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  1. ..any more - yes. This is probably one of the surest signs how much old tanks have been power creeped. And then, with the latest MM changes, tanks with limited MM got raped hrd by being thrown into tier IX battles almost 100% of all matches.
  2. Noone playing the Udaloi any more?
  3. Just got the NO and put on that snazzy aniversary camo. Put her out for a run - got instantly deleted twice by Yamato and Kurfürst. Third game I am finally top tier but I still hide most fo the game, the a Yolo Gneisenau gets my slightly angled side at 12km - instant death. I mean, lol. In all three games so far I have been killed from full health in one go. Cruisers at tier VIII are simply useless unless Kutuzov or at least healtago.
  4. Rumor has it that WG considers bringing back the Type 59... So I guess thats a yes, milk the cow dry as hard as possible then let the balancing and dev team try to work with the shambles.
  5. I guess the proposed change will have fairly minimal impact on random battles (except on divisions) bc smoking up BBs is rare anyways. But for ranked and competitive/clanwars this is huge. Do you think USN DDs are still they way to go? CLs could be pretty good being able to benefit from smoke a lot. IJN DDs could make a comeback, especially the Kagero, in order to outspot the enemy. Last but not least CVs spotting enemy smoke could be cruicial. Any new ships to get?
  6. Had that once and the culprit was the CPU. But basically it could also be anything at the MoBo, GPU is unlikely but not impossible.
  7. WIll be interesting once smoke firing is changed and clanwars (provided it's tier VIII) is there. I guess alot of clans will be bringing it before Amagi/NC because you can deal with angled targets so well and thus the playstyle is so easy.
  8. Came back to play for GBs and, well, no. Format is somewhat funny but WG still did not capture any "epic battle" feeling. The map still feels cluttered - that map and 15vs15 would be very different probably but with 30vs30 it is basically just random battles where the flanks are further apart. Also, at least for me, the so called grand battles didn't even last longer than the average random. In one we even won 30:4 - steamroll was real.
  9. Tell that to the Cleveland that broadsided three enemy BBs at under 8 km and got deleted 3 minutes into the game giving their Saipan free reign to park his Fighters over me ALL GAME bc our Ranger was AFK... Zero fucking damage possible, we lost by having 0 points after 5 minutes.
  10. Orion is very powerful. AP is a solid performer so the strong HE is simply a bonus. Dispersion seems very good too. The only thing that I loathe is the abysmal turret raverse - even with Jack Dunkirk and his special EM skill the turrets hardly move at all.
  11. Indeed, at least at lower tiers the traverse is glacial.
  12. This is basically for random and for random I'd rather take a Fletcher into any tier X match than a Gearing.
  13. This is a trend that gets more and more disturbing. Extensive Supertest period gets entirely ignored and the ship(s) get changed just before release. And while that wasn't a total desaster with some ships (german DDs), in case of the GZ they failed in the most spectacular way ("nein second delay")...
  14. Which most peeps will never do - so balance. It seems to be an easy ship to play. Spamming HE most of the time is rewarded. Sitting mostly bow on is too.
  15. If we can deduce one thing from this then it is that WGs tactic works. Instead of real but risky changes that might push the game forward, WG is going the way of pumping up mostly insignificant things. We MIGHT disable team damage but it will be after a lengthy process of testing, because, you know, these things are very very hard. So better not expect anything, at all. Btw here is our new prem tank, the Star Wars themed FV 215b 183 in cooperation with Disney.
  16. I think we will see the first italian line before the second french line. The rest of this year is packed with RN BBs and PA DDs and I think we will see the next line in Supertest late this year for a early next year release. If I had to speculate: 1. Italian Cruisers 2. French BBs 3. somethink Russia (likely BBs but could also be a third DD line) 4. German paper CV line 5. USN CL branch 6. Italian BBs
  17. Yamato: 22 Montana: 20 Großer Kurfürst : 25 Zao: 19 Des Moines: 23 Hindenburg: 27 Moskva: 17 Minotaur: 20 Shimakaze: 14 | Noone denies pushes and caps like a Shima. Also the Shima is by far the least prone to eat massive pen damage. And thus while ships like Gearing and Z-52 seem better cap contesters in reality it all depends on your teammates and who has the best radar and gets the least pen damage. Finally the Shima is a great danger with 20 hitpoints left while the gunbboat DDs are loosing a good bit of their teeth along with their hitpoints. Khabarovsk: 10 | while the Khabba is serious fun, it basically burns BBs at range while speed tanking. The chances to actually jump and kill other DDs are few and far between now that you have to choose between concealment and rudder shift module. And thats not good enough - I would rather have a Zao on my team for this. Hakuryu: 18
  18. You don't. You are not a cheapass and thus you simply free exp the Kongo.
  19. I can only recommend Flamus MEGAZAO youtube vid.
  20. The tier IV looks like a brutally OP pubstomper. That range.
  21. Nelson seems a funny little thing at a tier with good MM. But I already have the Missi which satisfies all my Credit needs ever. But the Conq WILL get nerfed if they release it in the current configuration. It is WAY too easy to play it well, I'd say even easier than Yamato because of the stealth and the good maneuverability. The HE means that potatoes get away with brainless HE only spam. On top of this everyone got a really good special Captain for it. Consequently the average damage numbers will skyrocket.
  22. Yamato: 20Montana: 19Großer Kurfürst : 25Zao: 21Des Moines: 23Hindenburg: 27 - Hindi seems to have it all right now. Can snipe well, is even better at medium range, can brawl quite well too. German Hydro is a very nice gimmick. Probably the top pick till the Conq arrives to kill everything.Moskva: 17Minotaur: 20Shimakaze: 13Grozovoi: 5 - This ship has no place among the other listed ships. It can not carry battles and doesn't even serve as a potential damage sponge like the Khaba.Khabarovsk: 16 Hakuryu: 18
  23. I just hope they buff the regular Cent to this level. Ever since I saw the original at Bovington I love the looks of this tank - but it just doesn't fit my playstyle, or anyones at all...
  24. Yamato: 20Montana: 19Großer Kurfürst : 25Zao: 24Des Moines: 23Hindenburg: 26 Moskva: 16Minotaur: 20Shimakaze: 13Grozovoi: 8 - good guns, good torps, good speed, good AA but.. well, nothing is actually great on this ship and we are beyond the point where being good is good enough.Khabarovsk: 16 Hakuryu: 18 - not enough CV players here. This ship can carry battles more than anything.
  25. Imho, with very few exceptions, Cruisers lines are only worth it at tier X. At least all the grinding prooves to be worth it in the end. Exceptions (above tier IV, go away filthy seal clubbers): 1. Fiji - an almost tier VIII ship at tier VII where MM is glorious currently 2. Myoko - again, tier VII means glorious MM and the Myoko is super tanky when top tier with brutal firepower 3. Chapayev - radar ranger greater than detection range. With the radar module you are the bane of DDs and a good long range firestarter if you must 4. Cleveland - IF you can position well behind islands. Clevelands dpm is really great but it dies fast as well as most tier IXs (except I-boooh-ki) but imho none of the tier IXs is a keeper when you can play the tier Xs instead.