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  1. WOHOO I LOVE READING SALT ON THE FORUMS seriously though sabre ferret is a muppet... id say he was the biggest idiot on the forums but theres nameiscrapimretarded and a whole host of others who are on a whole new spectrum Your search for the term rigged returned 332 results guess who was the poster of the first result was? NameWasStolenStresslevel#27 *it wasn't some retarded rant but its still funny it turned out that way Have another serb because i rly like this image... i need to add it to my tag thingy ehh im lazy and cant be stuffed working out how someone tell me pls
  2. i never bothered at all stuff the sea forum actually stuff wot i just really like this picture XD
  3. eehh mebbe.. hes kinda the typical salty pubbie from what I remember... though im probably thinking of the wrong person
  4. ooh actually the t71 is weak pls buff wg that gud?
  5. Then you realise a guy on sea has done it over 131000 times..... and gasai yuno has done it in the e25 a few thousand more times than i have done it over all my battles
  6. I'm looking at all these guys going 2.5k is knowing what microing is and knowing to not go to the middle of the field on malinovka and try to outspot campers..... I'm an idiot who can't micro, with australian internet, a potato for a laptop with a wireless mouse and a keyboard that needs to be plugged in bc the laptop one died, and terrible hand eye coordination, and i pull stunts like yoloing a maus in a 200hp leopard one because why not. 2.5k wn8 is driving around and shooting a bit in a cromwell. 4.5k wn8 is driving around and shooting a bit in a t71 (less than 1400 average damage is 4.5k wn8 wut?) 4.5k wn8 in something other than a t71 takes some skill yeah. But seriously, if you are at 2k recent, you are doing well... the unicums are just haters XD. in internet tanks, there will be people like Xena, carbon and kewei who pull off ridiculous stuff and wonder how everyone else ties their shoelaces... it is the same in real life, in everything there is always someone who is so damn good they make everyone else look stupid. id be pumped with 2k wn8. but listen to these guys when they say focus on winning not wn8, and focus on improving as a player. wn8 comes as a result of improving (and also padding in the t71)
  7. there are so few good players that any change in tomato wr isnt due to the good players losing more
  8. Welp this has been a great welcome guys well done all round
  9. Not anymore. There's a new kid on the block. ehh it's old by now but still retarded. rip tiger 2, you will be missed
  10. This happened a while ago but its still funny people think someone as bad as me uses cheats like you uniscum.

    angryreaper (8:15:44 PM) get some better cheat mods u still suck at tanking lol

    garryallen (8:22:53 PM) hey you know what your a pretty funny guy, i like you, ill send you the cheats i use to help me to pad my stats so i dont suck

    garryallen (8:22:59 PM) *you're

    garryallen (8:23:32 PM)

    1. saru_richard


      were does that link lead you? 

    2. Fulcrous


      Probably a website that will give you a keylogger to the registered e-mail account when you sign up lmao

    3. garryallen


      I dunno its just the dumbest website i could find

      Hi, I present you the most recent World Of Tanks hack program that can do anything. Improve your damage, attack, defense, infinity gold, no coldown and much, much more.... You can also increase your level and add any tank from the game in your collection. Downloading this program is very easy, just go to "Download Hacks & Cheats" and start downloading. Installation is simple and fast. Enjoy the game :)


  11. Ahh, after the realisation that the patch 9.20 nerfs to batchat and t57 are killing off my next two tier ten possibilities, just like they did with the leopard (meh from start) and the E100 (power creeped by Maus)

    In light of that, what are some other tier tens i can get?

     Btw Screw the Maus id fall asleep grinding it (+ i hate the tigger p)

    I like heaviums/mediums/lightiums XD- i was thinking about 113 but i dont play cws much if at all and im in a crap clan so nvm and its meh in pubs, in terms of light crossovers, maybe the wz132-1 if i seriously have nothing better to do

    Currently i am thinking maybe a rusky med. however im only at the tier 5 and i dont like the mehness of the tier 7 and 8 meds, its where i always get stuck, but the t54 and t62a/object 140 are worth it

     Probably going for the over-buffed 30B- i have a batchat 12t in my garage with 80k xp on it, it would be a pretty simple grind.

    Any other suggestions?

    credits are always an issue but lying to myself feels better than facing the facts so yeah

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    2. How_Terrible


      Two years ago if you had asked me what are ten phrases i'll never see in my life my list would have included "President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump", "power creeped by Maus", and "The Chicago Cubs, your 2016 World Series champions".

    3. simba90


      Wait, nerfs to the T57 HT?

    4. garryallen


      yeah ive heard about the 30b buffs.. which is the only reason i would ever consider it. im sea not na though so i dunt get dat :(

  12. sadly, what is good for wg and what is good for the game are two very different things
  13. Ooh can you guys forgive me playing cancer in order for wg to nerf it? i'd be happy to AFK because arty is boring grind few a through lines if it means wg "balancing" them XD