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  1. How does the 62 compare to the 'new' 131 though? That's my main concern and I've lost track of the changes.
  2. these are the people you rely on to shoot people when they poke in the open on you in an aggressive position


    1. MacusFlash


      Bots, my friend. These are human bots.

    2. DirtyACE7


      People? They just look like human beings but have much more in common with a sack of rotten potatoes.

  3. Ohh, gotcha. Then I agree with you. Just don't think the guns are good enough to be used as a major part of a force. Ltwts work in tier 8 competitive stuff coz their firepower is equivalent to tier 8 meds as well as being superior in other areas.
  4. try to play lights for the fucking stupid mission. get pilsen, paris and ensk. decide to drop in tiers and play elc. get screwed by map AND rng

    1. WorldConqueror


      seriously am i doing something wrong or what. very next game:

    2. Assassin7


      trying to play anything is getting game after game with faggots in Maus's/Panzer 7s/Type 5s.

      This patch has brought me extremely close to uninstalling with these retarded idiot proof piles of shit at fucking tier 10

    3. WorldConqueror


      yeah they definitely make tier 10 more painful, nothing like seeing a pubby maus stroll through an entire flank and take 1 shot of damage while doing so

  5. why would anyone take 5 lights. i'd figure 2 max
  6. They're pretty damn useful if you don't have the gold to retrain your crew for every tank you grind through.
  7. Seems like Soviet heavies is the obvious choice since you already have 2 prems and probably have a good crew ready to go.
  8. lol, didn't he say he wouldn't come back until serb sucked his dick or something
  9. haha, knew i was bad but thought i at least knew how to hit/pen my shots. apparently not. in other news think i've broken my hand again

  10. that was the Vietnamese server I think
  11. I have enough gold for this now, how does the 200 apcr/250 heat hold up these days?
  12. I took the gold for the Skoda, so between that and wgl fantasy I should have enough for a Ravioli. That or scrounge up a bit more for a Lowe, haven't quite decided.
  13. Just realized this thing (and the KR) gets worse APCR than the SuperPershing. Wonder what the logic behind that is.
  14. Not any more
  15. Do we need a new one of these to account for the Defender?
  16. The_Wolfman_1 from this game He hit some good shots at crucial times including 2 on a Maus that I was hesitant about engaging, really helped to close out the game.
  17. Am I missing something with these shots on the IS4? 230 pen vs 160mm of barely angled armor?

    1. MacusFlash


      He was angled enough to do the job against your HEAT shells. I'm not sure if you hit tracks (don't own freecam atm) but with low penetration roll even hitting only main armor wasn't 100% chance.


      Edited by MacusFlash
    2. WorldConqueror


      Ah bugger, so it was me being dumb then. Went in expecting to take a hit but to kill him :facepalm:


      At least I had this game just after  Random 47% E4 driver came through big, popping people at all the right times, including 2 shots into a Maus that I was really hesitant about engaging.

    3. Cunicularius


      Don't use the 85mm if you can help it.

  18. Not if it was clear that I was And I have been laughing, through most of this thread. (At you)
  19. Even tomatoes could laugh at a guy who is the embodiment of
  20. idk you seem to get super quiet in daki's stream whenever i throw a your way
  21. Sounds like it was one of these: I want a coupon
  22. All I want is an acceptable camo rating