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  1. Might grind a church gc out after exams then
  2. Agreed- noway are they removing arty.... and get me the stream on which they said it at the very least pls, I'm not sure that its just whoever runs the site spraying bs out of his ass.
  3. Just one of the many reason i have been on the official forums once this year and left immediately. I don't know hwy you guys bother, other than to farm salt i guess... hmm maybe i can be the Gasai yuno of the sea official forums
  4. Ewwwww Yuck i just googled that RAGRETS
  5. Which i have not been doing as prelim exams are next week and taking up a lot of my time... what time is spent on wot is spent lolling not getting salty chasing missions... playing wot relaxed as heck is actually quite nice i should do it moar
  6. Go away all of you... or buy me garage slots. I think i may have 1 spare??? though i cant afford anything atm
  7. Hey look its a box tank with more pen and dpm at tier 8 And mini oi turrets on the front
  8. Yeah Gasai is a great player, especially in the e25... pity he is [email protected]
  9. Get an object 252u
  10. What did you put in bold? i cant see it
  11. *saving up for e100* *sees st patricks day sales* *blows all money on half price food* :trump:

  12. Its arty, just with more hp and even less armor
  13. And the object 252u
  14. i go there in my fv304.... sideshots over buildings and rocks XD
  15. Better than your's i bet... because he dosen't immediately assume he has nothing to contribute.\ the mindset really matters.... if you do more than the tier 6 on the other team does you have a greater chance of winning