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  1. 1. Anshan...may as well, if only to keep grinding the captain up as well. But it's a T6, so payout won't be as much. Tirpitz, sure - T8 + Papa Papa, plus new stronk secondaries should help quite a bit. 2. The NY camo does NOT provide detection reduction. So maybe on lower tier BB's, or higher tier where you know you will be constantly detected (hello, Germans). 3. Only do that right after your Christmas crates gambling sessions when you have tens, nay - hundreds of thousands of doubloons on the account and you don't care. By April you will be hoarding the remaining coinage and wondering where it all went. 4. Do 1 & 2 until you snap, which should be around 4-600k free-XP and hopefully about the time they lower the citadels on Iowa/Missouri/Montana. I have to do the Nicholas again on the kiddo's account and I will just stick with A-hull and pretend it's Russian. Unfortunately, those captain skills don't help down the line (AFT, in particular), so...hmm. (The A-hull has 960 m/s shell velocity. Then again, you may as well just get used to the new sub-orbital arcs anyway, since the everything past it has them.)
  2. Good gravy. Hopefully you sent that into tech support. Not only do they not cap, not spot, not support, but they SPELL IT OUT IN CHAT. That they won't do that, they threaten to sink their own allies, etc. Ugh. (carry harder next time? )
  3. I am getting close to 14th pt (on alt-account, now that I think of it), probably putting it in CE. Then again, I'm hoping next ranked season will be tier 8, where concealment will be a bit more important than randoms... edit: and average 63/64k with it, feeling pretty good, and then see your average and I head off to uninstall
  4. Threw hydro on my Lo Yang. It might be my DD choice for ranked if it is Tier 8. With the hydro mod, it lasts as long as the smoke. So a nice benefit. Only problem is it is basically C-hull Benson but with hydro you lose the DF also...maybe I'll just be an asshole and bring the Kiev.
  5. Season 7 already announced for May. Damn, I'm just gonna take two weeks off completely from this game before that.
  6. Damn, 33nfidel, that sucks. You were one of the few players I didn't mind having on the same team. I gave up somewhere on the last day. I didn't start grinding hard until the last week or so, but finally panicked a few days short of the finish. Had some good streaks going up to it, but the last two days where just a nightmare of win loss win loss loss loss win loss punch hole in wall loss win loss kick chair loss. The same retards every match, I actually went scrolling through that list yesterday, going "mmhmmm" "yep" "that one too". If I'm still playing when the next season rolls around, I'll just buckle down early and take my chances getting nuked by Mesrith and the purple people. At least they won't be going yolo at rank 2 and telling us in chat they just don't care, or throwing game after game after game and pissing away leads. edit: finished at 3 after getting up to 2.2 *grinds teeth*
  7. Regarding the captain spec, yeah AA seems the best. So the standard-ish cruiser base of PT, AR, SI, CE. Then changed up my Belfast captain to Edinburgh, with BFT and AFT iirc. This will still work in Belfast for training, no IFHE but no need for DE in that case either. Fiji is at 11 or 12 pts but the base is sufficient. Will slowly spec for AA as well, it needs help there. They are fun little ships, even the Leander though the extra guns/range of Fiji really start to make the line shine.
  8. I don't like the change much, primarily because it is such a hugely clumsy sledgehammer approach. And bizarre...BB's with higher detection ranges when on fire, than when actually firing their guns. The worst is that a simple mechanics change would be far easier, achieve the desired "stop Zao/*insert lame stealth firing whomever* from sitting in the back spamming HE", while still not completely wrecking DD's. Make ships visible when firing - not detected, but visible. Give that a 10s cooldown (vs 20s while in detection range) and blammo, SF fixed. Zao/Belfast/whatever parked broadside, just spewing HE. Wait for the cit hits... Even using islands would be a little riskier - get a spotter plane up, and now you don't need to work as deciphering muzzle flashes. Now, could be tricky finding the right angle to drop shells down onto an Atlanta with catapults engaged, but at least it's feasible. And maybe being able to see the Benson pew pewing a few HE shells for no damage in between torpedo runs will allow BB's to get back to their regularly scheduled torpedo bitchfest. I prefer the moment, when after shredding a couple red DD's, their german BB charges at short range (it's always German...Bayern, Gneisenhorst, Tirpmarck...) and gets demolished by a volley of torps and 14 AP shell salvos every few seconds. Actually, it's the salt filled rant a few seconds later that I really enjoy.
  9. This post has a link to a nice imgur album. Download pics, put in your "Atlanta Maps" folder conveniently located, and reference it until you realize these things instinctively. PS, once you start getting good with it, 50-80k are standard. Start adding 20-50k to that depending on how many german BB's decide to charge you.
  10. You may also consider RPF for them. Less as an offensive weapon (though it is that too), but more for keeping your butt unspotted and pulverized. I have it on my Shira captain (who is secretly my Fujin seal clubbing captain.)
  11. Eyyyyyy the Kami triplets would like a word
  12. What the...had a Belfast today on my side twice (yay losses). Looked him up, ~950 ranked battles this season. He shows up now as #5 w/938 battles, but isn't on your shot here from a few days ago. (Please fall out of 2-5, please fall out...) Holy battlespamming...
  13. Rank 2-5 bracket, already waiting longer than I have previously, don't delay if wanting to move up...
  14. Got to rank 5 yesterday morning, now time to grind like crazy. Went 0-1-2 to move up. Using the Blys, up to 18 pts on her. Thinking I should change out for SE though (vs SI) - the extra smoke and boost are handy, but the special boost upgrade mitigates the one. The extra health would be good at offsetting some of the early cap focus effect when things go terribly wrong. Usually avoid that now, since I'm *gone* as soon as it looks like an asskicking is coming, but some teams need to be led by the nose. Or at the very least, I need the cap and a kill to keep my star.
  15. Some changes on the PTS today - some changes to flooding damage, and most likely to be noticed, buffs to USN CA's. Pensacola gets a base concealment of 12.8 iirc. NO, Balti, and DM get ROF buffs.