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  1. XVM does not use the v29 values for the E-50 / M46. You can see for yourself here: Tank IDs 8993 (M46) and 10257 (E50). You'll be as focused as ever.
  2. taugrim is very much corect. God (actually @Kitten) knows I've been struggling to implement WN9. It does a lot of things in a way that WoTLabs was never designed to do nor it had the capacity to do due to the information available from the API at the time. So please hang in there. I want WN9 as much as anyone here, I just ask for patience.
  3. Hello! As v30 of the Expected Values will take a bit longer to be compiled than the promised "by the end of January", in the meantime I have reverted the expected values of the E-50 and the M46 back to the v28 stats. Cheers
  4. This has now been fixed:
  5. Hello! I just pushed a change that takes advantage of deprecated AP methods to load tanks that are missing from the new methods. So the problem was that Wargaming as usual keeps deprecating methods and then failing to provide the same data on the new ones. In this case, several tanks, including the Liberté, MTLS-1G14 and the T-44-85, wouldn't appear on the new methods, although their information was available using deprecated ones. There will be some changes to WN8 values for some players as the formerly missing tanks are now included in the calculations. Cheers!
  6. I took a look into it, and it appears the Liberté is not yet in the Wargaming API, only the regular AMX M4 mle. 49. In this case all we can do is wait until Wargaming adds it.
  7. For those concerned about the E-50 and M46, these values will only last until v30 is ready, hopefully within a couple of weeks.
  8. As per: Edit: For those concerned about the E-50 and M46, these values will only last until v30 is ready, hopefully within a couple of weeks.
  9. Thanks Phalynx! Latest is still on v28. I pointed the script to the 29 manually, but thought you should know. Cheers!
  10. Can someone PM me a full writeup on the implementation steps of WN9? I'll implement it ASAP. Edit: nevermind, found it.
  11. May all your shells fly true! Now time to
  12. I'm 25 now lol, so I was 21 when I made WoTLabs.
  13. PadderBot's underlying system (mIRC) has been completely overwhelmed. I'm looking to replace it with a Python solution. Edit: He's back up in the meantime. Should still hold up for a while more.
  14. Holy shit. Huge thank you to everyone for making this possible.
  15. Come watch me and tell me how much I'm doing everything wrong: