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    Streaming and how to start streaming?

    It has been said already but it is imho the single most important technical plus: get a good sound quality going! Good framerate is a must have, face cam is nice but most people will not listen to a stream thats hard to understand. Quickybaby is the best example, his audio quality is top notch and he speaks in a clear and easily understandable manner - I bet Circon could have just as many viewers but I often do not understand what he is mumbling into his mic and thus whenever I have to decide between QB and Circon I choose QB. Last but not least: if what your statsbanner says is true then you need to bring your witty/social/likeable A game because you will not be able to survive on your skill alone. A good example for this is the notorious Mr Jingles but for me "WIlde Uschi" (german streamer that startet with WoT, then went to WoWS) is even better. He is not the best player but he is just somehow funny and likeable. His voice is comforting and tranports that he has fun. You feel like you are in your local cozy pub with all your best friends when you listen to him. HOWEVER - you will never find out unless you simply try. Don't let yourself be put off, just dive in and see if you can find your niche - best of luck
  2. If it goes like in WoWS it will take one or two weeks till the average pubbie will have adjusted.
  3. I feel that a lot of what I hated in WoT is absent in WoWS. On top of that sheeps is a game that appeals to my diing reflexes even more than WoT. WT was the old CS:GO pixel hunting/twitch thing and that killed it for me. So I would like to urge moar of the people here into WoWS but to most the slower pace is probably a deal breaker.
  4. Uhm, this site has been out of order for me fo like the whole year. I don't get any updates at all and neither seem anyone else because the overall stats seem to be frozen (number of games per ships per server does not change at all for EU).
  5. Bug. Sub_Octavian said so. The change will be reverted BUT Sub also said that WG noted how many people liked the ability to punish broadsiding BBs more and will be looking into it.
  6. Jaegaer

    French BB Impressions

    Got the Lyon froma mission and free exped to the Richelieu, kitted the captain I had from the DeGrasse with BFT/AFT and all secondarie modules and took her (stock) to co-op. Lol. This thing is really good for that, being so fast you can easily get into brawling range (which bots seem to favor anyways). Secondaries are meh for damage but glorious for ribbons. Only downside so far - lost a turret once or even twice in pretty much every match... If I have upgraded her hull and finished the ribbon part of the campaign I will see wether this ship is any good for random - I predict it won't push NC and Amagi from the tier VIII BB throne for me.
  7. Jaegaer

    Operation Hermes

    Me too. The best course for this is imho to wait a few days till the pubbies got the basic grasp of what to do and then grap the best ship. I 5 starred all of the recent operations this way at the first try. Yes, I get little joy out of shooting up mindless bots so I only play operations to get the rewards.
  8. Jaegaer

    Forum Software Updated

    Nice, thx a lot.
  9. And thats why it won't happen even if WG would love to do it. Tier disparities are atrocious in WoT (you realize this once you play WoWS where tier -2 ships can totally make top tiers regret their life choices) and before you do anything to prem ammo you first need to adress this. Additionally the difference between tank types is just to small (also unlike WoWS where ship types are VERY different to each other). We have so many "heavies" that are more meds than heavies and vice versa. Fastish meds that are more like LTs, TDs that are more like heavies and so on and so forth. In other words WoT is a MM-balancing nightmare and 3/5/7 is pretty much the proverbial bandaid.
  10. Jaegaer

    Slay the Spire

    Cheapish game that really really got me like no game since years. A lot of fun for the moneyz, quite relaxing and addictive at the same time. For those living under a rock: It's basically a card game where you build your decks and fight against various NPC monsters as you work your way up floor by floor to get as far as you can before losing all your hitpoints.
  11. Jaegaer

    Slay the Spire

    ...in a newbie group. Indeed, you can get far with the very basic "buy Province whenever you can, else buy the best money, else do nothing" but usually not in a group that knows how to play (unless the Kingdom card selection really sucks). I am 12 hours in a won 5 times now, only played the Ironclad so far. However my last three runs were all wins. The key to consistency is to tae every chance to trim your deck and only take cards that REALLY help you. I did end with less than 20 cards each. Also if you unlocked all the cards, it gets easier as some cards are VERY strong when build for (such as "double your current strength" - 500 damage Heavy Blade incoming).
  12. I really hope they hurry up fixing full AP pens on DDs. respecced my Khaba to smoke again and the average damage skyrockets bc the heal just can't keep up with the massive BB AP pen damage you eat.
  13. Jaegaer

    How's Everyone Doing?

    WG has seemingly found their preferred "balance" of skill and luck for WOT and they are sticking to it. The game is aimed at the mid age tank fan and as such WG all but removed the vision based playstyle but retained the unforgiving nature of the tier system (tier VI tank oneshot to many tier VIII tanks...). A new MM system tries to fix the "pyramid on it's head" problem (more tier X tanks in the queue than tier IX tanks) by the 3-5-7 default spread. This means you are only very rarely top tier now but if you are you get to really carry the game as only one of 3 tier X tanks. Most often however you are in all tier X battles (or you are one of the seven tier VIII tanks to feed some luckers in ther tier Xs). Current updates are mostly fluff to keep the masses entertained. Some new tanks are hilarious (but not necessarily strong) and some new features are mildly interesting (suspension on swedish TDs, upcoming reloader on italian tanks) butdon't change the game. Maps are still the same from where you left... Yes, really. 1.0 will add a lot of visual fluff to them however but that will only change how thegame looks (which everyone will be in rave about only to stop minding after a few battles). Aaand, thats about it. WG is playing it ultra safe with their cash cow and who can blame them, the WoT of now is prettier than the WoT of old but also more linear and definetely not anything new.
  14. Jaegaer


    When I feel the need for the occasional CV game I seal club play the Ryuio. Ample tier VIII games do a lot to balance you but if you are top tier against the usual incompetent Indi you have those 100k+ damage games without too much effort.
  15. WG said end of February. 7.2 will be a rather small patch compared to 7.1 so I don't think they will need a lot of time.
  16. Jaegaer


    Ranger can compete with 2/2 Saipan IF said Saipan can't strafe. Yeh, sounds weak as heck but I met a lot of Saipas that couldn't strafe, so theres that. The real problem imho is the Kaga. His Fighters can tie up yours long enough and often enough so that the Kaga can realize it's INSANE strike potential. So regardless of what you do, the Kaga can simply outdamage you and a well played Kaga will also hard to beat in the AS war.
  17. The RN BBs are not so much terribly OP overall but rather extremely foolproof. Afaik the russians LOVE this line - best line every made... Type 5 heavy says hello. In reality a good player can often do more in a Montana or even a Yamato and at least I saw more of those in Typhoon than Conqs.
  18. Let's test: COSSACK SUCKS, OMG, OMG. Seriously, what is WG thinking? Putting a worse copy of an existing ship with no redeeming features and no testable gimmicks into Supertest is accomplishing what? There is nothing to test with the Cossack, community said it sucks by just browsing the stats but, no, WG needs all supertesters to totally thrash the ship on top of that.
  19. Would be useless. Roma is fastish and pretty maneuverable with good camo and awesome armor - aka a BRAWLER. If you want to snipe in a tier VIII BB then the Amago or the NC is for you.
  20. Jaegaer

    What Changed?

    Nothing has changed. NA (iirc) is in the final stages of some campaign so there may be some desperate yolo people but apart from this you are just experiencing a streak that is totally normal and part of the usual randomness in team composition. I had a 40% winrate in the two weeks since new year (only about 20 games though) and this week I won almost of all my games - it happens.
  21. Jaegaer

    PA DDs so far = shit

    The problem is that WG is only willing to introduce new mechanics every other patch (at most) in order to not overly confuse the unwashed masses that go "omfg, WG, wy smok cooldown, did not press smok???!!" Next mechanical change may be the already discussed radar changes so I wouldn't hold my breath for anything else in the first half of 2018 at least.
  22. Yeh, well, I never thought that being unable to threaten enemy DDs with your torps would be so crippling. Low range torps on top means you can only do things if the enemies DDs screw it up. A single Kagero can ruin your game, endlessy screening you with no fear at all even if detected by RL. My winrate in these things is abysmal and I hope the YueYang is worth it
  23. While the Duke of Yuck is certainly not a great ship t is also not terrible. Also the follow up mission gives you 4 tier Vi ship with a special camo and a very nice camo for the Scharnhorst. So all in all probably worth it, but I hate these things anyways. During these missions the salt level is hardly bearable towards the end. People chain matches in utter frustration and play like idiots to make their own doom and gloom mindset come true again and again. So I hope WoWS will return to "normal" once these missions finally end.
  24. Got repair module in the first... Most useless, I guess, even smoke is usable on like two ships but imho repair is straight out worse than basic repair. Maybe WG will fix it someday. 2nd one was 50 restless fire which is pretty ok.
  25. Jaegaer

    PA DDs so far = shit

    Gadjah Mada is a very mixed bag. When top tier or with only few tier VIIIs and few radar it is absolutely glorious. The concealment combined with the smoke menas you can dpm away with impunity, sitting bow on and thus mostly immune to other DDs torping your smokes. And because your range is overall pretty low you need to go in agressively. But this is very hard once ample radar and superior DDs start to pop up. A Fletcher will tear you a new one and outplay you so hard it hurts while your only valid threat - torping him - is not available. Even worse if you meet an Akizuki. 8km torp range means your torps are useless bc you need to penetrate like 2km into radar range to even get them off. And then there is just so much hydro in higher tiers and hydro totally counters the low detection that is supposed the only advantage of DWTs over normal torps. Hsien Yang is decidedly meh. DWTs simply don't work with lowish range and very slow speed. You need to get past their DD escort to use them and penetrate well into radar territory. Also hydro starts to become common and DWTs with 55 knots are utterly useless in a hydro rich environment losing their only advantage of low detectability. The Benson at least can threaten other DDs in their smoke with them and maybe get a much needed kill, the HY can't. Chung Mu - to put it with Flamus words "I prefer Fletcher". Again, 10.5km range torps are not good unless you want to hit DDs. The Fletcher is so glorious bc it is one of the best and most complete DD hunter killers. Every enemy DD, even tier Xs need to be very aware of that and tend to play passively against a well captained Fletcher and this, and this alone, actively opens up torping fat juicy targets like BBs. But the Chung Mu can't do this the same way and if you want to torp BBs/CAs with a opponent DD screening them, you need more than 10.5km range or hope the enemy DD screws up. Yueyang - finally, 13.5km torps have enough range and the Yueyang can again sit bow on in smokes and dpm away to good effect. The thing that makes it really good though is the detection advantage - it may not be much, but every Kagero and Yugumo and Shima has much more to fear from it than from a Gearing. This is the only PA DD that I feel the DWTs finally work and be an asset instead of a hinderance.