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  1. The last evening of "old World Of Tanks" before 1.0 drops., sad and excited in equal measure.  I will most likely miss you oWOT, even your many many......many many many flaws! It was an interesting 6 years and I thank you for them.. 



    Now jog on and make way for a non-potato graphics engine :trump:

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    2. Daerlon


      Pubbies driving in circles across the new, perfectly flat maps? Fine, we'll just farm them.

    3. kreigermann


      Its funny and a barrel of laughs when its red team doing that... but considering my luck it will be a month of pain. I will do what I normally do for any update... not gonna hit the red button for a week or so.

    4. Jesse_the_Scout


      Took a whole 3 games to see the only top tier heavy on my team simply wandering the map looking at things instead of playing.

  2. Dead XFX R9 280X

    I got 50 euros for a broken R9 290X reference and 260 euro for a working one.
  3. Ahh yes, another WG weekend special. This time St Patrick's day! So I was just browsing through the "prizes" for the special and noticed one of the prizes for the  "Luck of the Irish" mission. It says you get "3 shamrock emblems"..


    Now I hate to piss on your parade WG, as I'm sure you've put hundreds of dev hours into this special, but.... that is not a shamrock, that is a clover. It's easy to tell them apart as the clover has 4 leaves and the shamrock has just 3. But at least you got the plant family right:MingLee:

    1. orzel286


      0/10 ign score, totally unplayable.

  4. R9 270x dead??

    Have you tried to boot into safe mode? That may rule out an epic driver crash. If you can get it to boot into safe mode with no issues, download AMDcleanup utility. That will wipe everything AMD related on your PC. TBH, the fact you heard a "weird electronic noise" sounds like one of your components has been ammo racked :-(. I had screen tearing like that a while back on a 7970 and was told the Vram on the card was the problem.
  5. Get in! Level 10 in ranked battles! I stated 2 chevrons away from rank 10, lost the first 2 along with 2 chevrons.. I decided to tighten the belt on my man pants and carry on. The next game was a decent round for me and I picked up one chevron.

    The next map was Lakeville which I absolutely owned, even after I lost about half my HP crossing to the city from the south spawn. Got smacked by a 907 and a 268-4, both were out of render shots as I was humping the edge of the map to avoid getting hit. I still went on to fucking own their asses in the city! 5 kills and a shit load of damage. Ended up with 1150 base XP. I think I'll now retire from ranked battles...

    But probably won't:kappa:

  6. So the below screens are from a ranked battle. I was 1 chevron away from rank 10, having not reached it yet.. My goal in the battle was to simply not lose a chevron, we got destroyed on highway after our 1 line push from the north spawn. But I though I did "ok". Then I check the results as seen in the screens below.


    How the hell did that other guy get more xp than me? This isn't an "ohh I'm so mad at WG" post I'm genuinely curious as to what exactly the other guy did(apart from the kill) better than I did. I have no knowledge whatsoever of how XP is assigned, but I would have thought that a decent combined damage total would be worth more than, what looks like, a pen shot and maybe a kill on a low hp tank, and not much else. We obviously lost the game and I lost a chevron, ohh the other guy has a 44% win rate after 5k games......





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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      It's the kill.  The kill gets weighted way more, apparently.

    3. Darvek


      But one kill is weighted much more heavily than 1800 more damage and 1k spotting? That's absurd. It's not as if the guy just edged him out in xp either, it was a pretty big margin.

    4. zbran


      It's ridiculous. The guy sat in the city with another few tanks and basically did nothing until it was too late. He got one shot of damage, then killed a low HP tank when they finally decided to push the enemy when it was too late.

  7. Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere I couldn't see it, this is pulled from a Russian Q&A apparently. The guy broke the entire Q&A up into a few separate posts which is handy imo, so be sure to go back to the main page and read the others too. My favourite bit of from this section is "The IS6 is special because of its pen" Yes WG it is specially shit because of it's pen https://thedailybounce.net/2018/02/24/developers-qa-preferential-matchmaking-premium-vehicles/
  8. Forums More expensive?? Minsk likes very much!
  9. I found the other bits interesting tbf.. " Premium ammunition is a very complex problem to fix, because some rare people on all regions still buy Premium Ammo for Gold, so they can’t directly nerf them right now because it’s prohibited by law in some countries. So, Wargaming will let everyone keep those rounds, but remove the gold price. Wargaming will wait until people shoot out all the rounds they bought for gold, which will probably be within a week, depending on how often someone shoots gold. Then they will do rebalances with them. " I might be reading into this the wrong way, but could this be a potential damage nerf to gold rounds? I think that would be a fantastic decision.
  10. Wow this is interesting! " Premium Ammunition Wargaming will remove the gold price for gold rounds after Update 1.0 and make it where only silver/credit price is left. Anton Pankov corrected the initial statement where it was said it would be in Update 1.0, by saying this was an error and the gold price removal would happen in the update after 1.0. Premium ammunition is a very complex problem to fix, because some rare people on all regions still buy Premium Ammo for Gold, so they can’t directly nerf them right now because it’s prohibited by law in some countries. So, Wargaming will let everyone keep those rounds, but remove the gold price. Wargaming will wait until people shoot out all the rounds they bought for gold, which will probably be within a week, depending on how often someone shoots gold. Then they will do rebalances with them. Wargaming said, “Wait for Sandbox, we will have changes for gold rounds there.” There are a few ways of rebalancing gold ammunition:" https://thedailybounce.net/2018/02/24/developers-qa-ranked-battles-matchmaking-game-vehicle-changes-premium-ammunition/
  11. 190mm AP pen and accuracy buff inbound Yeah, I still play the IS6 now and again. The only real difference is you have to spam gold all the time now just to compete, so it makes far less credits...well it makes far less for me. I like the idea of treating the FCM as a med in MM. I like the FCM, but can struggle in it badly at times depending on team make up/map.
  12. Right so one of my R9 290x's went bang so I'm reluctantly having to upgrade my graphics setup. I've been looking around and come to the conclusion that the right card for me is a 1080 Ti. I'm gaming @ 4K and I want a single card solution. The eventual plan in a few years time would be to add another 1080 from the 2nd hand market, when it starts to slow down again. So anywho I've been looking at the Inno3D iChill cards and I'm a little confused there seems to be 4 versions of the card available in 2 flavours. You have the iChill X3 ( with 3 fans) and the X4 has, you you guessed it, 4 fans. So the shop has 2 versions of the X3 for sale 1 costs 899 euro and the other one costs 869 euro. The only difference I can see in them is the higher clock speed on the more expensive one. 1607Mhz Vs 1569Mhz. My question is, is the difference between the really just the higher clock speed? Or is there a difference in the PCB's, with one maybe being custom? Please see the link below, they seem to have the same part numbers on the Inno3D site. P.S My reason for going for this card is simple, they are cheap compared to the more mainstream brands. The come out tops in all the benchmarks because of the aggressive overclocks. I had an Inno3D card a while back and had zero issues with it, I remember the card came with a very long warranty. Thanks in advance for the advice http://inno3d.com/products.php?refid=1&subid=&cate[]=18&cate[]=376&cate[]=356&cate[]=377&cate[]=366&cate[]=24&cate[]=25&cate[]=26&cate[]=27&cate[]=28&cate[]=29&cate[]=30&cate[]=367&cate[]=31&cate[]=32&cate[]=33&cate[]=378&cate[]=368&cate[]=358&cate[]=373&cate[]=34&cate[]=35&cate[]=36&cate[]=374&cate[]=363&cate[]=380
  13. Those bundles look like really good value, unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a European equivalent. The VAT and import charges would make them way too expensive for me :-)
  14. Ahh yes of course, the manufacturers would have their margin on the board they supplied to the AIB's, I would suspect it's the retailers that are profiting the most from all this mining stuff. After thinking about it a bit I think, for me personally now is the right time to upgrade. I have a 4K screen, it's hard to go back down resolution wise as a single R9 290x just doesn't cut it. I get about 45 fps in Tenks with some of the main fps eaters like water quality turned down. Games like BF1 are unplayable, Warhammer TW was unplayable even with 2 R9's going :D. I'm not a FPS whore and don't really want everything set to a million percent in the settings. I found 4K with medium to high settings running 2 R9's a far nicer experience than say 1600p or 1440P with high/max settings. Realistically it will be the summer before the new boards come out and a few months more before we get high volumes of the AIB boards. Both of those time periods will be a bad time for me to buy. I will have very little interest in gaming in the summer plus summer holidays for a family are expensive and then Xmas is only around the corner after that. This time of the year is optimal for me to spend on something like a GPU :-). This time next year, if the new boards were substantially better that the 1080 Ti I could look again at upgrading. So really I think my only decision is which one to get. Any suggestions would be welcome, if anyone owned a particular board and has an opinion that would be great. I'd like to not spend more than 1000 euros.
  15. More useful info, thank you. If they blocked them from mining then their value would drop, can't see how NV would square that circle. Interesting...
  16. Hmm interesting points. Did EVGA cards not have major issues recently though? I thought I remember reading something about it. It wouldn't worry me too much though, they've all had various "issues" over the years. I couldn't find many reviews of the iChill cards, but the ones I saw were mainly positive about the card. If it's noisy I'm not really concerned as my PC is in another room and I use powered USB's and a display port cable for keyboard, monitor, mouse etc in my living room, zero noise is great :D. With regards to the 20xx cards are they completely new cards or revisions of the architecture? Any clues to the % performance increase ? Would the likely root a launch be. The 2080 comes out and matches the 1080Ti for less money or slightly better then 1080Ti for similar money? I'd expect the 2080Ti not to appear until late 2018 early 2019? I can't see how they are going to be cheaper with the demand from miners set to increase. I know all the board makers have good intentions wanting gamers to have the cards, but its not really worked with this gen. Hmm, I hate these types of decisions.
  17. Yeah but we could be waiting 3/4 months for them to arrive no? I can get a 1080 Ti for about 850 euros. But i have loads of gear im going to sell on so I'll only end up paying about 300 for the 1080 Ti. As i said I'd plan to add a 2nd 1080 later on if/when required.
  18. So I finally got around to di-lidding my 3770K. I didn't have any of that fancy silver thermal paste so just used a little Artic silver 5. Stock temps dropped 20c across the board.  I was never able to get any type of overclock on this chip as it seemed like a bad one.  I went into the bios, selected voltage offset then gave it a negative  -.075v and stuck the multiplier at 44. 20 minutes on prime 95 and it's stable.  Max temps 81/84/87/83c @1.296v Max. I reckon I can get that voltage way down. 


    Just a quick question.  What is the ballpark voltage at idle for these chips?


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    2. Folterknecht


      This is the best OC-Guide for Ivy/Sandybridge I know off:



      Stay with german->engl, if you don't understand german. Google works with that combination.



    3. Haswell


      IIRC the "safe" voltage for 24/7 usage is 1.3v. Anything higher you risk significantly degrading the lifespan of your chip.

      No idea if Asus boards still have voltage regulation issues since the last board I owned was a P8P67 Pro, but you're on the right track using voltage offsets.

      As Folt said before idle voltage is meaningless if you leave the C-states on.

    4. zbran


      Thank you for the advise peeps, much appreciated.:)

  19. Finally......


    Mission completed! Reward:

    Vehicles added: T 55A (crew 100%)
    Slots added: 1

  20. Woohoo! After God knows how many tries I finally got SPG-15 secondary mission for the T28HTC! Now I have 12 orders to play with. If I complete 5 more LT missions I'll be able to unlock the T55A!

    I'm sorry to all those poor players I've had to shit on to get the mission done, except Mongol 4 and Mongol 5 players, you cunts deserve it and I took great pleasure in pissing on your chips!

  21. So 3 games in the 430U. W1/L1/D1 and got MT15 for the T55A. Sweet. Am I right in thinking that male and female crews can now mix and BIA/SIS works? If so then it's a no brainer not to make all the females commanders no? I can put up with potato crew members as it doesn't really take long to train the up, 6th is by far the most valuable skill, at least for me anyway.


    1. TAdoo87


      Yes you can mix them, and it makes sense to put them as commander. There is already crew role retraining so you can change it later on.

    2. zbran


      Thanks for the confirm. I'm raging now that I wasted 3 girls finishing my E50M crew from the Xmas crews :-(. Still I have 4 unassigned girls in my barracks and they are all going to be commanders.

    3. Errants


      I've been slowly reworking a LOT of my crews. Recently did a respec in DE and USSR, every lady is a CO now. Makes sense, since they're nation locked, put them in the most skill intensive slot.

      Also merit in using full zero-skill BiA personnel for 3 man crews, as they've got more skills for less people.

  22. Having contracted a life threatening strain of man-flu, I've been unable to play the game since the new patch dropped :-( . But after consuming copious amounts of drugs the WHO and CDC have informed me I should be ready to go Sunday!

    1. Darvek


      Congrats, you've missed 3 days of games with 4-7 broken TDs on each side.

    2. Haswell


      I think this is a good time to start quitting the game. You know, when you already have a few days head start.

  23. That's not too bad really. I get between 40 and 90 to the servers in Germany. EU3 Dublin should be a thing. Everyone's a winner
  24. AMX M4 mle 1951 Appreciation thread

    So my birthday present to myself was the gold to free xp past the 65T. This feels like a really nice tank! I went for the turret first, the 65T turret was dog shit! ( feel sorry for anyone on that 65T grind). Cant wait to get tge tracks and engine.
  25. I expect the Jap lights to have 250mm of effective armour at the front, and an autoloading derp gun with 500 dmg per shot...