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  1. >Put food on STB-1 >Get this >Not enough raw to get Ace ;~;
  2. Had to yell at our E75 and E5 to push over the hill on prok, lucky they did or it would be a loss
  3. Picked up one of these, even if it's easier to get one now, I still a first Then game Poodull a go, I like it
  4. This was last week but oh well, I almost matched Circons 4.1k damage
  5. I thought you were going to exclude premiums?
  6. I did, but you didn't respond
  7. TIM really wants to buff that average win rate in the clan.
  8. Me, thought that was obvious?
  9. Apparently this guy who did a shit reroll on asia thinks he's top shit, even told me to look him up on NA to out do me. Asia NA How do you reroll worse? I know I am bad at the game but wow