make forcing 1v1/one direction fights much much harder. As a result, the players often behave differently as well.

      Where in WoT pub matches lemming trains almost always ended up in loss, in Blitz they are actualy legit winning strategy, used often to great effect. The game also has only +/- 1 tier MM which means less shitters sitting back and camping, leading to overall more agressive and mobile playstyle.

      So really, it's kinda hard to compare the two playerbases, since the games are quite different, but I definitely like Blitz playerbase more - it's just as retarded as regular WoT one, but your general tard in Blitz is actually at least gonna move out of cap, since there is no arty to defend. :doge:

  8. Hello SRY,
    Is it common in your clan, that if you sucked in a PvP battle and died first, you stay in, insulting others and their whole clans?
    I hope not.
    Looking forward seeing you in battle. (if not with the same behaviour then Shoot3r)

    This was just posted in my old AW clan's recruitment thread. Top fucking lel

  9. Byeeeeee Joy I suppose if it really interferes with the real important shit, it's best you really stop - for some time, at least. Make sure to relapse from time to time tho, not on the game - fuck the game, but come have a chat good luck with IRL stufferino.
  10. Checked wotbstars after a long time and holy shit, is my performance all over the fucking place... Fucking stock grinds wth shitty crew :feelsbad:

    At least I pushed the Type 62 back to dark purple - if only barely - and my WR is climbing back towards the 70% mark...

  11. I love Garby All it takes is a mention of him and drama ensues
  12. wotblitz

    Never had problems carrying games in it myself tbh, not more than usual at least. I just focus on shooting stuff that's shooting at my teammates and has the most dangerous gun. Works pretty well.
  13. Your new diet? On the other hand, we now know why Rexxie is so healthy Fucking phone kept crashing, finally come home with my really witty comment and go post it on my laptop and @Rexxie already posted it
  14. wotblitz

    I quite like it, though I seldom play it simply because it doesn't make as much creds as my tier 7 and 8 premiums. I wouldn't say it's UP, but it's definitely challenging to play. It's a tank that shines in the right hands. It's a vulture, big and unvieldy, just barely mobile enough to be a medium tank - However, it has a quite decent gun. Yes, it might not have the highest pen, but the autoloader allows it to punch harder than all of its counterparts, it's fairly accurate, even on the move. This tank is the best at preying on the weak - the damaged, the low tier - and the unwary or distracted. Ambush your enemy, or wait for him to get weak, then crush him. In no way is this tank UP or suffering from Power Creep, it's niche tank with a playstyle that requires high amount of skill - top notch map knowledge, situational awareness and planning - and quite a bit of patience as well. It shines in the hands of unica with the appropriate playstyle, and is crap in the hands of everyone else. Niche doesn't mean bad.