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  1. What's a good WOWS German line to do?

    1. TohtoriP


      BB line is very powerful in my opinion. I haven´t tried the cruisers and destroyers but BBs are stronk in current meta anyway. Just remember to be aggressive and not snipe in borders and you´ll at least help your team if not always getting a super game for yourself.

    2. Folterknecht


      German cruisers are kind of meh - at least up to t8. The Nürnberg can be fun if u get into t6 matches which doesn't happen that often. The only german cruiser I really enjoy is the Graf Spee - 60% WR after 120 solo battles. It can tank, it can torp and has high velocity 280mm shells with ok-good accuracy that like to delete enemy cruisers and can really hurt enemy BBs. Also the HE shells arn't bad on it, which usually is the case with other german cruisers.