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  1. Without a doubt. The Asia server is quite "special" too, there are some really good players there too. I was just surprised at 2930/3800 battles in tier 2. My account there used to sealclub (< 28%) as it had no premiums so I get the logic. This one was in a NAGATO when I was in Kongo: Never left cap circle all battle, maybe is a bot just doing circlework....
  2. Still sealclubbing though isn't it? Especially with such a nickname. I remember the BLAZE clam used to do such things including platooning up at such low tiers on SEA. Got up to Bogatyr on my (SEA cause I got no Russians and only went to T6 on the server) and should take about another 3-4 battles to unlock Svetty Liana
  3. Who? You didn't fry any trout... Found one on the Asia server, 2600+ in Umikaze and 600+ in the German tier 2: Dickheads like this are the reason WG implements sandboxes, it reminds me of the BLAZE clam down there buying PZIIJ's because they need tier 2 to win...
  4. Are they planning on evening up the numbers of DDs on opposed team, becuase it seems as if 85% of matches where the team has less DDs it's a loss?
  5. Thanks for the reply Psycodiver, @ 25:1 the wallet is locked... Began to rethink the Mighty Mo' a few days back and last night this happened: Benson torp OP!
  6. Has anyone seen any articles on "farming free XP"? Just trying to decide a best option from: Using specific ships; Anshan/Tirpitz with their (+100%) Camo' &/or Papa Papa signals (+300%.) Which ships for The New Year 2017 camo' (+200%) +Papa Papa signals (300%) P2P conversion (which seems like taking the piss imo) Combination of all of the above. 1 Seems OK but a little too slow and do daily doubles actually make a difference to free XP...? 2 Which is working well with a specific Gneisenau because +3% and -4% seem almost expendable.. 3 Not my preferred option because I prefer to not repeat past mistakes. 4 Keep on keeping on... Just really like to read some member's thoughts and experiences as I'm currently on about 176K with 180(ish) NY camos and about the same amount of PP signals... Edit adding two links: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/68211-best-way-to-get-free-xp/ https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/4c28jr/credit_and_free_xp_farming/
  7. Yes, the Black. If there were ructions caused by the premiums in the tier 7, they will only continue with the Black in ranked battles at tier 9. Would tier 10 Ranked be world of Khaba? Madner Kami made some great points regarding the sweet spot. I wonder if they would have the balls to offer a researchable ships only season? Seems like there's a little difficulty with any of the tiers with premiums because some of them are so good.
  8. Balance the number of DDs per team. T 5 ranked suits me, I'll bring the Kamikaze R: The enemy had one more DD (3 to our 2), but do you get the picture?
  9. There is, it is called "Reach for your ankles while we introduce the next line and power creep your ship and meta to submission."
  10. That O.P is a good read, well worth a +1.
  11. Someone sent it in from a group I used to hang with...
  12. Watch out for this muppet of a camplord around this time of day: https://na.warships.today/player/1011440437/ObiKenobi771 He was in an Edinburgh nowhere near the caps because it sailed all the way around from A on a North spawn... We were ahead by a longshot when this dickhead went running from a Shiratsuyu (who took B when my hero was South of the caps) while our fuso who he was behind capped point C while hero hides behind island then runs off to D so we all lose... Get a load of that!
  13. Ship happens. Competitive game is competitive. I'll name myself for spitting torps from my Yuggy at the three shitter T8 BaBBies who all sailed in the opposite direction and in a straight line to the opposite flank as soon as the Benson driver went out front to spot and work the enemy. My torps were launched 3-5 Ks behind the runaways who sailed in such a straight line and for so long that the Tirpitz owner ate enough to flood out and sink. (1 salvo) I was the pinko brown trout engaging the enemy while the 2 remaining lemmings hid 12 Ks away behind islands, this brown trout ended the game with a scorecard of +1 kills then had to work off the pinko status...