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  1. And then the expected values go through the roof.
  2. Hm, next cancer tank. Either turns up anywhere and lolpens you for 390, then dies or kemps bush at base and lolpens you bc 0.3 acc. I hope it's expensive.
  3. If there is one thing I learned it is that you can't accurately judge a ship by it's stats. On top of that, while being quite funny (I laughed a lot during that sneak peak - this vid is really well done), Jingles isn't my go to source for earnest in depth ship reviews, to put it mildly.
  4. Then let me show you: What do all games that balance themselves around the Elite have in common? Well - skill based MM as the main game mode in a VERY limited environment (either 1vs1 with a small set of civs or 5vs5 on one map in one gamemode). They all are much more limited and controlled than WoT is. Whats next? Well, next is what do you assume does balancing around the best mean? If you balance around the very best, E100 is a spectacularily great tank because the very best can use it to angle, bait, position and whatnot and even avoid high pen HEAT some times. So, by your definition, E100 is nice and fine. Even though 99% of the average players will not make it work against anyone firing prem ammo... Would that help WoT? Would that be viable in a situation where players of VERY different skill sets hit each other? No, of course, it wouldn't. So, to me, balancing around the best in WoT actually means not a lot and would help noone. The average joe needs to be able to find a tankw here he can do reasonably well in and not die instantly and if that means that unicums will have it harder to kill scrubs in the game then this is exactly what WG wants. BUT - skill will always pay out. The game will always need some room for improvement or else it will become random and stale. So no use for hyperbole, 3k WN8 will still mean something (maybe even more than before), just not the same as before.
  5. Sorry, but you do not make much sense to me. There is no "core gameplay" that can "simply be fixed" without touching the fundamental roles and performances of tanks and ammo (prem and otherwise). Tanks, Tanksroles and Maps aka Range of Engagements The fundamental problem of WoT is currently that you can't be agressive unless you are VERY good. As almost all players aren't very good agressiveness is kill for them. WG tried to "fix" this by map design, which is stupid as it promotes boring linear gameplay. Almost all maps now are corridors, almost all maps have exactly one spot you should be. Boring. In order to fix this they MUST make the game easier on the average player. There is no other way. Stick nose out should not be immediate and brutal death 9/10 times. In order to create a wide variety of maps they also must limit the ranges of engagements. So WGs vision is clear. Heavies are the best tanks for mediocre players as they are quite forgivable but still require some basic skill to be ok in. TDs are for the real baddies. Meds and Lights are for the better players. This means games should be mostly heavies with a few of the rest. It has been like this since the start of the game. Heavies where the only tanks initially to run to tier X and SerB named the inclusion of other tier X tankslines "a mistake". This is the main problem now and WG is gonna fix it. Matchmaking and Progression I don't know wether you played WoWS but if you do you will notice something right away: tier differences are NOT as harsh as in WoT! But this in turn lessens the eagerness to grind a tier X! I play WoWS currently and my desire to reach tier X is way less than in WoT because of this. I feel quite comfortable in my tier VIII Atago in a tier X match. Part of this is better MM though, the pyramid is still not on it's head and game economy is still brutal on tier X ships (very high cost) so most players play low tier regularily. In WoT, grinding is currently awful! So while in WoT you have a STRONG incentive to go to at least tier IX it comes at the cost of enjoyment. Grinding tier VII and VIII tanks is really bad because you are mostly powerless and you are getting to tier IX and X constantly (especially when platooning). One way to lessen this is exactly what WG proposes, 3-5-7. So as a tier VIII you have at least 7 enemies you can take on equal footage. If they also adjust pen and hitpoints this might rekindle my interest of getting into new lines. Tier and player balance We can bitch as much as we want but we are only 1% of all the players that play WoT. Ofc, T-62A is balanced for a noob but anyone at least slightly above average will realize fast that this tank is better than most others. For sheer power there are like 5 tanks in the game that you should use, the rest is garbage compared to that.Look to what most SuperUnicums are driving to generate their recent 5k WN8 and tell em again that these tanks are balanced and all WG needs to do is to fix "core gameplay"... And as much as it hurts initially to be deprived of these 5 "can do it all" tanks, likely at least one of them is your personal favorite, it will, again, open up the game. No longer will you need to grind games in these in order to feel competitive. No longer are good tanks always slightly tanky meds or meddy heavies and nothing else. In the bright future you can go and play heavies or even TDs and still have the feeling of not only different but also viable gameplay. This is what could make me come back to WoT.
  6. I don't know. I MUCH rather be a tier VIII tank in a battle with only three tier X tanks per team than 7 tier X tanks. So the idea is sound, I just don't see how WG will be able to implement it. The pyramid is on it's head (especially if you platoon late vening - being bottom tier 10 out of 10 games is pretty common for me - luckily STA-1 is such a beast... not). WG really needs to buff pen and hitpoints of lower tier tanks for a more linear progression. Inciting prgression is nice but nowadays there is zero reason why you should be handicapped so very much in a tier VIII vs a tier IX.
  7. Hm, I don't know about you but I almost never used prem on my tier IX and X meds and used nothing but prem on E100 or IS-7. So only changing prem is certainly not doing much at tier X. The real problem starts when you throw tier VIII into tier X battles after you nerfed the pen of them all. The main reason why I stopped playing is the sheer amount of bottom tier battles in anything tier VI to VIII and the retarded powerlessness that ensues, especially when playing without top gun. With their current changes I don't see how this is lessened in any way. The incentive to play tier X (or tier IX) and nothing else will be even bigger after these changes. This in turn means that grinding your tier Vi-VIII tanks will feel even more shitty.
  8. PR is heavily influenced by team games (on top of battle counts). Maybe less NA unicums play team games (and more reroll)?
  9. Which they stated was their plan all along. Start extreme, then chip off till you find the equilibrium of newand fresh gameplay that is still recognized as WoT by the playerbase. And that means all the players but especially the average joe.
  10. Wouldn't help that much. The roles in WoWS are just so much more pornounced than in WoT. One team with AMX 50B and Bat Chat vs IS-7 and E50M can have the same number of heavies and meds and still be totally imabalnced.
  11. Unless it's among your worst 35% of tanks yes. But it's overall influence on your rating will go down slightly under the current iteration bc it will be handled as if you "only" played only 200+(35k/50) = 900 games instead of the 1100. And, of course, if it just slightly above the 35% of your worst tanks, you can eleminate it's influence on your rating by bringing other tanks above it till it falls under the 35% rule.
  12. Well. WG has different views. I think our perception of things is highly influenced (not to say spoiled) by WN8. For WN8 you need to do damage but as a LT you may have soon, noteably less opportunity to do so. BUT therefore you are valuable to your team for being able to spot on the then more open, tactical maps. On top of that WG already said that they will "stretch out LT lines to tier X" in order to not break the new MM. So we can expect tier X LTs to have better pen.
  13. Otherwise HT-15 would be nigh impossible.
  14. WG made the mistake of trying to balance the game through maps. Now if they want to bring back more open maps and more cover again, they first need to make it so that not everyone and his uncle can spot, shoot at, hit, pen and instagib everyone else. So please stop this pubbie reasoning. The changes on Sandbox are exactly for the reason of making maps more open with more cover and thus more tactical again without tuning up the pace of the battle. Still I agree that the changes will probably make the game more frustrating (at least for me). If you get the side of a heavy, aim at the weakspot, but still have like a 50/50 chance to actually hit/pen, then this game will not be for me any more.
  15. 200 + battles/50 currently. So if you have 20k battles overall, a single tank can "weight" no more than 600 battles for your overall. If you have more than 600 battles in a single tank, this tank will still count as of having "only" 600 battles. This is turn means that playing this tank more will have proportionally less effect on your Account/Overall WN9 while playing tanks with less than 600 battles (and ofc raising ther stats) has a bigger effect. And this in turn is ciritzed by people who wish to raise their stats in their most beloved (tier X) tanks rather than new tanks. Maybe making the cap depend not only on number of battles but also on tier would also work well. For instance (tier*50)+(battles/50).
  16. Not entirely true, if your tank has 600 battles at 3k WN9 and you suddenly play it at 1k WN9 for 100 games you will have lowered the tank WN9 to 2,7k. Now that will lower your overall depending on the amount of battles only slightly but still. But whats more important is that stats sites WILL have interval WN9 just as they have intervall WN8 today and so your "recent" WN9 will be 1k for everyone to see... Lastly, as Gryphon said, you can't have it all and it was decided that bringing single tank stats padders and rerollers in line with "true" players is worth the cost that some few players may cap out on several tanks and need to play others if they really want to raise their stats fast.
  17. The intention behind Account WN9 is clear and it is doing what you want it to do. If you play to increase your ratings (which is usually the case for most of the peeps here): WN8 forces you to play your same old "best" tanks over and over and over and punishes you hard for playing new tanks (unless you are a true unicorn at home in any tank).. WN9 forces you to play new tanks but doesn't punish you for playing old tanks - it just does not reward you for it. So my ratings suffer a lot under WN9 (a whole band down in overall and recent) because I have my best games in just a few tanks and in many tanks with few games I really suck BUT I no longer have the feeling that I should turn down any tank I am bad in currently bc learning it will wrekc my WN8 in the short run and do nothing for it in the long run.
  18. Cruisers should kill DDs while not being killed by BBs. If their DDs are dead and your DDs are not you won the match unless your team does stupid things (yes, doesn't mean much, I know). So regardless, your task is to use the superior maneuverability of your Cruiser to survive while dealing damage. Alas Cleveland is not perfect for this because it is so had to hit anything with it while weaving like mad. Some maps though are practically made for CLs like Cleveland or Atlanta and, of course, up to rank 15 really anything goes.
  19. My account WN9 went up a bit (775 -> 783). This is likely because my first good tank was Hellcat where I played 1k games in 2 years ago. Also my (new) recent WN8 is 2429 while my recent WN9 is 796. I don't understand why I am a whole band down. I mostly play tier IX and X meds and tier VII lights with a few tier VIII games interspersed.
  20. The only case where this is actually useful to improve your ranting is if you have a bad tank with lots of battles barely above the 35% and a slightly worse tank with very few battle just beneath it. This way you could bring the tank with few battles just above the other tank and have a BIG impact as a bad tank with many battles would be replaced by a bad tank with few battles. Personally I do really not see why such a fuss is necessary just to very mildly punish a handful of rerolls. I guess it is because WN9 was initially conceived as a recent only rating when most people wanted an overall and new we have a hybrid that hardly solves the reroll thing but in turn introduces a lot of opportunity to game your rating by strange tank selection.
  21. If thats really the case I see the problem that, coupled with the tighter scale of WN9 as compared to WN8, people will not see much of an improvement over time and WN9 will be quite static for anyone that does no longer grind new tanks. Basically I only enjoy like 4 tanks currently (M48, T62, BC25t and WZ-131) and I play these almost exlcusively. But if I want to improve my ranking I really only needed to play M48 and WZ-131 because these two have way less than 300 games and thus influence Account WN9 the most? Or am I wrong here?
  22. On weekends we have more players and I would say that many of these only play on weekends. This means we have a good amount of players that roughly only play oince or twice a week. Also if there is a special going on (and usually there is) players are much more likely to play a wide variety of tanks (to triple/quintuple them all) which increases the likelyhood of people playing tanks they are even more unfamiliar with or that they even hate. On top of this people tend to be much more win aware and thus more easily frustrated. They may pull a 30% winrate without much thoughs during the week but during a x5 this lets them tilt. This all, in my experience, causes all kinds of guys (from red to at least teal) to play much more erratically. Top tier teal T30 camping bush at base to protect 4 arties? Check. Enemy Bat Chat rushing field on Malinovka? Check. This kind of stuff is way more prominent at weekends with specials. Now if you are a really good player, you couldn't care less, as you do not expect anything from your team anyways. But everyone else usually has some assumptions and weekends may prove not only some, but sometimes all of them wrong.
  23. This is because I couldn't find out so far as to how one link it. But my forum name is the same than my EU Account name. /edit: hey look, it's there and I didn't do anything. So likely an automatic thing that just needs some time.
  24. First of all thanks for all the work. When I look at my Account WN9 im fall solidly into the teal band. When I checked overall WN9 in it's various iterations up to and including before the change to the scale, I have always been blue. What is it that takes me (and some of my clanmates) down witht he new scale?