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  1. What do people think of the Muts and Fubuki lower tiered versions? Are they mere shadows of their former selves? As I just got the Shinonome and have Camo for the Fubuki thought I'd ask for opinions...
  2. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/81056-mouses-guide-to-being-a-teamkiller/page__pid__1984777#entry1984777 She sums it up pretty well in the O.P. Also, be aware you can wipe your Pinko status in (dirty word alert) co-op in 5 or six battles so it's worth keeping one or two tier ones to end purgatory by going into purgatory... Things have changed a bit since they first introduced the colouring, not so many players getting upset nowadays...
  3. According to http://www.hmshood.com/admin/faq.htm only 3 survivors ever retrieved from the water....
  4. Must be a suggestion that all residents of Australia drink Bundaberg Rum? I'd have to admit the few times I ever drank "Bundy" I certainly came to understand why the the term "Splice the main brace" was used, that stuff is the best tasting but most evil dark rum I ever tried. Nearly every time it ended near a punch-up, never with Lambs or any of the other dark rums... Go figure... This was best quote in thread... Upboats for next week...
  5. Had a last look to see where I finished... Most sucktacular.... #755 on NA: 60 players with over 500 battles to Rank 1... 3 players over 1000 battles made rank 1
  6. Finished 2 stars short of R 1. Cry me a river. I tend to get smashed with disconnects and bad lag forcing restarts with ping going up to 1256(iirc) last battle. Last "session was 14 + 5 losses losing 2 stars Game only displayed last results about 10 minutes later... :Tall image Big image alert:
  7. Depends who is driving the Maas, they are hard to knock out of game but when focused seem to not have the agility of SIMS. You are right about their torps and their guns hit hard too. Might have to get one after R6 ends... Agreed the two preceding posts, think I remember reading something about it earlier in this thread. Mesrith post was it? Current top 20:
  8. Had a pinko in a Mahan a couple of battles back who AFK'd North and went to the top corner. (We were spawned North...) Edit: Wish people would stop torping from behind, if they were on voice comms then maybe but ultrawide monitors and chatboxes... I've been playing like shite, but just had the pink scarecrow_2015 (allegedly) on my team in a Shira: He just killed one of the team cruisers from behind... Another ship while pink and holy battle count for a 99% DD player... NA's "top 20":
  9. Rank 6 battle trying to get 5 and got this Nagato AFK's for first 5 minutes then sails straight though islands and dies after having all guns pointed at a 40% HP Myoko broadside at 13K and didn't shoot... Somehow, this dude made 592 battles in the season: He dies early then spams the living bejeezus out of chat AND finished bottom of team... http://shipcomrade.com/leaderboard.asp?name=YAMAM0T0&G=2&S=6&R=12&B=5&C=0&P=2
  10. Today's MVP team players; In a Myoko (maybe an ARP) In a Scharnhorst which they confused with a Lowe Love my 120 ping (to server)
  11. Thanks guys, yes. I got another speed boost from a container (love to say super but they are pretty shitty and rare to boot). I equipped both of the speedboost mods but have not bothered with the spotting plane or smoke mod as yet... Like the speedboost and think that would be brilliant on a little Russian RC DD boat for zipping around at breakneck pace... Yuggy.....
  12. Thx so far, hope question will get another couple of answers. The smoke mod?
  13. WG like them because it keeps their game afloat I imagine. Like most of the Minsk translations, ranked is quite stronk translation.
  14. What ships are you using the Engine boost Mod 1 on if any?
  15. My ping puts me somewhere around a TLI burn to the Moon....