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  1. Naming and shaming Name_violationXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Stupid fuck took a T32 into the swamp of karelia trying to scout.... Then there's this useless cuck that shit talked the entire game about how the LT's weren't scouting right etc NZ based clan trash...
  2. You aren't that useless, your stats indicate you're improving. So keep working at it
  3. Well Asia server can't use this loophole, camo sale wasn't offered this year for our servers anniversary. RIP
  4. Why not both? Asia server is shit and we're better than the servers average so we get ok games. Because reaps had 'tanks to grind'
  5. Really enjoying the Lorraine, feels better than the 50 100
  6. I was platting with Agent Infinity last night and came across Bols 50B, he got 2 shots in at the start but arty protection wasn't his as a KR player deleted him. Gave me nice spotting though WG CW working as intended