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  1. bc its so rare wen they see it they bounce off the upper plate the make posts in the forums "vk 7201 too op plz nerf"
  2. *slightly better aimtime and accuracy* this really is a hull down warrior. its great to se ewg actually thinking about tanks sometimes *cough cough object 252*
  3. So are there any differences other than the fact that this will be a hulldown beast?
  4. WG have understood the sheer idiocy of 99% of their playerbase and have provided an amazing solution. You aim in the general direction of the target, double tap the 2 key, and right click, before firing. Its that simple. Props to wg
  5. iT'S RUSSIAN. EVERY SHELL GOES WHERE YOU AIMED IT especially in a game where accuracy matters sooo much
  6. If its mittengard, the alpha of the 122 heat means tat you need to poke twice- to two shot anything form close range. they cant play vision game if you play city unless you are stupid. the kv1s with the 85mm can't out dpm the 122 due to first shot dpm- 85 needs 4-5 shots=12-16 seconds, 122 need 2 shots- 10 seconds, or trade 1 for one and the 122 always wins, bc the range is so low the potatoness of the gun doesn't matter one bit. Hope this helped
  7. so have we all come to the conclusion that paris is retarded?
  8. oh crap just realised i tripled posted in ask a unicum can someone fix it please? i don't know how bc im dumb

    1. Joyrider216
    2. garryallen


      is that a yes i canfix it or a yes someone can fix it? :)

  9. Hey everyone, ive had paris a few times in my least few battles, and realised that i have no idea what to do on this map. i can't brawl in heavies or mediums, and using the north for scouting is campy as heck and doesn't influence the game. i was wondering how you guys brawl (positions) and where you go in a scout. replays, positions, guidance, whatever, anything will help. thanks, garry.
  10. I'm feeling salty today so imma trigger other people Type 59 - 23 WZ-111 - 17 112 - 20 T-34-3 - 17 59-Patton - 14 AMX CDC - 14 FCM 50 t - 22 M4A1 Rev. - 21+1=22 don't have this tank, but that gun is sexy. also i like annoying ppl with bad colours. It's available, so ill use it, just like Mr. Gasai Yuno. AMX M4 49 - 20 leKpz M41 90mm - 21 Skorpion - 21 Panther 88 - 20 Lowe - 24 Kanonenjagdpanzer - 8-3=5 no armour, hp, and gun would be okish at best on a medium. I'm writing this in purple because it reminds me of Gasai yuno, who's stint at wotlabs was slightly more successful than this tank, because both purple and this tank trigger me, and because this tank was meant to be like an e25, but ended up an indien panzer without a turret, armour, or hp. GG WG Pz. 58 Mutz - 20 Jagdtiger 8.8cm - 2 STA-2 - 22 FV4202 (P) - 14 T26E4 - 18 T34 - 20 M46 KR - 21 T26E5 (Patriot) - 21 T-54 Mod. 1 - 17 IS-6 - 20 KV-5 - 20 T-44-100 - 21
  11. Australia should get the sentinel, just with bigger penises on the front.
  12. Plays for the first time in a month.... 10 games, 800 average wn8. next try, 4-5 days later.... 12 games, 4k wn8 XD

  13. Cromwell is love, cromwell is life, cromwell is also a great padder. potato gun handling does nothing to balance it out. id rather have a cromwell than a comet in a tier 7-8 matchup, the speed and maneuverabilty add so much to the tank (i have similar dpgs in both XD) all in all, I'd suggest a cromwell
  14. aw did an ok job... or have they removed it? i haven't looked at aw in ages
  15. and to solo pub 60% in (i had 58% in the cromwell b back when i had 1700 recent) and to triple platoon in (3 greens can go over 65% easy) and to make credits (not counting prem tanks) and to rape broken jap superheavies (heh oi too tall) and to have fun in. Just get a cromwell XD