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  1. So you basicaly want med tanks or heaviums or mobile tds or french arty. Considering you have 1k games and you are already not shit at that point you could try m46 patton (t20 and pershing are both good) and stop there t10 is meh, e50(panthers need some skill to do good, they are both meh and e50 is painfully to grind) to learn heavium playstyle. 430v2 is weird and to do good you need to adjust, otherwise its better t-54 without painfull grind. And in 430v2 case bonus thing is armor on top of being better heat54. Going down the chinese heavium line you have wz1114, its a really dank tank with decent armor, good speed, good hulldown and ok sidescrape and glorious gun. 113 is dank now too. You can suffer occasional ammorack for free thou. (Is 2 and 110 are fine too,110 is is3 brother with worse ss,better pike, and little less troll gun. Turret is mehish too, but its still a good tank) If you can bear africa prince and grind caernarvon in stronlholds cuntqueror is where the fun begins, you basically have patton tier gun handling with e50 tier accuracy and godlike apcr,little slower but failry mobile and you can hulldown against most of enemies. Best thing it leads to bae215. A conqueror you can sidescrape with. As mobility and penetration is your target- german turreted tds, nerfed but still good and cancerous, almost no grind from t8, dank guns, not slow af, just about bearable speed, but otherwise origami and it doesnt take much errors to get rekt if you are not chai retarding in them . Is7 line is ez mode, is1 is ok . bulling t6 tanks for 390 dmg is OpieOP, is3 is driven by josephh stalin himself, you can snapshot, hulldown, sidescrape, and make shitload of mistakes and not be punished, buffed is8 is not as good tier for tier, but gun gets danker, hull gets more squishy, you get faster, forgot about the turret but iirc it was buffed, is7 is hulldownbois with shitgun use apcronly gun, get hulldown rek everyrthing and get artied kind of tank. If i were you id go with is7 first, make some mistakes and learn some sidescraping and hulldown spots. Patton and e50 then for map awareness and control ,in the meantime find sh clan and grind caernaevon here. Conq is too amazeballs to let it be unresearched. Rest is up to you
  2. siemkarf, to improve you need to learn all the twitch and wotlabs chat emotes first
  3. this thread is still alive
  4. i forgot, buy 10k pr rating hype

    not a shitter anymore 4Head



  5. i cant stand so many gypsies in Ljubljana, dawaj come at me @ no-gypsy ground
  6. shhh, dont tell him
  7. you should feel bad Its fucking amazing autism over 9000