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  1. This needs to be a thing. I don't even play tanks anymore, but would still buy.
  2. Be warned. If you don't use free XP the grind to Tier 6 will make you want to kill yourself.
  3. I doesn't get much better until you get the Leander and Tier 6, and it doesn't get really good until you get the Fiji at Tier 7.
  4. The British cruisers are very unforgiving of mistakes, and are not friendly towards new players. Also, everything below tier 6 in that line sucks.
  5. Yamato: 20Montana: 21Großer Kurfürst : 23 +1 = 24 Fat and funZao: 23Des Moines: 20Hindenburg: 25Moskva:18Minotaur: 20Shimakaze: 19 Z-52: 4 -3 = 1 Someone please give this turd a swift mercy killing.Grozovoi: 14Khabarovsk: 22Hakuryu: 17
  6. Yamato: 22Montana: 19 +1 = 20 Monty isn't bad. Just misunderstood by most.Großer Kurfürst : 20Zao: 23Des Moines: 20Hindenburg: 25Moskva:18Minotaur: 23Shimakaze: 18Gearing: 14Z-52: 10 -3 = 7 Lets finish this fucker off.Grozovoi: 14Khabarovsk: 22Hakuryu: 17
  7. Yamato: 23 +1 = 24Montana: 18Großer Kurfürst : 21Zao: 20Des Moines: 18Hindenburg: 24Moskva: 20 Henri IV: 11 -3 = 8Minotaur: 21Shimakaze: 21 Gearing: 20Z-52: 18Grozovoi: 20 Khabarovsk: 21 Hakuryu: 17 Midway: 2 Up voted Yamato: ALL GLORY TO THE KING!!!! Down voted Henri IV again. Can we just hurry up with killing this turd?
  8. Yamato: 21 +1 = 22Montana: 21Großer Kurfürst : 21Zao: 20Des Moines: 17Hindenberg: 20 Moskva: 20 Henri IV: 17 -3 = 14Minotaur: 20Shimakaze: 21 Gearing: 20Z-52: 18Grozovoi: 20 Khabarovsk: 21 Hakuryu: 20 Midway: 11 I gave Yamato +1 because she is the true king of the battleships. I gave Henri IV -3 because near as I can tell that ship doesn't really seem to do anything that another cruiser can't do better.
  9. As long as both ships remain properly angled, and don't do anything stupid, close range DM v. Hindy fights are fucking brutal for both sides.
  10. This is how I shall read all of your posts from this point forward. :-p
  11. Didn't buy it. I recently found a worse money sucking black hole then this game: guns.
  12. I don't know why but I just couldn't make the Roon work worth a damn. Pretty much everyone else I know that has the Hindenburg loved the Roon, but I just couldn't make to work and hated it because of that.
  13. Hindenburg is the reward you get after suffering through the mediocre - average ships that comprises the rest of the German cruiser line. Is is good, very good. It suffers from having horrible stealth and low maneuverability, but it makes up for with by having great guns that are viable with both AP and HE and having the best protective scheme of any cruiser in the game. The Hindy can just shrug off a lot of damage be instantly fatal to any of the other tier ten cruisers. While she won't out brawl most BB's she will give them a good show, and at long range can make them regret pressing the battle button. At the same time she makes every other cruiser shit its pants as long as the Hindy captain isn't a mouth breathing retard. In the Hindenburg the only time I really fear any other cruiser is when they have created a situation where they can see me, and fire at me, without me being able to see them, because if I can see them and shoot at them they are probably going to die. Also, I disagree on your comments on the Des Moines. It is viable enough for solo play. Though I will admit that it is much stronger when played in the division.
  14. I think I've found the trashiest / most effective way to play the Dunkerque in Ranked.