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  1. Meh may aswell share my playlist, it's mostly got Project Diva songs, some electronic, and then a few classical. ffs link properly.
  2. I played LTTB and loved it, but isn't 132 higher tier? I don't know what tier the tanks are anymore. I never found an issue of too many heavy tanks on enemy teams, but I almost always found myself taking damage off their E-100 even if they have one, being able to do it more reliably is better.
  3. Garbad was that brony guy right?
  4. If you like to spam gold like me in LTs, go for the one with higher penetration on apcr. I got tired of bouncing E-100 and E-75 sides in the 13 90 and started spamming apcr, was much funner then. I'd say 220 is bare minimum to reliably penetrate E-100 side flat on, and that's with almost no angling.
  5. First I'm gonna respond to your questions. Keep in mind I haven't played in over 2 years, but I doubt WG changed the game enough to make what I'm saying invalid. I've had 1200 matches in the SP however. I've never had problems bouncing enemy shots with the Super Pershing, it's very good for baiting shots, and far better at gun depression battles. What the Super Pershing has taught me however is how to predict battles minutes in advance. It's far easier to flex out of situations in a medium or light tank than in a very slow heavy. You have to know your team's and enemies compositions, and know where one side will likely be weak, or strong, or have a stalemate. Once you can start estimating something like that, you can respond far better. Say if you know one side will be extremely weak for your team, and another will be a stalemate, is there a position you can be within support range of the stalemate side while being able to punish the enemy for pushing past the weak flank? The Super Pershing isn't the worst when it comes to speed, but you have to be able to know situations 3 minutes ahead of what will happen to best use it. Generally for the Super Pershing and all tanks, I will never take shots unless I know the enemy is very unlikely to penetrate me. The Super Pershing has good enough gun stats that you can poke very quickly and out brawl enemies even if you're fucking terrible at angling and reading enemy gun directions. The Super Pershing shines where hills are needed, or at a medium-range. They will have far more trouble against an IS-3 or E-75 at 50meters or less distance. I would recommend only going to places where you engage from greater than ~75 meters. Your allies are generally useless pieces of shit that won't even do half their HP in damage, there is no reason to worry about them, when you are going to be having at minimum 5x the effect of them. For your second point, why would you not fire every single time you can? The SP has a gun that reloads far faster than any other heavy, obviously if you're fighting an E-75 and 2 IS-3s at close range you're not going to trade well. You've put yourself far too forward, you should be able to predict where the heavies of the enemy will be, they're going to be on brawling areas, they're likely to win especially if your team has less heavies, is there somewhere you can go initially to get a few shots, and then react to them by shooting them at range? For extra pointers, the SP can lock down a large open area down as well, especially if you run camo, and all vision perks, and cola. Nothing will have a fun time penetrating the SP at range. I've held down Tank Destroyers on MAlinovka many times using a hull down SP at 300meters+. The SP can not push without allied support, and it can not hold a point unless it's supported, or covering a huge area. It is great for filling out the ranks however by responding to enemies while your allies are preoccupied doing something else. APCR is needed on SP, you're not fast enough to get good flanks on enemies. I've played 700 matches on IS-6, and I only fire APCR and HE out of it, and that thing is faster than the SP.
  6. Is it really just that hard for Devs to think of other things arty can do except point and click? Maybe flares? Maybe smoke rounds? No? At the least this makes arty more in line with damage soaking tanks like Maus in their horrific model of a game. I wonder how spall liner will affect that tank. Could it actually be useful to soak up arty hits on Malinovka while your allies, I mean platoon-mates can work more effectively?
  7. WG is fucking stupid.
  8. Is WOT still corridor infested shit-hole, or has it gotten better for camo play since ~2 years ago?

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    2. Raj


      Is 3k dpg ezmode on that? Last I saw for tier8 the max was 3.7k dpg when Kewei did Jagdpanther 2.

    3. DHP


      Top DPG are at 2.6k right now. http://www.dpgwhores.com/tanks/62529/?server=eu


      Also how the fuck 3.7k DPG with JP2 ? 


      Edit : apparently people are getting to the ~3k mark with ~100battles : http://www.dpgwhores.com/tanks/62529/?v=100&server=eu

    4. Raj


      Well let's say it's Kewei. I saw some 3.5ks, and it was in IS-3s or IS-6 on Russian, and NA was pulling 3.2k for similar tanks, but yeah that jag2 is on a whole new level. 

  9. lByvdP8.png

    The more I look at it the more I laugh.

  10. youjo

    When will old hags learn?
  11. youjo

    What is the Official VN, anime, and song of each clan?
  12. youjo

    is Nico a Love Live clan?
  13. I think I have finally seen true autism.


    1. ZXrage


      i hope to god thats just a bot

    2. Whole_Nutmeg


      Did you take a look in the mirror? :doge: 

    3. Raj


      That is not a bot. I just like the music in the Diva series, I can't play rhythm games for shit, maybe because I hardly have any time in them at all, but I'm not even gonna try lmao.

  14. I mean you could also just make it an actual support weapon that has support abilities like Smoke Rounds (cover up advances or retreats), and Flares (Illuminates enemies in the nearby area). And maybe give it punishment for bad play like sitting in one spot of the map the whole game.
  15. Anyone else have thousands of PEPECASH?