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  1. Hey guys, I've been smashed with work meaning 6 days per week is my new norm. If MNT or MrMcG (or others) want/need to boot me I understand... Regards, Dave
  2. Problem is it's det range and non-19pt Cptn. Where I can cross train a 19 back into the Farragut, but I do like the Anshan guns AND Torps...
  3. Hi MntRunner, I've dropped in a few times but am having trouble with Discord... Posted a request for help on reddit and still searching the discord forums. I've set my bind correctly for PTT and the transmit ring glows, but my voice is not being heard in channel with Biggie' on a couple of occasiions as recently as half an hour ago... edit: Finally got my shit in a pile this afternoon my time; firewall was the last thing I checked but had also done the Discord voice debug stuff. What a palava! McG and I divved up and both donned our Tinfoil hats and uniforms at the end of our potato fest. Oh well, back into it... Managed to get on at a decent hour and brought a couple of prospects too, thanks for the welcome guys. o7
  4. So.... Back to Biggie's op, what are going to be the choices at 6 other than the Farragut/Leander and a few others? Only really been playing Anshan/Aoba/Graf lately myself for grinding Free XP, finally heading up IJN cruisers and training up a new German to 19
  5. Thx Mnt', have been absolutely hammered at work. Working 10 hours Sunday when we pulled 33' out of the jib fkd any chance I had of completing the Bismark mission sadly.
  6. Yeah, I got that. But figured the former PBKAC was on top of it anyways...
  7. Being in the Antipodes would make me the night watchman, and my new job of 55-60 HPW has thinned me out some playtime wise. I'd love to drop in and "have a go" as I'm an 80% solo usually....
  8. Rocking horse shit, don't you know anything?
  9. Thanks Psycodiver, will check with her...
  10. Anyone know of any list of ships which detonate the most?
  11. Wut? Gotcha cheer', tree discounts. Real shitty run so far....
  12. This until the DD playerbase recognise the 96BB Q with 2DDs are pied piper to their torpedos...
  13. Off topic, but I was thinking about grabbing one for my Asia account which has no premiums but I've already been called a seal clubber..
  14. If I unlocked the F3 torps on the Yuggy, will they be available on the Shima?
  15. Without a doubt. The Asia server is quite "special" too, there are some really good players there too. I was just surprised at 2930/3800 battles in tier 2. My account there used to sealclub (< 28%) as it had no premiums so I get the logic. This one was in a NAGATO when I was in Kongo: