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  1. You actually believe anyone in KAC bothers to think?
  2. The Italian line is a pretty standard grind, in that the tanks follow the medium type through to tier 10. The half assed autoloader is different, but not great (not totally horrid either tho). The standard B (tier 9??) is a good tank, not Skoda T50 good but not bad. The Poles at tier 4 are lights, at tier 5 mediums, and then turn into HT's in the back end of the grind (tier 8 maybe). Be mindful of that when you do your crew skills. As for the tier 10 Pol tank, I haven't played it but it doesn't seem hard to play against. Good alpha, and and ok load. Armour seems similar to maybe an E5 or super conq. If it were me I'd probably run the Polish line, I highly doubt the tier 10 Italian will ever see a CW game.
  3. My understanding is that's a part of clan requirements. Heck, I do it even if they're on my team.
  4. Hope he's not suggesting KAC give away positions on comms, as it would imply we'd care enough to log in to comms to start with. Also I am bitterly disappointed there was no Ezz asshat comment.
  5. Took me a fair bit of convincing for him to do 15.3, and i'm pretty sure he hated my rng while he was trying.
  6. Yep, you did it in one of mine somewhere for the LT15.3. Can't remember what you picked up tho. Oddly enough I managed to go do all the LT's for the 260, so probably could have saved me a few bucks but in the end I didn't mind.
  7. lol the DOGS thread closed. Crikey CR/D has come a long way.....down.
  8. I guess what's concerning from Ezz's point of view, is why didn't he say the whole clan were arsehats.
  9. I'm not surprised meh_fuck_it isn't there.
  10. I'm not really grinding anything at the moment, can have a go if you wish. What's your tank depth like?
  11. somewhere between 180-200. Packet loss is ok, some moments of concern but generally ok. I'd try to compare it to NA but I'd be suffering from the grass is greener syndrome.
  12. Would need poll to verify the Hopey theory, poll must hit 70% in favour. Sadly it's more likely the WG theory, tho I would help perpetuate the Conan secret mission theory, that looks like it would be fun for a few minutes.