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  1. I was platting with Agent Infinity last night and came across Bols 50B, he got 2 shots in at the start but arty protection wasn't his as a KR player deleted him. Gave me nice spotting though WG CW working as intended
  2. Not sure if troll or sincere. Wait a second, botek! get out of Bols acc!
  3. Here's the average kelly player being helped out by a non jaded tanker
  4. Totally not bouncy, though I did die in the end Someone in pyro was complaining that a Type 4 penned their roof last night for 1500
  5. I play sheeps every now and again when there is an event on or I actually gave a fuck about my premium time
  6. Get less damage and more kills to get the ace it seems Joc
  7. You intended to get kicked Boaty thought his opinion mattered when the goal is to save tier 10 not the kiddie pool
  8. >Join CoAF >Insult people in CoAF after being told his kiddie pool needs to go >Gets banned from CoAF Whew the only person that was removed faster than Boaty was Tankload, almost was a record