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  1. All of the standard tier VIII Cruisers are pretty bad nowadays. The reason for this is imho that they scale badly (jump from tier VIII to tier IX is fairly large - just like in WoT - to make you want the grind that starts at tier VIII in earnest) and the current MM will put you into games with 2-5 tier IX and Xs pretty much all the time. And while all other prem Cruisers have a gmmick going for them in order to make them attractive in the long run and not only an obstacle in the grind, the Eugen has not. That said the EUgen/Hipper is pretty nice when top tier. Somewhat tanky with good range and flight times, HE is lacking a bit but AP rewards good positioning. So you may actually enjoy 1 out of 3 or 4 games. Would not be enough for me though (I even hate the Atago).
  2. Where is this tier VIII competitive mode that I missed? AFAIK CW is the only competitive right now and it's tier X. A Hakuryu will cripple any lone ship short of a full AA specced Des Moines regardless of setup. Sorry, not my opinion at all. Less number of viable tactics is almost always bad. In the current CW you see a rush for the off cap with one DD and a fast Cruisers often, this would be impossible with CVs around. All ships clumping up every damn battle would be super boring.
  3. What was the FIRST thing I said? Well, lets see: Oh, ok. So you call me retarded and then refute an argument I NEVER MADE? Classy.
  4. No, thats exactly the problem. CVs are absurdly OP (at least as top tier, aka always in competitive). They can spot every ship on the enemy team and thus they invalidate a huge amount of tactics. They can onehit/severaly cripple almost every lone ship, making flanking impossible and matches where one team can not field a CV are predetermined. Yes, because CVs are not only hugely OP, but they also have a skill cap thats through the roof. Manual drop magically follows the target so that the onset time is not a factor. The rest is basically a function of a tier VIII CV in a tier X match. A Hakuryu has absolutely no problem of keeping a DM or Mino spotted if thats what it takes - esepecially after the visibility changes. A GZ has absolutely no problems of keeping a Bismarck spotted. But, yes, a GZ has problems if he doesn't react fast enough after flying into a fully AA specced Minotaur killzone and AA mechanics are borked (just as well as spotting and manual/auto drop is) and this is what WG works on and in the meantime it sucks. No? There are barely high tier Cvs played. Around Tier VI there is a CV in almost every match and often even two - at least on EU.
  5. The carrer can do that damage with an auto drop - no aiming necessary. You can't angle against him. He also can spot/permaspot most ships he comes across. He can hit ships behind islands. Also you could have just as well done 100k damage or 10k. This is what needs to be adressed and thats not "why Cvs can't have nice things."
  6. CVs are broken in their power and anything that would make them even harder to play in the sense of widening the gap between a good and a bad player must be prevented. Yeh, not a popular opinion here by any means but look at it as the BB in your team: you have the clueless pubbie that goes DBs only (bc, muh autodrop) vs a very good player running balanced Fighters / TBs... Still happy about pubbies being able to choose their own loadout?
  7. WoT isn't a terribly good game but it certainly is a terribly addictive game. So if they deserve any stick at all, it's this one.
  8. Not every ship is for everyone but this is simply not true. The Montana will usually lose a 1vs1 bow on slugfest with any of the other tier X BBs, thats true and if that is your main criteria for what makes a BB great then you are right, Montana is shit. But if you want a well rounded, fastish BB that can be used close range or long range against pretty much anyting the Montana is your best bet. Stop the hyperbole.
  9. Imho "balans" is not the reason here. Rather everyone but the most retarded pubbies will learn a thing or two after 2-3 years. Best example: Lakeville. When I started WoT I would be able to shoot pubbies heading into the town literally every game. Nowadays even tier V pubbies know to drive into town at the utmost rear (in the rare case where they don't push the swamp). Nothing. When people want the "old" game back, they really do NOT want the old game but rather the old feeling of wonder. Back in the time WoT felt new and great. There were many things to discover, many stats to pad and many CW to win. However most here have between 20 and 50k games and any wonder and excitement they felt back then is very likely gone - forever. And only a fool thinks a game would be super again if it would revert to the old (crappy) engine/rules/unbalance from n years ago.
  10. The gameplay experience is different. Pubbies tend to play more - which either means they play at all or it means they start to grind when usually they only play 2-3 games. Both impacts the game in the sense that it increases irrational behavior. Unicums are mostly unicums because they can correctly predict the gameflow and use this information to gain an advantage over both the enemy and the teammate. The more irrational those people get, the harder to predict, the less the influence a single player can have. So, indeed, during special events (or just plain holiday/weekends) the winrate of all players trends more towards the average and for very good players that means it tanks (on average). But the real problem is not this (usually the sample of games on a weekend is too low anyways to notice much) but the fact that being unable to influence the game in the usual and expected manner is not fun. So unicums either are sensible and quit/deal with it or they go on tilt. And then it's a self fulfilling prophecy because being on tilt has never helped winning more.
  11. Isn't that logical? Before the "improved" MM many battles were 6-8 tier X tanks. Nowadays (with grand battles and ranked pulling tier Xs out of the queue) tier X often are the promised 3-5-7. But 3-5-7 is way more extreme. If you have two total bots in their tier Xs tahts much more of a problem than before. Additionally alot of the recent changes to tier X tanks made them even stronger and thus tier VIIIs often can't hold a candle against them. So, tl;dr 3-5-7 creates way more swingy games and limits the influence of the single player pushing everyone (the good and the bad) more towards 50% winrate.
  12. This is nothing new. MM takes pains to place platoons against other platoons and BY FAR the most platooning is at tier X and generally platooning increases a lot by going up tiers. So even under the "old" MM, playing tier VIII early evening in a three man was the epitome of frustration as you got into tier X matches like 9 out of 10 times. Thats funny, given the fact that RNG itself is there to help the baddies in the first place. So, in a sense, it is true. A player that always aims where he needs to hit is every only hampered by RNG, while aplayer that can't aim correctly is helped by RNG in some cases.
  13. I would go so far and say that I will always rather play a Fletcher, even as the only tier IX... After the Clemson USN gunboatery is a meme. You need to be either close the target (which is often suicide given radar) or shoot BBs. Either way yields low/easy healable damage. And then comes cap contesting - oooooh, USN gunbootes so gud. Lol. If you meet that Shima in cap you will gun him down, sure, but it will still take a long time if he simply turns and runs away. You will loose a good chunk of health in between. And thats only the "ideal" 1vs1 situation. IRL all enemy ships will open up on you, phat cahnce that most of them are BBs and while that SHima eats nothing but overpen, Gearings phat ass gets raped by the first Monatan shell for good. So what about torps? Well, up to the Benson, torps are simply bad as a main damage weapon being short range. Benson torps have decent range but only 55 knots - lel. Gearing oth has lowish damage on a glacial reload for a unneeded 16km range. Fletcher has insane fantasy torps that can only be described as the best in the game by a large margin - gg WG, gud balancing.
  14. HE is actually what works great in WoWS because it lets weaker ships (like tier VIII ones) affect stromger ones - but only slowly and over time. AP is always better when it can penetrate but HE is viable when not. Without that stale max range bow tanking meta would be the norm and the game would be boring.
  15. CVs are unbalanced and break the game in any competitve environment. Imagine old WoT clanwars with planes... That is far from "restricting the best players", it is a remedy to a problem they can't fix fast (total rework of CVs). And last time I looked all the best clans were on top, exactly as expected - so not much restricting and dumbing down going on. On top of that all players of CW (even from OM/OMNI/whatnot) aknowledged that the mode is pretty fun. So Folterknecht, show us on this doll where the evil WG touched you. Maybe we can help you to get over it one day.