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  1. Best of luck joy, stay strong and keep going you were very nice and welcoming to new player/chatter, so i'm sure you will get ppl to like you even in your uncertain future:D may russian bias be with you o7
  2. hello:D always more NA tankers Y_Y
  3. that would be op for first win of the day >o oh and personal missions lol
  4. yea im italian:) sadly we dont have tanks ingame but its for good because they were more like rat traps in ww2 Y_Y
  5. Hello everyone wotlab Tanker from EU that since deciding to stop playing the game as an arcade tankrace is trying to get better:) i follow most of the sponsored streamers as that was what got me hooked in the game. since i got my first tier10 and soon (silver permitting) am gonna get another i wish to get decent enough for a clan with cw/sh. see you around, out of/behind bushes! giovanni