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  1. enjoy your 1 hour battery life. Isn't there a gtx1060 with a decent i5/i7 on sale somewhere for far cheaper? I'd probably get that, unless OP really wants a fucking powerful as fuck CPU.
  2. Anybody know someone really good at playing batchat or mediums? I'm looking to watch as many replays/maybe streams as I can of this type of playstyle. By good I mean high DPG. Preferably am looking for someone that full spams HEAT in batchat and does 4.5k dpg or whereabouts.

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    2. Raj


      that really triggers me actually, batchat is the best medium for high damage output. I'd like to take a shot at breaking 5k on batchat in a few months on NA.

    3. Kolni


      No it’s not. Gun is too unreliable and games aren’t long enough to find several full clips. 

      M48 is king of damage farm, 5,4K overall DPGs have been done which is pretty insane

    4. Raj


      I can't really say anything unless I do something. I've only averaged 4.7k in it when I used two IS-7 meatshields to get my 3 moe... Yeah a long time ago, but I doubt nowadays it would have been much higher dpg. In comparison when I did do full on solo padding challenges it went something like 3800 dpg T-62a, 4000dpg obj140, and 4.2k dpg batchat. Might be that I improved over time or something, and it's not like huge sample size either. 

  3. It was from someone running a mining operation, and during winter too. He was selling 30 cards.
  4. I had issues with my RX 480 using a mining specific bios mod for company of heroes 2. got 2 BSODs before I decided to stop playing video gayms forever. fucking nerds
  5. I think we can all agree this year biggest dissapointment was the SUKA SUKA anime. could have been 10/10.
  6. go for shitcoins that go 10x like raiblocks. Plenty of possible growth with all the fresh money. Mining is way more profitable I guess though, so that's nice. I don't see btc going much further, eth on the other hand has a good future. Otherwise hodl long term for on the good coins. yeah fiat is also one big pyramid scheme, where you lose 5% value every year. Don't invest in shitcoins except for short term gains, the big coins will be the ones still worth it in the long run. The shitcoins are things like pet.com in the dot com bubble. Some of them actually see more and more use in real life every day, and are actually capable of almost infinite growth, some are literally called fucking BITBEAN.
  7. >AMD """"Drivers"""""

    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      It was ATI that had crappy video card drivers. After AMD acquired them, they're not that bad anymore.

    2. Raj


      my ATI 5850 worked fine compared to the issues I've had with RX 480 so far. I did fix it, but it wasn't fun installing 2 drivers that were fucked.

    3. Raj


      alright it took a week, but I "fixed" my drivers. The most recent drivers give me a black screen. I'm now using literally special drivers some dude in Serbia modded or so he says, they don't work for games though, I get a BSOD whenever I play video games, but it works for mining at the least, fuck. 

  8. holy shit ian this 4 year old thread. Don't defy the Fed goyim! Keep using that USD that declines in value 50% every year. Don't put your money where we can't manipulate it! The absolute state of fiatcucks. tfw invested into an inflationary crypto though.
  9. Remember this fantastic advice from our tank idol Endo.


  10. How long till 9.21? I might want to grind out 183 in next few days just so I have it. Sentimentality maybe?

    1. Tarski


      I've been hearing it should drop in the middle of December. 

    2. HowitzerBlitzer


      Definitely not before the On-Track late this month on NA.

    3. Raj


      holy shit Badger OP. 

  11. Not bad, but prefer the Caernarvon's flat Turret, because you can bait pubbies to shoot at it ultra angled and then shoot them back. Is this seeing tier10s? If it sees 9s max it looks strong.
  12. How can I get my wotlabs account deleted? I'm trying to get rid of a bunch of old accounts, and I don't really come here that often.


  13. a day where I do nothing now feels bad, I used to enjoy days where I didn't have to do anything and could laze around. What is this?


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    2. Raj


      Probably a bit "growing up", but I highly doubt that's the main thing. Probably just mentality, took the advice of some philosophy and religion.

      I know I should be doing something, or I could be doing something productive. Problem was I didn't get enough sleep, and was doing a fuckton of work for 2 weeks prior and didn't feel like doing anything the whole day, and I did nothing the whole day; so I felt like shit. 

    3. lordawesome7


      that sounds like you needed a break then; i guess i've been there before but its always good to cool down even if it doesn't seem like it you're probably still feeling over worked from doing " a fuckton of work for 2 "

    4. Raj


      Lets go for a month this time.