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  1. Not too bad for 30 days spent by mostly grinding tanks, yes?


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. NightmareMk9


      which site is that?

    3. mati_14


      I'm pretty sure that's an app, no idea which one tho.


    4. EndlessAgony


      Not an app, website for WoT:Blitz - https://www.blitzstars.com/

  2. I should stop my habit of consuming illegal substances.


    1. orzel286


      > consuming illegal substances


    2. EndlessAgony


      They are tasty tho ;-;

    3. orzel286
  3. >8GB of RAM >[CURRENT YEAR] Go for 12 gigs at least, 16 gigs if you can. Even buy a laptop that comes with 8 gigs and upgrade it. It'll lengthen the life of your laptop considerably in regards to gaming. In regards to that Acer you posted, yup - you can put the EVO in. The 1 TB HDD will most likely be 2.5" with 9.5mm height, while the SSD is 2.5" / 7mm IIRC - you'll be able to use it, but depending on how the disc housing is done, you might need one of the rubber holding thingies to secure it in the laptop - dunno what they are called in english, they cost about 2.50€ where I live and basicaly wrap around the disc on sides to make it thicker and allow for it to be securely mounted in.
  4. 25.11.2015 Anyone here who stopped with this cancer even before that?
  5. I'm so bored I actually started re-watching @MissNurki 's 3 years old videos...

    1. Hellsfog


      I'm so bored I started trying to fix the win rate on tier 3 tanks. 

    2. MissNurki


      I'm so bored I might fucking do the same :happymary:


  6. So, Intel dun goofed, huh?

  7. 10 minutes and the suffering will be over... At least if the train sticks to the schedule. Bye.

    1. EndlessAgony


      Fuck, I missed the train... Gotta wait for bus, fuck fuck fuck

    2. Private_Miros


      One could say your agony is endless.

  8. Yo, in order to keep up with the cliches and faggy words, happy new year - may it be better than the last one, let your health be great, your wallet fatter than your mother, and the amount of fucking to be greater than your appetite for it. :wub:

  9. kek, when I stopped playing WoT on RU, my overall was 2k something and recent was roughly 2.4k, when I checked it for lulz a few months back, it was at 2.3k / 3.1k - breddy gud for not playing the game, eh? I wonder if I'll get to at least 2.9 / 3.5k now...
  10. Nah. 1. I don't have the hardware currently, nor money to buy it. 2. Beyond short-term investment into bitcoin or some other decent coin [Ethereum, Dash] to sell off at higher price before countries try to regulate it due to huge use in illegal transactions and it basically circumventing the whole money system (Ivan and Mao are heading there as we speak), it's worthless. 3. Even if there wasn't a risk of them being banned, the existence of cryptos is dependent on electricity - so if someone pulls the plug, you are fucked. And yeah, that's a bit extreme situation, but it's still way more likely than precious metals plunging anytime in the coming three centuries. Or ever, really. Gold4lyfe
  11. >2017 >gpu mining That's one way of wasting money.
  12. mfw I listen to such obscure music even the obscure music-based racing game I play does not have them in library despite coming bundled with fairly obscure music by itself and being played by people who in general listen to obscure music so I now get tons of free IRL worthless coins for finding new songs :nyes:

    1. Raj


      sounds.... interesting somewhat.


  13. My overclocked 330M is way better tbh.
  14. It's on PC as well - Steam and Windows Store have it, it has it's own webpage where PC version can be downloaded, and a Mac OS version exists as well IIRC. EDIT: It's cross-platform since quite a while back after it's release on Win10 Windows Store didn't get enough people into the game to keep separate PC servers. After that came Steam, etc.