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  1. Purchased: 'E 100' successfully purchased. Spent credits:  6,100,000. finally a tier ten that is sort of meta

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    2. garryallen


      there was a game when i went to a flank, alt tabbed to watch youtube bc i am lazy, and realised i was the only tank there. base campers behind me killed 6 tanks before they killed me, but i only got 2000 spotting for some reason... oh well, i guess the 8k damage blocked on the angled side of my turret counts for something :(

    3. WorldConqueror


      except no matter which angle you put it on, 340 HEAT has a 50% chance of going through

    4. garryallen


      except pubbies are like oooh the side is exposed i will fire at it and then bounce off a 400 effective because you underangled it on purpose then they bounce and cry opie opie on forums. against a single person the e100 facehug is not to be underestimated. i blocked over 50% of shots from and sti and t10 with the sti behind me on my ass half the time, i showed them my side from so close they just hit the troll spaced armour. then i got autopenned by an apcr t110e4 and died anyways feelsbad. at least the sti and t10 went down.


      But this huge ass lower plate is so annoying whhyyyy does it exist i want to be broken like the maus too

  2. truu the same way the object 252u would be a good tier 9 with some slight pen and hp buffs.... but the balance department does a very good job of tonks
  3. oj 416 with full turret traverse ooh wow at least its an uncommon tank so it wouldn't b as big a problem as the defender and t26e5 have been to game balance.
  4. 0.45??????? ooh does anyone know what is happening with the vk and its derp? tbh i think it would be an interesting tier 6 if unchanged
  5. wz used to be the most relevant imo but now its just sad
  6. Feelsbadman And the lights aren't even that much faster than the mediums, and the mediums now have MORE view rane in some cases, which is full on potato by wargaming. this counteracts the camo value, so mediums are more effective at scouting than top tier SCOUTS are. Nice balance wg. And running away down a corridor only exposes your ass to the red tanks so that don't work either. The reason its so hard to outplay tanks like the maus is because ITS BROKEN circlejerking tanks requires them to be isolated in open terrain, two things which just never exist anymore. Nice map design wg. Time for a rant Yeah originally the scouts looked interesting. Now, after the nerfs, just keep playing those freaking russian freaking hovermeds which are better in almost EVERY SINGLE DAMN WAY ('m not salty at all that the class i enjoy the most and was really looking forward to has just been made useless.) Balance is still amazing wg. They are often worse than the frikking tier 9 mediums nice job balance department... I dunno compare a t54 with a wz132-1.... and the wz is looking like the least trash tier ten atm. the t54 overall I feel comes out better in fighting capability, especially considering that the alpha was nerfed??? to 360 for the wz. All in all: WHAT THE HECK IS WG DRUGGED ON, I WANT SOME OF IT AS WELL, ITS THE ONLY WAY ILL BE ABLE TO ENJOY THESE DAMN TANKS I liked Gasai Yuno's opinions more than I do these tanks. At least one was kinda funny in a sad way, the other is just sad. Disclaimer: no gross hyperboles were used in the making of this rant I feel like i put way too much effort into this but it felt good to blow off some steam I guess. Dezgamez also made a rant about it too
  7. Didn't expect a serious answer but i got one anyways... tbh i dunt rly know the challenger post buff but everyone has those meme tonks that they pla bc they are fun... if i didn't i wouldn't play wot.
  8. the challenger has a tiny bit of speed over the Achilles, as well as a few hps ,but loses the chance of not being one shot by a kv2. Did i also says its a tier higher? oh wait you liked the jap heavies BEFORE the buffs (jokes its kewl i still <3 u)
  9. no real point in a 3 man crew, and tier 4 mm is just so meh awful
  10. Because wg feel sorry that they are making the game as easy to play as possible, and so are buffing tier ten unica platoons.
  11. AAARRGGHHH *plays tier 5*  *team killed by accident*. Okay, maybe ill play high tiers. *one shot by arty*. Back to low tiers *teamkilled accidentally again* Welp im out

  12. It was always a worse m7
  13. I thought 263>268 because 268 has absolutely nothing to offer- a sidegrade from the object 704, its more costly to run, has less autobounce areas, less gun traverse blah blah blah for a slightly better gun and a few moar hps. 263 has actual decent armour - if at long range only high pen prem rounds like t110e3/4 apcr or jagdpanzer e100 lolheat will pen reliably - at close range, prem is stil required to go through the mantlet if lower plate is hidden The 263 has a great gun, and is a little more mobile than the 268 - even though its strengths don't work amazingly well together, its still an interesting tank to play, and quite different to most tier tens, which is why I was thinking of getting it somewhere 15k battles down the line.
  14. Anyone doing wot esports is only doing it because they don't have anything better to do with their lives
  15. Put it in the stb1- it needs good crew and is far better than the lep 1 with good crew, as well as actually having some used in comps and cws I can't type rip *used*