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  1. I mean sucking dick is pretty redpilled. Also gotta recycle that masturbation juice.
  2. Really activated my tear glands.


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    2. Raj


      I can easily make an argument in favor of Hitler's leadership of Germany. If he had won the war in Russia, or not gone to war with Russia you probably would not be saying the same thing. 

      I'm not going to say for example that he was a based God, but it's not like Hitler was the pure incarnation of evil. That is one interesting thing though, I agree with a lot of soviet ideas, as well as Nazi ideas, as well as good ol' right wing capitalism, to a point.

      This post was meant as a joke, and it failed in the respect of that (here on wotlabs). I will acknowledge that at least.

    3. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      I just find it fascinating that many people who seem to have an admiration for Hitler  would have been deemed by such a regime to be an undesirable.

    4. Raj


      Undesirable in what ways? The Germans used many foreign peoples in their war, from Africans, to Indians, to middle eastern people, etc. I'm half Polish, so I probably wouldn't be too bad off. In respects of degeneracy, I am a meme. I will however say in most ways I am however very healthy, apart from me watching some animemes. I can find things about people I can admire, nobody is purely a bad person. 

      Sure you can stay away from certain people because it leaves a bad taste in most people's mouths, but I don't pretend or act as such. 

  3. I would do 10-20 game sessions. If the first game sucks I just didn't play the entire day. You need to take a break after every 3 matches also. A short 5 minute break to go drink water, clear your brain again, and then you're back to it at max capacity. I had something similar for me in the Conqueror. I was averaging 4300dpg (80%wr) solo in it for the first 50 games, then I had a sharp dropoff and now it's a sad 3600dpg 77% solo. It's still """good""", but I think the problem was that I expected myself to do even more and more damage. Maybe it was luck in the first place? But I didn't apply what I said above well to it. That being said, to give you a comparison, I was capable of sustaining 4100dpg in most tierX meds at the time, and with 2 greens meatshielding I did 5200dpg over 100 games in the T110E4. Starting off with a good mood is very important, as long as you have that you keep rolling in the 6k damage games, game after game.
  4. Sometimes I've noticed it's dependent on how the state of your mind is in. Like I get headaches for instance when I don't drink enough water and don't get enough sleep. It's not worth it to play then, unless you just want to roll in tanks you don't care for DPG. One thing also is you've also got to understand why you're achieving such high DPG's in the first place. It's not just quickly reacting in the best possible way to a situation, but being able to make new decisions based on different data. I would consider myself back when I played one of the better players in terms of positions, and blindfiring. But when I was at 3k dpg only in T-62a/batchat I went to positions mindlessly, just seeing others get high damages in them. Then I started actually observing more and more spots, and thought about how to use them actively in the game. You can't play the standard meta spots only, that's a basic unicum tier. To go past that you have to think while in the game itself aswell. This should be able to help you, because when I played ~3k dpg I went to standard positions and would get shit on and would be like wtf. Once I started going to positions because of enemy and team composition, as well as other factors I went way over 4k dpg. For example on the AMX 50B north spawn Prokhorovka I would go to A6 when I see the enemy has a composition of light tanks or mediums that can spot the middle really easy. I would change positions once they decided that they took too much damage from me. I would go to D7, or the middle, or E3 based on what would happen, I would sometimes rarely go to the south east hill area. Prokhorovka is one of the simpler maps in terms of positioning, but most people in their mediums get caught up in just going center when other spots are far better for the situation. One match I was playing T-62a, I saw the enemy had 3 accurate artilleries, I saw some unnamed wotlabs terrible unicum go straight to the middle. I told him even they have 3 arty. And hell it was after I made a guide on how to not get artied on Prokhorovka. He went to his normal spot and got obliterated 1 minute into the match. The match continued on for 13 minutes and I didn't get hit once and farmed up 6500 damage. Switching from E2 initially, to the A6 rails, to the mid, over to the hill and back to E2 and I pushed the 2 line. Here is a example of a decision not even 30 seconds into the match allowing for almost immediate farming. Or even E-100 center Prok can be OP. I'll give you also an example I have in COH2 (an RTS game) aswell. I had a match recently where I adapted in a 2v2 midgame, they had an armor advantage with long range tank destroyers on a fairly open map. They also had 2 rocket artilleries. Me and my ally were on the backfoot for a while, but I managed to notice the enemy sends his rocket artillery immediately after firing straight back to his base. It's a easy way some people avoid being counter barraged. Well I put a T-34-85 far out on a flank and after he fired I waited till he got back to his base and attacked both of them wiping them out. This in turn made the 2 enemies turn some armor turn around aswell. This allowed us to break through the center and other flanks and encircle and destroy all their armor (2 stugs Jagdpanzer Jagdtiger 2x Panther) with a Bias-2, 2 SU-85s, and 2 T-34-85s. The meta thing to do would have been to just kill off all their infantry with rocket artillery, and win with our own infantry, but I saw something that I could take advantage of and I went for it, and it payed off tremendously. It was a change in plans entirely and allowed us to close out a game 20 minutes earlier than a regular strat would have allowed.
  5. Is there a website that shows top dpgs of all tankers for a specific tank? I used vbaddict, but it doesn't show all players. Like for example... Sorphius's conqueror with 3.5k dpg is nowhere to be seen in the top 10.

    1. mati_14


      DPGwhores top dpg farmers for EU and NA


    2. Raj


      Thank you.

      Also lol, still can't see sorphius... because 100 games need, and he's only got 84. Well whatever.

    3. mati_14


      check recent DPGs


  6. Man it's been so long since I've seen people do that successfully. I did that a few times lmao. But was the enemy full of heavies and mediums or something? Or were there some TDs that he farmed?
  7. You mean knocking the ones off at your base on sidewalk and then lol scoping enemies? or the ones that are on east? I think there's at least one on the bottom left corner of G5 that allows you to also do something similar to the sidewalk if you're worried about being blindfired or artied instantly. There's a section of the wall you gotta knock down to spot effectively from there though.
  8. anime fag

    1. Raj


      simply epig.



  9. Although I was talking about AMX lights, I actually played my French heavies very similar, 50 100 and 50b. Cut out the spotting part though, you have LOTS of ammo to work with so you can blindfire far better. You aren't a tank to straight up armor brawl, so it's not like these positions are going to be complete ass. You can use them, but although you're kinda more limited, you also have a few options aswell like blasting away AP at the enemy base for 2 full clips if they have a lot of TDs.
  10. I play my AMX like almost any ~fast soft sniper tank I own CDC, batchat, leo, M60. Here is for the south deployment of Mines a map. Keep in mind any of the green areas can be good, if used properly under the correct circumstance. 1, 2, and 3 are generally good initial deployment areas, it depends on the circumstances, if they have a lot of heavies 1 might be your best bet, if you have a lot of heavy TDs 3 or 2 might be your best option so you don't waste HP, and let the enemy grind themselves out by exposing themselves on the hill. 3.1 or 3.2 are generally good areas to move based on how the battle is progressing, if you can take 3.1 you are able to flank enemies near the the approach to the hill, are able to fire at base camping TDs, and also artillery. 3.2 is more defensive, if you can not contain the area around 3, then 3.2 is a safe option, allowing you to spot and punish enemies for moving up without cover. 2.1 allows you to spot enemy TDs and also attack enemy heavies right underneath the hill. 1 and 1.1 allow many side and rear shots into mostly enemy heavies and TDs, and also allows you to spot base camping TDs. If you are good at camo, these spots can pay off tremendously. But don't get proxied, there is a good chance you will be taking massive damage if you get lit and have to move out of the area. Maybe if I feel like it I'll post a north version too. I haven't played in a LONG time, so I have no clue how the new physics affect this map.
  11. How about WG actually introduces a arty mechanic that actually works with the game? Red Orchestra artillery works because you may lose 15 guys to an arty strike, but you got 800 more reinforcements, it creates a dynamic that helps an aggressor move into territory right after it's done, or they can call it off early and rush the enemy well. Company of Heroes artillery worked as it told you to fuck off from somewhere, and if you decided to stick around you would be punished... quite severely. In World of Tanks, you have one life, a ton of HP, and only 15 tanks per side. Why not introduce mechanics that actually make sense for a """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""Support""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" vehicle? One idea could be to give artillery smoke shells, perhaps with half the reload compared to normal shells too. This would allow arty to cover up attacks and retreats of allies, or even help allies capture enemy bases undetected. This would actually make the game more dynamic and fluid compared to everything always being open territory. Another idea might be for flares, this would make it so enemies very close to it (maybe 15m radius) to be spotted from max view range by any allied tank. So basically Artillery on green team shoots flare, enemy is within 15m radius of it, and your ally is 500 meters from enemy, your ally moves in to 455m and spots the enemy regardless of camo. This would actually make artillery a anti camping utility. Wow amazing isn't it? Different artillery could get different flare stats perhaps, from a 10m circle to a 20m circle. Also make counter artillery better for artillery. Not only make tracing back enemy arty a bit easier, but also artillery currently have no way to get damaged essentially until very late game. If an artillery fires from the same area from 3-5 times maybe it should be lit up. There could even be a crew skill that allows 25% better detection of artillery. For example a T92 fires 3 times from the same position, it could get lit up. Some smaller caliber artillery could do 4 rounds and then the 5th round makes them detected. While if someone has the 25% crew skill they could light up a batchat 155 58 for example. I think the skill should extend past 455Meters, and through cover as artillery does have quite a large gun. This skill could be limited to light tanks maybe in passive scouting for example. Other than that, I would say just please reduce damage across the board, and remove artillery that can shoot over mountains such as CGC, or FV304. Maybe make spall liners actually useful against artillery too, because the only tank I see people even consider it is like the Maus, and very few even do so.
  12. Ah shit Heart Hunter fig looks good. Wish they did a diff color though.



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    2. Lockhart77


      What's not to like about a guy that's bringing ruination to the country that brings ruination to their country :doge: 

    3. Raj


      >He still thinks Trump is le ebil guy



    4. Lockhart77


      More like questionable :doge:

  13. Oh fug ;-D


    1. Whole_Nutmeg


      Now that's a hideous titty monster if I've ever seen one

    2. Raj


      kys cuck Camilla best FE grill.

    3. Whole_Nutmeg


      Have you ever written a single sentence in your life that isn't a meme?