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  1. That's about how I've been trying to play it, although doubtless with far less efficacy than you...
  2. Really? I was assuming +/- 80k, based on the 77k needed for the IS3 (and the advice QB gave in his vid on the subject). Would be nice if I could bank the extra XP...
  3. Well, the necro seemed preferable to starting a new thread and facing a fusillade for starting a new thread and not using search. IMHO threads like this are relevant regardless of upcoming patches. People have to play through these tanks, why not discuss them? And for a guy like me, who's clearly better at tier 7 than tier 10, tanks like this are my bread and butter. I've gone back to the 122. Running a decent crew with BIA, vents/gld/rammer, spamming apcr liberally and using plenty of HE as well, playing it as a support brawler. It works pretty well, but it absolutely depends on limiting your exposure - it is probably the best tank in which to learn true peek-a-boom, and while you'll bounce occasionally, the pen creep in tier 8 means bounces will be very, very, very occasional. Maximizing gunnery skills after repairs seems to be the way to go as well. When bottom tier (or even sometimes in a tier 8 battle), I roll with mediums and deliver some ugly surprises. It works pretty well in a wolfpack - I rolled alongside a seemingly like-minded IS in one of my most recent battles, and we simply drove straight through things like type 59s. I suspect a platoon of these would work well if you coordinated closely. I'm aiming to bank about 80k XP, I'm at about 60k now, WR hovering at 58-59%. At top tier it can be flat-out ridonkulous.
  4. Huh? jpiv has identical view range to su100, nearly identical (but I suspect slightly better) camo (100/100/100/12 camo, no BIA gives me 43.75 in jpiv, 100/100/100/59 + BIA gives me 44.03 in su-100, both running camo/vents). Gun handling is superior in the jp, and the only way su gets dispersion that even comes close is by running the 85mm, but you're giving ground to the jpiv in both pen and alpha to get that). IS6 has identical VR as well, but I assume you didn't actually mean that. But maybe I'm wrong. The only way in which the SU beats the jpiv IMHO is mobility. Everything else is either a wash or advantage jpiv. I'm surprised you hate it this much, b/c I honestly find it a really easy tank to play. Assuming I have the right player, it looks to me like you only have 13 games in it, so I'd wager that's a way insufficient sample size. Your dpg is about the same in both tanks, so maybe you've just gotten crappy teams...?
  5. I rebought this to work on t55a missions (specifically TD 8.3, which requires 4xHP in damage), and I had forgotten just how comfy it is. And getting another MoE is always more satisfying in an Ace game: I have managed 2600+ before in this tank, so I know 4xHP is doable. I am likely going to keep this around, b/c it's flat-out a pretty enjoyable tank to play. I vastly prefer it to e.g. the SU-100, b/c it has better camo, dpm (over 2800 without a BIA crew or food), and monstrously better gun handling. VBAddict claims 3 MoE is around 1250, which feels very, very doable, so I'll likely give it a try after banking some credits.
  6. Sure, except that you don't get any BIA crew with it. You get a single special crew member, a commander with 6S, and four potatoes. This isn't the Rudy.
  7. I'm certainly not a great, nor even a particularly good, player, but I manage to make the IS/IS-2 work through liberal use of not only sprem but also HE spam. Using HE helps mask some of the soft state deficiencies of the tank, and when bottom tier, I often roll with the mediums (but not always) and help clean up flanking scouts, etc. It's also good when playing as a 2nd line support heavy for tracking the opposing heavies, since 217 pen (I have both the Russian ones, but I don't have the Chinese one yet, which has 250 HEAT for sprem) is tough to make work against tier 9 heavies, unless you have time to aim in really precisely at a drive wheel shot, e.g. YMMV, of course.
  8. This guy: Yeah, he's a really good player in YOUJO. But after dying in a high-caliber effort, he rants at the entire team. Tells me twice I need to kill myself (along with suggesting hanging as the suitable method), but he's more than happy to share the hostility all around with our teammates. Arty says, you mad? He says, eff you arty, you suck, play a real tank, yada yada. He then proceeds to tell us how we're such a bunch of losers, we're gonna lose, you suck, etc. Arty nails the kill shot to win the game for us. Karma. If only he'd have managed to tk this guy, it would have been perfect. Oh, and then this guy makes sure to ping me afterwards (no idea if I was alone) and tell me, just in case I missed it, I'm a shitty player. I yawned and told him I felt sorry for him. Didn't hear from him again.
  9. IS2 is quite capable of bullying when top tier.
  10. My son's got some Hyper Xs, and I can confirm the comfiness of the pads, along with the swappability. They're definitely pretty nice.
  11. I rebought this in anticipation of the upcoming gulag heavy changes, and I'm using the 100mm for now. It's not quite T-10 comfy, but the gun handling is still surprisingly nice. I'm trying to use my mobility to poke and limit my exposure, and the better aim time and dispersion thus far seem to be more than compensating for the lack of alpha. And against higher tiers, the better pen on the gold round will help, I'm hoping. We'll see...but thus far, it's bringing back some fond memories.
  12. Good grief, but this thing is an ATM on tracks. Absolutely primo credit grinder, in no small part due to the god-mode camo and sweet 400m base VR. Also, this thing can carve some fantastic turns. Handbrake turns are a blast when you're trying to evade fire, and it's got enough power to make them actually useful sometimes.
  13. Exactly. I didn't give a damn about it, but I figured that it deserved a thread. I make no apologies for starting the thread. I might be slightly apologetic for not including more details in the post.
  14. So...the new premium going on sale (at least here in NA) today is...another M4. The M4 "Loza" (named for its commander). 76 mm gun in tier 6. No idea if there's anything special about the armor model, and I cannot be bothered to look. My reaction...YAWN, nothing to see here. Am I missing anything? Oh, the commander comes with SS at 100%. So there's that, I suppose. I'll be skipping this one.
  15. Gun handling and mobility > concealment? I can see CB (for active scouting and getting out of trouble), but I'm less convinced about Snapshot... And armourer over repair is a curious choice - that seems to me to be firepower > getting out of trouble, which falls in line with playing it as a med?