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  1. Currently the Furutaka in its fully upgraded from would probably be a better tier 6 then the Aoba is.
  2. And also that maneuvering while firing isn't something she can readily do. Aoba used to be pretty good, but power creep has hit her hard over the last couple of years.
  3. French BB Impressions

    I have the 5, 6 and 7. Of those I have only played the Tier 7. After a dozen or so games in the Lyon I can say that it is broken as fuck. Against BB's it is about average do to the small size of its guns. Up close they will devastate any broadside BB, but at long range or with proper angling other BB's with laugh at you. Where it really shines is its ability to just straight up delete cruisers. If an enemy cruiser is broadside to you and you have properly aimed for a good "center of mass" shot the 16 guns pretty much ensure that you will be able to remove 75%+ of any cruisers HP in a single salvo. In one 100ish second span in one of my battles I deleted cruisers that each had better then 90% of their HP remaining. Having 16 guns virtually guarantees that you will be able to get 1 -3 citadel hits on any broadside cruiser at almost any range as long as you have aimed correctly. Up close most BB's can do this, but the 16 gun shotgun pattern of the Lyon extends this ability out to the ships maximum firing range. Also, the shotgun is great for removing any DD that is dumb enough to get spotted within 10KM or so from you.
  4. Ranger

    As long as the person playing a Saipan has so much as a single functioning brain cell he will shit all over the other tier 7 carriers.
  5. Goodbye Nagato, don't call me, I'll call you

    All of the tier 7 BB's are soft as fuck when bow on. For the most part they are tier 6 armor scheme with more HP, slightly more speed, and bigger guns. Against low tier BB's it isn't much of an issue since most of them are still pretty immune to 14" fire when bow on, but against same or higher tier battleships they are like butter.
  6. I have the Missouri, and have no intention of getting the Musashi. Once you have one ungodly effective printing press there really isn't a point to grind / paying your way to another.
  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. WG NA going full retard

    Sorry, but not sorry. I saw a chance to be a smartass that I just couldn't pass up.
  9. WG NA going full retard

    You don't. Instead you just get to wallow in your own shame while the rest of us mercilessly mock you for being incompetent.
  10. [NA] RUST Recruiting Seamen for Ships

    Only if it is flying a Zulu flag.
  11. Why would you torture a child by having them play this game?
  12. WG adds terrible clan mode, more at 8

    One BB per team... You've got to be fucking kidding.
  13. Can the Swedish (not Swiss) TD's be used offensively?

    Sweden can not into aggression for many centuries now. :-\
  14. So what is up with WOWS?

    If you want an experienced BB player to division with just add me to your friends list.