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  1. For those concerned about the E-50 and M46, these values will only last until v30 is ready, hopefully within a couple of weeks.
  2. As per: Edit: For those concerned about the E-50 and M46, these values will only last until v30 is ready, hopefully within a couple of weeks.
  3. Thanks Phalynx! Latest is still on v28. I pointed the script to the 29 manually, but thought you should know. Cheers!
  4. Can someone PM me a full writeup on the implementation steps of WN9? I'll implement it ASAP. Edit: nevermind, found it.
  5. May all your shells fly true! Now time to
  6. I'm 25 now lol, so I was 21 when I made WoTLabs.
  7. PadderBot's underlying system (mIRC) has been completely overwhelmed. I'm looking to replace it with a Python solution. Edit: He's back up in the meantime. Should still hold up for a while more.
  8. Holy shit. Huge thank you to everyone for making this possible.
  9. Come watch me and tell me how much I'm doing everything wrong:

  10. If you haven't already, check out Bacontotem, aka "i hanjo". Overwatch's worst (best?) Hanzo main.
  11. Swedish tanks now appear in the games by nation and wins by nation charts.
  12. I love her. Her playstyle is right up my alley: Fast paced and disruptive with very high mobility. The way I play her is to stay in the sidelines and take alternate routes. You want to stay invisible as much as possible, and random damage from big battles can reveal you to the enemy team. The translocator is great for getting to hard to reach spots or taking shortcuts. Your priority is to pick off low health targets and hack health packs. Hack single enemies when their abilities become a nuisance to your team (Roadhog blocking a chokepoint and healing himself, for example), otherwise it's not worth the time and risk. So basically: Stay out of big battles, move invisibly through flanking routes, hack health packs (especially the large ones), choose your fights and pick off low health targets. Hack enemies that are bullying your team with abilities.
  13. Limited time offer: If someone gifts me the T26E5, I will not only go back to playing tanks, I'll also stream the damn thing :trump:

    1. Siimcy
    2. Deusmortis


      But, we like you too much to make you play tanks.

  14. So, anyone try out the new brawl? Just did. Did not have fun. Why? Because I was put in the attacking team. We're supposed to attack using only defense heroes. The other team is supposed to defend using only defense heroes. We played in Hanamura. First capture point was tough but we managed to get it. Then we got to the second capture point, AKA Chokepoint Central, AKA the most easily defensible capture point in the entire game if you have a couple of Bations and Torbjorns. Yup, fair as fuck.