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  1. It's funny, when we had TC Marcia a couple of years ago it started as a cat 5 but apparently was cat 2 when it got to Rocky. Having been through a few, I thought it was the worst I had seen - no power in Rocky for 9 days, power lines down everywhere, trees down everywhere. So I know what you mean by "didn't feel like a cat 2". Hope it's all ok for you bud. Keep an eye on the water situation if power is out - town water sitting in lines tends to go bad after 3 days so think about boiling it if power stays out. Rain water tanks are great for these situations but not everyone has them.
  2. Yep, 6. All the rest prems. lol. "I was rinsing my cock off" is perhaps the true highlight of that article.
  3. I was wondering who that was and why he wasn't listening to reason and logic. I understand things a little clearer now.
  4. I think if you started a gofundme it'd probably fall short of your target amount. Raptors is a mod in training, and as such is still in that overzealous stage.
  5. Should have added "tosser" after that tho. seems incomplete without it.
  6. I too feel that my idea of forum missions has potential to be the greatest thing in civilisation. What could go wrong? Also, I liked the constipated rat insult. And, Tosser.
  7. I am surprised the pub games aren't flooded with the defender considering everyone knows how OP it is. I'm only seeing 1 or 2 max. Shock did point out there's a few days left of it being on sale, maybe more will come up.
  8. Ah. Didn't know. That'll slow down his submission there then.
  9. Here:
  10. New episodes of monkey I think. Monkey something something.
  11. Yea just saw it. It's due to FE being moving house or something, haven't followed on whatsapp too closely. From what the guys understand, it's not against the rules of this campaign. No doubt someone will be trawling through the campaign rules seeking direction.