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  1. You'd probably enjoy the turreted brit TD line if you've not done it. The charioteer (tier 8?) is a pretty fun tank. The new Conway seems to be a lot better than it was. The 4005 is really a different take on a 183 but good for the 1 shot lols on tier 8's when you see them. I can't remember the tier 7. The tier 6 is ok, but at that tier most things are just landscape to something better.
  2. Surprised no one's come up with the IGN Knightofthelongdong. ....reserved.
  3. lol. Nah it doesn't look like that in the award icon, but then it is a small pic and could look like anything really.
  4. Is there a new tier 10 coming for Germany? Look to your tech engineer award for Germany - I now have a new tier 10 to research. Called a Leviathan. Anyone know anything about it?
  5. No that's my cycling helmet. It is a righteous bitch magnet. At least I think they're bitches, they're sometimes a little blurry.
  6. Can confirm it's an actual pic of me.
  7. Easy to follow guide, I'll d/l it tonight when I get home I think.
  8. Can you repost that but with Saffe's head photo chopped into the crew? And with the photo of him winking? I think that will set that swede blue colour off nicely.
  9. Adrian can you pm me an email address to send this pdf back to please.
  10. Nah pdf is fine, but I'll have to do it here tomorrow.
  11. Do you have a word version of that doc bud? Edit: never mind, I'll save it as a pdf and add comments via pdf edit. I'll do a full review of it tomorrow amidst my quiet busy day.
  12. Yea but that doesn't tell me to vote no. if anything it screams "go watch clerks 2 again for more kinky kelly".
  13. Seems to be some good depth of information, sifting through it will obviously impact your game time. It'll be worth it tho, community contributions are where the real "how to's" exist.
  14. Seems ok. No warnings pop up here.