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  1. So this was my score, not bad for a potato'ish computer @4K. The thing is I have a second R9 290x in the rig and it appears the test doesn't recognise the 2nd GPU. So do you think maybe I could squeak into the high performance rating if the second one was running? I know that's wishful thinking as it will probably take WG 6 years to get Crossfire/Sli working... Ohh running anything with the encore program affects the score. I ran it a second time with GPUZ open in 2 windows to see if the 2nd card was working and I got a score of 5357. :-)
  2. I also use shift to snipe and the x2 default mod. I can't for life of me understand why WG haven't made it an option in the client. I actually find the game unplayable without the x2 default mod because I don't think the shift to snipe option works very well without it. An example. Say I'm in a certain position on the map and I'm shooting at an enemy 300m away. I'll be zoomed in to maybe x6 trying to hit a weak spot or track him. Then something might happen on the other side of the map so I need to head over there, so you hit shift and off you go. Upon arriving the engagement is 100m or less you hit shift and you're still at x6! This always screws with my concentration as I struggle to fix the zoom, and almost every time I take a smack from an enemy that I didn't need to take because my concentration was broken by the zoom being wrong for me. I know nothing about coding but shirley putting an x2 default zoom in the client can't be that hard? I only use 3 mods now. The x2 zoom, Jimbos contour mod and the tank view zoom out. Getting rid of xvm was the single best decision I made in the game
  3. I know you said you don't want wireless for weight reasons. I have a set of Corsair void wireless 7.1 cans and I find them to be very good sound wise and comfy to wear. I just weight them and they come in at 376g. I looked up the set that was recommended to you and they weigh 355g... They are also twice the price, I'm sure the Sennheisers are much better quality though.
  4. @DHP. I have no issue with spending the gold required to get the free xp to get the tanks. I was really just checking that my logic was fairly sound for what I want to do as outlined in the post above. I was just checking that one of you didn't say "that's a bloody stupid way of getting there, do this instead" I'm going to have to reluctantly sell the 416 to finance the 430 II ( I will buy it back immediately when I'm finished this grind as I love it). This will leave me with 4 million odd credits for the 430, so the credit side of the grind won't be harsh and this will allow liberal gold spam in my prems to maximise xp farming. The reality is I'm looking at this option, as kind of an insurance policy to make sure I can get the 430 before the patch drops.
  5. Hello, I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this as I wasn't sure where to put it. I'm back playing tenks after a 6 month hiatus and I'm really enjoying the game again. I spotted this thread and decided i was going to drop all my grinds and concentrate on getting the 430. I had to start at the A43 and I'm now up to the 416( holy shit what a tank! I almost rage sold it at the start but instead rage free xp'd the top gun, that was a fantastic decision. A big thank you to the chap in the closed 416 thread who said "it's the best T8 TD" as that was the key for me in figuring it out) . Anywho, so I'll have the 430 II unlocked this evening as I only need another 20k xp. So here's my problem/ question. I'm not sure when the patch will drop in Feb. I only get to play for a few hours per evening so I'm not sure if I'm going to get through the 300k xp grind required to get the 430 in time once this 48% Christmas bonus finishes and we're back to normal levels of xp accumulation. I'm thinking maybe I should free xp a lump of the 430 II grind. But to do this I'll need to build up free xp and credits on prems. My plan was to power grind my good credit earning prems in parallel with the 430 II to accumulate the xp and the credits I'll need for the 430 as I'll need to keep the 430 II in my garage. Does this sound like the correct strategy to get the 2 tier 10's for the price of 1? So what I have on the lines. IS7 in garage T10 in garage with 100k that I don't want to convert as I want the new T10 heavy too. 60k free xp already 7k gold I have hundreds of boosters ( I actually never noticed them before so they were just sitting in there unused) Loads of T8 prems. So does this sound like a good strategy to get to the 430 before the patch drops? Does anyone have an alternative one maybe? The crucial thing forcing me to do it this way is I don't get a lot of time to play each day and I'm not very good. Sorry for the text wall. Not only am I shit at tanks I'm also shit at posting so sorry if none of this makes sense :-(
  6. Yes it was eye cancer for a while,still is really but tolerable now. I turned the text in Win7 up to 150% and set text in Firefox,much better. Ok so start in the 20 quid bracket until I find a winner,got it. Thank you
  7. Hello peeps :-) Ok so I had the opportunity to pick up a 4K monitor for a price I just couldn't refuse. It's the one in the link. https://www.asus.com/ie/Commercial-Monitors/PB287Q/ I don't have the hardware to run it at 4K but I will eventually. To run this particular screen @ 4K 60Hz I need to run it through a DisplayPort cable version 1.2. So my issue is my PC is about 25-30 feet away in another room. I've ran powered 10m USB's and a 10m HDMI lead to power my various peripherals. So the age old question I guess. Does cable quality matter when it comes to DisplayPort cables? The HDMI cable I'm using is a cheap piece of crap and its never given me an issue. I'm not to familiar with DisplayPort technology hence the question. Spanking you in advance
  8. I was going to suggest to you to wire a kill switch into the car :D. You can wire it from the back of the ignition too instead of the starter. Don't put it under the driver seat,that's the first place they'll check. I had mine up behind the glove box in my CRX , loads of room up there. Just a couple of points. Looking at that picture of what that bastard did to your car.. He should have been gone,he had all the hard work done! He had the ignition barrel out,he could have started the car with a tea spoon! So he either got spooked by someone/something or he's a complete fucking imbecile. Another possibility and the most plausible is your car has an early form of immobilisation which is done via a chip in the key. Does your key have a plastic body on it,or is it solid metal? If it has plastic body on it than it probably has a chip in it and that's the reason your car isn't gone! I may be wrong,my memory is a little sketchy,but if you turn on the ignition in your car and you can see a little green key symbol on the clocks then you have a key with a chip in it. :-) P.s another simple kill switch to fit and the never think to look is put one in series with the live going to the fuel pump in the boot(trunk?) Pps. Make sure he didn't snap the steering lock in the ignition! The little metal lug can sometimes drop back into the hole and your steering could lock whilst driving! Get it checked out. What a shitty feeling when some wrecks your pride and joy :-(
  9. Right here goes.. RIP Nate Dogg **pours some beer on the ground**
  10. If you can find an old Mazda MX-5 for reasonable money then buy it! Super fun car to drive. :-)
  11. 90's cars were stronk :D. Volvo/S2000 combination sounds perfect to me if I'm honest Both do exactly what it says on the tin....
  12. Nissan Quest = Nissan Prairie
  13. Sigh.. Prime time EU and 1 player online #Clamindeathspiral .
  14. Is "Miata" the American name for the MX-5? 525 break in an MX-5 lol insane. I've drove a few of the older types and without doubt they are one of the best handling and fun cars to drive period! The new shape MX-5 is the nicest one they've ever made imo..