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  1. EU ranked hype anyone?

    (i want bonds more than anything...)

  2. very good job, especially loved the track pieces on the front now its ready for wot 1.0 ^^
  3. i also started to pull shots/shoot in the proximity of low health tanks instead of centering them, so i could get thhe "let your teammates kill a tank you stunned/immobilized" part. sadly one has to "play worse" to get half of the pigs missions...but pigs they are alas
  4. are there odds for the ELC even 90 to be staple light in t8 sh?

    (and now ill excuse myself for the pun)

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    2. mistervanni
    3. nabucodonsor


      No but it could be used in some maps

    4. CraBeatOff


      T92 is generally better for 8s SH. Apcr standard, low enough bloom to shoot on the move, high base VR

  5. how can we get ELCEVENM on EU ? need crew trainer for my lights 12t and 1390...

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    2. mistervanni


      nothing of the sort shows up if i visit the site, idk if because im from italy, noidea...

    3. Darvek


      WG EU released it early to active premium account holders. It'll show up eventually for those who either don't play enough or don't have premium accounts.

    4. mistervanni
  6. lol totally opposite indeed, i have 56% wr on the pilot, my best tier8 with the kv-4 (the real anomaly at 58% with 160 battles...) guess everyone finds their playstile-complementing tanks in different places. hes also a decent earner if u dont need gold for tierX, i get average 48k in it, and im bad.
  7. Dragon Ridge - 31+1=32 when i started play with my friend we had a blast strutting around this huge ass map in our low tiers looking for enemies to fight! fuck the minimap, its eye navigation:D all the ridges from u could shoot down were fun too. it remains in my memory as most distinct "feature"Hidden Village - 30Komarin - 18Northwest - 31-3=28 way too many hiding spots made walking this map unbearable, especially for our nfs-esque gameplay at the time.Pearl River - 34 Port - 31 Province - 27 Severgorsk - 21 South Coast - 30
  8. if he can send types and FVs packing as they can send us, then he is good imo...but i would never get it so pointless argument i guess
  9. i love this tank and it keeps delivering, even meeting tier X i just try to track to town and spot/counterspot. gun very comfy and turret has that one/two random bounces that save u. ofc if u get in a brawl ... credit wise its a pleasure, and its a trainer for an awesome line to boot<3 15165001424232_usa_A111_T25_Pilot_karelia.wotreplay MY PEEK GAMEPLAY FOR REFERENCE OF HOW IT CAN CARRY A BAD PLAYER
  10. love my pilot :D !

    those nice 1586 base xp numbers make me go through the 65t grind

    (damn u cant see base xp in that, fml)lpUA834.jpg

  11. lol i wanted to say "welcome back fellow potato lets team up" but rip purpleness
  12. damn so bad at wz1115aaa, cant someone teach me the ways?

    1. Meirzin


      I'm sitting at around 63% wins 3600dpg in about 150 solo games, send me some replays and maybe I can help. 

    2. mistervanni
    3. Meirzin


      I'll be out of town for a few days, any chance you could upload them to YouTube?

  13. for me the low point was getting back to WoT after a break and sucking more than i remembered highlight unlocking like 4 tier 10s in 2 months XD WHAT AM I LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS YEAR? playing in cw or other organized stuff with my shiny tonks all camoed!
  14. so i guess the howitzer is just a req to unlock top tier gun? oh and yay necroing tier IV threads from 4 years ago so i guess the howitzer is just a req to unlock top tier gun? oh and yay necroing tier IV threads from 4 years ago