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  1. I'm not sure what you're trying to say, but I'm surprised there isn't more support for tier 9 heavies. I've read numerous posters referring to them as tier 9.5s, and they also offer some pretty varied playstyles (1-4/T10 vs. M103 vs. ST-I vs. E75). To me they're supremely forgiving as well.
  2. I meant across tiers, in case that wasn't clear. As in, are tier 9 meds (in your opinion) stronger, tier-for-tier, than tier 8 TDs, for example?
  3. So I've seen numerous comments about how, for example, "tier 9 heavies are just crazy strong right now," etc. I was wondering what folks thought were, across nations, the strongest tier and class tuple, tier-for-tier? Is it tier 9 heavies? There's obviously a good argument to be made for a group that includes the E75, M103, and T10. Is it the tier 7 lights? You've got the T71 DA, AMX 13 75, and WZ-131, in a tier where vision games can still make a big difference. Or is it something else? And no, it is NOT the tier 8 mediums. I'm curious what others think?
  4. I have sent in tickets (WITH replays) for multiple botters, then seen said botters weeks, even months later in games. So yeah...
  5. I liked the 50 (unlocked but never bought the M), but I found the sluggishness frustrating at times. I was never actually good in it, barely mediocre, but I think part of this was my mistaken perception of how to play the tank. I tried to play it too often as a pocket heavy instead of more of a support tank. While it can definitely bully the hell out of 7s and 8s, at same tier or above I think that, were I to play it again, I'd play it more passively and work more on limiting exposure. I'd also stay farther from the front lines, b/c with that sloth-like acceleration it takes too long to withdraw if you're outnumbered by the push, and one thing this tank is NOT good at is facing a swarm.
  6. Only thing that comes close for me is Left 4 Dead 2.
  7. You can't mount a rammer on the 132-1?
  8. Do I need an AFE in this thing? Thinking of dropping it for a second repair kit, which seems more important thus far. Does the T95 burn frequently enough to warrant an AFE?, (edit) Yes, if they can get behind you and shoot you in the ass. But once they're doing that, I'm not sure the AFE matters, b/c there isn't much you can do if that happens in any case. I will say that, with the top gun, this is a pretty inexpensive tank to run for a tier 9, even for a crappy player like me. I don't think I've fired a single prem round yet, and being so low the ground means I'm never shooting down at the LFP (which decreases the angle). Even against other t95s I can usually get a shot into their undercarriage from the front.
  9. I got the alert today that my female crew member was available, but when I go to recruit her, the ciient pukes on me. But theoretically they're available now.
  10. For someone with the skills the OP is describing, I'd skip the Type 64 entirely. Sure, it's a beast, but paper scouts aren't exactly noob-friendly, not even really good paper scouts. I agree, though, regarding tier - Berlin IS-2 would be a great and friendly choice (and you can spam HE against higher tiers to conserve credits, if that's your thing), or the Rudy (which I'd recommend over the 34-85M due to the crew layout). Bromwell in the hands of newbie is a recipe for getting oneself in trouble, IMHO.
  11. I knew the bat chat was coming I could see him chasing our scout on the minimap, and I could see that the best escape route for said scout was by coming back to my side of the tracks, so I switched to HE and plotted a course to intercept...
  12. Oh, I agree - I wasn't saying IS-3 has bad handling, just that it doesn't feel crazy good the way that the T-10 does. IS-3 makes me say, "this is good gun handling for a Soviet heavy." T-10 makes me say, "no way this is a Soviet heavy." T-10 lets you roll up, stop on a dime, and play skeet with a bat chat:
  13. Not only that, but learning armor angling is key, and you can do that in a Loewe, but not really in a hull-down heavium. I'd even recommend the Loewe for the competently mediocre player as well (like me, absent the competent part).
  14. The gun handling on this thing is a VERY pleasant surprise. I don't remember the IS-3 having handling anywhere nearly this good. Won 5 of my first 7, running rammer/vstab/torsion bars (so I can mount top gun + radio + equipment), it's entirely playable that way. But the gun handling had me wondering if this were really a Soviet heavy, and that's with the stock turret and tracks. Really, really comfy to play, and a very enjoyable tank to drive. Frankly, this is one of the most fun tanks I've played yet. Was especially fun pushing with the mediums on Murovanka and showing a Pershing how ill-advised it was to try and trade.
  15. Just remember that it all evens out. Chances are that at least 50% of the time, your opponents felt the same way.