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  1. 3,5
  2. Thats no1 reason why there are no more heavily armored tanks. Plus the fact that tanks are generaly not fighting other tanks in combats.
  3. @_Dia you are right, we sometimes respond not so politely. But the fact is that all of his questions were plain stupid and pointless. Equivalent of talking about recent wheather with your uber driver. @SolarflareGrenraven lets say we answered all of your questions what would you gain from that(pun intended). Srsly, what exactly would you change? a) gun is much better= you will grind it b) gun is a little better = same shit watch a replay on a yt and see for yourself Is m48 worth it? Why are you asking that question after you got all the way to tier 9? @CraBeatOff you actually made me laugh out loud man. I would also agree that the gun about 3 better than the previous gun.
  4. Your question was: Is a better gun on m46 better than the stock one which is not so good? Let that sink in
  5. That just means that you can win 54.something% of the games on avarage. And its consistant with your damage dealt. Fluctuation is almost non existant. Theres probably 1 in 20 games where you get either lucky or unlucky and respectively win or lose a game that you generaly shouldnt.
  6. This topic is amazing
  7. I would recommend watching streams over mentoring at first since its easier for you and streamers generaly explain their decisions. You will learn why some positions work and others dont. You will learn where someone got free dmg and learn to avoid that cross/position aswell as take advantage of it for dealing dmg. After you do that for a while you will see improvment for sure. Few very general tips i can give you off the top of my head are: 1: Early damage = usefull damage 2. Free dmg = best dmg 3. Save hp early, trade it later 4. If you are alone on the flank you will die without achieving anything, dont be that guy. 5. Dont camp and dont yolo. Smart aggression is the way to win games.
  8. 1. I havent played ranked. 2. Yes, the best players have deserved the better equipment. You could have had it too if you were good enough. 3. Even if someone gave you rewards for free i bet my account that you wouldnt be doing anything better than you are now. 4. Thx for the insults, i guess you have to go there when you dont have anything logical to defend your view. 5. You're*
  9. No offense here but why would an avg player even need to be able to win consistently above his "rank"? You could have won that equipment last season if you played well enough. Your issue here is basicly that you didnt and someone else did and now you want to win to get it but its (arguably) a bit harder. You are saying that you want different leagues but what you actually want is everyone is a winner scenario. Ranked is exactly what you asked for its just not what you want. Everyone plays in their own rank. Dont take this personally its just what it is.
  10. Newsflash, noone gives a shit what color your tank game numbers are. Relax and play the game if youre having fun. KEEP TYPING IN ALL CAPS IF YOU PREFER LOOKING AT SOME RANDOM NUMBERS ON A RANDOM WEBSITE INSTEAD OF PLAYING TANKS.
  12. Whats the point of linking us replay that you later say is a one off becouse you are ussually not as passive, have more fps, better connection or whatever? Clearly you already have your mind set on what was wrong in that game. If you want actual help link your avg replay and/or accept and try out all of the advices you got above. P.s. You said landslides are your major problem. If that is really the case be the one that starts it. Be in front and youll get 2 more shots worth of dmg for sure in those games.
  13. As a general rule 2k is knowing how to micro your tank somewhat. 3k is having an idea of where to generaly go on each map. 4k would be reading the map and the battle flow, understanding what is happeing and when its going to happen and then act on that intel.