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  1. Yea seems so. I think I may have read a notice somewhere but didn't give it too much attention.
  2. spacewolf

    Re: cruitment

    Shouldn't be too hard. Most of the server simply doesn't give a shit what comes up on the forums. Sure as hell KAC won't budge from our meh position. We turtle it like a boss.
  3. spacewolf

    Most Value for Credits TK

    Nope, all yours Gary.
  4. spacewolf

    Most Value for Credits TK

    Foxy he means that's what he thinks about when he rubs one out.
  5. I'm sure he did, like so many others saw it.
  6. spacewolf

    Most Value for Credits TK

    He could work that out from our daily posts about him I guess.
  7. spacewolf

    Most Value for Credits TK

    We have proof of it hopey. And a poll.
  8. Better start a poll about if you should do more polls. Wait till 70% approve, then remove. It was 70% yea? Hard to say as no one will ever know.
  9. spacewolf

    Most Value for Credits TK

    Best mileage ever - you're correct. 5 years (correct me if I'm out) and still salty as the Khewra flats.
  10. Yea but he does provide us with pure comedy gold.
  11. spacewolf

    Most Value for Credits TK

    How repetitive your polls are? or your tier 6 crusade? You certainly maintain a lot of effort on both those fronts.
  12. spacewolf

    Most Value for Credits TK

    Crikey this is a tough one. In terms of satisfaction I'd have to give my vote to hopefool. In saying that, a TK on bobby is also very satisfying so it is a very interesting poll. You know all about polls hopey dontcha.
  13. Nah totes people have said they've seen it. Hopey's just never told us who these people are.