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  1. Take time to aim, clutch shots need great timing. In the case of slow traverse turrets, use rudder where you can and ease out of turns to aim shots ftw...
  2. What kind of pings do you guys show in-game? Mine shows anywhere from 107-130 average with the occasional (today) 250-275....
  3. Managed about 125 battles but the penny dropped last night (my time) that there was only 22 hours left... My time zone and work, then a workplace injury threw me this time too. Well that's my excuse LOL Only managed R5 this time http://shipcomrade.com/leaderboard.asp?G=2&S=7&R=12&A=1
  4. Time to stop again, two losses in a row. 680 Ranked battle 49%er Yoloking in BB or sits way back behind islands with guns in shadow:
  5. Seeing Gallant quite often in RB, probably 1/3 to 1/2 of battles I've played... Only been using mine in the Dunkirk mission so far.
  6. Seen a few players doing good things with them, ggwp Jarkorsis...
  7. Standard WG practice though, like the perpetual beta numbering of a "released" game and the consistent power shifts...
  8. Bought mine but haven't run it yet. What setups are you using and how do you find it? Post screenies...
  9. With regard to the OP, I really like having torp acceleration on the Benny 7.3 Km 60 Knot with a short detection range works much better
  10. Quality
  11. There are some supertesters and employees or staff using their connections to get players Nuked as stated last time... One of my freinds on NA is carer for a challenged child and as a result my lingo has changed to tater/potato/peanut/brickwithears/lala/chocolate teapot/muppet/mullet or whatever else I can manage at the time. I now tend to really dislike abuse like retard/versions thereof as it's a little like racial slurs, but whatever floats your boat I guess.
  12. I look at the criticals in particular and Task manager under the Start-up tab to check boot impact... Usually the criticals show repeat offenders Ezz. ATB and o7
  13. All I get from the site when I visit are the ads without stats other than the "Players" page of leaderboards... And it looks like it just reset itself...
  14. Also plunges nicely through Bayern and Fuso bow on... How do you Anshan though, keep distance in early/mid game?