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  1. How the frig do you blow a turbo on a digger? (i totally didn't have to look it up)
  2. Wow.... I'm glad he is ok though, i would have crapped myself if that happened to me. Now you better put twin 88mm precision turbos on it an blow that engine to new zealand
  3. tier 7 mm is great now.... you get top tier or mid tier a lot, not too much bottom tier, and the 131 has 230 heat pen... the gun works whatever mm you get thrown in, i just miss the view range i used to put out in it, mine is down form 453 or something without food to 425, which is actually really noticable
  4. 59 16, wz 131, 132 are the most viable I like the wz131 the best, its still amazing even after the changes.... along with the t71 (which is a tiny bit better, but they have a different playstyle so its fine) the wz131 is my favourite tank atm
  5. hehe my handwriting is terrible at best with my left... and my right hand is about as dextrous as a potato
  6. AArrgghhh my left wrist was healing from a sprain, so i thought it would be ok to play in my soccer match... gets fouled, lands on it, hurts, lands on it again.... has to go to emergency. Apparently its not a break, just a really bad sprain but I'm in constant pain even though I'm on ibuprofen,, paracetamol and codeine..... And I'm left handed Rip.
  7. Ehhh finally aced the e100... suprised how little damage it took- 6464 damage, 1296 base xp

    1. SaintLaurentius


      It's not about damage dude

    2. garryallen


      Ooh how then is xp calculated... i thought it was mostly from damage, and the base xp looked low for tier 10

    3. SaintLaurentius


      Winning or losing, how many kills, did you survive, getting epic medals, who spotted the damage you did(shooting at your own spots is the most valuable), were the tanks you shot equal, lower, or higher tier than you etc.

  8. I am averaging 1400 damage and 4.5k wn8 (not that it matters anymore) in the t71- if a potato like me who likes ramming hts in scouts can do it anyone can
  9. I was kinda ranting and not necessarily going with what would be best... but it is possible to nerf the tanks without "nerfing" them hehehehe and i thought of the patriot in comparison to the pershing would be (more) balanced if it risked a lot of damage when it peeked... think ht verison of the 59 patton sort of maybe i dont know rip it also makes the patriot different to the t32, not just better Plus it suits wg as noone gets refunded
  10. You know what might help?? GIVING THEM FRIGGIN WEAKSPOTS.... a tank that needs gold to be penned is not a tank that should be in the game, i agree with foch 100% on his points about weak spots, though more from a balance side (rather than a shooting at weak points makes the game fun side)- the new tanks would be 100% fine if the defender had a weakpoint (like a hatch) on each pike, the patriot had a 59 patton style cupola, the liberte had tiger p cheeks and the chrysler K(ancer) had the mg ports and a pennable cupola... kinda like a tier 8 version of the prebuff vk B. these tanks would all still be effective, but not as strong as they are because they would no longer be invulnerable unless handled skillfully. All of these could be fixed without directly "nerfing" the tanks, just by giving them hd models Except the maus. that need sdpm nerfs and the armour back to what is was... im fine with it having a big slab of hp and good gun handling as long as it can't win a dpm battle with a 400 alpha tank
  11. I still want to talk about cars because its easier than talking about this crap but im 11 pages late now or something so nvm Just wondering if circon has pulled out of being a cc.... he seems like the sort of guy that would. and do you think it may be possible that jedi and jingles especially pulling out of ccing and receiving so much support for it will cause other ccs to pull out too?
  12. Sorry about that though putting a huge v8 in an old ford or holden would be fun, though i probs will never do anything like this because i have no skill with cars
  13. I thought i was *ok* at the lep pta before i came here... hehe 50% wins with a 1.1 damage ratio (i think it was jsust before 2nd buff) I want to rebuy now, it was fun as all hell
  14. Ooeerrr im about ten pages late but you guys all seem to like big block v8s.... am i the only one who wants a supra or gt86/frs/brz with a 1jz/2jz swap??