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  1. Yeah, also once AFT/BFT no longer helped out CLs, that 6-inch spamming was a lot riskier and less rewarding. So the shitters moved into battleships, which were still long range 'safe' class. Of course they give even less contribution to a match sitting behind everyone else in a BB firing every 30 seconds than they did when their fucking Cleveland could at least walk moon-arc shells over some targets, so matches in general got even more agonizing.
  2. >'hey howabout a WoWS ranked game, T6 is relaxing'

    >get glitch where camera freezes and ship sails out of view right in the beginning of the match


  3. Yeah, ranked has always been the tomato welfare mode. They queue up enough times, and better players will carry them to free stuff. Some of them have no shame at all and hit battle enough times to fail their way to exclusive ships. I actually like how T6 ships are not amazing though. The higher tiers are often World of Gimmicks/Overtuned Ships, so when the ships are kinda capable but flawed the players have to work to get amazing results out of them. If WG wanted to do ranked with powerful ships I'd actually prefer 10 to 8 or whatever. At T10 you have no illusions about how monstrous almost every ship can be (and none of them are straight up for sale in the shop).
  4. I feel that the playerbase has also degraded even further since the last season. I know after all the ARP events and the Convoy I felt pretty burnt out and played WoWS a lot less (so I barely bothered to play season 6 ranked much, even tho Scharn was EZ). And I notice a lot more people in the clan I'm in have disappeared as well. Other people I know who play say on average many of their friends have quit the game. So we're left with failgrinders who hit battle over and over without caring, new players who play in an increasingly shitty environment, and some rarefied good play. WoWS' playerbase has been hollowed out due to how stale the game is getting. T6 means you'll see more raw new players, but I doubt the jump to 7 would make much of a difference there.
  5. For the really bad ones, it also gives them influence over battles they're normally too shitty to have an effect on. Acting out is literally their only recourse for a powertrip.
  6. All things equal, yes. But if it's say, Sea of Fortune and I sneak down an open flank in Zao and catch some Iowa bow-on-wonder tunneling into his little corridor and totally oblivious, it's fair if I can delete him really quickly. If he wanted to live maybe he should have not positioned with one flank open to a naked area of the map that he has no friends in. That was his tradeoff for having those amazing 16"/50s that reliably hit even at mid-long range. And also, holy shit I just tested Yamato out on some stationary Iowas and Montanas in a training room. I got maybe two cits on bow on examples of them for 15 minutes or so of firing, at ranges from 12km to about 3.5km. From that I'm now guessing it's going to be very hard to break a line of bow campers, which is one thing Yamato was really good at with the overmatch. You can do normal damage to them, but they can literally burn you down with HE or something as you 7k-10k them to death.
  7. Yamato should have it too, look at armor schematics of her: all her machinery spaces are at or below the waterline iirc, nowhere near the total height of the armored raft section. Except we know if she got this buff she'd become grossly OP. Iowa and Montana have probably the best 16" in the game (Izumo's pens better at close range but it's nowhere as accurate), and now they can brawl well too. It's a powercreep for very popular ships in the class that's already over-represented in queues. There are a lot of utter shitters being catered to - players who were so bad when I ground through Amagi I would count each NC on my team as dead on match start because on average the captain was that fucking useless, and this was around Christmas 2015, they make up a much larger % of the playerbase now - and they just keep getting their hands held. The buff in itself may be nice due to not artificially screwing the affected ships over, but in the overall trend of how the game is going it's just another step to making battleships more dominant. I mostly play BBs and I'm tired of it. What should scare you is this means there's a chance the other high tier BBs could be buffed, even though they're doing ok. KM BBs have farmable armor schemes at long range (especially by 16"/50), but their money was in closing. Now it'll be harder to cash that in vs USN BB. Izumo has absolutely shit long range armor, but you could outbrawl two Iowas (I did it once) if you knew what you were doing. Now she'll just be big and ungainly and have 1k pen 410mms that aren't so great at range. And there's an outside chance Yamato could have her citadel height reduced in the future, because what's special about bow on overmatch if you really only overmatch other Yamatos easily? The balancing consideration of being able to punish bow on play will be diminished. Then you'll just have a ship with a well armored but easily exploitable hex-citadel that is clumsy as fuck.
  8. Shaming that thing in the FDG. Hid in the back of the map near C cap till the end of the game. Emblematic of the sniping scum that failgrinds up to T10 BBs. Soon he will be in a GK taking up a top tier slot.
  9. I kept my full secondaries captain build all the way to GK, though at FDG I stopped using secondary upgrades and switched entirely to main battery mods. 9.3ish km is alright range with Aiming Mod and AFT, and you generally want to close if it's possible, since the ship is balanced around the secondaries being good and having 'brawling armor' anyway.
  10. The free exp is by far the best now that we can't get 250 signals anymore. Credits aren't too hard to come by once you run premium ships for them, but free exp is always great to have a lot of and you need to use specific flags or camo to really farm it.
  11. Yeah, I used to choose TYL every time before. Three days after the SC change, I went to flags and never looked back. Gotten one SC since, and ofc it was one of those mods.
  12. I've been detonated in Fuso a couple times by torpedoes, almost always to one of the front turret magazines. And IIRC once in Bismarck to CV torps (?).
  13. I actually think the NM is a better overall ship than the Fuso. She sails better (so much better, she's actually fun to sail), and her late model 14"/50 are the scariest 14 inch guns in the game whereas the IJN 14" have IMO lost a lot of their luster by T6. And triple turrets have way nicer grouping than twins. You can compensate for the speed by positioning well and making sure you're in the middle or close (in most maps) to be able to respond to whatever flank needs your attention. But the Fuso has one thing the NM (or AZ) doesn't that's harder to compensate for: ridiculous BB reload for tier. Fuso has 28s, NM has a little over 34s, AZ has 35s. Fuso's RoF means you can get up to a cap point, and spew your shitty 14" salvos at people faster than any BB but a Dunk, and Dunk has 4 less guns than she does. If someone with good armor makes a strong push and brings friends, you kill all his friends. Then he's alone and he gets focused. He either gets the fuck out and concedes the cap or dies there. It happened to the AZ in this game. He pushed into cap to contest it against me/our Farragut with a NM and some cruisers trailing, their Farragut was also somewhere in there, forget. I angled against them both, mostly ignored the AZ and farmed the NM's weak points to get rid of his amazing guns, someone else cleaned the NM up after. Then I killed the Cleveland supporting them. Suddenly the enemy team didn't want to be anywhere near that cap and AZ bailed out. He sank me later because I had no good angles between him and a Bayern who decided to come up too late, but due to his speed by that time it was way too late and the game was ours. Like @OnboardG1 says, there's lots of ways to counter a Fuso. But if she isn't countered - or if you wreck the cruisers who could burn you/get shots on DDs due to other people spotting them, 28s means you can help knock smaller ships down with way less concern for wasting a volley vis a vis other BBs of your tier - then she's an absolutely monstrous bully. The NM is better at destroying ships, but Fuso's ability to quickly knock HP off multiple ships makes her better at destroying an enemy team's spirit. That's nice in randoms but in ranked it's devastating.
  14. A lot of terrible WoT players have come over to WoWS as WoWS is more forgiving.