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  1. The thing is that 3-5-7 is a crutch that WG uses in order to avoid changing the really important things, such as prem ammo and low tier tanks being hilariously weak. Also 3-5-7 imho has more than "small issues". Playing in any sort of platoon below tier IX means you are almost certainly among the 7. Tier VIII on EU, depending on the time of day, gets into tier X way more than half of the time. Not fun.
  2. The new MM is WGs usual inept answer to three problems without fixing these four problems: 1. Tier balance: Yes, I know, being low tiers sucks puprosefully in order to incite everyone to get that more powerful tank on one hand and to give potatoes their moment of glory every 10th game. It worked long enough when the MM pyramid was still normal, but it isn't any more. So WG could have balanced tiers better but they didn't. 2. Prem ammo / armor: WG wanted to make armor more useful and the logical thing would have been to change how (prem) ammo works. Instead WG overbuffed armor and made it so that when top tier you mostly meet low tier tanks that your armor is good against. 3. Maps: too small! If you compare tier III tanks to tier X tanks it is simply insane that both play on mostly the same maps. WG needs to redesign maps and make maps larger for higher tiers. This would also make lower tiers different from high tiers and overall the game would be more varied. But most of all it would give lower tier tanks some room to maneuver. But now you roll to the only spot you can be in and meet that E100 - in your King Tiger - gg. 4. Eco: too much silvers. Everyone and his uncle can now spam tier IX and X games and why shouldn't they? Playerbase is spoiled by specials, personal reserves and whatnot. Additionally more and more people do no longer grind/buy new tanks and thus prem ammo is the only real silver sink left in the game. I wait for the new large maps mode at tier X and if that one isn't cutting it, I'll be gone for good. WG will never change WoT for the better out of fear of breaking it and break it because of that.
  3. 30vs30 at tier X only is a MM fix on top of a new mode and as such it needs to be in the random queue. But the mode shouldn't be counted for MoEs as it is way too different from the other modes.
  4. Jaegaer

    M4A1 Rev vs AMX CDC

    I really wonder if crew training is still a thing. WGs age old system means that the benefit from a 5 skill crew is almost the same as the benefit of a 2 skill crew... Throw in the personal reserves and I would rather play a nice french med like the AMX30proto to train my crew than to buy a prem tank.
  5. Jaegaer

    How's your Gallant?

    Indeed. And I must say I like that way of balance because it means that in these battles where the enemy is constantly retreating and you never really get torp hits in, you can at least be a decent firestarter.
  6. Jaegaer

    How's your Gallant?

    Indeed. This is an incredibly agile torp boat with some ok guns (firechance is huge) on it as an extra. With TAE the reload is just over 1 minute which drops to just under one minute with AR if you took some damage while contesting your first cap. Now the torps are not super damaging and the range needs to get used to but unlike ships like Shinonome, the Gallant is actually VERY agile and turns on a dime, which helps a lot. My pick would be LS -> SE (HPs are really low) -> CE -> TAE -> AR -> DE And then there is the single launch option. For newbies this is more a curse (except that you can obviously hit 6-8 torps on a bow on BB). The problem is really that single launch means that you need to click fast AND precise. if you click too slow, your torps arrive one by one -> easy dodge. If you click fast but not precise, you get gaps in the spread -> easy to dodge. But if you can launch them fast yet precise you can get some ultra hard to dodge spreads. So if the Gallant heralds what the RN DDs will be, then I am a really happy (after the meh germans) torp spammer. Even shattered HE shells can start fires, or am I wrong? Imho the main source of gun damage will always be fires anyways.
  7. Yamato: 20Montana: 20 Großer Kurfürst : 21Zao: 23Des Moines: 20Hindenburg: 25Moskva:18Minotaur: 23Shimakaze: 17 + 1 = 18 | the Shima is still the best torp boat and a blast to play with so many BBs and almost no CVsGearing: 8 -3 = 5 | Z-52 took Gearings trick of cap contesting and now a Fletcher is the better pickZ-52: 7Grozovoi: 14Khabarovsk: 22Hakuryu: 17
  8. Yamato: 22Montana: 20 Großer Kurfürst : 21 Zao: 23Des Moines: 20Hindenburg: 25Moskva:18Minotaur: 23Shimakaze: 18 + 1 = 19 | still the best torp boat for peeps that can position.Gearing: 11 - 3 = 8 | Give it the Fletchers torps and it is good but high range for low damage and long reload simply is not a good trade and with its rainbow arcs and phat ass it simply doesn't work as a pure gunboat.Z-52: 7Grozovoi: 14Khabarovsk: 22Hakuryu: 17
  9. Yamato: 25 Montana: 18Großer Kurfürst : 18 Zao: 22 +1 = 23 | still a BaeDes Moines: 19 Hindenburg: 24Moskva: 21 Minotaur: 22 Shimakaze: 21 Gearing: 20Z-52: 18 - 3 = 15 | should be the crown of an otherwise very mediocre line but simply isn't. Grozowoy at least has dank dpm and speed and thats imho better than a situational hydro gimmick.Grozovoi: 14Khabarovsk: 22Hakuryu: 17
  10. Right. Thats exactly the problem. What you need to do is to totally revise the whole way that shells work in WoT. This would also give additional ways to differentiate tanks and finally could also fix the horrible tier imbalance. But WG is WAY too chicken for that and thus they changed the game over the years to get along with gold rounds somewhat, and now the game NEEDS gold rounds. Full speed ahead in the Cul-de-Sac... Its not that easy. Games like WoT work on many different levels. From marveling at beautiful tanks in your garage to wanting to have that tier X or that perfect crew to craving knowledge about mechanics. And all that won't come back with reverting some changes. With the game being so old and most of us playing/plyed for so long, we are now left with the core gameply and only the core gameplay to drive us on. And the core gameplay has always been lacking. And WG still tries to put more fluff around it instead of changing it.
  11. Day 2 for me: Yamato: 25 Montana: 18Großer Kurfürst : 21Zao: 20 +1 = 21 | Still a winner. Troll armor, great guns, best torps in tier and great concealment.Des Moines: 19 Hindenburg: 24Moskva: 20 Henri IV: 5 -3 = 2 | The Henry is just bad for your team. In a Zao/Mos/Hindi/DM even a potatoe has the chance to do more for your team, if only by accident.Minotaur: 21Shimakaze: 21 Gearing: 20Z-52: 18Grozovoi: 20 Khabarovsk: 21 Hakuryu: 17
  12. Jaegaer

    M4A1 Rev vs AMX CDC

    The CDC is somewhat fastish and has good gun depression. Gun handling was considered okish back in time when prems were mostly mediocre tier VIII tanks. The tank has literally no armor. When people talk about tanks having no armor, they usually hyperbole. But not for the CDC. The changes of arty splash mechanics mean that the CDC is even worse than before. Any arty landing within 20m of you will tear you a new one. Even tier IV tanks can autoaim you. In other words: this tank pays an extreme price for... basically nothing. Ravioli was mediocre too but received a VERY nice gun handling buff. This tank can now work ridgelines like a boss and the alpha is very nice too. Rest is meh but you can't have it all. So basically, unless you seek some masochistic challenge, stay far away from the CDC.
  13. Jaegaer

    Not Murazor's wishlist

    The funny thing is that the style is actually quite Wargamey. Talk about some vague ideas about what the game could need without going into any details and then forget about it and release another prem instead...
  14. Yamato: 23Montana: 18Großer Kurfürst : 21Zao: 20 +1 = 21 Troll armore plus good firepower plus great torpsDes Moines: 17Hindenburg: 23Moskva: 20 Henri IV: 11 -3 = 8 A slightly faster Zao only squishy with bad trops and thus utterly one dimensionalMinotaur: 21Shimakaze: 21 Gearing: 20Z-52: 18Grozovoi: 20 Khabarovsk: 21 Hakuryu: 17 Midway: 8 *Edited for Mountainrunners votes
  15. Jaegaer

    How's your Gallant?

    7 games - 100% winrate - 70k dpg - wasn't top for exp only once. Gud boote. Only downside - single launch torps spoiled me for all the other DDs.
  16. I disagree to some extend. What you said was true like 3 years ago. What was different then is that the game worked on several layers back then of which actual gameplay was just one. The others were "must have nice/iconic/sexy tank" and "want to grind to tier X" and "want gud crew" and even "want l33t EFF/WN6/WN7/WN8". After so many years however most of the veterans that are still in the game have "finished" the other layers and thus the full attention goes to the gameplay. And, uh, the gameplay is somewhat sucky if you look at it (and always has been). Prem ammo is one dimensional and a balance nightmare on top. Crew skills and Equipment is likewise a boring system with no real choices. Maps are too small for the higher tiers and the way accuracy, penetration and damage is modeled is too simple. Tier diferences are way too harsh. In short, if you look only at the gameplay, WoT hasn't changed in years. Everything else changed, but not the gameplay. And still, WG fears changing the gameplay and instead applies band aid to the severed limb. Armor buffs do not fix prem spam. What WG must do in order to cajole the game into a btter future is to redesign how hitting/damage/penetration and thus armor work. Giving small tanks with few chances to actually pen the target some other form of damage - like fire. Making the ammo model more realistic - too high pen can result in overpenetrations for low damage and now suddenly choosing the right ammo is a thing. Make high tier maps different from low and mid tier ones - it is stupid to have mostly the same maps from tier I to X. Change tanks designations where it makes sense - the AMX 50B is NOT a heavy and shouldn't be handled the same as a Maus. And then the gameplay alone, without all the fluff that we got tired with, would make us play the game again.
  17. Well. Preaching to the choir. The problem with WG is not that they have no clue about what to do, the problem is that they don't do it. Time and again Storm talked about things that needed a change, like Crew Skills or prem ammo. Did something happen? No. Instead we can rarely flip tanks on their heads and tier VIII is now officially the idiot tier. In the mean time WG conceived and abandoned more things than they actually put into the game.
  18. I loved the Atago in the beta and only now took her out for 3 games. Ragesold it afterwards. All three games were tier VIII - X against 5 or 6 BBs on fairly open maps. Even with one of the best tier VIII CAs in the game there was nothing I could do. Not only get you shat on by tier X Cruisers like Zao or Hindenbrug, even a lowly Bismarck can tear you a new one. The really bad reload time of the Atago makes it bad for hunting DDs and sitching ammo is a pita. As of now the only prem CA worth it is the Kutuzov (at least until they mess around with smoke firing).
  19. Captains will be removed along with the ships and all exp on the ships, Captains are elite so all exp you gain is free exp anyways. If you value the exp on the ships you need to convert it before the special ends.
  20. Jaegaer

    Akizuki - AA Trap or anti-ship dakka dakka

    I always wondered why anyone would bother with the Akizuki. It's highly situational. The AP can shred DDs sometimes but most times it is useless. HE is utterly bad, even with IFHE. Torp power is low. Speed is low. Concealment is mediocre at best. The line is a dead end. After they brought down the Shiratsuyu I think going down this line is a noob trap and only adviseable for players who already have all other DD lines.
  21. Apart from the swedish TDs, "newness" is pretty much absent in WoT for the last 3 years. The best they managed was putting the mods into their UI. New MM is debatable (I didn't like it at all). The rest (Havok/Physics, new modes)? Nothing but a huge waste of time.
  22. Jaegaer

    Some interesting changes in WoWs 6.8

    Tier X Cruisers are what Cruisers should be at all tiers... either unparallelled firepower but very sqishy or great firepower but can take some hits when angled. Khaba nerf is hardly a nerf. The torps were just the icing on the cake. Shiratsuyu was OP and somewhat cheesy and will now be more interesting to play as well as Kagero and Yugumo. Playing them without stealth is entirely viable for casual random play. SO, other than still nothing about borked CV gameplay, I like the patch.
  23. Slowly. Thats part of the problem.
  24. It's high time for WG to relocate resources! Churning out new tanks at a hiherto unpreceeded rate does not make the game suddenly great again. Ok, well, WG did not change the game in a way that makes light tanks actually doing anything special. Scouting is mostly dead and on the maps where it still has significance, MTs do it just as well or even better starting tier IX at least. That aside the gun actually looks not that bad - until you arrive at the crippling penetration values. Seriously. 170/210 pen? LOL, WTF.
  25. Ok, started only two days ago and, boy, is it a pain to be a late starter. I fully confess that I can't cope with the totally chaotic behavior of the players that are now around rank 15. Also games are total steamrolls most of the times. Last three games in ranked ended with one side loosing only 0-1 ships while annihilating the other side in record times. And even though in my 20 games I have not been top exp on the loosing team twice progress is very hard as the winrate is mostly 50:50. Last game I lost was with Kraken and High Caliber...