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  1. Just need 3 marks on the SU-100 and SU-122-54 left to complete the family.
  2. I heard the marks system in NA is frozen?
  3. My first Tier 10 3 marks. Enjoyed the fact that it had -4 degrees of depression and I had to expose my lower hull 99% of the time. Loved it. But Foch is more difficult, as being the worst Tier 9 TD in the game.
  4. I literally had to stick above 3.5K damage. I started playing this thing 2 years ago and I failed my way through 300 odd battles stuck at borderline 90%, here today after several WoT client updates it still has absurdly high damage standards. Thanks to the recent buffs for both T-44s it opens up a clearer path to the final battle. Now no longer having nightmares of remaining at 90% for an unsellable tank.
  5. Might be worse, but it can be more aggressive with the autoloader.
  6. The very fact that it is better than some Tier 10 TDs makes the JT my personal favourite Tier 9. And APCR are cheap in it.
  7. Started playing it after a 2 year IS-3 break. Literally MoE got bugged and raised from 84% to 92.4% in just 1 game. Camped beside allied TDs for 3 games and got the 3 marks. Extremely disgusting.
  8. 15cm is a total beast, done in only 98 battles.
  9. Now both Jagdtigers in the game are 3 marked. But my last game wasn't pleasant at all, went from 94.93% to 95%
  10. It was actually quite fun.
  11. Very balanced.
  12. Literally finished this AIDS after buying it 28 hours ago.
  13. I have a severe condition of AIDS+ after being infected with more AIDS.
  14. Is this actually counted?
  15. Died at 3 min 52 sec, got this. It was fun. http://wotreplays.com/site/3623587#fisherman_s_bay-violence-59-patton