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  1. Nothing has changed. NA (iirc) is in the final stages of some campaign so there may be some desperate yolo people but apart from this you are just experiencing a streak that is totally normal and part of the usual randomness in team composition. I had a 40% winrate in the two weeks since new year (only about 20 games though) and this week I won almost of all my games - it happens.
  2. The problem is that WG is only willing to introduce new mechanics every other patch (at most) in order to not overly confuse the unwashed masses that go "omfg, WG, wy smok cooldown, did not press smok???!!" Next mechanical change may be the already discussed radar changes so I wouldn't hold my breath for anything else in the first half of 2018 at least.
  3. Yeh, well, I never thought that being unable to threaten enemy DDs with your torps would be so crippling. Low range torps on top means you can only do things if the enemies DDs screw it up. A single Kagero can ruin your game, endlessy screening you with no fear at all even if detected by RL. My winrate in these things is abysmal and I hope the YueYang is worth it
  4. While the Duke of Yuck is certainly not a great ship t is also not terrible. Also the follow up mission gives you 4 tier Vi ship with a special camo and a very nice camo for the Scharnhorst. So all in all probably worth it, but I hate these things anyways. During these missions the salt level is hardly bearable towards the end. People chain matches in utter frustration and play like idiots to make their own doom and gloom mindset come true again and again. So I hope WoWS will return to "normal" once these missions finally end.
  5. Got repair module in the first... Most useless, I guess, even smoke is usable on like two ships but imho repair is straight out worse than basic repair. Maybe WG will fix it someday. 2nd one was 50 restless fire which is pretty ok.
  6. Gadjah Mada is a very mixed bag. When top tier or with only few tier VIIIs and few radar it is absolutely glorious. The concealment combined with the smoke menas you can dpm away with impunity, sitting bow on and thus mostly immune to other DDs torping your smokes. And because your range is overall pretty low you need to go in agressively. But this is very hard once ample radar and superior DDs start to pop up. A Fletcher will tear you a new one and outplay you so hard it hurts while your only valid threat - torping him - is not available. Even worse if you meet an Akizuki. 8km torp range means your torps are useless bc you need to penetrate like 2km into radar range to even get them off. And then there is just so much hydro in higher tiers and hydro totally counters the low detection that is supposed the only advantage of DWTs over normal torps. Hsien Yang is decidedly meh. DWTs simply don't work with lowish range and very slow speed. You need to get past their DD escort to use them and penetrate well into radar territory. Also hydro starts to become common and DWTs with 55 knots are utterly useless in a hydro rich environment losing their only advantage of low detectability. The Benson at least can threaten other DDs in their smoke with them and maybe get a much needed kill, the HY can't. Chung Mu - to put it with Flamus words "I prefer Fletcher". Again, 10.5km range torps are not good unless you want to hit DDs. The Fletcher is so glorious bc it is one of the best and most complete DD hunter killers. Every enemy DD, even tier Xs need to be very aware of that and tend to play passively against a well captained Fletcher and this, and this alone, actively opens up torping fat juicy targets like BBs. But the Chung Mu can't do this the same way and if you want to torp BBs/CAs with a opponent DD screening them, you need more than 10.5km range or hope the enemy DD screws up. Yueyang - finally, 13.5km torps have enough range and the Yueyang can again sit bow on in smokes and dpm away to good effect. The thing that makes it really good though is the detection advantage - it may not be much, but every Kagero and Yugumo and Shima has much more to fear from it than from a Gearing. This is the only PA DD that I feel the DWTs finally work and be an asset instead of a hinderance.
  7. I loved the Panther to bits back then but in World of Heavy Tanks the anemic alpha with still only mediocre dpm is simply not working - at all. On top of this the Panther is huge while the armor doesn't hold up except against low tiers that refuse to shoot gold... The last thing I did before uninstalling WoT was three marking the Comet - here you have one dpm buzzsaw that works at tier VII because it is what the Panther isn't - small, maneuverable, glorious gun depression and insane dpm.
  8. The P8.8 was WGs worst blunder ever. A tier VIII med with the pricetag of a heavy, that was removed from the testserver so noone could drive it before buying. It seemed nice, almost a P2 in the times when prem tanks were considered to be noteably weaker then silver tanks. But WG tweaked it in the hidden stats. Bad camo, bad bloom, arkward depression on top of the usual anemic dpm made it simply horrible. It was so bad that WG even refunded part of the gold to the buyers but even with the "reduced" pricetag it wasn't worth shit. In it's shadow ran the STA-2, which was also shit as released but got buffed significantly with awesome dispersion while the P8.8 got the unified gun depression angles and thats it. This is by far the worst tier VIII prem tank, it wouldn't even be good with limited MM...
  9. Highlight: hoping for Sandbox to really shake up the game. Lowlight: Sandbox not shaking up the game.
  10. WG has become a huge company over the last few years (which ment frantic growth) and even though they had some internal reorg last year and a shuffeling of jobs there are imho still two types of persons inside WG: The devs that understand whats going on. The salespeople that don't want any risk at all. And it is pretty obvious who holds the reigns. It's for this reason why it is foolish to bash the devs when said devs don't have the power to actually change the game much (except for riskless bling like HD maps).
  11. Aka 95% of the WoT population. And thats the truth. If you want a game thats heavily focused on competitiveness then go and play LoL. WoT is for the russian daddy and almost everything that WG does is with the russian daddy in mind. And I do not in the slightest mean that as a derogatory term. There need to be games that cater to the older. more casual audience and still be somewhat competitive aka exciting but on the other hand designed in a way that everyone can have a good game now and then and will win close to half his games. And in this WoTLabs is deluding themselves - the Type 5 is fine by this standards. Very good players will still get better results in other heavies (and likely also have more fun playing these or fast mediums) but sub par players can catch up somewhat in the Type 5.
  12. Hm, not for me. CW were funny sometimes, but whenever I play division in randoms I try to coordinate and call for my team, getting into the CW mindset and then it all falls to shambles bc the other teammates are still stupid more often than not and my own game suffers from lack of attention. That said had my second game in the HueHue (PA Fletcher) yesterday and we stood 3 (tier IXs) vs 7 (tier IXs and Xs) and won. My two teammates were in a division and also Typhoons (clan SOFA), was a really great game. And yes, the HueHue is awesome - the torps are insane, BBs and Cruisers have basically no time to react at all which makes up for the inability to hit Dds in smoke. Not sure wether I will keep it though, it remains to be seen if I am really able to hit way more torps than in the Fletcher and if not the Fletcher is simply better. Also I need the Captain for the YueJang which I will definetely buy/keep as it is the stealthiest DD at tier X.
  13. They tried that with Sandbox - didn't work well.
  14. When the game stalled like two years ago WG tried the mostly risk free soutiuons to pique interest and maintain the games eco: emblems (backfired), additional modes (backfired), Personal Missions (worked rather well) and then buffing tanks / releasing strong prems (was generally liked too). But now, after stalling for like two years, the game entered a slow decline despite all that fluff. WGs answer: same maps only much nicer and personalized tenks. Well... that will surely stop the tide, if only for a few months. But it has been like that with most games, the really drastic changes are usually made too late and then only accelerate the decline because all the people that stayed for so long really did so because they liked the game as is and all the ones that would have liked said changes already left.
  15. This is mostly but not totally true... Each sort of crate features three ships as regular drops with different likelyhoods. For instance the middle crates (red ones) feature the Okthotnik (or whatever), Leningrad and Scharnhorst. If you get one of these, they drop directly from the crate. You can get one of these as a double drop (likely the O as it is by far the most common drop) and then it is replaced by Doubls. BUT you also have a tiny chance at a random Ship Super Container. In this case you will always get a ship that you do not already own.
  16. In the Ru Supertest files it had IFHE - need to wait for someone to datamine the client to confirm this though. About Edinburgh - well, in higher ranks that may very well happen, in lower ranks it's everyone for himself and a Edin in the open can be a onehit for NC or Amagi regardless of angle.
  17. There are two things to be gud @ Wot: Macro - where to go and how long to stay and where to go next Micro - what to do where you went Be aware that it may be that you can't wrap your head around one or both of these. In my case I could never wrap my head around the micro thing (being an old guy). I usually knew where to aim but in the heat of the snapshot I aimed wrong. I drove against walls and didn't manage to lock the auto aim or locked the auto aim on the wrong target. And if I got angry at myself I also forgot the Macro. Went WAY too agressively and got damage/killed way to early. With that out of the way: how do you get there: You watch vids/replays BUT you do NOT simply consume these! Watching Circon or X3n4 or Straik can teach you a lot or nothing. It can only teach you alot if you CONSTANTLY ask yourself "what would I do now?" and then look wether the Unicorn is doing it, and if not, why not? How could he know? This means you need to browse the minimap constantly, remember LOS restriction/spotting ranges, bush mechanics and enemy team roster - amongs others. Then you try to replicate this during play only to fail horribly at first - likely even dropping in WN8! Thisis where you need to man up and don't give up! Don't hesitate to get worse in the short run to get better in the long run - you need to tear down whats wrong and rebuild whats right and this will cost you in the meantime. Yes, that may feel more like work than fun - noone said being a Unicorn is easy for everyone (it is for some, very few, "true" Unicorns) and the game is made in the way it is to make it as hard as possible to feel sure about your game. SO many things are random and can go wrong. In the end, if you prevail, you will be a Unicorn or die trying :-)
  18. They likely use the same algorythm as in WoWS but didn't manage to get it displayed correctly in all cases. They way it went in WoWS was that, if you rolled a ship that you already had in your garage, you would get the "next" ship on a list (unless you also had that then you would get the next one after that and so on and so forth). Sooo, it could very well be that the Type 59 is the "last" tank on that list and thus only people that already have all the other prem tanks, that the boxes can drop, get it (it was like that with the Type 59 equivalent in WoWS - the Gremaschchy).
  19. WG was and is aware that WoT is hard and that mistakes can be heavily punished despite RNG. And they are also aware that the game needs a go to line for bad to average player where they feel powerful, even when not given the sweestest of all sweet MM. At first turretless huge alpha TDs seemed to fit. Any player could really hop into these, kemp bush and expect like 2k damage (at least with prem ammo). Only problem: this paystyle is ok if there is one player on each side doing it but by mid 2015 is became clear that there would be multiple invisi TDs per team with punitive alpha and that would be toxic for the game. So WG decided that indeed classic HTs are the best go to tank. They provide lynchpins on the map because they are a huge presence but also not terribly flexible (again, we are talking heavily armored "real" HTs, not AMX 50b). So they are the core around which the fighting revolves, that make the match somewhat predictable and also a bit slower. But for this HTs needed to be buffed a lot. But still the "elefant in the room" (to quote Gehackte Molen) in the form of prem shells and also the linear map design stand against those buffs and up to now WG did not really find an answer which made the basic assumption - as right as these are - hard to actually implement. The game felt a bit slower than before, a bit more predictable, but still pretty chaotic and even a Maus can get killed in mere seconds if it yolos. So a lot of work still to do.
  20. Thats how WoT is, was and will be forever. The nature of this game is casual and WG does everything to appease the unwashed masses because in WoT these unwashed masses provide the vast majority of income. In other words, in WoT there are not really any whales that WG needs to cater to or everyone is a whale or whaling is not connected to skill. Pick your fav. Thus the imbalances in the game will stay. Any glue sniffer can hop into the Type 5 and have a (by his standards) good game if MM puts him against 5+ Tiger IIs on his flank. And, please, do not delude yourself about the impact that great players have on the development/design of WoT. I always laugh at things like "RNG is the reason why many players leave the game" - no, it is the reason why SOME REALLY GOOD players left it - while at the other hand it is the reason why thousands of baddies still play and pay. So, yes, WG is playing their own game, they do just not cater to the upper crust. So either deal with it or quit (like I did) - complaining will not do anything because the vast majority of (paying) customers is happy with it. If you want an out, play Word of Warships - where the tier disparity is way less pronounced and the RNG is way less a factor and there is no prem ammo. Only thing in common is that many maps suck and WG can't be arsed to remove/rework them and only manages like one new (random) map every two years.
  21. No. Yes. PR is useless - WG always finds a way to screw their ratings hard. In the case of PR it's team (iirc) battles that boost PR like mad and have nothing to do with any skill except the skill to get invited into a good team.
  22. Agreed and, yes, this is actually ridiculous to assume. The nature of randomness can seem like rigging to some people and WoT (WAY more than WoWS for example) has some really toxic gameplay (aim aim aim aim aim miss - opponent KV-2 onehits you unaimed from full speed).
  23. This train has left the station a long time ago. The powers at wotlabs concluded that WN8 is inherently and irredeemingly borked and that a lot of work on expected values is really not worth the while in the light of the recent massive rebalances of so many tanks. So they set out to create WN9 and they actually succeded - at first. But then too many people complained about how different WN9 was from WN8 (and how many people that relentlessy played the tanks that fit their playstyle got punished in WN9 for doing that). And then WN9 was, step by step, made back into WN8 again. And then everyone stopped caring and even introduced silly expected values to prove some points. And after some months XVM devs stepped in and asked about the whole process, abandoning the drive to create their own rating system. So, all is well. WN8 rating and expected values are determined by largely following the guidelines initially laid out by a dedicated dev team. Whats not to like?
  24. He is (or better was) actually right. The game is designed in a way that makes it impossible for tomatoes to always lose and for unicorns to always win. Thats certainly some sort of rigging. Yes, mankind has been tought through uncounted millenia to keenly observe cause and effect in order to carry the planet more. But randomness defies this and most people can not comprehend this.
  25. The person you quoted assumed that randomness = balance and he is right and wrong at the same time. He can test his hypothesis easily for himself by rolling 15 dice and adding them up, then repeat the process and compare both sums. This example disregards WR (each player is represented by a random unweighted d6). I think no sane person would expect that paired sums are always the same but it is likely that they are around a sum of 52 or 53 often and, even better, if you do this test about 10000 times, the distribution of unbalanced results tends to be the same. In that sense rendomness is indeed balanced in so far that every player that plays enough games tends to have the same single imbalances.