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  1. Newsflash, noone gives a shit what color your tank game numbers are. Relax and play the game if youre having fun. KEEP TYPING IN ALL CAPS IF YOU PREFER LOOKING AT SOME RANDOM NUMBERS ON A RANDOM WEBSITE INSTEAD OF PLAYING TANKS.
  3. Whats the point of linking us replay that you later say is a one off becouse you are ussually not as passive, have more fps, better connection or whatever? Clearly you already have your mind set on what was wrong in that game. If you want actual help link your avg replay and/or accept and try out all of the advices you got above. P.s. You said landslides are your major problem. If that is really the case be the one that starts it. Be in front and youll get 2 more shots worth of dmg for sure in those games.
  4. As a general rule 2k is knowing how to micro your tank somewhat. 3k is having an idea of where to generaly go on each map. 4k would be reading the map and the battle flow, understanding what is happeing and when its going to happen and then act on that intel.
  5. At the end of the day this is not World of Credits. We are playing tanks and we want to win and do dmg.
  6. First of all you are not losing games becouse of your ammo choice. If you lost a game you did something wrong. Maybe its a bad trade, maybe its a bad positioning. Maybe game was unwinnable but you could have farmed more dmg and at least come close/closer to the win. Now as for premium ammo, it helps sure. But you wont win more games if you suddenly start shooting more of it. What it does is it allows you a larger variety of engagements. Meds can fight heavies more reliably, hull down tank dont nessecerily have to be left to go fight somewhere else. But to recognize that you have to learn the game more, not switch to prem ammo and think its an easy win now. I personaly load gold whenever theres a chance that a tank i cant pen reliably might peek on me. Also if apcr is premium it magicly becomes standard in my tanks... weird
  7. I know @Fulcrous its weird. I can post a replay if i find it when i get home. And no, it was just regular tier 10 sh previous patch.
  8. That is not correct. We have had sh battles in BRAH where enemy team capped to 100, but we kept killing them and extending the time. After we killed everything (0 enemy tanks alive) we still lost the game by being capped out.
  9. Looks like this thread could use a small bump. BUMP!
  10. Isnt Jizz in my plants a song?
  11. Man i wished that you stream ever since i watched your replay pack that batgurl recorded for youtube. Keep up the good work and thx for streams, i find it really helpfull.
  12. Adztownwhatever you really are a cumback master. I wouldnt want to fuck with you after reading your quick replies. Have you considered a career as a statndup comedian? I bet everyone would laugh at you just they do here.