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  1. zbran

    Newbie again

    No bother mate, hope you enjoy the game after your hiatus :-), I'm sure I'll see you around here... Ohh one more thing about the meta, HE spam is a thing now. The Jap tier 9 and 10 heavies especially! They were balanced for what would appear to be ex arty players and ex arty trolls.. they don't need to aim properly at you or pen you to do 5-600 dmg, kill your commander,gunner and driver, break your gun,engine and tracks, per shot.........................
  2. zbran

    Newbie again

    Mate, me giving you advice on playing this game would be the equivalent of Stevie Wonder giving you golf lessons. All I can say on that is the meta is now super heavies and corridor maps. Wait until you meet the glorious Type 4 and 5.. Perfectly balanced tanks.... There is still some fantastic players still knocking around here who would be far better to give you advice on tank flavours takteks etc.. There is a new MM system which is "3-5-7" 3 top tier 5 from next tier down and 7 from the next, this has completely screwed most tier 8's as they are completely useless against most heavy tanks higher than them now. There are tier 10 lights now too, the general consensus is they are completely useless as meds can pretty much do the same thing as them, but come with more HP and pen. The alternate French heavy at Tier 9 is a really nice tank, but the tier 8 before you get to the good tank is dog shit apparently. ( I free xp'd passed it after reading some of the horror stories).
  3. zbran

    Newbie again

    Yeah it's pretty handy and so far I have found most of the mods I use supported from day 1 of a patch drop. I would still be careful with the mods on there as WG have said the only do basic checks on the mods to make sure they're not in some way dodgy. Stuff like Aslians should be fine I would think as they're so popular. Like you I struggle with the vanilla client and find the game really hard to play. Any good mods? I'm probably not the right person to ask as I only use a small few. I use Solo's mod pack and everything I want is in there. It's a good pack, it has a simple scroll down menu and if you hover over a particular mod it shows a small picture of what it looks like in game, a handy feature I think. What I use is. I have to turn on XVM in the modpack, so I select standard or something like that, I don't activate it modxvm.com as I don't use it, so can't see the play colours ingame. Solo's minimal gun sights. (I'm pretty sure it's just a client config that you could do yourself in game). Jimbo's tank icons. I simply cant live (I can really) without this mod, it tells me at a super quick glance, especially in the heat of battle the make up of what's left of the teams, and it's not Eyebola either, very clean and simple unlike other ones. Dead white tanks. Does exactly what it says on the tin... zoom x2 default . I use shift to go from tank view to turret view for firing and this one's a must for me. I set aim zoom to x16 max. The tank zoom out mod ( I think it might be called Pmod of something). It zooms out about 50 bloody miles, all I want is about 2-3 clicks of the scroll wheel more than the client version, but whatever it works for me. I use a session stat mod, no idea which one it is tbh.. That's it, everything else I want is in the game, ohh just in case you weren't aware, WG have integrated most of the really popular mods into the game over the last few years. Things like the render circle and view range circle are now in the client, along with a shot direction indicator and a "which tank hit me and with what" indicator. There's loads of new stuff if you search the various menus.
  4. zbran

    Newbie again

    Hey, welcome back. Google wot mod hub. It's an official portal for mods, all of which should be approved by WG. Aslains modpack is on there.
  5. So Far Cry 5 is pretty awesome. I've not played anything in the series since Far Cry 3.

    It's a really fun game, the map looks amazing. the combat is nice too, loads of options for taking down enemies. It's a little buggy atm..

    For instance the game "auto detected"  the best settings for my system and came back with high settings @ 1080p.. I'm running a 7700k and a 1080Ti:MingLee:. I can run the game @4k ultra no sweat.

    Another bug was when I tried to liberate an outpost. I was sneaking around it, there was maybe 8-10 men, I killed 2 then I got spotted so I legged it, as I was running for my life up pops "outpost liberated".. I have no idea who liberated it but it wasn't me anyway...



    1. Tarski


      10 men there. 2 were oppressing the other 8. You liberated 8 men!

    2. DHP


      i watched Sirfoch a bit, playing that game he was basically playing with shovels for an hour just throwing them like Javelot. Pretty funny i reckon.

    3. Tman450


      I always enjoyed Far Cry games, Even Far Cry 4 was fun.

  6. Anyone else excited about the new Total War game Thrones of Britannia?  I can't wait, it looks like a proper old skool TW game, It reminds me of Medieval II. It's delayed again until May, which kinda suck, but if it means the game is better for it, then happy days.

    I'm looking forward to hearing people completely fuck up the pronunciations of the area names on YouTube, that will be fun...:megadoge:

    1. BlitzReaper


      There is a new tw game???? <333

    2. DHP


      Reading you comment made me think they made a TW game of throne

    3. zbran


      I'm sure someone will mod it with a GOT skin.

  7. Not sure if this is the correct place for this, sorry in advance if it's not. I've not played a huge amount since 1.0 dropped, but I've noticed that the maps feel much bigger now, it's almost like the scale has changed or something. I'm playing at 4k so just wondering have people noticed this at lower resolutions? Could this effect be down to the new game engine being able to generate "real 4k" compared to the old engine, so it's only now I'm seeing the game in proper 4K? I'd have to assume that 4k on the old engine was just a lower resolution scaled up for 4k if this is the case. What is it like at lower res's? I have to say I really like the new look, as I said the maps feel much much bigger now even though they're not. The field of view appears to be way better too, I can see a lot more in front of me, and it's running butter smooth on my rig.
  8. For temp monitoring I just use Cortemp for the CPU and GPUz for the graphics card. If I'm overclocking I use CPUz to keep an eye on the actual voltage draw as Cortemp doesn't display the actual voltage correctly. With regards to benchmarks, I'm not sure as I don't really use them much.
  9. I updated my Nvidia drivers for my 1080Ti yesterday. I then spent the rest of the day trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with my mouse! Its a RAT.9 wireless. I had serious "lag" issues.


    I rolled back the graphics drivers, uninstalled the mouse drivers and software, tried generic mouse drivers, I did all this multiple times in various computations to try fix the god dam mouse..


    I spent hours trawling the web for answers and I was just about to go DEFCOM 5 and do a fresh Windows install, when I saw a suggestion made by someone on a forum.


    "Have you checked is there anything stuck in the laser socket of the mouse" Naa to easy surely....I turned the mouse over to find a tiny hair like strand on the laser. I removed it and it worked perfectly again.



    What threw me off the scent at the start was the fact to mouse going wonky coincided perfectly with the instillation of the new drivers.  I suppose the lesson here is always start with simple things first and you wont end up looking like a prize plum like me:MingLee:

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      thats the first thing i check when my mouse starts acting up lmao

    2. zbran


      Twaz an epic fail for sure :MingLee: Lol.


      It was the fact that it happened at the exact same time as the new driver install that made me go for the jugular.

    3. TheMarine0341


      One of my favorite 'tricks' to do around the office is put a REALLY small piece of tape on the sensor of the mouse

  10. The last evening of "old World Of Tanks" before 1.0 drops., sad and excited in equal measure.  I will most likely miss you oWOT, even your many many......many many many flaws! It was an interesting 6 years and I thank you for them.. 



    Now jog on and make way for a non-potato graphics engine :trump:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Daerlon


      Pubbies driving in circles across the new, perfectly flat maps? Fine, we'll just farm them.

    3. kreigermann


      Its funny and a barrel of laughs when its red team doing that... but considering my luck it will be a month of pain. I will do what I normally do for any update... not gonna hit the red button for a week or so.

    4. Jesse_the_Scout


      Took a whole 3 games to see the only top tier heavy on my team simply wandering the map looking at things instead of playing.

  11. zbran

    Dead XFX R9 280X

    I got 50 euros for a broken R9 290X reference and 260 euro for a working one.
  12. Ahh yes, another WG weekend special. This time St Patrick's day! So I was just browsing through the "prizes" for the special and noticed one of the prizes for the  "Luck of the Irish" mission. It says you get "3 shamrock emblems"..


    Now I hate to piss on your parade WG, as I'm sure you've put hundreds of dev hours into this special, but.... that is not a shamrock, that is a clover. It's easy to tell them apart as the clover has 4 leaves and the shamrock has just 3. But at least you got the plant family right:MingLee:

    1. orzel286


      0/10 ign score, totally unplayable.

  13. zbran

    R9 270x dead??

    Have you tried to boot into safe mode? That may rule out an epic driver crash. If you can get it to boot into safe mode with no issues, download AMDcleanup utility. That will wipe everything AMD related on your PC. TBH, the fact you heard a "weird electronic noise" sounds like one of your components has been ammo racked :-(. I had screen tearing like that a while back on a 7970 and was told the Vram on the card was the problem.
  14. Get in! Level 10 in ranked battles! I stated 2 chevrons away from rank 10, lost the first 2 along with 2 chevrons.. I decided to tighten the belt on my man pants and carry on. The next game was a decent round for me and I picked up one chevron.

    The next map was Lakeville which I absolutely owned, even after I lost about half my HP crossing to the city from the south spawn. Got smacked by a 907 and a 268-4, both were out of render shots as I was humping the edge of the map to avoid getting hit. I still went on to fucking own their asses in the city! 5 kills and a shit load of damage. Ended up with 1150 base XP. I think I'll now retire from ranked battles...

    But probably won't:kappa: