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  1. I'm a bad person who enjoys the Koenig Albert, Nikolai I, Clemson, and Kamikaze/Fujin. Then again, I've noticed nowadays it doesn't matter. Phoenix, Karlsruhe, German DD's, Kuma? It's going to be a massacre regardless.
  2. Oh hell, time for me to hurry up and get out. Wish he would unblock his stats. Curious as to how many games he has needed to fail that high.
  3. I'm liking the Iowa, have barely touched my NC lately. But when I get to the Montana, Iowa will get sold since I don't expect to play it instead of the Missouri.
  4. Yep, I just got to rank 6 so you should have an average yokel getting to your bracket soon! Only five games this weekend - I played three on Saturday, all losses - but kept my star each time. Figured I was pushing my luck. Played two tonight, both wins. Tomorrow is probably a bust (taking the family and going to tour the USS Edson), so will buckle down on Tuesday. Feeling like Warspite is what I'm going to go with all the way.
  5. Which guns are you using on the Gaede?
  6. It isn't until T6 that BB's get armor sufficient to at least bounce some BB AP from the front. And the USN BB's stay dog slow through T7. New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado at least get enough belt armor to angle and bounce anything they like. But yeah, the Wyoming/NY both seem to eat penetrations from every angle, plus awkward firing angles. At those tiers, the Kaiser/Konig are infinitely better. IJN tree takes off with the Kongo. General BB weak spot to nail from close in, right under front turrets. You can usually get some cits that way. Shooting at German BB's, nail their upper belt to get a pile of penetrations. You do want to follow behind your DD's and cruisers as well as you can, but if it looks like it is all collapsing, start turning around *before* you are the closest and tastiest XP pinata. To be fair the only low tier BB's I will suffer through these days are all premiums, off the tech tree the Kaiser would be my choice for T4 though.
  7. Stay just out of yolo torp range and shotgun everything you see.
  8. IIRC, Itchy Zucchini and Nikolai both have 2.0 sigma, though Nikolai oddly enough has Atlanta-speed shells. Thankfully ships are still plenty slow and clueless at those tiers. Itchy also has mediocre AP penetration, but when you think of it as battlecruiser, spamming HE 50% of the time doesn't feel so bad. Nikolai has an advantage in armor and gun layout, the front three guns are all forward facing - wiggling back and forth only has the rear gun having to go all the way around. You can't actually fire the front three straight forward, but that's fine, it just forces you into angling. Also has turtleback armor arrangement, while the bow and stern are only 19mm, there is a nice band of armor down by the waterline all the way to front. So trying to punch in under the turrets at an angle still won't work. And to finish, the superstructure basically consists of two smokestacks (and a 400mm armored conning tower because lul) and the entire middle section is 35mm deck, no HE pens for you and you and 6 forward facing and 4 rearward facing secondaries in casemates, because if a DD gets close, well screw them too. For torpedo protection, she has 16% reduction. She is slow though, and the AA consists of a few drunk Russians with a revolver and some rusty old Mosin-Nagant's, and one of them just gets a megaphone and yells at the pilots. Seriously, you get 2 dps at 3km, and 7dps at 1km. Itchy is fast, has plenty of guns, and is like Kongo just minus even more armor. They both have a 203mm turtleback over the citadel, but that is *all* the big Zucchini gets - citadel is only 19mm more armor (whereas Kongo gets 76-203mm more armor on the citadel itself). She does have a nice strip of 76mm armor all along the waterline to the bow as well. Proper angling is definitely key, but isn't it always? Torpedo protection is only 7%, because them fancy bulges don't show up until Kongo. The AA consists of WASD keys, because you only get 10 dps at 3km. Bonus, Itchy has practice guns mounted on the turrets above each main gun barrel.
  9. I JUST GOT THE KHAB IT NEEDS BUFFS DAMNIT Noooooooooo leave my Mino alone...
  10. Maybe you could say sure, the end-game takes a bit more time to work out, but they haven't even expanded the clan size limits yet. I can only imagine how much fun that is to keep giving them doubloons to work around that. I wonder what the technical obstacle to that one is I don't mind a lack of "clan" wars per se, since I'm not in one, but even the team battles (which clans would obviously rock out in) would be good. Make it a mini two week tourney style thing. Give out some reasonable rewards. Rotate through the upper tiers (8/9/10). Re T6 BB's: Arizona is essentially an accurate New Mexico. Mutsu is a bit more accurate than Fuso, but I've noticed it isn't so much *more* accurate that it is much better at range - Fuso uses the shotgun method to compensate. It really shines within 12-14km, but then against most BB's do. Bayern is tankier than Warspite, but Warspite has better guns (to put it lightly). Then again I tried Bayern out yesterday in a random to see if it was as bad as I remembered. Somewhere north of 100k and a Kraken later, started thinking I've probably improved a bit. The French girl is fun, and can bounce 14" shells like the rest, but terribad concealment (14+ WITH CE), and the guns can be wonky, especially if out of practice. In practice I guess I would say the guns feel like the Scharn - fast, lower caliber, and my goodness the RNG rolls for dispersion are all over the place. (Devastating Strike to bracketing the broadside Myoko seems way too common). I loathe inaccurate guns so in BB's I've pretty much settled on the Warspite for now. Have already had too many matches where it was clear a whole clan was basically queuing up at once, having 4 of them on the red team (and you know they are probably all in voice chat together) is just shitty. Especially since WG hates making the labrats powering MM think any harder. If they could rig it so a max of one 2-player division per team, and each team would get a div, then maybe. Just maybe.
  11. In the 6-10 bracket, I'm just forcing myself to play DD at this point since there are so many absolute (friendly) shitters playing already into that bracket. Mutsu doesn't have the insane accuracy of Nagato (or Warspite), she needs to push in a bit closer. Maybe in the top bracket I'll be able to play Warspite again.
  12. And Indianapolis getting 9.9 km radar, concealment buff, and possible to stick the radar module on? Hmmmm edit: lowering concealment by ~1km, should be getting down to around 10.8km. Very interesting...probably wise if they keep tier restrictions on special upgrades so Indy can't essentially have DM radar at T7.
  13. ST 0.6.8 leaks have the modules getting some changes and also moved around (slot placement) so they could actually be useful.
  14. Honestly, at those tiers you should just be happy someone or something is playing, it could be hard to tell if they got up and left and the cat sat on the keyboard.
  15. Just hit Rank 11, will play more tonight. On the bright side of darkness, so far the losses have been obvious from the start. Retarded DD's and cruisers make themselves evident quickly, so when you go down three ships within 4 minutes, just start piling up some damage and try to decide who to hit with your one torpedo... Edit: so far ship selection is mixed, and don't think any overwhelming dominant ones. Everything has its strengths and weaknesses. Even the Dunkek has been mildly amusing. I expect to see more Warspites near the higher tiers though.