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  1. Get a Loewe, run an all-APCR loadout, still make money (quite a bit with a premium account), be competitive in tier 10 matches, get loads of spotting damage, actually have fun.
  2. Tier 7s can actually do decently, b/c they don't see tier 10s, and they get to crap all over tier 5s a LOT more than tier 8s get to do the same to tier 6s. Tier 7 scouts (I keep repeating myself) are IMHO, tier-for-tier, one of the strongest groups in the game right now, b/c they're always relevant and can simply dominate when top tier. I never played with you, but welcome back regardless. Re: ranked battles, didn't they tweak the scoring for this round to try and make it slightly less campy?
  3. Tier for tier, IMHO the KT is a definite upgrade from the Tiger. You go from a boxy turreted TD to an actual heavy tank. Yes, the LFP is a weakspot, and you have to repair your engine multiple times a game, but it's a reasonably good sidescraper. YOu can protect the turret by angling after firing and rocking, and the gun is absolutely excellent. The only better one at this tier is the one on the Loewe, perhaps. 100% crew and vents will give you .29 dispersion, so you can consistently use that great pen at range (unlike e.g. the Defender or Lorr). You can bait shots into your sides when brawling, and anging actually brings some benefit, unlike in the Tiger, where it feels to me as if no amount of angling is sufficient to help. It's somewhat slow and inflexible, but if you plan your engagements correctly, it's still a pretty capable tank.
  4. Upvoted for being of sufficient good taste to reference TheOatmeal.
  5. Just got my first MoE. That's nothing special, but it's only the second scout ever (after the WZ-131) in which I've gotten *any* marks. Kinda stoked, and still really, really enjoying this little tonk.
  6. I actually haven't had many issues with my cupola betting penned. The drivewheel...well, that's not really a weakness specific to this tank. I don't find it out of meta at all - to me, it's a medium that's been adapted to this meta. Having said that, you're a way, way better player than I am, but I don't find that this thing is out of the meta at all. It's FAR less frustrating to me than, say, the IS-4.
  7. I don't remember what I used on it, and noone is going to mistake me for being actually "good" in this or any other tank. But if I were to pick it up again, I'd probably go with vents just for the overall boost to things like mobility and vision. I don't mind the slow aiming b/c as long as you hide your hull, you can aim in pretty safely. But anything which helps mobility would IMHO be gud.
  8. It's definitely not flexible, but then, neither is anything before or after it in the line, so anyone playing it should already have a sense of what to expect. But dayum when I want to hold a spot, hull down and laugh uproariously at anyone trying to get through my turret while I blast away with seeming impunity...this would be my choice.
  9. I honestly liked the ST-I better and think the ST-I is much stronger tier-for-tier. I am thinking of selling my IS-4 to fund either a T10 or doom turtle.
  10. Lemme help you out here: NO.
  11. Yeah, it seems like the credit multiplier on the Loewe is sufficiently high to make that entirely viable. I just started doing this myself.
  12. Not me. I've got a 4 skill crew in it, b/c #t20masterraceoftier7.
  13. I am up to 460 VR with my current setup. That's pretty goddamned broken right there. No vents, no BIA, 86% on each of Recon and SA.
  14. 1. You haven't played enough games in it to know for sure. I've got 64, but even that is too few. The rule of thumb around here is 200 games before you know, "how good you are in a tank for sure." 2. Your stats are just fine - in fact, they're nearly identical to my own, other than win rate. 2295 wn8 makes this your fourth-highest rated tank. 944 dpg is nothing to at which to scoff. Not unicorn, sure, but you're in the 99%+ percentile, for sure. If you keep up what you're doing, you'll be helping your team way more than you'll be hurting them.