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  1. Tanager

    AMX 13 90 Fan Club

    Is this a real thing? I haven't noticed any substantial decline in TD usage, but I also don't have any numbers with which to back that up.
  2. (Disclaimer: I play arty for missions.) How does anyone play approx 48k games in arty without taking a bath with a toaster? What kind of bizarre social malcontent derives enjoyment from that?
  3. Tanager

    Object 430 Appreciation and Boasting Thread

    Have around 25 games in this so far. Somewhat potato crew (no camo skills to speak of, just BIA/repair + 6S/SS/CB/FF), running optics until I can grind some vision and camo skills (I don't want to move my better RU med crews yet and have to retrain SA off of the loader). It's comfier than I expected. good bully, goes hull-down nicely where the terrain undulates just a bit (not enough that the lack of gun dep matters), and the gun is perfectly nice. I'm not setting any records or anything in it, but I'm not totally stinking up the joint, either. I still prefer the more mobile platform of the T54 (along with its extra degree of gun dep and higher RoF), but I like this better than I expected.
  4. If they'd have me - they seem to be on a much higher skill level than I am, judging from @TheChang and @CraBeatOff.
  5. I don't think size and "design" are wholly orthogonal concerns. A large map only gimps slow tanks if control of defensible/CQB areas doesn't matter. Again, not every tank has to matter for the entire game, but a good map can be large enough and provide enough terrain variation that mobility/vision matter, but while still allowing objectives to be placed that bone-crunching firepower and armor can matter as well. But enjoyment matters a lot to me, and having scouting only be viable from The Bush (tm) is < fun, e.g.
  6. This in a nutshell. A type 5 is a lot less horrible to face if have the terrain to put it at a disadvantage. When you are forced to stare down the gun barrel from in front of it by 75% of the maps...not so much. For me, the single best thing about Frontline was that, no matter what kind of tank you chose, you had a way to contribute. You weren't a paper med or scout stuck trying to block a platoon of heavies, and heavies always had a way to use terrain not to get mobbed/surrounded. And 30 tanks on a side with lots of space meant a lot less arty focus. For me, big maps with lots of variety == moar fun. I don't stress out about arty that much - I'm not remotely good enough to get focused, but even still. I could literally live with pretty much any other aspect of the game if the maps were sufficiently big and varied to give everyone a chance to make a difference.
  7. I'm an old(er) fart and a slightly above-average player on my better days. Looking for a home with potential toon mates who like to play/joke around/talk trash to one another while still maintaining a friendly vibe. Unfortunately I cannot commit (b/c I have a pretty full real life) to playing on any schedule, so CW commitments and the like are a no-go for me. Want to be up front about that. For me, a clan is really a stable of potential toon mates/folks with whom to hang out/from whom I can learn, so that's the kind of vibe I seek/dig. Why am I ditching my current clan? Nothing bad about them, but the guys who recruited me have moved on (mostly since they put up the Oz server for AP), and I haven't really found stablemates with whom I click from among those who remain, and the clan has generally tailed off in terms of any sort of activity. But nothing negative beyond that.
  8. Tanager

    Help me pimp out Obj. 430u

    140 has the camo and mobility to play vision games at times, so I run optics+SA just to pimp that out further. When you're facing Fattons with 500 meters of VR, you'll never beat them in the VR department, but you can keep the gap close enough that you can leverage your far better camo.
  9. Tanager

    T-44 undervalued

    Yes, be humbled by my 36% WR this month! Bow down before my unsurpassable suckery! At least I went 4-1 in my last 5 games to unlock the 430...
  10. Tanager

    T-44 undervalued

    Oh please, cry me a river: ...and I don't think I'm totally blowing chunks in this thing, but whatever I'm doing is clearly insufficient.
  11. Tanager

    Obj 277 - Just a worse 5A?

    They'll think they're supposed to play it super-aggro, push the shoreline on Malinovka, then stall out where they can be camo sniped and offer no help to their teams.
  12. Tanager

    T-44 undervalued

    The only real issue with the t44 is that it sees tier 10s. Decent APCR will bail you out against tier 9s, and it's a great bully when top tier. I don't find the gun handling to be that trollish at all. But I may not be good enough to notice the difference...
  13. I agree re: the charioteer, but re: the south, I made a calculation that at that point, I had wasted too many HP to tangle at close range. It was a tough call to give up the strv and arty, but I didn't think I could save them, and I am pretty sure I wouldn't have survived. The charioteer move was brainless, no question. What I probably should have done was ignore the charioteer after unloading my initial mag and gone to help in the South (before squandering my HP).
  14. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4453079#ensk-tanager-bat_-ch_tillon_12_t Finally aced this thing. To be fair, the enemy IS-2 and SU-100 made it easy on me by being bound and determined to cap, but still. Had to dig out of a 1 vs. 3 at the end, switch flanks with enough time to get the resets, etc. I had a bunch of chances to cock this one up (and nearly did on at least three occasions that I remember, so thank you Lady Luck). (edit) as has been pointed out, I really sucked donkey nuts in the first half of the game. I wish I were good enough to string together longer stretches of consistently good play...
  15. Tanager

    T28 "Appreciation" Thread

    DT is moar fun, believe me.