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    WoTlabs still the thing?

    The problem is that WoT, from a high level super competitive point of view, is dead. All the discussions about game mechanics were had. All the pros did sufficiently rub their epeen in ths game. WG is VERY reluctant to change anyhing at all that would have a lasting influence about how this game plays. And if it is done it is mostly in alternative modes that are only temporarily available. Finally the power creep is real. New tanks are the shits and giggles and many old tanks are left in the dust - which is ok for all the peeps that have it all and only wait for the next OP thing to grind, but sucks for all players that are still grinding certain "staple" tanks and realize these are no longer considered good. SO, well, the good news is that most of the old stuff is pretty much still very viable (with the exception of some tank reviews) and, unless you are a fledling unicorn, is at a level that you will struggle to life up to anyways (at least at first). The bad news however is that there is no other site thats better updated bc WoT, as I said, is too old to be really interesting to the majority of movers and shakers.
  2. Yes, the situations where you real DpM is close to your DpM on paper are simply too few. Lets see what the new ships of this line bring to the table, as of now it odesn't look very promising.
  3. Jaegaer

    Regarding RNG in Games, in general

    Well, that was an extreme example thats nevertheless is quite valid, opponent needs to stop to aim and that gives the stationary tank a huge advanateg - even more if you load the gold and roflpen everywhere.
  4. Jaegaer

    Regarding RNG in Games, in general

    Thats doesn't change the fact that the stationary tank has a huge advantage. Just play WT and see for yourself and also notice how it is not even 1/50th as profitable as WoT.
  5. Jaegaer

    WG's EULA Changes NA

    Right, it is in decline, it fell from 2nd most prfitable game to 8th most profitable game in the world and it will likely drop more - but even if it was only the 50th most profitable, it would still have plenty of reasons to continue it. SO WG will certainly not raze it for a quick profit. And Tanks have always been an Europen/Russia thing. They didn't play much of a role in the Amerikas and neither in Asia and both regions are not very focussed on the WW1 - WW2 timescale on top of that. And finally: WoT e-sports is rofl and both Asia and Amerikas are more E-spots oriented than EU/Ru.
  6. Jaegaer

    Regarding RNG in Games, in general

    Which would mean that the kemp bush @ base guys would always hit the pushing tanks where they want to hit them... That does not strike me as a good idea. Imagine that Type 5 full penning your cupola EVERY SINGLE TIME from 400m away because he sat still and was fully aimed when you poked around the corner.
  7. Jaegaer

    WG's EULA Changes NA

    Ok, so WoT as, like, the 8th most profitable game in the world is doomed and they grab the moneyz off? No? The game needs to change, players perceive MM as the biggest problem. Limited MM prems are a problem and need to change. So, well, doomsaying is so popular here but that doesn't make it right or even clever.
  8. The problem of the AKizuki is that the effective range is around 13km - so you are almost always inside radar rage of something. And while that Gearing can just accel and weave when hit by an unfortunate radar, the AKi can't and usually eats massive damage. So early game you can't cap and can't smoke fire and your torps at 10km range are also pretty much suicidal. Mid game there is STILL too much radar and that leaves late game... Lol no. That ship needs a buff, just as Grozovoi.
  9. Jaegaer

    Regarding RNG in Games, in general

    Yes, this topic is about how RNG "waters down" the display of skill. In WoT this means that even the best solo player will not go much over 65% winrate while even the worst tomato will usually still manage 38%+ Ofc this is also bc 15 vs 15 limits the maximum and minimum influence. However the RNG servers two additional functions: First of all it makes the game less static. If you play WT you know what I mean. Without aim/pen RNG every well placed shot is deadly and that means the stationary tank thats ready to shoot has a HUGE advantage and that makes the game static and stale and not at all casual. And second it gives you brutally great games sometimes where you perform well ahead of your average skill at the cost of perform below your average skill sometimes - just because of RNG. And this too is why WoT is so successful. WG knows that in order for some players to have great games their opponents need to have bad games - it's unavoidable. But humans usually remember the fond and great things longer/more than the bad ones and RNG helps capitalizing on that. SO discuss all you want about how WoT is too much RNG that hampers good players more than it helps them (which it does) but the game would be much less successful without it because 95% of all players benefit from the RNG.
  10. Jaegaer

    Regarding RNG in Games, in general

    Yes, indeed. WoT and E-Sport is just stupid, eben though they seem to have found a format that works at least in their core market Russia. But at the same time WoT is as popular and as successful because it has RNG and not despite. If all the tank daddies would be killed the very second they stick their nose out the game would falter fast. I didn't say it has - I said that this is the real problem of WoT and mostly also the real problem of the frustration players feel. That and the gamenot communicating your luck as well as your bad luck. In WoWS tier differences are MUCH less pronounced and if you turn at the wrong moment you see those shell flying towards your jiucy unprotected broadside and you think "oh shit, shit, shit" and then they miss - phewwww. You know you screwed up and got away with it and next time you do the same you get citadelled and send to the port you remeber that you were lucky before.
  11. OMG, tried to get some exp on my Akizuki over the weekend... HUGE MISTAKE. That ship is unplayable right now... If you detect a Cleveland while still on your way to the cap and he presses da buton the time you need in this piece of junk to turn around and get outside his radar range is utterly HUGE that you are lucky to make it out alive... Switched to Missour, Amagi and Richelieu for 20 games - 3 Krakens, over 30 citadel hits overall and - with Richelieu - 3 solo caps
  12. Jaegaer

    Pensacloa Advice

    Yeh, did one game where I murdered a host of broadsiding Omahas and sold it. It is a nice ship when top tier but if not, it really suffers. Range is bad, Conceal is bad and - dealbreaker for me on a low range ship - no torps. Fiji at tier VII scratches the same itch only MUCH MUCH MUCH more. If it has to be tier VI, Budyonny > all.
  13. Jaegaer

    Arty Stun Mitigation Skill

    Problem is that the guy who once programmed the crew skill system is long gone and all the documentation is in Stalins own language (if there is any at all). WG did hint at a crew skill system change (that is really really LONG overdue) but that would mean coding the entire system from scratch... Meanwhile WoWS already revised their system after 2 years - and even the old one was leaps and bounds ahead of WoTs.
  14. Jaegaer

    Regarding RNG in Games, in general

    Whats "reasonable"? I guess the following numbers are true: Given equal player skill a VK36.01H will lose against an IS-3 in 999 times out of 1000 In a IS-3 vs IS-3 fight a WN 300 player will lose 19 out of 20 times against an WN 2300 player. So, where is the problem? Shot RNG is sometimes frustrating - but mostly because the game does not communicate the near misses that other players suffered against YOU while you ALWAYS realize when RNG "denied" you your rightful hit. And THAT is the problem, not the RNG itself. It is also a minor problem given the woes of the MM and the tier differences - VK3601H vs IS-3 is much more bullshittery than RNG can be in 999 out of 1000 cases.
  15. Balancing by standard pen, well, unless it has HESH as prem this is stupid. People just dab the 2 key and then get a brutal tank with few downsides. And still there will be people with sub 40% winrate in it - so all is balanced.
  16. Jaegaer

    Regarding RNG in Games, in general

    The randomness in WoT means that you can have utterly great games that you will fondly remember for years at the price of having brutally shit games too, that you promptly forget. In WoT this is true no matter you skill level - even the best of the best can never be really sure they are gonna slay the game. RNG can always deterr thme but can also carry them to 10k, 11 kills games that would otherwise be impossible or at least even rarer. So I have not much problems with the RNG itselg, but rather with it's presentation. If that KV-2 hits your T-34-1 then it's game over, if not that you take no damage at all. I am keenly aware of every shot I missed because of RNG but I very often did not notice people missing my tank. In ships the RNG is also present but it is usually way less ovious as RNG and is also way more balanced. You see the shots flying towards you in an inopportune moment and you think "shit shit shit that will hurt" and then they all miss. And thats creates a better balance between good RNG and bad RNG.
  17. Jaegaer

    Streaming and how to start streaming?

    It has been said already but it is imho the single most important technical plus: get a good sound quality going! Good framerate is a must have, face cam is nice but most people will not listen to a stream thats hard to understand. Quickybaby is the best example, his audio quality is top notch and he speaks in a clear and easily understandable manner - I bet Circon could have just as many viewers but I often do not understand what he is mumbling into his mic and thus whenever I have to decide between QB and Circon I choose QB. Last but not least: if what your statsbanner says is true then you need to bring your witty/social/likeable A game because you will not be able to survive on your skill alone. A good example for this is the notorious Mr Jingles but for me "WIlde Uschi" (german streamer that startet with WoT, then went to WoWS) is even better. He is not the best player but he is just somehow funny and likeable. His voice is comforting and tranports that he has fun. You feel like you are in your local cozy pub with all your best friends when you listen to him. HOWEVER - you will never find out unless you simply try. Don't let yourself be put off, just dive in and see if you can find your niche - best of luck
  18. If it goes like in WoWS it will take one or two weeks till the average pubbie will have adjusted.
  19. I feel that a lot of what I hated in WoT is absent in WoWS. On top of that sheeps is a game that appeals to my diing reflexes even more than WoT. WT was the old CS:GO pixel hunting/twitch thing and that killed it for me. So I would like to urge moar of the people here into WoWS but to most the slower pace is probably a deal breaker.
  20. Uhm, this site has been out of order for me fo like the whole year. I don't get any updates at all and neither seem anyone else because the overall stats seem to be frozen (number of games per ships per server does not change at all for EU).
  21. Bug. Sub_Octavian said so. The change will be reverted BUT Sub also said that WG noted how many people liked the ability to punish broadsiding BBs more and will be looking into it.
  22. Jaegaer

    French BB Impressions

    Got the Lyon froma mission and free exped to the Richelieu, kitted the captain I had from the DeGrasse with BFT/AFT and all secondarie modules and took her (stock) to co-op. Lol. This thing is really good for that, being so fast you can easily get into brawling range (which bots seem to favor anyways). Secondaries are meh for damage but glorious for ribbons. Only downside so far - lost a turret once or even twice in pretty much every match... If I have upgraded her hull and finished the ribbon part of the campaign I will see wether this ship is any good for random - I predict it won't push NC and Amagi from the tier VIII BB throne for me.
  23. Jaegaer

    Operation Hermes

    Me too. The best course for this is imho to wait a few days till the pubbies got the basic grasp of what to do and then grap the best ship. I 5 starred all of the recent operations this way at the first try. Yes, I get little joy out of shooting up mindless bots so I only play operations to get the rewards.
  24. Jaegaer

    Forum Software Updated

    Nice, thx a lot.
  25. And thats why it won't happen even if WG would love to do it. Tier disparities are atrocious in WoT (you realize this once you play WoWS where tier -2 ships can totally make top tiers regret their life choices) and before you do anything to prem ammo you first need to adress this. Additionally the difference between tank types is just to small (also unlike WoWS where ship types are VERY different to each other). We have so many "heavies" that are more meds than heavies and vice versa. Fastish meds that are more like LTs, TDs that are more like heavies and so on and so forth. In other words WoT is a MM-balancing nightmare and 3/5/7 is pretty much the proverbial bandaid.