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  1. Armor: 304,8 / 101,6 / 31 355 / 101,6 / 38
  2. These things are coming in the next patch, wonder how much they'll change during ST/CT.
  3. Anyone playing this? I just started a few days ago, it's pretty fun, I quite like cobbling together a vehicle from bits and pieces. Economy seems weird in that you're pretty much better off earning and selling resources to then buy equipment from the market instead of crafting it yourself, but it works I guess.
  4. I guess WGs thinking is that the lower hp/ton ratio, longer clip reload and intraclip balances out the better alpha/clip damage and viewrange. Funny that it has more damage in a clip than the 13 90 though.
  5. awful panther (puke) the ELC seems pretty decent though
  6. so they're basically indirectly encouraging arty use to free up orders? fun stuff
  7. interested to see how this will work in terms of the rewards. i already bought camo for the 55a
  8. Did they drop the hull armour buff for the 4202? They only mentioned the turret and mobility buffs in the article.
  9. It should, but it won't. People with more money than sense always buy first and complain later, and there's a lot of those in the WoT community.
  10. this shitter for buying an account and then trying to brag about the overall when he's bringing the account down every time he plays it: (also for firing HE every shot with a T34 at tier 10s and then defending the resulting 294 damage from 8 shots as a good result. definitely originally his account rite guys )
  11. seems like another tank that will be annoying to play and play against. though probably pretty fun when the gun behaves itself
  12. lmbo the Type 62's AP is the same velocity as its HEAT, a whole 793 m/s. still, despite that it's pretty fun these days

  13. i wouldn't mind except it's the same post he made verbatim on the official forums