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  1. keep the crew if you need it. sell the tank its a turd. it is slow fat with no armour and a gun that can be described as mediocre at best. worse tier for tier than the t14 imo but its a free few hundred k credits if you sell.... I have made about that much from it over maybe the 70 battles i played in my free one? i got it a while ago on sea from a mission set there. tier 6 prem heavies don't make money at all- they meet tier 8s very often, and all you will do is bounce 4800 credit apcr off them so the credit bonuses don't mean anything. just my two cents though that was a long 2 cents
  2. With my luck and Australian ping id probably have a dollar between all 3 tanks. or maybe they are just that bad. Yeah the second one. i should rebuy the leo prot, i heard with the -8 depression its pretty nice. it certainly makes the ru in my garage look dumb
  3. 100% why people can't afford houses.
  4. Hey everyone, i looked around the forums but was too lazy to do a really thorough search and sift through pages of crap. I know about 3x overmatch, where any shell 3 times the thickness of the armour will autopen regardless unless the tank is russian (100% akurat) I've also heard of 2x overmatch, and i think it has something to do with normalisation, but im not sure what it actually does- is it useful in anyway in terms of removing random rng shots or exploiting against IKEAs? and is there a 1x overmatch? ooh and can i triple overmatch the str103-0 tier 9 ikea with 122/128mm he or does it have to be ap because of some bs space armour? that was a lot of questions okie im done now actually one more what the heck is this --> (definitely metagame discussion)
  5. of course they did its wg
  6. wait what???? oh right its a bp yeah thats crap in every conceivable way of course the type 5 is more mobile, the bp has the same top speed as a t95 now and speaking of dpm, so many people praise that gun for its dpm and permatrack ability. on the tog, everyone praises its dpm- 4+ second reload with 150 alpha aint good dpm. exact same with the bp- everyone is like ooh the gun is nice which makes up for a bad tank it makes me wonder what the heck they are smoking id probably be more logical after setting a car tire on fire and breathing in all the fumes....
  7. or you can try popping up in different locations as arty players hate reaiming. just be a worse target than the idiot next to you and arty isnt as big a problem
  8. I disagree go away Ezz you're a stupid tomato arty playing scrub team killer go die in a hole. Is that how you do it? Edit: Nah maybe i need more about u being a stat denier and stuff I disagree go away Ezz you're a stupid tomato arty playing stat denier sea forum scrub team killer that wouldn't be accepted into ANZAS go die in a hole. Better.
  9. Just rated this topic 5 stars for amazing content and relevance, it was really helpful, thanks everyone!
  10. i kern spel two but yeah folterknecht was right optics are great on anything with 380m vr or more, i found the view range boost really helpful on my e75 and e100. Also to get your damage+wr up literally trade shot for shot (as long as you will hit and pen) against anything with lower alpha. I'm no unicum either but i 2 marked it by blapping pubs for 490 a few times a match running at 55%?? wins or something.
  11. dont you have to go back to the server host?
  12. lemme guess? its still better than aus bc our internet is so crap Edit... btw this took about 15 seconds to upload on a good day
  13. just play a maus, it can do anything
  14. that is because light tank players are muppets
  15. It isn't a tier 8 premium p2w opie as crap heavy or a tier ten super stupid heavy and its therefore irrelevant anyways. Serb.