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  1. Yep. I have seen E-100s and Mauses drive off the bridge in Westfield and not die.
  2. 3+ Months. The new LTS will have to go on the public test servers first which means it won't be this patch (due this or early next month). WZ132 is the only T8 LT that won't be shifted to T9. This is the T9
  3. VK4202P Ausf B so easymodo. RR point front towards enemy win gaem.

    Will the new patch nerf or buff it? Seems like uniform frontal that actually works is the main strength of this tank.

  4. I witnessed a true Hero of the Soviet Union

  5. You're up shit creek without a paddle in stock centurion and tracks is the least of your problem. Even a Charioteer is better than you in every way except HP. Put on enhanced suspension first, then turret so you can at least be capable of tanking more damage than your starting HP and be a meatshield/distraction, then gun so you can actually pen and hurt people, finally tracks and engine because speed isn't the point of this tank.
  6. He said something about the Comet. Cent I and Cent 7/1 is getting a top speed buff to 50km/h next patch. I think they'll satisfy his rather broad requirements except camo for both and brawling ability for the Cent I.
  7. Can it be a premium? If you like the Pershing but think its too expensive then a Patton KR is a negative expense. By the looks of it, the only requirement that isnt on your list is hull armor and alpha.
  8. I'm currently sitting at 140+ games in the UDES with a little over 60% WR and 2k WN8. True that in the past I severely hated this tank due to its almost complete inability to make offensive moves (my experience: attempted to 'mop-up' a winning game, ran into an enemy Chaffee at close range and subsequently died from full health) and my early WR suffered for this, But the tank itself has a unique playstyle and combination of traits that, IMHO, contributes positively to the winning chances of the team. First off, this thing can SCOUT. It has the Camo-On-The-Move and top speed/acceleration similar to the infamous E25 and the lower range of Light Tanks. If the map or situation does not allow you to play passively or engage the enemy safely, this is a part-time job you can take. Once, I assclenched when I spotted an enemy E50 in cover at a little over 350m while in the open and on the move. Only when he started blindshooting the bushes around me then I realized I wasn't actually spotted. The two things you need to make up for is the UDES's TD-like low turnrate and spotting range. For turnrate, my only advice is to turn well in advance or use the handbrake if you dont mind bleeding speed. For spotting range, I would first do a cautious loop or poke first to see if 6th goes off, if it doesn't then I settle down and let Binos do its work (I don't run Optics, but it is a possible setup). The Camo also lets you engage at much closer ranges than a typical Sniper TD without getting seen, sometimes even self-spot, and you have the speeds to take and abuse advantageous positions provided you dont run into enemy lights or meds in which case you are buggered. I run Camo Net to help with this. Also, a basic Camo/TD skill that I never cared about until I got to this tank is to wait for 2 seconds after coming to a complete stop before attempting to invisitank shoot, because the transition from 'moving camo' to 'stationary camo' is the same conditions and delay as binos or net kicking in, if you have either equipped just wait for the sound of them activating before shooting to be sure. Speaking of advantageous positions. You can mountain goat with this thing due to its acceleration and top speed. If you have that kind of map knowledge then this tank with its L7A1, -12(?) degrees of depression and camo you can wreck merry havoc from above. Another tip with this and the next two TDs is to go into travel mode immediately after shooting, this is so that if 6th triggers you can immediately back away at 40 km/h. The substantial reload time is enough for you to set up again for the next shot regardless if you're not spotted. If you absolutely must engage enemies that will see you before you shoot or will see you after you shoot, your most favorable circumstance would be shooting down under cover from high ground. The best way to do this is starting from being fully in cover is step: 1. Enter siege mode and force your ass up to maximum by aiming at the ground, 2. Auto aim the target, 3. Inch up the last few feet until only the raised gun and butt of your tank is visible to the enemy, 4. Let auto aim snap to the target, 5. Fire and autopen because you have 288/330 pen as a T8, 6. Hit travel mode so your butt lowers itself out of sight faster than you can reverse in siege mode, 7. Back down just a little bit so you can perform step 1 without being seen, 8. Repeat. This entire cycle can be completed in slightly less than your reload time so you don't lose DPM. If you want, you can delay the cycle slightly so you recloak before the next shot. Final note: The tank gains a little bit of depression while moving forward in travel mode. If you must perform the ELC European Lancer Charge, don't stop to aim unless your piece of ground slopes downwards because 1. The gun will jerk upwards when coming to a stop, and 2. No telling that even flat ground can give you enough depression. Rating: Permanent addition to garage for pubs with non girl crew.
  9. Gonna rush as far as I can to the Maus from the VKP-A and then make the rest up with Free EXP before the patch hits. How much time do you guys think there is left?

  10. (Posted in the wrong topic, ignore this)
  11. Assuming I always have premium account (Thanks Black Friday!), should I run full premium consumables or do I wait till they go on sale, stockpile a whole bunch of them (if thats a thing on WOWS as it is on WOT) THEN run full premium consumable? If not always, then which consumable should I always run premium and on which ship types?
  12. Just remembered an occasion where @CraBeatOff fired a 10.5 HEAT in his VK2801 into the hull side above tracks of an unangled Lowe point blank and it failed to pen. Then he got tracked by 'teammates' and killed.
  13. The disadvantages of having too long a penis compensator


  14. What's a good WOWS German line to do?

    1. TohtoriP


      BB line is very powerful in my opinion. I haven´t tried the cruisers and destroyers but BBs are stronk in current meta anyway. Just remember to be aggressive and not snipe in borders and you´ll at least help your team if not always getting a super game for yourself.

    2. Folterknecht


      German cruisers are kind of meh - at least up to t8. The Nürnberg can be fun if u get into t6 matches which doesn't happen that often. The only german cruiser I really enjoy is the Graf Spee - 60% WR after 120 solo battles. It can tank, it can torp and has high velocity 280mm shells with ok-good accuracy that like to delete enemy cruisers and can really hurt enemy BBs. Also the HE shells arn't bad on it, which usually is the case with other german cruisers.