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  1. Tanager


    Nothing's even close at tier 7, and there isn't that much at tier 8 IMHO.
  2. Tanager


    When I first played this, I. Just. Didn't. Get. It. I rebought it a couple of months ago during one of the sales/on-track events, put a mishmash crew into it, and I've been thoroughly enjoying it since then. Got my second mark, and this month at least I'm running a bit over 56% wr in it. I really, really sucked in it on my first pass, but once you learn that your hull armor is useless for the most part and don't overextend, you're good. Turret holds up just fine in tier 9 battles, and the solid APCR means you can still support when you're bottom tier. It's pathetic that even with my improved play in it of late, I'm still only at 49% after around 350 games. When I say I sucked in it at first, I mean...I *really* sucked.
  3. Tanager

    T26E5 Patriot - The new Freedom on the Block

    The Ozturion is a good tank - reasonable mobility, strong turret, laser accuracy, =10 gun dep, high pen. To be honest, it plays a lot like the Patriot, although in a close quarters fight, I think the patriot still gets the edge for what feels like (I haven't actually looked this up) more reliable hull armor as well as better gun handling. I like them both, but IMHO in no way has the Ozturion rendered the Patriot obsolete as a credit earner. They're both solid choices in that regard.
  4. Tanager

    STG Guard - worth the gold?

    So I picked this up b/c raisins. BIA (4.5 skill borrowed from t54) crew + vents gives me .31 dispersion, so accuracy not an issue. Crazy camo/low profile/good pen makes sniping viable when bottom tier, seems like decent initial area control tank for same reasons (but I'm not running optics, might try that later on). Right now it's glorious when top tier b/c of all of the Panther M10s running around, got Steppes, went left and camped a bush in the back initially, chewed up their S1 with overmatch fun, then yolo'd the M10s: I get the arguments about 44-100 being more profitable (and probably generally more reliable/versatile), but in the right situations this is proving an absolute blast to play, b/c 390/212/.31 is pretty damned good at tier 8. (I cannot imagine running food in this, I highly suspect it burns if you look at it wrong).
  5. Tanager

    Panther II - Top Gun Comparo and Questions

    I don't like to use free xp on anything below tier 8 if I can help it, with the odd exception. It's just too important not to have to grind stock 8s and 9s...
  6. Tanager

    VK 4502B: Troll or be Trolled Appreciators Guild

    I never played it pre-nerf, but VK 45.02B + tier 7s == hilarity.
  7. Tanager

    Panther II - Top Gun Comparo and Questions

    VK 30.02 M > Panther > Panther 2. It's just a steady fall down the drain with each tier, which makes it amazing that anyone ever unlocks the E50.
  8. Tanager

    Panther II - Top Gun Comparo and Questions

    This. This whole thread could be replaced with, "it's going to suck no matter what, but it will suck marginally less with the top gun."
  9. Tanager

    New and Improved Lowe

    Agree. It's a defensive bunker with a laser gun. Great turret + gun depression + VR + pen means you can actually contribute in tier 10 matches as long as you don't push too far/expose too much. Gun handling is plenty good (I haven't looked at the stats, but it snapshots just fine for what it is). If I only had one tier 8 prem it'd probably be this one.
  10. Tanager

    T28 "Appreciation" Thread

    The T25 AT is better for the unspotted stuff, and it's frankly a hell of a lot more enjoyable to play. High tier bush wookies are more of a Swedish/German (Grille line) thing. OTOH, the T95 is pretty goddamned glorious, so it's worth grinding the line just to get a Doom Turtle.
  11. When I look to make credits, aside from knowing I have to play well/win, I look at: 1) Good base pen. Loewe, fv4202, meatball 4202 clone, lorr, strv. Not having to load sprem == more credits. 2) Good view range. I run optics in everything but the strv, b/c being able to spot (a) gives me a way to contribute to my team even when bottom tier and (b) gives me another way to earn XP/credits. 3) Having a trick on which I can rely. 4202 is a solid ridgeline fighter, e.g., and the much better pen for me makes up for the inferior gun handling compared to the KRatton. Loewe can hull down effectively and use gun dep against higher tiers, ditto + sidescraping when not bottom tier. Strv can kemp bush, yada yada, but it's for me just painfully unfun to play. And anytime I'm in tier 8, I start off assuming I'm going to be bottom tier, plan on playing rather passively initially and just supporting a strong flank. All of these tanks have a common characteristic that, even when top tier, they're better suited to playing a bit back from the front line (loewe because of low dpm, if no other reason, unless you have good support to keep from getting yolo'd). My $0.02, really $0.015 at today's exchange rates.
  12. Tanager

    SU-152 Fan Club

    I don't know why it's unpopular. I love Ferdie. Tier 9 has JT. I don't have any tier 10 TDs yet, b/c JT and t95 keep me happy for now. It's tough for me to say, b/c as bad as I am now, I was soooooo much worse when I played t25 at and jpanther. But I just feel like I'd like their playstyles better, perhaps. But regardless, it's tough to beat the SU for sheer fun factor.
  13. Tanager

    SU-152 Fan Club

    I don't know that I'd call it "one of the best t4t," but it's definitely uproariously enjoyable. I can't imagine playing it with the 122mm. I never bothered unlocking anything other than the stock gun, because why would you?
  14. Tanager

    JT Hype train

    It's funny to see just how high the bar is set in some tanks. For example, if you do nearly 5k damage and still only get a 3rd class...you might just be playing a JT.
  15. Gotta agree with @hazzgar re: maximizing vision. Food has very little to do with firepower in this tank (aside from tightening up dispersion/improving handling a bit) - but the extra 19-20 meters of VR make a big difference, since at tier 8/9 most of the mediums/many of the heavies will have equal or better base VR. Crew skills also matter - I'm grinding my bc 12t crew and won't move them back to the 12t until I have vision skills maxed out, and ideally I'll have offroad/clutch-braking maxed as well. While your clip damage is lower than the t71 da, this thing feels more hilarious, b/c dumping your clip into someone's butt machine-style is much more panic-inducing. You can dump a large portion of your clip before they can even turn their turret sometimes. I still wonder why the tier 7 prem lights (this, type 62) have so much better VR than their tech tree counterparts, but that's a different topic for a different day.