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    T28 "Appreciation" Thread

    DT is moar fun, believe me.
  2. Tanager

    Is it worth buying IS-4?

    I'm currently 8th in NA for July - but that doesn't say much. 15th is 32% with < 1k dpg. It seems that really good players have forgotten about this tank.
  3. Tanager

    Is it worth buying IS-4?

    So...I have been playing this quite a bit lately. I think I was making a number of mistakes, not least of which was being too aggressive and thinking this was a standin for the is7, which it isn't. It is not getting played all that much on NA (as of this morning, only about 9 individuals, yes, 9, as in nine, had played enough games to get ranked in it for July, and the stats aren't all that competitive), but I think that's a shame, b/c I do think it's actually rather good (big change in opinion for me). It really is a defensive bulwark - the armor is amazingly troll, and if you can get your hull angled slightly upwards, that (a) makes your UFP much harder to pen and (b) hides your turret roof. I've pulled my WR up from 40% to 45% (baby steps, people), and I just got my first ever MOE on a tier 10: I wouldn't mind some better gun handling/alpha, but the gun is entirely workable. On the T10, the same gun feels amazing, on this, it just feels workable, but that's okay. You're still more mobile than the bricks (and more flexible, too). I'm growing to like this thing.
  4. Tanager

    T28 "Appreciation" Thread

    "Actually?" You weren't looking forward to it before?
  5. Tanager

    IS-M - Is Serb > Murazor?

    I've never owned it, but I found VK 100.01 P simply too painful and would consider buying this thing if the armor is as troll as it appears to be.
  6. Tanager

    WZ-120-1G FT tier 8 premium TD

    This was ridiculous in FL, when the only guns you had to face were tier 8, and vision/camo actually mattered.
  7. Tanager

    The T110E3, because you don't give any fucks.

    Just picked it up. First game, a bit over 5k, took out a Type 5 w/o a single sprem round. Fourth game, 6k+ to finish TD 15.3 (unfortunately, my team crapped the game away). It does not handle yoloers as well as the t95, lacking the goofy side armor of the doom turtle, but as long as you keep 'em in front of you (and protect your lfp a bit), the laughs keep coming. Definitely wants company to keep the sides protected.
  8. I'm curious what "recent" means in the wotlabs player tables. This is me: 24 hours: 58 battles, 67.24%, 1609 7 days: 167 battles, 56.89%, 1638 30 days: 616 battles, 53.57%, 1639 60 days: 836 battles, 51.91%, 1610 But...my "recent" values show up as 50.78%, 1579. What constitutes recent for the purposes of the calculations?
  9. Thanks. I'm willing to assume it's still that much. Appreciate the clarification.
  10. Tanager

    Light tanks and (passive) scouting

    I think you can still get good early passive spots from the SW spawn using the bushes that look over the radiating roads. From NE spawn, no way though.
  11. Tanager

    [NA Cent] Looking for T9 Platoon

    What time do you play? My schedule is sufficiently irregular that it's currently hard to commit to tooning, but I have some alone time this week with the family travelling, so could do something in the evenings ET probably. Grinding several tier 9s atm, but can also do 8s/10s.
  12. Tanager

    Need help with 704 in current maps/meta

    Trying to be a good citizen and not starting a new thread...pretty major necro as a result. Not sure what the playstyle is the for the 704. Slower than ISU, lacks the impenetrability of the doom turtle, still has the BL-10. Doesn't seem to have the accuracy to kemp bush, but it seems to be too easy to pen to play as a full-on assault gun. Maybe I'm playing it too aggressively - trying to support heavies where possible, hide my lfp, but still seems like I get shot through the superstructure surprisingly often. Would appreciate any tips/replays.
  13. Tanager

    ISU-152 appreciation thread

    Perhaps I'm misguided, but I ground the ISU recently and didn't find it painful at all. Managed a 62% WR solopubbing, and based on the available evidence, I'm not that good overall. I haven't looked that numbers, but the shell velocity on the AP round seems pretty decent, and with a decent crew (e.g. clutch braking is pretty essential), it still works as a late game ambush predator. Support early, hunt late - following that model worked for me. And the pen, while not blazing, is still pretty good - i didn't have to fire a lot of APCR at all. True it isn't stand-in for heavies like the Ferdi, and the accuracy can be...painful at times. But 750 alpha at tier 8 makes it feel like an autoloader - as the game progresses, and hp pools start to diminish, the count of targets you can one shot only goes up. And you still have pretty good camo and mobility to exploit.
  14. Tanager

    IS-4 failed carry cause, reasons.

    With a gun that fires HEAT as its premium round, that would have been a neat trick, I'll give you that. I haven't looked at the video, surely you don't mean to imply you were running the D-25T?
  15. Tanager


    Nothing's even close at tier 7, and there isn't that much at tier 8 IMHO.
  16. Tanager


    When I first played this, I. Just. Didn't. Get. It. I rebought it a couple of months ago during one of the sales/on-track events, put a mishmash crew into it, and I've been thoroughly enjoying it since then. Got my second mark, and this month at least I'm running a bit over 56% wr in it. I really, really sucked in it on my first pass, but once you learn that your hull armor is useless for the most part and don't overextend, you're good. Turret holds up just fine in tier 9 battles, and the solid APCR means you can still support when you're bottom tier. It's pathetic that even with my improved play in it of late, I'm still only at 49% after around 350 games. When I say I sucked in it at first, I mean...I *really* sucked.
  17. Tanager

    T26E5 Patriot - The new Freedom on the Block

    The Ozturion is a good tank - reasonable mobility, strong turret, laser accuracy, =10 gun dep, high pen. To be honest, it plays a lot like the Patriot, although in a close quarters fight, I think the patriot still gets the edge for what feels like (I haven't actually looked this up) more reliable hull armor as well as better gun handling. I like them both, but IMHO in no way has the Ozturion rendered the Patriot obsolete as a credit earner. They're both solid choices in that regard.
  18. Tanager

    STG Guard - worth the gold?

    So I picked this up b/c raisins. BIA (4.5 skill borrowed from t54) crew + vents gives me .31 dispersion, so accuracy not an issue. Crazy camo/low profile/good pen makes sniping viable when bottom tier, seems like decent initial area control tank for same reasons (but I'm not running optics, might try that later on). Right now it's glorious when top tier b/c of all of the Panther M10s running around, got Steppes, went left and camped a bush in the back initially, chewed up their S1 with overmatch fun, then yolo'd the M10s: I get the arguments about 44-100 being more profitable (and probably generally more reliable/versatile), but in the right situations this is proving an absolute blast to play, b/c 390/212/.31 is pretty damned good at tier 8. (I cannot imagine running food in this, I highly suspect it burns if you look at it wrong).
  19. Tanager

    Panther II - Top Gun Comparo and Questions

    I don't like to use free xp on anything below tier 8 if I can help it, with the odd exception. It's just too important not to have to grind stock 8s and 9s...
  20. Tanager

    VK 4502B: Troll or be Trolled Appreciators Guild

    I never played it pre-nerf, but VK 45.02B + tier 7s == hilarity.
  21. Tanager

    Panther II - Top Gun Comparo and Questions

    VK 30.02 M > Panther > Panther 2. It's just a steady fall down the drain with each tier, which makes it amazing that anyone ever unlocks the E50.
  22. Tanager

    Panther II - Top Gun Comparo and Questions

    This. This whole thread could be replaced with, "it's going to suck no matter what, but it will suck marginally less with the top gun."
  23. Tanager

    New and Improved Lowe

    Agree. It's a defensive bunker with a laser gun. Great turret + gun depression + VR + pen means you can actually contribute in tier 10 matches as long as you don't push too far/expose too much. Gun handling is plenty good (I haven't looked at the stats, but it snapshots just fine for what it is). If I only had one tier 8 prem it'd probably be this one.