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    Patch 1.0 - HD Maps and other things

    I only played 2 games on test, got Mali and Nebelburg which both seem to operate much the same. Main things I noticed was the lack of damage indication, was fighting a 140 on Mali hill and only noticed getting shot once, looked at my health and saw I'd been hit 3 times. Other thing was that the graphics are somehow worse for me.
  2. WorldConqueror

    How to complete T55A sky cancer missions?

    He's pretty spot on though, even if off topic. haHAA
  3. Pretty hyped that Italians are finally coming, final WW2 major and all. The autoreloader is an interesting concept, intrigued to see how it actually works in action. Name is dumb though.
  4. -The tier 10 following the T-10 will be the Obj. 777 II -The tank following the Obj. 430 II will not have a fully traversable turret. -Both tanks will come in 9.22. According to TAP. Wonder if the 777 will get updated before release, it doesn't seem too impressive on
  5. grinding bonds is so painful, especially on a low pop server where it's rare to get an all tier 10 game :babyrage:

    1. Zepherex


      Just run a 3 man tier 10 platoon. The new 3-5-7 mm model loves to shaft those with tier 12 games.

  6. WorldConqueror

    Best tier 8 LT (tech tree only)

    Someone else who liked the 85mm on the WZ? I loved that gun.
  7. WorldConqueror

    Ikv 90 Typ B, T7 TD

    this thing has got to be in the top 3 worst tanks ever. mediocre accuracy, bad bloom, bad alpha, turns like a boat, chugs along at 30kms most of the time, no armour (to be expected with this line but when you're forced to poke the gun over or around something you're still exposing the entire width of the flat top plate). have the stock engine tbf so hopefully that will help the mobility to some extent, but geez. my DPG in this is far worse than in the tier 6 atm. on another note why is the accuracy of the stock gun so bad? it goes from .34 on the tier 6 to .4 on this
  8. WorldConqueror

    Tiger (P), how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

    i gotta buy this again sometime. should have finished the vkb when they were splitting the lines but i was lazy and hate spamming the same tank over and over
  9. i don't think anyone is surprised that that's the crowd that WG caters to, but rather in the way they choose to justify it, and/or just obfuscate the point the question was making. if they just said 'we gave the types HE guns and standard round proof armour coz the low skilled people need some variety beyond arty' it'd be disappointing but at least honest. but it's infuriating for them to say 'people don't like oneshots but they don't see the low rolls' when 400 damage on a nonpen is a low roll. it completely dodges the point
  10. WorldConqueror

    Post Your Camo Ideas!

    who's done an all white ferdi?
  11. yeah, they basically consistently manage to miss the point. the weakspots aren't weak, so people load gold to go through the front. people don't complain about the gun because of one shots (though they are ridiculous), but because HE guns (especially of that size) negate any kind of armour use.
  12. "A lot of people say that the recently added weakspots aren’t weak, but the statistics say something else." " We think that the Types don’t break the game, becaause they’re hard to play. When a Type 5 oneshots someone, then everyone yells OP, but they don’t see the earlier misses or low rolls."
  13. WorldConqueror

    ST VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher

    that's gotta be the worst power to weight in the game, think the lowest prior to this thing was the matilda with 7ish
  14. so the 1 year of prem deal goes from 50% off last year to 15% this year :serb:

    1. hazzgar


      Weren't such deals available a few times this year already?

    2. Errants


      Made it another easy hard pass for me - Meh Light Tank, Prem I already own, and then shit discount. More money for later in the year!

  15. I'd say you're better off with optics. How aggressive you can be depends on the matchup, top tier you can be pretty aggro coz only heavies/TDs can pen you without prem. If you're not top tier you want to be playing more in the second line, trying to poke when they're distracted or reloading. And try to use your gun depression as much as possible, using full 6 degrees takes your armour from 215ish to 250ish. There should be a decent amount of FT games in here:
  16. WorldConqueror

    British TD changes

    Armor: 304,8 / 101,6 / 31 355 / 101,6 / 38
  17. WorldConqueror

    French Heavy ST Stats

    These things are coming in the next patch, wonder how much they'll change during ST/CT.
  18. WorldConqueror

    132 gun choice: old debate in a new form

    Was going to take the changed 132 out for a run, but I'm not entirely sure which gun to go with. It no longer has a viable 85 to use, but the first 100mm has better APCR than the top 100mm. Is it worth having the gun that is slightly worse in all other respects for the higher pen?
  19. WorldConqueror


    Anyone playing this? I just started a few days ago, it's pretty fun, I quite like cobbling together a vehicle from bits and pieces. Economy seems weird in that you're pretty much better off earning and selling resources to then buy equipment from the market instead of crafting it yourself, but it works I guess.
  20. I guess WGs thinking is that the lower hp/ton ratio, longer clip reload and intraclip balances out the better alpha/clip damage and viewrange. Funny that it has more damage in a clip than the 13 90 though.
  21. awful panther (puke) the ELC seems pretty decent though
  22. WorldConqueror

    9.20.1 Personal Missions

    so they're basically indirectly encouraging arty use to free up orders? fun stuff