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  1. One BB per team... You've got to be fucking kidding.
  2. Sweden can not into aggression for many centuries now. :-\
  3. If you want an experienced BB player to division with just add me to your friends list.
  4. There are going to be a lot of people that can not Even...
  5. That was done by Yugoslavia. It only had something like -1 or -2 degrees of depression due to how big the breech is.
  6. Gameplay on Dragon Ridge was never one of my favorites, but I still loved that map for it's uniqueness.
  7. IT'S SO PRETTY!!!!
  8. Just because you can make something work doesn't mean that you enjoy it or think that it is good.
  9. None of that makes up for how fragile it is. That fragility limits how aggressive you can be, and aggressiveness is how battles are won.
  10. They are, for the most part. Every one for tier 5 - 10 are decent except for the Izumo. It is marginally playable, but its turret layout is awful, and the 9 --> 10 grind is long enough that it will make you want to kill your self. In fact, with the exception of the Iowa and Missouri after their recent buffs, I'd say that tier 9 is not a great battleship tier. I can't comment on Lion since I haven't got to it yet. The FdG is pretty meh and might be the low point of the German BB line. the Izumo is very mediocre. So much so that I'd rather play the Amagi at tier 9/10 then the Izumo. The Iowa and Missouri are reasonably nice since they can flex around the map in ways that battleships just shouldn't be able to do. Over all I think the problem I have with the tier 9 BB's is that none of them really feel like they belong at that tier. Instead they all just sort of feel like they are actually tier 8.5. That is to say that for the most part they are more or less identical to their tier 8 brethren (expect for Izumo), but with slightly more HP and, maybe, bigger guns or more speed. Where as the jump from 9 to 10 (and also from 7 to 8 ) is much more pronounced. When you go from 9 to 10 and play your first battle in your new GK, Yammy, or Monty you just instantly know that you have gotten a bigger, better, and more badass ship then the one you had before. That is mostly missing from the tier 9 BB's.
  11. Just wait until you get to the Izumo. The biggest problem I've had with it is that I am to tempted to brawl. That ships just can't do it.