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  1. Step 1, find hill Step 2, climb hill Step 3, farm HT
  2. When you're 209 damage away from SPG 15.4 with honors.... /wrists
  3. Tfw you're flipped on your side for half the game yet still pick up a casual 3k damage
  4. People are playing this thing well, only 1st class
  5. Looks like our good friend Boaty renamed his account as well when he did the clan rename Kudos to him for at least getting out of the kiddie pool and into the other kiddie pool
  6. >Put food on STB-1 >Get this >Not enough raw to get Ace ;~;
  7. Had to yell at our E75 and E5 to push over the hill on prok, lucky they did or it would be a loss
  8. Picked up one of these, even if it's easier to get one now, I still a first Then game Poodull a go, I like it
  9. This was last week but oh well, I almost matched Circons 4.1k damage