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  1. but wg would put it tier 7 because balance dar!!!! or decide hey lets be historical and actually give it the 2 degrees of gun depression, along with a 20 second reload.
  2. Memes aside XD, noone really look at that, but if you are interested in your session stats, then get yasenkrakens thing or vbaddict, though i had problems with the dossier uploader thingamebob (im a potato when it comes to technolomology) i think it might just stop counting results from 24 hours previous, but i don't think it matters much at all, as day performance isn't an accurate indicator, go to 60 day/1000 battles and look at the difference if you want to see general trends in increase. Its always good to meet new people and see them come to wotlabs we have memes
  3. ^ smart guy everyone be like him wait no hes dumb, and so am i because we still play wot
  4. What should i get as my next is3 crew skill?

    im planning on keeping this crew in the is3 for now, maybe eventually transferring to the t10/is7. maybe even a medium if a can be stuffed to go down those lines. i have 3 skills at the moment, full bia, full repairs, then sixth sense, snap shot, smooth ride, and safe stowage. generally id go vision bc i often go for vision on meds/ heavies, but the is3 has such cancer vr that doesn't really matter. joat doesnt do much bc of tyhe new medkits, so i wasn't sure if there are any useful skills left (i run afe so no need for firefighting, getting set on fire twice within 90 seconds happens once in 2000 games?)

    Are there any you guys recommend?

    1. WhatTheSkara


      My T-10 crew (former IS3 and IS7) has bia, repairs, firefighting and gun handling.

      If i have to drop something for food i usually go for fire ext, especially on RU heavies it's the best thing since fuel tanks and engine are at the back of the tank, it means only arty and/or someone buttraping you can set you on fire. which should never happen btw.

      View range skills are a waste, 350m base doesn't get you anywhere..

      if you have a spare commander skill go for joat, the driver dies quite frequently and you can still drive without looking like a tier 8 tog.

  5. I see where you are coming from, and i struggled in ranked battles too. however, your reward should be directly correlated to your skill level, and therefore it wouldn't be fair to have different leagues. a 52%er could ace the 49-52% sector, as a broad example, while a 53%er would suck in the 53%-56% league- the rewards wouldn't be fair for every player. the rank system is meant to reward greater skill, but it didn't work out well last time bc wg don't know how to implement good ideas properly. I felt the rewards weren't too bad the first time around, so why should they be changed? Wut? i think the no. 1 thing they should have done is remove arty from it, i would have been pumped and rebalance the type 5 and maus more XD Regards, some guy on the sea server who quit in rank two in the first season.
  6. Even if it wasn't policy, i still feel like it would be in wgs best interests to credit the guy with gold, or even to give him a choice of premium tanks he wants (imo it would make wg look like nice guys) but then i guess he'd spend less money on the game so i can see why they dont. the shifty part is the policy change- its too well timed to be coincidental, and therefore seems to be a reaction to this event. whatever you guys say or fight about, a change in policy due to something like this suggests wg don't know the meaning of customer relations, and it also shows that they aren't wiling to kepe their promises i guess. @Marty, i can see where you are coming from in a way, but your attitude was really off in my opinion. i don't think the news sites should be blamed, they generally don't do a terrible job i think. the main drama is the change in policy AS A RESULT of what occured- its the change in policy, not that he ws eventually reimbursed after wg messed around for a bit. Doesn't really make you look better. And @Ickus, you kinda did the same thing tbh- Soooo salty That looks like a genuine trump quote, but apart from that, there are far better insults, and why insult someone in the first place? What do you gain? (i bet someone will comment something like "a warm fuzzy feeling inside" XD) What is this, the official forums or something? I thought you guys generally didn't like the official forums? Just my two cents, you don't have to agree
  7. wait i thought the choice was either be wargamings slave or quit the game?
  8. WHHHATATTTATATATAT WHEN oh wait *serb spam incoming* jokes im not that mean *BOOP* there we go, have another serb! I really like this image XD Okay now ive changed it to 30-12, i might later change to 24-18
  9. how much of a difference does 30mm of pen mean? is it worth carrying any at all with a standard acc, only tier 6-7 prems and a tendency to run out of ammo bc of my terrible hit rate (still like 60-70%). i can't afford to fire apcr when ap might do, so i dont often carry much on autoloaders. that being said, and noting 1 clip of prem ammo is dumb (Mixed loadout with not enough gold to be useful), should i run 30-0, 18-12, 12-18, or full sprem and play 8 tiers 7 battles for every bc battle?
  10. yeah my results were roughly similar as well and grand battles are just big tier ten battles so why would they use different formulas if they both give bonds. oh wait its wg im surprised they didnt
  11. Just drew a game because killing one arty with 6 mins left is apparently really hard...:facepalm:. id already got ten kills though so im gud *cries*:notlikethis:

  12. just remember pubs are pubs, but yeah the more information you provide the higher the chance something will happen
  13. its good to see you here, i had to put it into google translate to understand because im australian but its cool seeing people from other countries join
  14. but to make sure that it is balanced they will also make accuracy and pen worse lol. probably untrue but it seems like something wg would do. though speaking of ammo capacity i dont understand why the scouts have a low ammo capacity- wouldn't more ammo mean more shots taken because u wont run out... which means higher battle costs, a greater need for prems to make money, and therefore more money for wg? wait i see what they are doing..... i just played myself.