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  1. holy shit ian this 4 year old thread. Don't defy the Fed goyim! Keep using that USD that declines in value 50% every year. Don't put your money where we can't manipulate it! The absolute state of fiatcucks. tfw invested into an inflationary crypto though.
  2. Remember this fantastic advice from our tank idol Endo.


  3. How long till 9.21? I might want to grind out 183 in next few days just so I have it. Sentimentality maybe?

    1. Tarski


      I've been hearing it should drop in the middle of December. 

    2. HowitzerBlitzer


      Definitely not before the On-Track late this month on NA.

    3. Raj


      holy shit Badger OP. 

  4. Not bad, but prefer the Caernarvon's flat Turret, because you can bait pubbies to shoot at it ultra angled and then shoot them back. Is this seeing tier10s? If it sees 9s max it looks strong.
  5. How can I get my wotlabs account deleted? I'm trying to get rid of a bunch of old accounts, and I don't really come here that often.


  6. a day where I do nothing now feels bad, I used to enjoy days where I didn't have to do anything and could laze around. What is this?


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    2. Raj


      Probably a bit "growing up", but I highly doubt that's the main thing. Probably just mentality, took the advice of some philosophy and religion.

      I know I should be doing something, or I could be doing something productive. Problem was I didn't get enough sleep, and was doing a fuckton of work for 2 weeks prior and didn't feel like doing anything the whole day, and I did nothing the whole day; so I felt like shit. 

    3. lordawesome7


      that sounds like you needed a break then; i guess i've been there before but its always good to cool down even if it doesn't seem like it you're probably still feeling over worked from doing " a fuckton of work for 2 "

    4. Raj


      Lets go for a month this time.


  7. tier 6 is probably the best, that's where I played the majority of my games when I was improving from a 50%er to a blunicum. I focused a lot on really mobile medium tanks and TDs, using camo, not getting shot at, using mobility to get different lanes of fire, etc. Mostly using Cromwell, M18 Hellcat, T20, and SU-122-44. I only started playing exclusively tier8-10 after hitting that level, and went even higher... Another thing is tier6/7 is really when tanks aren't complete batshit insane speed demon derp gunning everything, and insta penning eachother. More mechanics come into play at tier6+. Also yeah, getting good at one class at a time is vital. You don't learn as effectively if you're trying to do several classes all at the same time. Imagine doing your homework for algebra, and switching to english, and then coding every 20 minutes. You need a consistent play-style of tanks, so you can think of how to better play it after every round. Main thing for improvement, is just self reflection, and trying to think more earlier into the matches of games. Try to start predict things, and after maybe a few hundred matches you'll actually be good at predicting based on whatever it was you were predicting. Like say you predict where enemy top tier heavies go, or their TDs are, or where their mediums might go. Start challenging your brain to understand more of what's going on, and what will likely happen.
  8. i wan to put the benis in chocola I prefer Shigure though
  9. nostalgia lol


    1. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      I miss old Youtube.

    2. EndlessAgony


      what the fuck.........................

  10. This season has a lot of likable anime, haven't watched that demon dude one yet but am enjoying Umaru again.
  11. Just how high is btc gonna go? God damn.

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    2. Raj


      I can use btc to trade into USD. 

    3. Fabunil


      ...yes, just like any other stock.

      That doesn't make it a valid currency in any way, just like selling my car on ebay and then using that money to buy something at the supermarket doesn't somehow make my car a form of currency.


    4. Raj


      tfw ethereumcuck


  12. >Decide to play after a few years

    >BT-7 rushes straight at me and makes me do a 180 flip....


    1. Raj



    2. flare_phoenix


      Not sure what else you expected in tier 2.

    3. Hellsfog


      The goofy, unpredictable shit that happens at tier 2 is what makes that tier fun, in limited quantities.