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  1. At the end of the day this is not World of Credits. We are playing tanks and we want to win and do dmg.
  2. First of all you are not losing games becouse of your ammo choice. If you lost a game you did something wrong. Maybe its a bad trade, maybe its a bad positioning. Maybe game was unwinnable but you could have farmed more dmg and at least come close/closer to the win. Now as for premium ammo, it helps sure. But you wont win more games if you suddenly start shooting more of it. What it does is it allows you a larger variety of engagements. Meds can fight heavies more reliably, hull down tank dont nessecerily have to be left to go fight somewhere else. But to recognize that you have to learn the game more, not switch to prem ammo and think its an easy win now. I personaly load gold whenever theres a chance that a tank i cant pen reliably might peek on me. Also if apcr is premium it magicly becomes standard in my tanks... weird
  3. I know @Fulcrous its weird. I can post a replay if i find it when i get home. And no, it was just regular tier 10 sh previous patch.
  4. That is not correct. We have had sh battles in BRAH where enemy team capped to 100, but we kept killing them and extending the time. After we killed everything (0 enemy tanks alive) we still lost the game by being capped out.
  5. Looks like this thread could use a small bump. BUMP!
  6. Isnt Jizz in my plants a song?
  7. Man i wished that you stream ever since i watched your replay pack that batgurl recorded for youtube. Keep up the good work and thx for streams, i find it really helpfull.
  8. Adztownwhatever you really are a cumback master. I wouldnt want to fuck with you after reading your quick replies. Have you considered a career as a statndup comedian? I bet everyone would laugh at you just they do here.
  9. Anfield explains pretty well what he is doing and what he has done wrong and generaly interacts with viewers. There are also some amazing players that dont talk all that much (or at all) but the gameplay is just To name the few: Decha, Fyr3on, Aniallator, Valheru Most of the guys above really helped me improve and still do.
  10. I was polite to you @Quasinerdo and i told you to go watch good streamers in hope that you would realize that you are wrong. Im not shoving my supposed skill at you nor is anyone else in this topic. If you cant discuss without insult please refrain from posting anything else at all. Also i know this may be hard to grasp for you but generaly better players are better becouse they have more knowledge about the game. Now idgaf what you think of me or my skill level but note that this is a forum full of people much better than me that agree with me on this topic. So yeah, they DO know better than you, and that is ehy they are better at this game. And whoever said that if you are not purple your opinion will be mocked is lying. Im not purple and my opinions are not mocked here. When i say something wrong i get corrected ofc but never mocked. This forum helped so many bad players get better that its almost insulting to say that.
  11. Its a minipub game. And its fun. And you get spammed with friend requests. Btw Lowes tonight?
  12. Here you go again. Stop comparing HE with premium ammo. Premium ammo still needs to be aimed, still needs to hit the right spot, therefore you can play against it. HE can be shot at centre mass without aiming and you will do anywhere from 200 - 1500 dmg with type 5 plus shitton of module dmg. If you are trolling/farming neg reps adztownstriker style, sure go ahead and keep explaining to all of us how prem ammo is just as bad as HE mechanics. If you are not then please go watch some good streamers and learn how they play. When you get better at this game you will realize that there is a reason why most of the players on this forum are not happy about this change and why none of them is comparing HE to HEAT/APCR.
  13. No. You cant pen perfectly sidescraped ehunda/maus reliably with heat. You cant pen hulldown is7, 62a, kranvagn and a few other tanks reliably with heat. HE always does dmg. And a massive ammount for that matter. Just becouse you dont know how to play against premium ammo doesnt mean its bad or that you can compare it to idiot proof ammunition.
  14. Retarded tank that caters to shit players and fucks everyone else in the ass. You can be hulldown, sidescraped, angled and this bullshit will still do 500dmg to you. #removeHEbasedtanks