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  1. Shadow of Mordor is really good, the story while not accurate gives a fun idea around what could have happened. Ghost Recon wildlands is pretty good as well, though the driving mechanics are just as bad as watch dogs 1 The games I'm currently saving for are cold waters, subnautica, space hulk: deathwing and mafia 3
  2. Nothing like a little padding to fix baddies win rates
  3. Still not as good as this Also I do love a hackusation from a 40k 46% shitter. Gotta hate it when you 10x his damage
  4. I do like a good top gun, the LT medal is nice too
  5. Sometimes you get players that reroll and they are actually good players, other times they are just chai snipers that think getting WN8 is better than winning. This stupid fuck decided he'd be better off camping at the back farming damage while his team died around him, and he didn't even do all that well in the end.... Besides TE the other clans explains why he's autistic
  6. STB is fun when 140's repeatedly try to poke out on you
  7. 13 90 able to stat pad carry as usual Then T-55a aces elude me All 1st classes, how in the fuck is 1st class from 1000-1350? I get guds play it but if 1st is 1000-1100 or so, Ace should be 1250-1300 easy... I give up
  8. Must have had an apprentice doing recruitment with all that poor vetting