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    T28 "Appreciation" Thread

    The T25 AT is better for the unspotted stuff, and it's frankly a hell of a lot more enjoyable to play. High tier bush wookies are more of a Swedish/German (Grille line) thing. OTOH, the T95 is pretty goddamned glorious, so it's worth grinding the line just to get a Doom Turtle.
  2. When I look to make credits, aside from knowing I have to play well/win, I look at: 1) Good base pen. Loewe, fv4202, meatball 4202 clone, lorr, strv. Not having to load sprem == more credits. 2) Good view range. I run optics in everything but the strv, b/c being able to spot (a) gives me a way to contribute to my team even when bottom tier and (b) gives me another way to earn XP/credits. 3) Having a trick on which I can rely. 4202 is a solid ridgeline fighter, e.g., and the much better pen for me makes up for the inferior gun handling compared to the KRatton. Loewe can hull down effectively and use gun dep against higher tiers, ditto + sidescraping when not bottom tier. Strv can kemp bush, yada yada, but it's for me just painfully unfun to play. And anytime I'm in tier 8, I start off assuming I'm going to be bottom tier, plan on playing rather passively initially and just supporting a strong flank. All of these tanks have a common characteristic that, even when top tier, they're better suited to playing a bit back from the front line (loewe because of low dpm, if no other reason, unless you have good support to keep from getting yolo'd). My $0.02, really $0.015 at today's exchange rates.
  3. Tanager

    SU-152 Fan Club

    I don't know why it's unpopular. I love Ferdie. Tier 9 has JT. I don't have any tier 10 TDs yet, b/c JT and t95 keep me happy for now. It's tough for me to say, b/c as bad as I am now, I was soooooo much worse when I played t25 at and jpanther. But I just feel like I'd like their playstyles better, perhaps. But regardless, it's tough to beat the SU for sheer fun factor.
  4. Tanager

    SU-152 Fan Club

    I don't know that I'd call it "one of the best t4t," but it's definitely uproariously enjoyable. I can't imagine playing it with the 122mm. I never bothered unlocking anything other than the stock gun, because why would you?
  5. Tanager

    Obj 257 - the Armored Catamaran

    tanks.gg doesn't have it up yet, so posting stats will have to wait for a bit. I know that over in the Upcoming Changes thread there was much discussion of this tank, but now that it's out, it seems appropriate to create a thread for it. I've played one battle in it, and I'm sure the better players will weigh in with more battles under their belts soon, but here are some initial thoughts: It looks like a catamaran with a turret. Seriously, it's weird-looking. The 350 mm of frontal turret armor is nice, the hull is reasonably pennable from the front (LFP is not tiny, and you sit up high enough that it's easy to expose it, if you aren't careful). Maneuverability is pretty good, but you aren't going to outrace the T-10. The hatches are pretty small, but they are there and pennable with standard ammo (I put two through the cupolas of an opposing 257). I never really had a chance to hit front idler wheels, nor did I take shots at mine, but it definitely looks as if Circon's fears will be borne out. They are mounted well in front of what would possibly be any hitbox, and the boat-shaped underside of the hill is going to ricochet plenty of shots. The gun is pretty nice - APCR as standard ammo may make longer-range shots a bit easier to hit. I ran a retrained-for-credits (so 90%) BIA crew, no food or vents, I think that left my dispersion at the stock .38, which is not horrible at all by Russian standards, and I'm guessing you could get that to .36 (maybe .35?) with a 100% crew, food, vents - and iVents might even take it lower. But .36 with APCR in a Russian heavy? The gun handling is reasonably comfortable, which may make this a pretty good medium-range tank, and the wonky armor model might make getting caught in the open less painful. Base VR in top configuration is 390, but even losing 10 meters with my 90% commander, BIA + SA got me to 401, so I ran rammer/vstab/egld and didn't sweat the view range. (edit) I shutdown my game client and am currently too lazy (also in a rush to get to work) to restart it, but I think the prem ammo is HEAT...with 311 pen. That's well below the 340 you get with the T-10 and more in line with the IS-7, but with 122mm alpha. It doesn't bother me personally overmuch, but it's worth noting.
  6. Tanager

    JT Hype train

    It's funny to see just how high the bar is set in some tanks. For example, if you do nearly 5k damage and still only get a 3rd class...you might just be playing a JT.
  7. Gotta agree with @hazzgar re: maximizing vision. Food has very little to do with firepower in this tank (aside from tightening up dispersion/improving handling a bit) - but the extra 19-20 meters of VR make a big difference, since at tier 8/9 most of the mediums/many of the heavies will have equal or better base VR. Crew skills also matter - I'm grinding my bc 12t crew and won't move them back to the 12t until I have vision skills maxed out, and ideally I'll have offroad/clutch-braking maxed as well. While your clip damage is lower than the t71 da, this thing feels more hilarious, b/c dumping your clip into someone's butt machine-style is much more panic-inducing. You can dump a large portion of your clip before they can even turn their turret sometimes. I still wonder why the tier 7 prem lights (this, type 62) have so much better VR than their tech tree counterparts, but that's a different topic for a different day.
  8. Tanager

    The Untold Truth about the Somua SM

    And if you fed the baby a diet of benadryl and cough syrup?
  9. Tanager

    The M103

    This was the first tier 9 in which I felt like I was actually capable of contributing, and I'd buy it back in a heartbeat if it were to go on-track again. It's quite enjoyable, the gun handling is very forgiving, and really, as long as you hide the turret roof, it's a pretty solid terrain warrior.
  10. Tanager

    SU-152 Fan Club

    On-track necro... Just got this. Firing nothing but HE for the first three games, had some hilarious shots (how the hell did I do 700+ to a Chinese tier 8 TD? Need to look at the armor model...). Pretty good reload for this high a damage output, I put in a BIA crew working on their third skill. It's nice to play a tank that's actually enjoyable with the stock gun. Is there any reason at all to research the 122mm guns? Doesn't seem worth it so far, but wondering... Running vents/rammer/torsion bars until I unlock the suspension. Will probably switch the bars out for GLD or vents (thinking GLD right now, aim time is currently 3.19) once I have the xp. Any gameplay tips for the current meta/maps? Seems like plays pretty well as a heavy-supporting assault gun when top tier, but I admit I have yet to take an actual look at the armor model.
  11. Tanager

    Jagdpanzer E-100 - Feels OP

    I'm surprised that a player as good as you is having issues in the tank, but 30 games is also not nearly enough to draw conclusions about WR yada yada yada conventional wisdom blah blah. I'm not gonna give you any great replays (because I don't have them), but I think you are sufficiently large and immobile that you have to pick your spots carefully and plan the engagement. Flexibility is not JPE's strong suit. As a rule, I like to be a bit in back of the heavies (unless I'm facing tier 8s, and especially if my counterpart on the other side is some bush wookie). You shouldn't lead pushes, it's much too easy to get tracked where you can't angle your armor - which you have to do, b/c this thing is not idiot-proof. Sidescraping is very viable, and if you think you can't win the flank, play even further back, b/c that 20s reload makes it easy to get swarmed. HE can work in a pinch, especially when fighting at long range. City maps are your friend, especially if you have building angles to use (a la Ensk), but you cannot simply hull down behind rubble with impunity. And your roof is large and very easy to pen, so be wary if the other team has high ground on you. I don't know how much of that is helpful, but I've managed to be at least adequate playing it that way.
  12. Tanager

    T71 Fan Club

    It's worth it. I don't have any immediate intention to grind the line further, but I'm extremely happy I got this tonk. I think I still prefer the 13 75 for the shorter inter clip reload (don't get caught between reads as easily) and more nimble mobility (easier to evade fire in the case you do get caught while reloading), but the substantial advantage in view range means you can potentially contribute more when facing tier 9s. The gun is quite nice, and you can clip from full health everything tier 6 and below, along with most same tier TDs/SPGs/LTs. We should split the thread, no?
  13. Tanager

    JT Hype train

    I moved a crew back into this because tier 9. Why did I ever stop playing you, jt? I apologize for letting you sit, forgotten, in my garage. The gun is simply one of the best in the entire game. 100% crew, no BIA, vents gets me .31 accuracy, top that off with fab dpm and pen...what's not to love?
  14. Maybe it sucks, maybe it doesn't. But it's still by far the fastest I've ever gotten my 2nd MoE (69 battles): And it's easily my best wn8 for any tank: First time I've elited a tank with 3k+ wn8. My win rate was around 60% for a while, but I had a rough patch at the end of the grind. I actually found it more mobile than I expected - it turns nicely, doesn't seem to lose a ton of speed (which is good, because it doesn't have that much to begin with). I fired a LOT of APCR from it. Amazingly, one guy complained about it, because I used APCR on his...O-Ni. I guess he hasn't experienced the joy of facing a constant barrage of HEAT in the higher tier jp heavies yet...
  15. Tanager


    I've only gotten it in low tier scouts. I haven't gone to the ships yet, dunno what that part of the map is like. It's by no means the worst map ever.
  16. Castle side plays completely differently. The G1 hill is gone, but so is any elevation at the North end, too. The bushes near North spawn, combined with the lack of intervening elevation, means a bush wookie can kemp just in front of spawn and have good firing lines right into the castle. It's similar from South spawn if you are defending the East flank. You cannot push around the castle from the North as easily - despite the loss of the G1 sniper hill. It's also flatter beyond the castle (to the South), but that means the the low ridges and bushes along the South red line are good places for something with decent camo to hull down and pillage you if you try to push around the corner. There is an arm of rubble that extends out to the West from the castle that makes a good hull down spot, but push beyond there at your peril, unless you already know that the K line is empty. I think you will see many fewer heavium yolos around the castle, unless one team just has a brainfart and completely fails to defend. And yeah, wow, the middle? If there's a positive, it's that the better cover there might make it a decent way to infiltrate during the mid/endgame. Might also be a place to get some crossfire/flanking moves if you can get enough map control. The East is not a bad place for scouts to roam a bit - you can no longer fall back easily using the 8 line ridge for cover, but you can also push from the South nearly up to the house on that line much more quickly, spot, then fall back just of the backside of the hill, and your TDs can cover you more easily.
  17. My current entry in the, "worst you've seen without being an actual bot," contest: Did I win anything?
  18. So grinding my second mark in this thing, haven't aced it yet...and apparently getting an ace is going to be ridiculously hard in this thing: \ I guess it's because I was top tier, but bloody hell, I can't carry much harder than that.
  19. Tanager

    WN8 vs WR correlation

    @KolniThat was one of the best posts I've ever read. Thanks.
  20. Tanager

    VK100.01 - the new "Mini-Maus"?

    I tried replaying this recently, hoping to finish HT 15.3, but I'm not bouncing nearly as much as I think I should be. And, truth be told, when I face against one of these, I can see why (for the reasons cited). Pretty much what everyone else has said, but I don't see this as a keeper - it's like a slower Defender with less reliable side armor.
  21. Tanager

    M7 guidance!

    Pz. IV H is calling, please pick up the phone.
  22. Tanager

    WN8 vs WR correlation

    This thread is close enough to the question over which I've been mulling that I'll reuse it, rather than start a new thread. (FWIW, I tend to focus on WR more than any other stat, b/c I enjoy winning) Assuming a constant WN8 (to pick a single metric, albeit a much-disparaged one, as a proxy for player skill), is there any tracking between the choice of tank type/tier and the effect on outcome? To cherry-pick two data points, my wn8 ratings in the T-10 and KV1S are nearly identical (1741 vs 1769), but my win rates are nearly 11 points apart (49.21% vs. 59.91%). Is this merely indicative of the axiom that it takes greater player skill to affect WR positively at the higher tiers, due to the more skilled overall player base (among other possible factors)? And would you draw any conclusion (beyond simple random chance, I which I readily acknowledge is a contributing factor) from e.g. my stats in the Jagdtiger (1764/55.65%). So I know I'm cherry-picking from one player's profile (my own), but I was curious if there were stats that showed, for a given tier/wn8, what class of tanks produced the biggest impact on win rate (either positively or negatively)? I think the CW is that, for a statistically close-to-average player like myself, heavies tend to produce the best results (this is borne out by my overall stats, in any case), but is that actually true? And does that still hold true for unica (I keep reading that the better players leverage mobility more than armor to avoid taking damage, so I'd expect them possibly to do better in meds, assuming you could control for the meta)? It's also curious to me that my highest win rate is actually at tier 9: 52.37% . Does this say anything at all about choice of tank, or is it more that by the time I started playing 9s regularly, I'd improved enough that my numbers were better, or that the tier 9s I've chosen simply fit my playstyle? Or maybe that having to grind more experience forces me to play them longer (and thereby improve)? (The M46 is an obvious outlier if you look at my stats, ye gods.) I don't really expect any grand conclusions from my personal stats - I'm a sw engineer and a nerd by nature, so I'm throwing stuff out to see if someone might have crunched the numbers to look at this before.
  23. So grinding this now, and I would definitely not call mobility a strength of the tank, to the point that I'm considering switching out optics for binos and playing it as a static scout where possible. It's slower and less nimble than the M7, the gun is okay but nothing to write home about, but at least the VR is decent enough. (edit) and yeah, this thing feels expensive to run, I find myself thus far blasting a whole lotta APCR from it. (another edit) Liking it a bit more. The extra 20 meters of VR from the M7 definitely helps, and despite the sluggish accel and lowish top speed, this thing is pretty good at leveraging terrain to its advantage (much like its big brother, the t20). I don't think this will ever be a keeper, but I've found it more manageable than my first game or two led me to believe.
  24. Tanager

    Any thoughts on the t92 light tank- Premium tier 8?

    Yes, worth it. It's a prem scout that can really scout. Solid mobility, good VR (400 base), pew pew gun that handles just fine. Unlike the blackdog, you don't have to dish out damage to earn in it, you can kemp bush and spot when bottom tier, zoom around and murder people when top.
  25. Tanager

    M7 guidance!

    I would describe this tank as meh. It's not horrible, I don't hate it the way I hated the Stuart (which was rancidly bad, especially compared to its much better Chinese counterpart), but it's not great for sure. But it does okay. It's also easily the fastest I've ever gotten my first mark in a tank (31 games). I suspect there are a lot of *really* bad scout players grinding this. (edit) Having unlocked the t21 and played two games in it, that's where the lack of mobility really bites you, much more so than in the M7.