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  1. somewhere between 180-200. Packet loss is ok, some moments of concern but generally ok. I'd try to compare it to NA but I'd be suffering from the grass is greener syndrome.
  2. Would need poll to verify the Hopey theory, poll must hit 70% in favour. Sadly it's more likely the WG theory, tho I would help perpetuate the Conan secret mission theory, that looks like it would be fun for a few minutes.
  3. I didn't want to say anything, but now that you mention it.... Thankfully this required us to do nothing.
  4. I thought we were trying for a week?
  5. Yea that's actually pretty flash, nice work.
  6. No keyboard flip, can't be Saf. Also he's toksick, which is like fully sic bro but not as full or bro-ey, just more tok.
  7. Change name to NiceGuy Nutty. or something.
  8. Almost thought that said "I know how to flip my computer". Was only a keyboard tho.
  9. He's probably disillusioned due to having to scroll through the clan window a couple of nights ago. 22 online.....way too many sets of car keys in the bowl.
  10. Thanks for that @Va1heru, appreciated.
  11. How bout for baddies we have their sig images as a bag of dicks? Then, when we see them in game, we can go "eat a bag of dicks you fucken baddie", and it will have that extra bit of relevance.
  12. He's going to make you platoon with me?
  13. Sounds like work, which I am quite allergic to.
  14. Crikey I'm a limey yellow How to pad WnEzz?
  15. Not generally here. This tends to go a day or so with nothing, then a flurry of activity. Then nothing as we all end up spent fairly quickly. They call us the 2 stroke scream team.