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  1. Obligatory first thread, Show us how big is your e-peen. Mine: Intel Core i7 3770k (I'm a try-hard) 8 GB Corsair Vengeance RAM Asus P8Z77-V Pro Motherboard XFX XXX Edition 650W PSU EVGA GeForce GTX 660 1 TB Samsung HDD (Soon to be an SSD) External bay for 3.5" HDD w/ Hot Swap Next generation cable management (I'm sure there's an award coming my way) My laptop I use for mobile gaming / general use. I actually use it more than the desktop: Dell Inspiron 15R SE i5 3230M 6GB DDR3 RAM 1080p screen AMD Radeon HD 7730M 2GB On the pic, using Internet Explorer for the only thing it's good for. RULE FOR POSTING PHOTOS: Must take a picture of the screen showing the rig of the previous poster. Rig tunnel! Eh, nevermind.
  2. The forum software has (finally) been updated to the latest version. Hopefully the old bugs were all ironed out to make way for the new ones. Some thing changed, including the reputation system. If you're interested in the nitty gritty, here's a rundown. Let me know if you find anything broken!
  3. Hi folks. This is the WoTLabs Streamer Sponsorship Program. WoTLabs will be sponsoring streamers who distinguish themselves in both skill and tutoring. As the entire point of WoTLabs is to provide tools to help players improve, Livestreaming is one of the best tools out there, as players are able to watch a unicum perform live, with commentary, and are able to ask him questions. How does it work? Sponsored Streamers are featured prominently in the sidebar of the WoTLabs website, with an icon indicating when they are online. WoTLabs currently has around 30.000 daily page views. Sponsored Streamers also get an exclusive channel in the WoTLabs TeamSpeak which they can use for viewer platoons or whatever they want (upon request). How do I join? First things first, these are the guidelines we're looking for. They're flexible, so if you don't meet all the guidelines, you might still get an invite: - Average of 100+ consecutive viewers. - Have a regular streaming schedule of at least 3 days a week. - Unicum (2350 WN8 or higher) - Clear commentary - Answer viewer questions about the game Currently the only way to get an invitation is to be recommended by current sponsored streamers, purple poasters or WoTLabs staff. We will no longer be receiving direct applications. If I get invited, what do I have to do to join? The only thing you have to do is list WoTLabs on your channel description as a sponsor, with a link to the website (
  4. Forum Software Updated

    You can still upvote or downvote by hovering over the like button. I'll add some custom reactions soon! Also looking into the spoiler issue and status update issues. Edit: Triggered reaction added.
  5. Stat blocks have been temporarily disabled again because of performance issues.

    Edit: Made a few changes to the code to hopefully fix it.

  6. Stat blocks have also been re-enabled!

  7. Alright, I think I found the offending plugin.

  8. It may seem like things are under control, but holy shit everything is kinda fucked up.

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      You got this, I believe in you fam

  9. Forum software will be updated next week to see if we can iron out all the bugs that piled up on it. Probably there'll be some downtime.

  10. Recently we had an issue updating the statistics. This was caused by the database server running out of space due to a logging error. The database has been cleaned up and statistics should be updating again, with plenty of room to spare.
  11. Issue Updating Stats Fixed

    Different servers, but I did notice this lag. I'm going to get the forum software updated and hopefully that'll fix it!
  12. Stats page

    Looking into it.
  13. For continued updates and inclusion of the newer tanks, WoTLabs has switched to the XVM expected values for the WN8 scores. Cheers.
  14. This is like the boobs thread, only with different kinds of boobs. Here is me in fat hobo mode:
  15. Hello, As we discussed previously, I decided to create a simple program to try to keep track of map rotation. This program checks your replay folder and uploads map info for your games automatically to the WoTLabs Server. The idea is that, if a lot of people run this program, we can create a dataset. The current map statistics are displayed on the front page of WoTLabs, at the "Server Statistics" box. Using the program is dead simple. Put it anywhere you want, run it, you can set it to run on Windows Startup and everything. After you open it, select the folder where your replays are saved and click "Save Config". At that point it will start watching the replays folder. Every time the temp.wotreplay file gets renamed to the replay name (happens right after you leave battle), the program will get the necessary information from the replay file and upload it to the server. Why an EXE? Why not a plugin like XVM? Well, I could go the honest route and admit I have no clue how to do something like XVM, but instead I'll tell you that, by making it into a standalone program, it won't need to be reinstalled every time WoT updates. Replay files rarely change, and even if they do, unless something really dramatic changes the order things are presented in it, the program won't need to be updated. It's the lowest maintenance path. The program will only get info from random battles, so clan wars, strongholds, team training, etc... won't interfere with the results. HOW TO INSTALL: We are now using a different installation method. To install, follow these steps: Go to Click on "Install". Do not click on Launch, even if you have the .NET framework installed. Follow the steps on the screen. If SmartScreen blocks the installation, click on "More Info" to see the option to continue installation. This new installation method allows the program to check for updates, and install them if they're available. Every time you run MapRotation the program will check online to see if a new version is available. If it is, it will prompt you to update. This will ensure that everyone has the updated program and data can flow faster.
  16. Howdy! As you all know, it takes a lot of time and money to keep this place running like clockwork. A lot of people have asked me how they can support our forum directly, so I thought I'd make a thread showing how you can help and some of the perks available. The first way is via my Patreon account. This money goes toward keeping the servers up, keeping myself up working full time on WoTLabs and the WoTLabs Forum, and will also go towards some perks for our lovely and hardworking staff. The second way is via Solono's Patreon account. Solono is our sleepless badmin who works in the shadows to keep the peace and quiet. Donations to Solono will support all the amazing work he does around here, and will also go towards creating some amazing content, such as exclusive interviews with Wargaming staff, streaming, giveaways and even live coverage of Wargaming events! Both ways will get you Patron status here in the forum, which will give you access to a larger inbox, customizable member title, more signature space and no forum ads! Depending on how you Patron up, there will be different perks. Patron: At least $1 to either me or Solono. Patron usergroupLarger inbox (200 messages versus 50)Ability to change your member titleAbility to put more images in your signature (2 versus 1)Access to the exclusive Patron subforum.More upvotes (15 versus 10)More downvotes (2 versus 1)No ads on the forumPatron²: At least $1 to both me and Solono. All perks from Patron, plus:Patron² usergroupEven more inbox space (300 messages)Access to the Garbage Can with a LidMore upvotes (45)More downvotes (8)Patron³: At least $3 to both me and Solono. All perks from Patron and Patron², plus:Custom usergroup (with whatever color you want)Your very own password protected (or not) channel on the WoTLabs TSInfinite upvotes50 downvotesAbility to change your usernameOne more signature line, image and URL.For everyone who is supporting us, a huge thank you, we couldn't do this without your support
  17. Hello! A few hours ago I decided to put PadderBot, the statistics bot for my Twitch channel, in a dedicated server so it can run 24/7 without relying on my own computer. Since it's now always up, I'd like to offer it to all streamers. Basically what PadderBot does is get statistics from players. This is done by typing the following command in chat: !stats SERVER NICK For example: What do I need to do? On Twitch, go to PadderBot's channel. Give him a follow (not really part of the procedure but he works hard, he deserves it) and type in the chat: !join <twitch channel> For example: !join neverwish Once that's done, he will join the channel and send a message saying hello and that he needs to be modded in order to be able to work. Once PadderBot is in your channel, type this command in chat: !pbaj This tells PadderBot to add your channel to the Autojoin list, so that if it needs to reset, it will be able to join your channel automatically. You will also need to make PadderBot a moderator by typing /mod PadderBot in the Twitch chat. This is for 2 reasons: 1. Twitch locks out accounts that send more than 20 messages every 30 seconds to their servers, but if the message is being sent to a channel where the user is a mod, this is increased to 100 messages per 30 seconds per channel. 2. PadderBot is free, so I'm doing some advertising for WoTLabs. Being a mod ensures that he doesn't get caught in filters by other bots. Other functionality PadderBot has a count-in functionality. A mod can type: !count <number> on the chat, and in 10 seconds PadderBot will begin to count down so that streamer and viewers can count in for the game. The <number> is the battle tier you're going for, just to let everyone know which tank to get. For example: !count 8 PadderBot also has a silly !slap command that makes him slap anyone you want. I'm currently in the process of coming up with more functionalities
  18. Hi everyone, So it's been a few months since I pretty much disappeared from WoTLabs, only coming back every once in a while to give a quick update to the WN8 expected stats or something like that. In this time I've basically had to shift almost all my focus to real life. In early 2017 I graduated from University and got my diploma. With that finally out of the way I could start working on getting my condo in "home" condition. If you've been here long enough, you might remember when I got the keys to my new (at the time) condo. Thing is, since I put everything I had saved into just getting it, since then I've been living in makeshift conditions, with cheap furniture and old appliances I got from family members in order to pay for my degree. Now that it's finally over with, I got my renovation project underway and after months of literal blood and sweat, it's finally nearing completion. In the meantime I've played some games but nothing that stuck. WoT is somewhat in the past for me now, haven't played it in months and still haven't felt like playing it again. Maybe in the future... Which leads me to WoTLabs... Now, WoTLabs is gonna be online and updated for as long as it pays for itself. Even if I disappear, I'm still keeping it up, adding new tanks. I want to get the new v31 expected values thing up and running (if someone can give me a hand I appreciate it). So don't worry, WoTLabs will be here, even if I'm not. That's all for now, thanks everyone for the support!
  19. Has been fixed. For some reason the cleanup script didn't fire, and the player who had the Zhaon name before you wasn't removed from the database.
  20. Hello, due to the increasing size of the database, I had to take the website down for some much needed cleanup. I hope to have it back up by tomorrow afternoon, along with the new expected values. They should have gone up much sooner, but they were released while I was in the middle of a trip and didn't have access to pretty much anything. Cheers, Never
  21. WoTLabs is down for maintenance

    Update: Maintenance had been postponed. It's starting now and will hopefully be done by tomorrow afternoon.
  22. As per: Edit: For those concerned about the E-50 and M46, these values will only last until v30 is ready, hopefully within a couple of weeks.
  23. Rules of the Marketplace

    So, this is something that we didn't do for a long time, and it's because opening up any space to let people advertise stuff for sale can lead to some tricky legal problems. For this reason, I'm creating this thread to leave this disclaimer: WoTLabs is in no way responsible for any problems that arise from stuff sold, bought, traded or in any way acquired through an ad posted in this section. Period. If you have any problems with bad sellers or buyers, let us know and we will take the appropriate actions, but we won't reimburse you or answer to any legal threat. Selling or buying anything here, or in any online forum for that matter, is a risk that you will be taking yourself, so consider yourselves warned. For people looking to sell: We require a picture of the product you're selling with your username and date written in a piece of paper next to the item. Threads without this verification will be removed. Digital goods: Sale of digital goods, such as game keys, is not allowed.
  24. Let me know if browsing the forum feels faster now.

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      Topics and pages load faster now, the rest of it is just bloat from the IPB software and not really anything to do with server requests.

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      Everything seems to be loading faster on this PC, a work place Dell with throttled internet.

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      Things are very smooth now, thanks!