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  1. I free exp past anything T8 or lower Never looked back
  2. Not a bad start :)


  3. i5-6600k 1080ti 1440p @ 60hz
  4. How did I 1v1 a ISU-152 and live Code Brown!!!
  5. I'm at work so didn't watch the replay but looking at the stats it seems most of you damage was within 300m, So if your description is accurate I think you did the alright thing You could (if you spawned south) Go to the ridge just in front of your tds and you would have been able to keep those heavies lit while making them have to expose themselves to hit you. But as I couldn't actually see the map composition Hard to say.
  6. With IS line, I would reccomend stopping at KV-1, and grinding through the IS faster and stopping at the IS-3, As the IS-3 Is a much better tank to learn how to deal with higher tiers/ How to angle better, When to use turret armor, How to hid your LFP, The KV-1 is a good tank for guiding you through the stalin bricks. Sorry for bad formatting I'm trying to do it on a work break
  7. I tend to do it by accident more than on purpose
  8. What could I of done to clutch the end better??
  9. Its worse when losing, when you do a 7.5k damage game in a match with mostly tier 8/7
  10. While we are on the subject, Is a i5 6600k CPU good enough for 1080p Streaming?
  11. Unless you get blindfired at the start of a game with a t10 arty
  12. Whats the dimensions of them?
  13. First 3 Mark, Not that exciting, Just a easy clubber - 85 games Am Thinking of 3 marking all in line up to the is3, is that a good idea for my skill level? <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/cX8Pp"><a href="//"></a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>