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  1. Reminder that Serb once tried to buy the rights to Panzer Front. If that worked out we'd have E-79s and this thing running about. Its a jet powered jadgpanzer.
  2. Got it for free on day 13 at the cost of my health. Also helped a friend for a couple of days, he got his ultimately with a 5-pack
  3. I would buy the shit out of the Edelweiss and then complain about WG pandering to an ime weaaboos
  4. Gentlemen I present to you 100% legal, realistic and historical side hull ammo rack hitskin for the basic M4 Sherman and Firefly. Shaped like a starburst because that's exactly what happens to the tank when you shoot it there. The raised bump is not a side hatch but extra welded armor. The burgers know it's a weak spot.
  5. They need to be more creative with the names.
  6. Also try lower plate (Conqueror), and frontal hull opposite from the driver (often on 4 man tanks, Leopard 1 most noticably)
  7. Just that? Regardless of wins or scoreboard position? Should be easy but I bet all the people playing TDS these past few missions are going to switch to cancer.
  8. Done in a little under 2 hours. Come on guys theres only 1/2/3/4 days left to grind
  9. I bet the original Total Recall was your favorite porno.
  10. Symmetrical tits That's like a straight upgrade over the O-Ho and KV5 for @leggasiini
  11. Took it easy and ground my Conq for three hours. Now only about 25k experience to FVB.
  12. So T54Proto is countered by 252U, 252U is countered by S1, and S1 is countered by T54Proto because 100mm LB-1 triple over matching the IKEA armor. Rock paper scissors. Game is balans just as keikaku
  13. First game in Cromwell B.
  14. I go down 1 line on any tank that has a top speed faster than 35 kmh, especially if south spawn because south is fucking indefensible if an enemy tank manages to reach the rock cover. If I survive, sweet sweet spotting damage. If I don't then little time was wasted on that map.
  15. I'm putting my vote in for German MTs, E50M line specifically. They are a jack of all trades kind of medium tanks with not good camo, camo being something you cant abuse without a good crew. They have also been recently buffed, the Protopanther has upper plate that can deflect same tier rounds, the Panther gets sideskirts so (that strip at least) doesnt get triple overmatched by 122mm, Panther II gets the ultra long 88L100, E50 can permatrack competitively with a faster firing 88L100 and the E50M is great. Though, the branch off into E100 is not so useful now since Maus is the new flavour. You also have a Pz58 already.