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  1. Only if you have the 2nd or 3rd engine, both are lighter than the stock engine by 300kg Currently playing it stock with the 10.5, its like the engine, gun, turret traverse and ammo rack are permanently broken on this tank. God forbid if anyone of them actually breaks in game.
  2. I'm not doing so well in this tank. My only gripe is that the turret and the turret area above the gun is huge. If you're being shot at, the usual -10 degree hulldown position is not enough cover. You have to find the -15 positions that you have never had the need to find before this tank.
  3. Don't forget that the turret side is also 175mm minimum in most place's due to slope. I wonder why do the later Soviet HTs have inward sloping sponsons. Outward sloping sponsons would have allowed for much more internal space with almost the same weight and side protection. My only theory is that the sponsons are shaped like that to deflect landmine and shaped charges.
  4. Whelp I'm retarded. Thanks.
  5. Now there isnt even a Tankrewards for January 17. RIP
  6. 52ea1f330c.jpg

    I dedicate this victory to @leggasiini. Hated the shit out of this tank at first but then I Learned To Stop Worrying (about the odd depression) and Love The Derp.

    1. leggasiini


      you dont play serious wehn you play jap heavies, you play them for fun :P 

      Tbh the fun goes downhill on Types. Well, they are getting derps aswell (and Type 5 armor buff), so that is something.

  7. Guys, what if, guys... ... What if WG is going to let us unlock regular tanks via premium tanks?
  8. " A/M: Nations with tier 10 lights will be: USSR, USA, Germany, France and China. We’re searching for candidates for the others. The current tier 8 lights will be moved to tier 9 except for China. This will happen during the first half of the next year. " If the WZ-132 is going to remain as T8, and the T10 is the WZ-132-1, then what is the T9? WZ-132-0.5?
  9. So whats this about a theme bonus? I got to Level 9 in two hours. After completing all the daily missions I am left with 2 Tier 5s and Tier 4s filling the rest of the slots. Level 10 is going to need Tier 5 everything on the Snowtank and Tree, assuming no theme bonus.
  10. Permatracking soft skins?
  11. IMHO the T8+ Murcunt TDS need repairs more than camo, so if you already have a T34 or T26E5 or even an Aspergershing you can prep fresh crews on those tanks instead.
  12. Hated the shit out of my M103 until I got it elited. By that time I realized that the gun handling on the tank is both its primary offense and defense, it is about tagging the other guy and ducking before he can aim in on your shiny noggin. Conq has a better gun and turret, true. But the M103 has better mobility so you can throw your tank weight at the enemy sooner. One penetrating shot now is worth two later in the strategic sense. Essentially it's a Heavium. You play this tank like a Pershing the same way you play the T-10/IS8 like a T-54, and definitely not like the hard turreted T29 or T32 before it.
  13. Unfortunately I only buy/wear F-91Ws and F-94Ws, and it's a 50/50 chance between the strap breaking or the strap housing breaking first. Nevertheless I have answered.
  14. The next level cashgrab would be a Black (B) version of a popular SH/CW non-prem tank that already has a non-black copy IS3A-B anyone? Or Cromwell B- oh.