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  1. now, the noob question: what do u refer as the KT ? from russian translit? kingtiger?
  2. that would be interesting too, is7 needs some love since its been pushed away from fame by 113 & co !
  3. that LT not only GOES FAST but is also low af it opens so much workable positions/covers/stuff that probably others can't use. One question: did u ever find that it was too low to spot over some rocks or debris? like u had to get further through them for the "vision pointer" to register? On another note, how do pubs follow ur pings like that XD Lastly, is @Meirzin aka the goldspambait left to his own devices in most of the maps? Are there positions or situations where the HT would be needed to cover the Strv while the LT goes fast somewhere? or just without encounter/assaults its rarer to happen
  4. very interesting, ofc now we all want to see @TheDivision pewpewing after tanks are cooked
  5. as you said the TD kemp is so weird now...matches with 8 med/heavies, 6 TD 1 arty feelsbadman only upside is doing MT 15 III with honors after 3 tries XD batchat those tracked casemattes
  6. isee i doubt that with my friends i could replicate that setup well enough, and also no LT100 availability...maybe wz/rhm can do similar. in tier X usually we bring more similar tanks, as someone suggested, like 3 hovermeds or 2 heavies a med or TD but i find our gameplay frustrating from a strategic point (force push and pray we make through) and also our winrate can suffer; of course our skill leaves to be desired, but so does our opponent's too
  7. @Meirzin watching the is7 perspective was very enlightnening, thank you for replay pack; shows a patience in a HT that's hard to see/learn. Guess that's why that setup seems weird for more aggressive players. There are some pointers for corner peeking and then withdrawing to lure them into platoonmates/team fire that i hadn't realized on my own. About the LT: do you think that a medium (as some have suggested) could work similarly? and which one? again, not to farm bond$ but to try better ways of platooning "defensively"
  8. cool replays always welcomed, too much chaff looking on yt...clickbait galore
  9. interesting, if out of my league:) what still applies to mortals is how to platoon FTW would you be willing to post replays, (here, yt, p0rnhub whatever) just to see how do u coordinate as a platoon, caring first and foremost for winrate? cheers and show us the way!
  10. hi, ofc theres appetite:D i actually miss the excitement of new purple replays to see how much of a scrub i am in comparison ;p jokes aside if u have the time keep them coming, often the discussion afterward was very informative too. take care a tanker looking to get 51% overall
  11.  back to WoT :D

  12. its ok i still can watch streamerino and git gud
  13. damn rip EU.. buut that gives me more time to work on my recent;p
  14. Best of luck joy, stay strong and keep going you were very nice and welcoming to new player/chatter, so i'm sure you will get ppl to like you even in your uncertain future:D may russian bias be with you o7
  15. hello:D always more NA tankers Y_Y