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  1. The problem with player stats in WoWS is that the main metric for WN8 (damage) is even more irrelevant than in WoT when the game allows you to heal damage and have such a hugely different hit point pool for the different classes. All in all solo winrate in high tier ships is imho all you ever need. No, removal of CVs, 1 BB limit and new smoke mechanics actually made CW really fun and quite competitive. No, why? There are. Solo Player stats are separate from Division stats.
  2. We ask for the range module on Hindenburg and Moskva and the reload module on the Des Moines.
  3. Ok, CW is upon us soon so it's time to finalize the setups. We found that Hindenbrug is too prone to too much fire damage and that a mix of Moskva and Des Memes is probably the best overall setup. Regardless of what WG says, Conq seems to be the only viable BB. One Gearing is risky but two seems too limiting with that amount of Radar time available. So still unsure here. Whats your setups gonna be? Also dick move by WG to not give a free capatin respecc with the start of CW - almost all Cruiser captains likely have AFT/mAA specced which is useless for CW.
  4. We see a lot of GKs.... Our setup so far: Conqueror Moskva Des Moines Hindenburg Henry Gearing Shima Herny flanks and supports the Shima at the off cap. Rest does main cap. Moskvas are in short supply in our Clan and I think we would replace the Hindi with another Moskva if we could.
  5. Indeed. Only played two matches but it was fun. We ran 2 DDs (Shima and Z-52 or Gearing), Moskva, Des Moines x2, Hindenburg, Yamato/Conq
  6. Name a site that won't shut down any attempts after 1000+ false tries within a few seconds. The most used way for anyone to obtain a password is to test the basic most used passwords - many of those assume you know the users name and street where he lives or whatever - but quite many do not. And thats exactly what the method prevents - you avoid (unknowingly) choosing one of the most popular passwords like start123 or p4ssw0rd.
  7. You just need to highlight the mission by hovering the mouse over it and hit [enter] and that will select it.
  8. Years ago Blizzard did blunder hugely by accidently showing the account-registration-email-adresses instead of the forum nicknames in their new and updated forums... They reverted this bug within a day but in the days afterwards I logged over 10000 unsuccessful log in attempts under my email (I changed it afterwrads). But because my password was not start123 or any other of the 10k most popular passwords my WoW account was save. Many others were not that "lucky". Not saying this was the case with your password, just that things like this happen.
  9. Is your WoWP name the same and did you play at around tier II? If yes I killed you at least once.
  10. Flamu did a vid and played it on stream - it's pretty fun to watch too. I am just totally unable to influence the battle (at tiers 2 - 4) even though I am almost always top 3 by combat points. Tier 4 is especially bad when your tier 5 heavy fighters dogfight the enemies while these NPC bombers obliterate our base and I am totally unable to stop them in my Zero (can't even boost fast enough to keep up with them at that altitude).
  11. I never found lead indicators good gameplay. The ability to lead correctly is skill, chasing a lead indicator feels like a minigame that makes you no longer pay attention to the "real" game. Right now I need to look where my shots are going, wether hits light up on the target. It may suck for high ping, thats true.
  12. Uhm, no? There is no lead indicator which means you need to guess the correct lead yourself. I like that. If you don't lead correctly your shots will not hit.
  13. It also shares free exp. I installed it and played like 10 games - lost my first 6 in a row but did well in most of them and received more exp than half of the winning temamembers?! Winning/loosing doesn't seem to be that big of a factor for exp as in WoT/WoWS. It's good fun but it seems a bit on the shallow side with no spotting mechanics, no angling/armor and almost no positioning. Flying a plane is VERY easy but also quite limited. There seems no way a pro will be able to fly a tighter turn than a newb. Ultimately I will probably play it now and again for the silly lightweight fun but my desire to grind anything there is pretty limited while in WoWS I am only 80k away from Hindenburg and can't wait.
  14. If you like getting your squad wiped in seconds by an invisible Mino... CV gameplay is borked up in the extreme and I would advise everyone to wait at tier VI till WG decided about what to do bc whatever happens, it could very well be that you don't like it (given WGs recent love for tomatoes). Tier VI is actually very nice and an ok Ryuio captain can really wipe the floor with the enemy team if they haven't got too many AA specced NCs or Atlantas.
  15. Yorck is actually pretty decent. You are a fairly good long range HE spammer, it's just that the AP is so bad (shell speed is glacial). Hipper is bad, yes, on top of tier VIII BS MM. Roon and DimDon are fairly similar but Hindenburg is imho a much easier ship than the Moskva, more fun and stronger on top.
  16. I think the Z-23 with the big guns firing at something like a Molotov will out-alpha a Z-52 friring at a NO...
  17. I experienced this after I agreed to be the caller for a german blunicum wannabe community clan... A team full of 2000+ WN8 guys that simply couldn't play together, would not listen to any commands in favor of damage whoring and then complain when we lost to yellow/green clans that simply and somewhat effectively played together,..
  18. While WoWS provides the same values as WoT for avid stats fans, the main metrci (damage dealt) is less telling in WoWS than it is in WoT because of the vastly different amount of health of various ship types and the existance fo heals PLUS the different type of damage (easily healable fire/HE vs citadel/torp). On top of that utility abilities like radar and smoke also do not exist in WoT but do exist and can influence battles greatly in WoWS. And on top of that the WTR system inherits all the weak points of WN8 (double paddable by either playing weak ships that will get a buff sometimes or by playing strong ships before they get heavily nerfed). However all is not doom and gloom bc WoWS has SOLO WINRATE. So if you are recruiter for a clan you can use the solo winrate of the ships you deem important (or even overall solo winrate for a quick glance).
  19. Do you really want to bring two DDs? It seems ok to go with one DD (Gearing) and one extra Moskva. Caps are divided into one each thats easy to take (so you need no DD for it) and one thats contestet. I think three Moskvas will make it imposible for any DD to contest that middle cap.
  20. It's like back in the days in WoT when Clanwars ment exactly IS-7 and T-50-2 and nothing else.
  21. The problem I am having here is that with 4-5 Cruisers per team DDs become so low value. 2 Des Moines and 2 Hindenburgs provide plenty of Radar AND Hydro. So not only do you get spotted at likely inopportune moments should you try anything funny, your torps are also of low value because with german hydro even a Yamato can evade your torps with ease. The smoke changes are bad for active DDs as well. Whenever you get spotted after firing in smoke, you know there is a enemy DD near - now just pop Radar and kill/cripple him...
  22. Classic overall is useless anyways and WG definetely does not have a history of expected values - so last 30 days it is.
  23. After looking at the maps: do DDs even have a place in this mode with this rulesset plus the upcoming smoke changes?
  24. So, after a likely brief love for CAs that cooled considerably at tier VIII (this tier is just cancer for regular CAs) I pondered wether to take up the "new" Udaloi. Question is: CE and stock torps for some Fletcher like hybrid action or all out gunboaty eschewing CE and even concealment module?
  25. ...is that current AA mechanics suck and need to be completely overhauled (even WG said so). The whole mechanic of AA DpS vs Plane Hitpoints temepered by a random hit rate origined from Alpha test when planes were more akin to artillery shells in WoT (aka fire and forget, it only matters how many arrive to strike). But in the current iteration of the rules it makes no sense that all of the AA guns of a ship can only target one squad and can only harm one plane in this squad per second.