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  1. Hello! Fixed a bug that prevented tanks from being recorded to an account if there was no tank WN data available (normal in the case of new tanks where the XVM guys haven't added it yet). Fixed a bug in the forum where a database issue caused some threads to show a "78", "77" or "80" error. Edit: More fixes Fixed issue where Patrons would see ads on the website. Fixed issue related to adding new accounts on the Russian server. Added GPDR cookie notice to website. Bunch of random, mostly cosmetic fixes.
  2. Never

    Bunch o' Fixes (Error 78 and Site)

    Fixed, you can download it at
  3. Actually streaming tanksfor some reason: 

  4. Obligatory first thread, Show us how big is your e-peen. Mine: Intel Core i7 3770k (I'm a try-hard) 8 GB Corsair Vengeance RAM Asus P8Z77-V Pro Motherboard XFX XXX Edition 650W PSU EVGA GeForce GTX 660 1 TB Samsung HDD (Soon to be an SSD) External bay for 3.5" HDD w/ Hot Swap Next generation cable management (I'm sure there's an award coming my way) My laptop I use for mobile gaming / general use. I actually use it more than the desktop: Dell Inspiron 15R SE i5 3230M 6GB DDR3 RAM 1080p screen AMD Radeon HD 7730M 2GB On the pic, using Internet Explorer for the only thing it's good for. RULE FOR POSTING PHOTOS: Must take a picture of the screen showing the rig of the previous poster. Rig tunnel! Eh, nevermind.
  5. Hello! As has been brought to my attention, the verification system is apparently faulty, meaning new users have been unable to participate in discussions in the forum for quite a while. I have done a complete validation of the system and I could find no fault. As far as I can tell, it's working as normal. However, as this appears to be causing issues, I have enabled access and posting rights to users in the default "Registered Users" category. Several functions, like rating posts, are still restricted to verified tankers. Cheers! Never Edit: I figured out why this issue happened, and we can thank IPS (the makers of the forum software) for it. Months ago, they introduced a "quick registration" feature and made it the default without asking. This quick registration screen ommits custom fields, including the mandatory "Server" field which the verification system needs in order to know which region to authenticate your account. As new users couldn't select this field, they could not verify. Fuck, fuck fuckity fuck. I have now enabled the full registration screen. Verification should be working normally again. This new access to unverified users will remain, unless we run into trouble. USERS WHO REGISTERED RECENTLY CAN NOW EDIT THEIR PROFILE AND SELECT THE APPROPRIATE SERVER, THEN PROCEED TO VERIFY AS NORMAL.
  6. Meanwhile, I'm just sitting here in Brazil thinking "my government is corrupt as shit, but at least they don't fuck with our memes".

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    2. hazzgar


      Jesus memes aren't fucked. Nerds need to read more and panic less. This may have some shit annoying consequences but you will face them rarely and most people never.

    3. Assassin7


      Meanwhile in NZ we're watching all this internet bullshit in the US and EU while going :popcorn:

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      4 hours ago, hazzgar said:

      Jesus memes aren't fucked. Nerds need to read more and panic less. This may have some shit annoying consequences but you will face them rarely and most people never.

      and here i thought "memes are fucked" is also a meme :disco:


  7. And so, @Assassin7's hostile takeover of the forum begins.

    Forums - WoTLabs Forum 2018-09-11 23-31-16.png

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      You see, what actually happened is I was testing out how all this new stuff works. And I wondered... Could I give Never a warning? 

      The answer was yes. I then couldnt find the button to remove it, before he removed it himself lol.

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      Can it really turn into a hostile takeover if all his futile attempts are shattered with the press of a button? :doge: 

    4. nabucodonsor
  8. Never

    Bunch o' Fixes (Error 78 and Site)

    Looking into it
  9. Hello! As many of you probably saw, we had a big server migration recently. Here's the low down of what happened: As I have disclosed in a couple of posts, the database server ran into an issue where it ran completely out of space. The biggest problem was that the database engine we were using kept all the data in a single file, and that file could never be shrunk even if you deleted older records. This caused that file to grow bigger and bigger and bigger over time, until it took up all of the considerable space on that server (1.5TB). When there was no more space left, the database server would crash and the website would go down. Fortunately, I managed to work with DigitalOcean to secure a great virtual server which meets all the needs of the database and the website in a single server. This is a 12-core, 48GB RAM server with 1TB of SSD space. The next step was transferring all the data over. This took the longest time. All in all, the database totalled around 5 billion records, and after removing the inflated space from the database engine, clocked in at around 500GB. It took 3 days to transfer and import all the records into the new server, which now runs the latest versions of PHP and MySQL for better performance, plus it lets me clean up old records that aren't used anymore in order to reduce disk space, meaning there will always be space available. Not only that, but as the website and the database are now on the same server, there is no more issue with the firewall tables getting reset, a problem which, despite a LOT of research, I couldn't actually fix. This was one of the biggest causes of the downtime in the past, as the database server started refusing connections from the website server at random. All in all, you can expect WoTLabs to be MUCH more stable from now on. Thanks everyone for all the support!
  10. "YEEEEESSSSS! PEE TOO!" Dafuq was that? Anyway, I might stream something again, for old times' sake @Medjed, no promises on nudity, we gotta ease into it.
  11. Mostly a combination of depression caused by losing my routine after graduating college and massive burnout from pretty much everything. There was a (very) long span of time where I was actively scared of opening the forums and seeing things were broken and I dreaded having to fix them. I felt so done with everything that my brain just shut everything out that had the slightest semblance of responsibility. Sorry My ragazzi is way overdue for a good grazi'ing.
  12. Hi folks. This is the WoTLabs Streamer Sponsorship Program. WoTLabs will be sponsoring streamers who distinguish themselves in both skill and tutoring. As the entire point of WoTLabs is to provide tools to help players improve, Livestreaming is one of the best tools out there, as players are able to watch a unicum perform live, with commentary, and are able to ask him questions. How does it work? Sponsored Streamers are featured prominently in the sidebar of the WoTLabs website, with an icon indicating when they are online. WoTLabs currently has around 30.000 daily page views. Sponsored Streamers also get an exclusive channel in the WoTLabs TeamSpeak which they can use for viewer platoons or whatever they want (upon request). How do I join? First things first, these are the guidelines we're looking for. They're flexible, so if you don't meet all the guidelines, you might still get an invite: - Average of 100+ consecutive viewers. - Have a regular streaming schedule of at least 3 days a week. - Unicum (2350 WN8 or higher) - Clear commentary - Answer viewer questions about the game Currently the only way to get an invitation is to be recommended by current sponsored streamers, purple poasters or WoTLabs staff. We will no longer be receiving direct applications. If I get invited, what do I have to do to join? The only thing you have to do is list WoTLabs on your channel description as a sponsor, with a link to the website (
  13. Recently we had an issue updating the statistics. This was caused by the database server running out of space due to a logging error. The database has been cleaned up and statistics should be updating again, with plenty of room to spare.
  14. Hello! E-mails have (finally) been fixed. Turns out there was an SMTP block on the server that could only be removed by the server provider. E-mails are being sent again. Cheers, Never
  15. The latest tanks along with the 2018-03-30 WN8 Expected Values table are now live on the website. Cheers!
  16. The forum software has (finally) been updated to the latest version. Hopefully the old bugs were all ironed out to make way for the new ones. Some thing changed, including the reputation system. If you're interested in the nitty gritty, here's a rundown. Let me know if you find anything broken!
  17. Never

    Forum Software Updated

    You can still upvote or downvote by hovering over the like button. I'll add some custom reactions soon! Also looking into the spoiler issue and status update issues. Edit: Triggered reaction added.
  18. Stat blocks have been temporarily disabled again because of performance issues.

    Edit: Made a few changes to the code to hopefully fix it.

  19. Stat blocks have also been re-enabled!

  20. Alright, I think I found the offending plugin.

  21. It may seem like things are under control, but holy shit everything is kinda fucked up.

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      You got this, I believe in you fam

  22. Forum software will be updated next week to see if we can iron out all the bugs that piled up on it. Probably there'll be some downtime.

  23. Never

    Issue Updating Stats Fixed

    Different servers, but I did notice this lag. I'm going to get the forum software updated and hopefully that'll fix it!
  24. Never

    Stats page

    Looking into it.
  25. For continued updates and inclusion of the newer tanks, WoTLabs has switched to the XVM expected values for the WN8 scores. Cheers.