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  1. Yeah that survival rate is pretty low, but I would say it hardly means anything. There are plenty of different playstyles players can achieve. I personally had a 35% SR and was floating around 67%/4k wn8 2 years ago or so playing almost exclusively tierXs. There were people with similar statistics but much higher SR%s (about 60%). 27% seems far too low however. It's probably just really bad luck. I mean the average winrate is around 49 or 50%. Hell I had a challenge where over 50 games I did ~40% WR in the batchat, but over 4200dpg.
  2. when's last time you played? For me it's been about 2 years now if not more (if you disclude me installing and playing for 3 games before uninstalling a while back).
  3. meh doesn't look that good, I'd skip out on it. Rather get this. Also am looking at getting a new tablet, thinking Wacom intuos pro PTH651 medium, although my Huion H610 has served me well, the driver issues piss me off whenever they come up, and it probably is somewhat limiting. Seriously though I need more money...Can't afford all these nice figures. Well, I suppose they'll be even better when I'm making more money.
  4. Ordered both those figs, no regrets.
  5. Thinking about picking this up, only 56$. Wonder if it's worth it, I really like it even with joints. Seems like a fun one to pose, especially with that bike. Otherwise, pretty sure I'm gonna order this. [130$]
  6. doesn't imgur auto resize files and make them into shit tier jpegs? I once uploaded a 2.2mb image and it gave me back a 200kb jpeg.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHV05efZM2E
  8. Why would you spoiler something, everyone should have read all mangas, LNs, and VNs before an anime airs. Fits with the manga's style. Also just finished Danmachi Gaiden, was enjoyable for the Elf girl.
  9. Oh and the gambling anime with ahegao expressions if it's this season. Although manga will be superior probably.
  10. New Game!!, Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita, Made in Abyss, Hina Logi, Symphogear, and Pripara. also this is a thing.
  11. Finally a good Luka Figure. There goes another hundred dollaridoos.
  12. also Project Diva Future Tone DX set for November 22.