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  1. rubicon by another name? 'don't worry you don't have to spend gold, just bonds'
  2. i want one too
  3. Yeah, saying meds are obsolete now is pretty hyperbolic, the lights just don't have the same allround capability.
  4. I don't but you do have a good point. Yeah I was using the 85 right up until the patch even though people said I was dumb. I loved the handling and RoF, felt like a downtiered 62A gun.
  5. Was going to take the changed 132 out for a run, but I'm not entirely sure which gun to go with. It no longer has a viable 85 to use, but the first 100mm has better APCR than the top 100mm. Is it worth having the gun that is slightly worse in all other respects for the higher pen?
  6. Probably too hard for them to figure out a way for those things to gain the player xp
  7. I don't even know At first I just assumed bot but I watched the replay of the battle I noticed him in and he did move at least at first. for reference, excuse the shitty batchat play
  8. what is your stance on the stealing of fizzy lifting drinks???
  9. only got enough points for the random box coz i didn't care about any of the tanks but i swear i've gotten kits every single time from those things
  10. I just realized that both the quotes in Schnitzel's sig are from the same guy. That's pretty fantastic.
  11. Well this is disappointing.
  12. Did anyone notice what happens with equipment on current lights? Demounted and sent to the depot?
  13. They're giving compensation if you own the LTTB and Ltwt