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  1. JoJo too OP :cri:


    1. Marty


      Eh it was just JoJo's streamer RNG/MM :kappa:

  2. especially when you get them all in a row, one after the other? forgive the , i was already pretty tilted but the missions compelled me to keep playing
  3. tbf its not like the defender and chrysler are much of a problem anymore since they're fighting tier 10s every battle
  4. What Breeeze said. As for the last part, they're both 'top' guns though, it's not like you have to grind through one to get the other. I'm all for having different viable setups. That said I don't disagree that it's an overall nerf, in that you don't get both better dpm AND better accuracy/handling.
  5. They're trying to make both viable instead of having one that is obviously far superior if you're willing to fire HEAT.
  6. The thing is that every time a Type 5 shell swerves to a UFP or turret it still does damage, every other non-HE tank would just bounce. 700 ranked battles?
  7. OP plays his a fair bit, dunno how to find a batch of his games though. There's one battle in it at 1:32 in this
  8. wonder why they haven't included a 34-3 buff in this patch since it has a bit of a chinesey theme with the 121 buff and wz5a introduction.
  9. first tier 8 game all session and this is the team I get
  10. I see why people love this thing: Pulled that one back from a 3 vs 5.
  11. TBF reluctor was in a panther fighting a 4202
  12. Oh tier 4, thought it was tier 6ish. Guess the poodle (or is it pronounced puddle?) makes a bit more sense then.