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  1. The hull often gives you more of everything and this is, alas, not always easy to discern. Some ships get an extra torpedoe per launcher, some even get additional guns. All get more hitpoints and often better maneuverability, which is always uselful. Some DDs (Destroyers) are an exception to this rule. IJN DDs often gain little from the better hull and should go better torps first. USN DDs have C hulls that sacrifice a gun for better AA, most people do not equip this hull in random battles. Finally Cruisers that have no armor (most of the Ru line and some others) and thus rely on range can get a range upgrade first. Do not do this on the Chapayev (tier VIII) though as the Chapayev gets it's radar consumbale with the better hull...
  2. I quit the game until WG is finally willing to tackle the one glaring problem with all that: bottom tier tanks are mostly just cattle for the top tiers. In Warships almost every ship can be very dangerous to any other ship via torps or the HE mechanic. Also a destroyer has 12k hitpoints at tier V and 20k at tier X. Thats about the difference in five tiers that WoT has in two tiers... But putting a VK3601H vs an IS-3 is simply a bad joke. This joke works however because the pubbies that get beaten to a fine red pulp at tier X can hop into their tier VIII and like 10 games later they will have one good game almost by default. And thus tier balance will not change as long as the pubbies are happy to rule once every 10 games.
  3. Of course they know. That has been always the case and complaints range back now for over 2 years. The new 3/5/7 "only" made the problem more prominent. The thing is that the MM still tries to match a platoon with a platoon - of any tier. The VAST majority of platooning is done at tiers IX and X. So whenever there is a tier X game that needs victims in the form of tier VIII tanks AND it has a platoon, platooned tier VIIIs are the perfect match.
  4. 9.5 km torps say nope. These things would be hard to make work on the Kagero (which isthe stealthiest ship in the game) but are extremely hard to bring into game in the DD with the 2nd worst concealment in tier... On top of that the damage is anemic. I hit a Benson in smoke with 2 torps and he lived... I think that the Z-52 is a worthy tier X after they buffed it's concealment. But the other german DDs need a concealment buff too. German DDs are a mess currently and were released unfinished and weak.
  5. WG broke the Kutuzov with IFHE. Unless you own a Mo, there is no reason to buy any other prem ship any more bc the Kutuzov will be capable of farming them credits like mad with minimal effort.
  6. Wow. I mean, the Maas was finally gettinmg decent but got a nice helping if tier VII MM being mostly favorable. NO MORE. The Z-23 has 10km gun range and 9km torp range. At tier VIII. Where every radar is about that range. Kageros outgun you, easilly actually if they run away. How does one play this ship besides contest a cap here and there after you know you won't get radared and nuked to death? It's my worst DD by far lately...
  7. Thx for the answers. Decided upon Des Moines as I am already almost at the Pensa. But boy, I really had no idea how much tier VI MM sucks. 10 games in Cleveland, 10 times tier VIII...
  8. Quick Question: I have the Shima, Gearing, Khaba and now the Zao. I am semi working on the german DDs but I think I would like another tier X Cruiser. Hindi seems quite strong now and the line overall good, but it looks quite similar to Zao. Des Moines seems different enough with great utility (AA+ Radar). Mino seems a lot of fun, but situational. Frenchie seem too niche and Russian boats look uninteresting long range spammers. So which one to grind next?
  9. If I could choose, my team would be: Ruyio Shinonome (good camo + good torps + good guns) Farragut (best smoke, dank dpm) Leander (utility smoke and ok firepower) Cleveland (ultra dank dpm, AA, can use Leanders smoke) fill up with Fusos (shotgun, fast enough)
  10. WG already said they want to change CV play by doing away with the two modes (alt-attack and potatoe-attack) and imho thats the right way. Then they need to change/remove fixed loadouts too.
  11. I also finally uninstalled WoT because of this. Imho it shows very clear whats wrong with WG: the inability/unwillingness to move WoT forward. The whole mode is as much "playing it safe" as it can get. 15 vs 15 - well, where did I see that? The prices? A better rammer! I mean, really? I guess there will be people getting hyped for that. a better rammer, oh wow. But I just feel that I am being coaxed into doing this to stay competitive. Now the new 30 vs 30 mode, THIS is something really different. I don't know wether it will be fun, but it is at least different and new and has the possibility to freshen up the game for me. Too bad that when this arrives quite some "tier XI" tanks will be underway with all their prem equip and directives and I AM a sucker for power and will not play a game where I can not keep up (quit WoW when the first expansion released that made all your hard earned gear shit in one grand sweep).
  12. Yes and no. The planes are ultra squishy and not very fast. AS Rangers and Saipans will pose a serious thread to any Kaga. Also if the targets turn away from your TBs and force you to circle around you will lose a lot of them and bc you always lose the ones that come from behind first, your left over spread is ridiculously easy to dodge... The only upside is the sheer number of planes you've got. We will see about the stats in a few weeks but I seriously doubt that the Kaga will surpass the Saipan or the Hiryu in anything.
  13. What I really can't understand is what takes them so long. For a game like this you need a dedicated balancing team. What do these guy do all day long??? I mean every 3 months between zero and four tanks get slightly adjusted values, one or two new tanks arrive and every half year a new tank line is introduced. Why can't WG find the time to fix tanks like the 268 or the Foch-line or any number of sucky low tier abominations? I expect a 0.1s better aim time.
  14. If the enemy team wants to blow their daily double on a 400 base exp cap win, then let them... However this has nothing to do with so many people seeing 8 tanks go one way and cry "lemming train".