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  1. If you hadn't TK'd him, I'd say send in a replay with an explanation/narrative, just to get your record expunged/whatever they do to track this stuff. Might be worth doing so regardless.
  2. I've been nuked there by arty before at least twice without having been spotted. They pre-aim (which is smart) to clear out scouts going there (which is also smart/necessary, but also fraught with risk for the reasons others have already cited). I can't/won't comment on the viability of blind sniping that bush, but if there's a way to put a shot into it, good players will do it.
  3. This tank was just frustrating me, and then over the last day or two it seemed to click. The advice from @Hally on how to play it on Fisherman's Bay really helped as well - top tier, but only one of our heavies (we only had three) goes city, I went there, sidescraped and helped win the flank. I think the playstyle for this tank is hard to grasp at first - you can't really brawl in it, it isn't nearly agile enough, nor is it a good scout, since it's the size of a semi, roughly. But if you can find a spot where you can hull down at a distance, keep your turret moving to evade fire, and most important, keep your gun firing, you can really dish out the damage. I tried to play it like a t54 at first, and that went about as well as you'd expect. Even with a nearly full camo crew, I'm pretty sure you can see this from orbit. But I went 19-10 in my last 29 games in the thing, all but two or three solopub, and it's really been clicking much more than it ever has. I'm at ~190 games in it, slowly dragging my WR out of the toilet, and I finally got my first MoE. I think the danger of playing such a legendary (speaking purely in-game) tank like this is that, in lesser players like me, it engenders the notion that the tank itself will somehow make you a better player. That is obviously not the case, but the key is (for me, at least) having the patience to stick with it and grasp what it does well (sniping from a distance, bullying the daylights out of lower tiers, supporting heavies), and what it does not (brawling, scouting). I managed to get in a few good rams of late, too - a T10 who was utterly surprised when I rammed his front and shoved him back into the water (nothing he could do) on Live Oaks, where my teammates proceeded to shoot holes in him; throwing a t54e1 clear off the hill in the middle of Airfield, then driving him down the hill to his demise (that was glorious); and then coming downhill at full speed into the rear of a sniping Cent 7/1. It did not end well for him, and I took perhaps 200 damage, which I barely even noticed.
  4. I really enjoyed the Chi He, aced it multiple times, excellent sprem round, good gun handling and reload. It's tier 4, sure, but it's IMHO one of the more playable tier 4s.
  5. The problem with this approach is that it's focused too much on good gameplay mechanics, rather than WG profitability.
  6. I bought one of these. I feel dirty. But I'll go ahead and say, I prefer both the Patriot and the Defender, which are both more versatile tanks, IMHO. It's too easy to overangle while sidescraping in this thing, 6 degrees + rear-mounted turret means you aren't any good at terrain fighting. I think I'm going to play arty for a while and just focus on these things. This isn't a true "pick a spot, any pot" heavium like the Patriot, nor is it as good a city brawler as the Defender, IMHO. Frontally, yeah, it's immune, but from any other angle, it isn't as tough, and the players I've seen it seem to have read the hype clippings too much and are pushing ahead in tier 9/10 matches, not realizing that the t10s and whatnot are faster and have much bigger guns. The better players will know to hang back and use the traverse/terrain resistance to keep the enemies in front of them, I'm sure. I realize I'm taking a pretty lonely position here, and maybe it just doesn't work that well for me, but I really just don't much care for it. And I don't feel particularly motivated to get good in it, because for me it just isn't an enjoyable tank to play. (edit) one of the least remarked-upon (that I've seen) characteristics is the ammo capacity. So I'm going to try this thing with like 40 HE, because why not.
  7. *phew* Pretty sure he did some tooning with QB in TOGs around these past holidays. The vids were pretty damned funny, prime examples of his dry narrative style. 100% Agree. I don't much enjoy rivers of bile (I know it's what some folks dig, and that's cool for them). I like my commentary dry and witty, and Jingles checks both boxes in spades.
  8. It definitely has less of a "zoomy" feel to it for me. The t54 has a much larger engine and weighs less, though, so there's that. I am running mine with a no-camo-skill crew, however, that I stole from my IS4, so I don't expect it to play quite like the t54 on that account, either - slower and less camo. Next skill (fourth) will be camo across the board. And yeah, I know, but I didn't have another medium crew handy (for reasons of which I am unsure). I was definitely better in my t54, however. Glad I kept it and its crew together.
  9. The Americans, Russians, and Chinese are all pretty screwed when it comes to the pen on tier 8 meds. The top guns on the Cent and P2 both exceed 220 pen, with the STA-1 and I-P in the 200-teens. Having said that, I would still argue that the Persh and t44 are clearly the best of the tier 8 mediums, allowing for the premise (which I buy, fwiw) that, as a group, they may be the single most powercreeped bunch of tanks in the game.
  10. The irony is that they lost a CC who was not only their #1 English language CC, but also one who produced a lot of genuinely funny content that I could actually watch with my not-yet-13-year-old and not cringe. Raising self-destructive behavior to new levels.
  11. I'm just going to point out that, in the last elimination Tier 8 elimination thread, the T-44 came out with the fifth-highest win rate overall among both unicums and superunis. Whatever buffs the tank might need are minor. Armor bounces plenty when top tier and going against other meds and/or lights.
  12. I very much like the 131. I loved the pre-9.18 59-16, and I hadn't played the wz-131 enough before the patch to make any comments on before/after comparisons, but as it stands, it's quite a good little tank. The VR gimp is a bit idiotic - the Chinese scouts don't get to 390 base until tier 9 - but it doesn't IMHO make the tank unworkable. The 131 retains the camo, mobility, and bouncy-enough-for-a-scout turret, and the gun handling is just fine. The stock gun isn't bad, either - marginally lower pen and alpha than the top gun, but definitely not so much that you're out of the battle. In fact, the stock gun is just about the same as the top gun on the t-43, and both are statistically comparable to the top gun on the VK30.02D - so I am not bemoaning never having gotten to play the 100mm on this thing. I am running Vstab/Optics/Binos on it, and I'm not stressing out over not running a rammer, because I'm not planning on much toe-to-toe trading in any case. 6.42 second reload with 100% crew strikes me as perfectly workable.
  13. I think saying, "the t44 is UP," and saying, "tier 8 is UP," are too somewhat different things. I agree that the power climb from t8 to t10 is pretty steep - for mediums in particular, perhaps. But I don't think anyone should think, "my tier 8 tank would be great in tier 10 if only the game weren't broken." I don't think tier 8s can or should be great in tier 10. They have a role to play and can contribute, and the t44 is no exception in this regard. But you certainly aren't going to carry tier 10 matches (not many of them, in any case). If we're going to get into cross-tier generalities, then that's an entirely different discussion, and yeah, prems - because right now, many of the tier 8 prem heavies *can* contribute in tier 10 matches in a much more meaningful way (IMHO) than most (?any?) of the tier 8 meds, premium or otherwise. But I actually think saying, "this tank would be great if only you had sametier battles in it," is pretty valid. Otherwise there's no incentive to grind. The OP premiums remove this incentive, a point we've belabored to death in this and other topics.
  14. Only 30-some-odd games in, I am already thinking of selling this and going back to the ST-I. I just don't feel like I'm contributing to my teams at all - as a tier 10 heavy, I feel like I should at least be holding a flank/tying up multiple enemies, but I am neither surviving long enough nor doing enough damage to feel like I'm helping. I realize that 30+ games is neither statistically significant enough a sample size from which to draw conclusions, nor is it enough for me to feel like I've "gotten" the tank, but I am just finding this easily the most frustrating of my tier 10s - I'd wager there have been two out of those games where I felt like I played the proper role of a top tier heavy, in the others I can only imagine the extent to which my teammates were likely cursing me. At the very least, I'm going to let this sit in ye olde garage for a while. I don't feel like it's the tank that needs a buff, in my case at least it's the player.
  15. As I said, the tank could do with a slight pen buff, but there is almost nothing that can reasonably be done to prevent t44 drivers from bouncing shots off of tier 10 heavies - this is the same problem most tier 8 mediums have and will continue to you have. Sure, the Indien Panzer has significantly better base pen, but the t44 is unquestionably the stronger overall tank, in my opinion, because of mobility/armor/gun handling. The Panther 2 can pen a lot more things, but I doubt there's a player here who'd willingly play that thing, were it not for the e50 after it. The Obj416 has a great gun, but you have to go through the A44 to get to it (another drive-you-to-drink experience), and as has been noted, vision meta not a thing anymore. The t44 is IMHO plenty tier-appropriate, and you should focus on counter-scouting/spotting when you are bottom tier, don't get overly worked up by not being able to pen a Type 5...tier 8 is just a frustrating tier, especially for mediums IMHO. The only things I play in it right now are scouts, Ferdi, and premiums because credits.