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  1. Nothing like a good set of Psytrance and some muted WoT <3
  2. Best of luck buddy - I'm sure in a few days you'll realise that this is the best choice you have ever made. Getting away from this cancerous broken shit product WG is calling a game. Yea after 7 years it's still full of shit mechanics and even further away from worthy competitive play. I'm sure your life will change positively!
  3. Absolutely not a god damn thing. They wanted them to increase camo value, cause we all know that a big ass tank with a 1 by 1 emblem on the side is so much harder to see!
  4. One of the best and most emotional trance tracks ever! Little back story to those who care: RAM wrote and Produced this track after he lost his Wife to cancer. Now listen to that damn Chorus oh dear lord! (Full volume required!)
  5. Holy hell it's werid..... I'm hooked.
  6. Daaaaaamn boy, now we talkin' !
  7. with a hint of D&B, lovely track.
  8. From her new album - so awesome!
  9. The kids obviously. No need to harm yourself.
  10. Duct tape... you're welcome.
  11. What are you currently listening to, and why? Let's get the tracks rollin' and the party started up in here! Guess I'll start by sharing this massive modern trance remix of a great 90's electronica classic, full volume and maximum bass is required on this track! FOLLOW ME! (P.S listening to this track on repeat I got 3 ace tankers in a row, maybe it works for you?)
  12. It's gonna be one of those tanks just dusting up in the garage.. Pretty easy to describe this tank in one word: Meh...
  13. Conspiracy Theory: WG themselves using thousands of bots to make queue times better and to make the game look more popular and active than it really is. 

    Fox Mulder, tinfoil hat, discuss!

    1. zapyoug


      -implying wargaming could program bots to even approach a 45%ers level

    2. MacusFlash


      Nothing new. On official forum is a guy who believes in that.

  14. So there I was minding my own business, thinking "what a lovely evening this is going to be" chillin' in my chair, a nice glass of Amorone red wine, some living candles and a nice smell of fresh berries, when all of a sudden *BAM* FUCKING DEAD, 1-SHOT-CLICKED BY A 420wn8 PLAYER, Using fucking XVM. Where's my fucking painkillers at...

    1. SchnitzelTruck
    2. ZXrage


      No amount of painkillers can equalize the amount of pain you receive from arty :serb:

    3. PantyHero


      ZXrage you're right.. My Doctor is starting to question the amount of prescriptions I'm asking for.