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  1. No hot medic to click on repeatedly for some words of encouragement.
  2. I don't have enough points yet, so I just have AFT so far. Seems sort of like a less stealthy Kiev. I pretty much just play my Udaloi poorly so far.
  3. I've been stalked. I'll check it out after my vacation to the end of the Earth.
  4. Hasn't pulled stats from around the 14th/15th or so. Sounds like it might be on more than just the NA version as well.
  5. PS, the imgur link in this post is very very very useful. Most of the same locations apply to the NO, Baltimore, and DM. (And the grind through to Des Moines is fairly easy if you can free XP the modules on NO and Balti, would say it's under a hundred games at that point. The Des Moines is one of my favorite ships.)
  6. PSA the GZ Test I/II will now completely fuck you up in a BB (esp German). I'm sure all the buyers who entered the special testing group are giving great feedback now. "Still a little underpowered, can we buff the secondaries to 15km? Jet fighters please?"
  7. Got the permacamo last night for New Orleans from the birthday collection. Hadn't played her since grinding through, so made a 10-pt captain and put the camo on. Got Mountain Range in a T9 battle. Ended the night with a Kraken. EZ (went to C cap, humped islands, pew pew pew'd away with a couple kill steals secures.)
  8. I pretty much played the New Orleans, Baltimore, and Des Moines the same way that a few hundred Atlanta games have taught me. Find island near cap, torment red DD's, use catapults to light fires on BB's, have an annoying no-fly zone for the red CV, and citadel to death any cruiser foolish enough to rush MY island.
  9. The higher tiers feel a lot like ranked to me - you almost have to be fairly conservative/passive at the beginning, staying alive through the first wave of carnage, so you can then start making an impact. Some days I do that better than others...
  10. You were in a GK, they were in a Moskva. It was on Loop, iirc you all were south spawn. Your CV got an early kill but then beelined straight into B cap and promptly died. A Fletcher died there too trying to smoke him up. Pretty much downhill after that. I got at least a good dozen shells on you from my Fletcher lol.
  11. lmao I shot Roller the other day! We beat his team, even though he was in a div! (Their Fletcher died while trying to protect their CV that cyka cyka rushed B. it was gloriously downhill from there. )
  12. Nice! Took a drive a couple weeks ago and surprised the kids with a visit to the USS Edson - a Forrest Sherman class DD. The engine room was cozy, to say the least. Might try to get to Buffalo next, where they have a sub, Fletcher-class, and Cleveland-class as part of a museum.
  13. Have had Gearing for a bit now. I only have a 10-pt captain in her (PM/LS/SE/CE) so far. Originally I built with the torpedo reload upgrade, but I've swapped it out for main gun reload. Brawling is fine, but you have to play it smart and pick your spots. At the beginning of the game in a cap with 6 other ships also shooting at you isn't the time. Later, hunt down stray DD's and pulverized them. You have a firepower advantage pushing at them with 2x2 turrets. Not sure what points I'll do next, either BFT or SI, AR, and maybe RPF for the last 4, or TA and I dunno what else. Edit: Whereas with Fletcher I mostly play it as the best IJN DD in the game, using the guns in opportunistic situations. Trying to force the Gearing into that gameplay doesn't work as well, so I'm trying to use its strengths more.
  14. Have to buy Perth to get flaming roo shells of death at T6.