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  1. If you have the Bismarck, wait until tomorrow to finish it, or you will get the discounted credit reward. Gonna buy the Fletcher today. Mmmmm...
  2. ^ great write-up, only thing I noted was Warspite repair party can actually restore 10% citadel damage, 60% (vs BB standard 50%) of regular damage, and 100% of fire/flood damage. Edit: I think all the BB's are viable, really. I think the cruiser meta will shake out to Cleveland, Leander (self smoking), and probably Budyonny for longer range HE death. Cameos by Spee (will definitely try it out) and the rest of the premiums. DD's will likely shake out to Fubuki/Shinonome for the torpy group, Farragut for the team smoking + dakka dakka crowd, and Gaede for the hybrid DD life. Don't see the Gnevny/Anshan really being used a lot, though Anshan would obviously be better.
  3. Three, really. Warspite, Bayern, and everyone's favorite: Mutsu! (shite penetration doesn't matter as much with brute overmatch). Will be similar to T7 BB play honestly, have to be very aware of angling and try to bounce as much as possible. edit: also, Nurnberg is getting 360 turrets and KM cruisers T4 and up are getting the wank German BB HE pen (1/4 vs 1/6, shell size in mm/armor thickness in mm).
  4. Her turrets (with EM) now do a 180 in 45s. For comparison, the US line is at ~48 with EM. So, do you want NM/AZ with more firepower per turret (slower reload and smaller shells though) or Warspite with slightly faster reload, better overmatch, but fewer guns. Or Fuso for a shotgun/battlecruiser I suppose. (Or the Bayern, if you want to splash water on your enemies from all the misses.)
  5. Rushing the cap AND opening fire immediately at the start is a pretty sure way to get deleted nowadays. I basically play the (higher tier) USN DD's like the IJN now. Spot, torp, smoke friendlies, and pew pew pew when reasonable. Much better at gunfights than the IJN though. Grinding the Benson currently, had my best game in it a couple days ago. Heavily T10 match, took out their Yammy and a Montana, kept their Moskva spotted, and ran down the Shimakaze trying to flank and get behind us. Top of the board in a T8. Mostly, it's just trying to stay alive and keep increasing the amount of leverage you will exert, I think. Those early cap brawls are a waste of HP, bait them into shooting while you torp, run, break detect, and let your team drop the hammer on them.
  6. When someone i know who is new is grinding out the lower tiers, I will tag along in a Mikasa, K. Albert, Nikolai or Clemson. Not to seal club, no sir, nuh uh, wouldn't think of it. Also, I only play the Fujin, Kami, and Gremy for *captain training*. That's my story anyway. (PS it's fun to drop your Bismarck or later captain into the K.Albert.) edit: the SC is pretty good for it's tier, at least with some experience. The Colorado comparison is very apt.
  7. Hey, the Koenig Albert (downtiered Tier 4 Kaiser) is a lot of fun with a BS high tier ManSecs captain. Beautiful looking and 5 km secondaries are fun.
  8. I didn't even mention it in my post above I saw the stenciling and ribbons on all of the torpedoes you kept sending to my smoke cloud as gifts. Very appreciated.
  9. Finally got to the Minotaur yesterday. It's my first and only Tier 10. Enjoyable grind. 19-pt captain, PT - AR - JoAT - SI - BFT - CE - AFT. That was the original RN CL captain, so the rest of the line needs new captains. Fiji has a 13 pt captain, Leander/Edinburgh have 6 pt captains iirc. Started a fresh one for the Neptune and stuck him in the Belfast. I really like the line. Comment from a friendly regarding a red Minotaur yesterday: "Die AP Satan" - I like that. The line:
  10. Bought the Duca for the alt (kids) account, and Perth for my main account. Duca is fun, pretty sure IFHE will be first 10-pt skill for both. A 1km range bump wouldn't be bad for either one though...
  11. They show up when you are spotted in it, according to Priority Target.
  12. The Arizona is pretty fun. Engage throttle and just slowly (obviously) push forward. Really the only ships I don't want to see in an AZ are CV's. DD's? Ridiculous accuracy plus 12 guns = surprise! CA/CL? Citadel pinatas. T5 BB's are more of the same, while anything equal or higher will eat damage when broadside, and if T8? Well, a salvo or two of HE lights up the tankiest bow-on BB. Angle a bit to get the belt armor into play and you bounce 15/16" shells all day.
  13. My FdG kept turning into a Myogi with disturbing frequency. I double checked and had the auxiliary armaments module installed of main armaments.
  14. 1. Anshan...may as well, if only to keep grinding the captain up as well. But it's a T6, so payout won't be as much. Tirpitz, sure - T8 + Papa Papa, plus new stronk secondaries should help quite a bit. 2. The NY camo does NOT provide detection reduction. So maybe on lower tier BB's, or higher tier where you know you will be constantly detected (hello, Germans). 3. Only do that right after your Christmas crates gambling sessions when you have tens, nay - hundreds of thousands of doubloons on the account and you don't care. By April you will be hoarding the remaining coinage and wondering where it all went. 4. Do 1 & 2 until you snap, which should be around 4-600k free-XP and hopefully about the time they lower the citadels on Iowa/Missouri/Montana. I have to do the Nicholas again on the kiddo's account and I will just stick with A-hull and pretend it's Russian. Unfortunately, those captain skills don't help down the line (AFT, in particular), so...hmm. (The A-hull has 960 m/s shell velocity. Then again, you may as well just get used to the new sub-orbital arcs anyway, since the everything past it has them.)
  15. Good gravy. Hopefully you sent that into tech support. Not only do they not cap, not spot, not support, but they SPELL IT OUT IN CHAT. That they won't do that, they threaten to sink their own allies, etc. Ugh. (carry harder next time? )